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Amelia’s body was out of control. She was like a horny nymph. I wasn’t so bad myself. With such a hot girl wagging her ass at me, I was able to get up every time. We had been sent by the class to clean the school, but those tasks were left undone as I ravished Amelia’s body. We were like machines, doing it in every place and every position. We didn’t stop until we were completely exhausted, and then we kept going.

“Let’s try the gym one last time,” I said, leading her away by the hand.

“You like the gym, don’t you?” Amelia asked. “We’ve done it in there three times already. The classroom, the bathrooms, the roof, the science labs, and the principal’s office were all new, but we’ve already had sex in the gym twice.”

“I like fucking you on the bleachers.” I declared.

I couldn’t even believe the words coming out of my mouth. If me a day earlier knew I was going to say such a lewd thing to Amelia, I’d assume someone had a gun to my head. Furthermore, for Amelia to only blush and join me, was crazy. I guess this was my life now.

I was amazed that we’d had so much sex and I wasn’t completely drained. It was the opposite. The more I fucked Amelia, the more I wanted her. It was like some sort of addiction. I couldn’t get enough. We only just reached the gyms when I heard a distant bell. She looked off in the direction of the new school and then bit her lip.

“It’s getting late.”

“Ah, yeah, it’s the school bell.” I realized.

“Then, this body… I mean, I’m expected home, right?”

“Can’t you stay?” I asked, grabbing my hands tightly in mine.

“I want to.” She responded. “I can’t stay forever though. There are limits. I’ll be forced to leave soon, and if I don’t clean her body…”

I didn’t understand what she was saying. “I love you.”

She blushed. “I love you too. It’s been really fun. I want to do this again.”

“Okay, we’ll meet here tomorrow!”

She shook her head. “I can’t guarantee that.”

“The next day?” I asked hopefully.

“I don’t know.” She responded.

“Wh-what are you saying?” I asked, knowing I was sounding pushy, but unable to help myself.

“Dylan, don’t try to talk to me about this tomorrow. Don’t mention it to anyone!” Her eyes looked a bit panicked.

“I would never ruin your reputation like that.”

Good… good.” She nodded, but when there was a second alarm, the panic on her face returned, “Ah! Bye!”

“Wait!” I tried to keep her a little longer, hoping she’d at least explain herself, but she was already out the door.

I ran after her, but by the time I reached the hallway, she had disappeared like a ghost. I could only let out a sigh and then walk home. As soon as I opened the door, I got a whiff of smoke and booze.

“How’s your day, Kiddo?” Dad was drinking a can of beer, right where I left him.

I stopped for a second, thinking about how surreal the day had been. “Yeah, it wasn’t bad.”

It wasn’t until I had cleaned up and went to do my homework that I suddenly jumped up. “Fuck! I didn’t clean the school!”

From the moment Amelia came onto me, I had become enamored with her body. We had sex countless times, so much that my dick was still sore, but we had used all of our time fornicating. I hadn’t even cleaned one classroom. It was okay… maybe no one would notice? Every month, a classroom was assigned to go and clean the room, and this just happened to be our classroom’s month. We were sent to clean, but if we didn’t what was the worse? A little bit more dust next time?

I convinced myself that it was fine. Besides, the teacher and the classroom dumped the entire thing on me. This was supposed to be a project all the students were responsible for, one only handed out once a year which required a classroom to complete. It wasn’t reasonable to force two students to do it.

With such thoughts calming me down, I went to bed. The next morning, I slept over my alarm clock and Dad didn’t wake me. I ended up arriving late. When I walked into my classroom, I found the entire class glaring at me. Amelia was sitting at the front, her head down, her eyes rimmed red. For a second, I was afraid the class would find out what we had done.

“Oh, I’m glad to see the culprit has finally ordained to grace us with his presence!” Ms. Smith snapped.


“Don’t huh me! I had a teacher’s meeting last night, and a discussion of the maintenance of the old school was brought up. I told them that the old school had been properly cleaned. Even if you didn’t do it, I would have expected Amelia to be thorough. The principal decided to take the whole staff over to the building to show them our example, and we found the entire place was trashed! I want an explanation from the both of you!”

“Ms. Smith!” Lucas stood up. “Don’t blame Amelia! Surely, this was all Dylan’s fault.”

“What?” I cried out, but then seeing Amelia who looked confused and upset, I shut my mouth.

“Amelia claims she can’t remember what happened. Amnesia!” Ms. Smith made a face and then looked at me. “Well, what’s your excuse?”

I glanced at Amelia one more time and then realized what I had to do.  I couldn’t sell out the girl who had already trusted me with her body. I loved Amelia, so I couldn’t let her suffer for this. I have a bow to Amelia.

“I’m sorry, you don’t have to lie for me,” I told Amelia, only confusing her more, before turning to Ms. Smith. “I told Amelia she could go home and I’d handle it myself. Then, I left and hung out with friends. Once I saw the amount of work involved, it was far more than two of us could do in a day. I wanted to spare her the guilt of breaking the promise, so I did!”

My words went off in the room like a bomb. Most of the people were cursing me. Some were cursing me for not doing what I promised, while others were cursing me for daring to lie to Amelia. She lifted her head and was staring at me with a somewhat strange expression. She looked doubtful.

The teacher stared at me a moment before glancing at Amelia. “Amelia!”

Amelia jumped. “Y-yes?”

“It’s admirable that you wanted to protect him, but you should have known Dylan is a liar and a manipulator! I won’t punish you for now, but don’t do it again, understand!”

“Yes!” She spoke with a bit more force.

The kind expression the teacher wore looking at her turned to a disgusted one looking at me. “As for you, you’ll be responsible for cleaning the entire school by yourself. Except, it’ll be after school!”

“What? That’s at least ten hours!” I cried out. “Can’t I sleep?”

“You should have thought of that before you abused the teacher’s trust!” Lucas declared.

“I know it takes ten hours. That’s why it’ll be two hours a day for the next week!” She declared.

“An entire week? Because I didn’t do something that you dumped on me in the first place?” I felt furious.

“You can choose not to, but then I got the principal’s permission to expel you!” She laughed.


“After lecturing me last night, he said that if any students refused to do the work I asked them to do, I had the authority to expel them, so just try to get out of this one! I’m going to make sure to stop by every night and if you aren’t there for even one of them, you will be expelled!”

I wanted to yell, but I had long learned that such tactics didn’t work. It was almost like they were prepared for such things. As soon as you decided someone was a delinquent, you shut off any thoughts of listening to them and any reaction to them raising their voice. It was no wonder that delinquents only escalated their behavior. Short of pulling a knife and threatening their lives, I didn’t see any way they’d even listen to me.

It was clear the teacher had taken his words out of context. The principal still thought the entire class was going to clean, and if one student refused to work, she could expel them. That was not the same as forcing me to do all the work. Yet, I knew if I went to the principal, she’d lie about it. Even the students who just heard everything would back her up. That was the kind of situation I was in at school.

“Hmph… consider yourself lucky.” Lucas finally sat back down. “I guess the teacher needs you after school for the next week.”

Perhaps he was happy I had taken all the blame for Amelia, but I heard the threat hidden in there. If I didn’t clean the school for everyone, he’d be beating the shit out of me after school. My only choice was to go.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”

I responded, finding my seat. She snorted and then continued with the rest of her class. As the class went on, I felt eyes on me. I glanced a few times and knew Amelia was looking at me. I couldn’t help but feel flushed thinking about yesterday. I wanted to kiss her again. When lunch came around, she was the first out the door. I quickly slid outside the room and followed her. I got closer and closer, just about to reach her, but then I heard a voice call out.

“Amelia! Hey, girl!” A girl shouted.

Amelia turned back, saw me, and then jerked back. I frowned slightly. The girl ran over to Amelia like she didn’t even see me there. She was Amelia’s best friend, Tiffany. The girl immediately came between us, her back to me and her front to Amelia. She was immediately talking to Amelia. Amelia gave me a look but then frowned. By that point, I could hear everyone else filing into the halls. I had no choice but to back away.

The rest of the passed by and I wasn’t able to get a single chance to talk to her. Amelia was always surrounded by other people. I knew she was giving me looks. It made me more excited to talk to her. Yet, in the end, it didn’t happen.

“Go to the old school. I’ll be there shortly!” Ms. Smith ordered.

I could only sigh and head over there. I took an out-of-the-way route and even saw Lucas and his friends waiting to ambush me. I realized that despite his warning, he must have realized that if I didn’t make it because he beat me up, then I’d be expelled. He likely wanted that to happen. Now, not only did I need to go all week, but I had to avoid Lucas too, just to keep from being expelled. My life was truly the worst.

I couldn’t help but sigh as I took the cleaning supplies and got to work. I kept thinking about Amelia. I wondered if she’d come today. I hadn’t thought about it earlier, but this was the best place for us to meet. She knew I’d be here all week, so she might stop by. We couldn’t spend the time having sex, but with her help, I might be able to get done faster and then we would have some time to play. I started to cheer up as I thought of that possibility.

Thud! Thud!

I nearly jumped as I heard something loud collapse on the floor above me. Looking around, I decided to go up to the second story. When I passed a certain classroom, I let out a cry. I ran over and kneeled next to Ms. Smith. She was on the ground like she had fainted.

“Ms. Smith! Are you okay?” I asked.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she looked up at me. At that moment, I realized that I had her head in my lap. I also realized how beautiful Ms. Smith was when she wasn’t looking at you like you were dirt. She broke into a smile, and I couldn’t help but take a breath at her beauty.

“Call me… Emily.”

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