Dylan was an unpopular poor kid at school, written off as a delinquent by teachers and students alike. When the most popular girl in school suddenly throws herself at him and they have a passionate night of love, he discovers she was actually possessed by a lovestruck ghost! Now, that ghost is willing to do whatever it takes to win his love, and use every beauty at school to do it!

Tags: Fantasy, Erotica, RC18, Male-Protagonist, Unpopular Protagonist

This actually is sort of like the Friendzone, Netori Master stuff. Just one more spin on the formula. I think it’s clear I want to write another high school erotica after NTR Crush, something with a feel like inma or pure-love insult complex. I’ll eventually have a showdown of the 4-5 variations in November, and may even do a variation that bleeds them together.

If you had the ability to sleep with any girl in the world, would you take the opportunity? You could have any beauty you saw, all you had to do was point. Then, she’d be absolutely infatuated with you, doing every dirty, dark little desire you wanted. When it was all done, she wouldn’t remember a thing that happened, moving on with her life without having any expectations from you. Even if she got pregnant, she’d never suspect you were the father anyway.

Well, she’d never suspect me, because, in normal circumstances, I’d be the last guy most girls expected to fuck. There were a couple of types of guys that women liked. They liked the burly men, muscular and imposing. These were the so-called alpha guys. They also liked the pretty boys, delicate guys who looked almost like women. When it came to guys like me, I was no one’s first choice.

I lived with my father, who constantly struggled to get his life together. My mother had passed away when I was very young, leaving him to have to take care of me by himself. Since mom died, his life fell apart, and he was never able to get it back together again. We were extremely poor and lived in a small studio apartment that didn’t even have a bedroom. We slept on two futon mattresses left on the floor, and our only entertainment was a small television he had fetched out of the garbage.

He had a job, but to save money, they’d often send him home. A job that was supposed to be full time turned out to be part-time. Meanwhile, the job demanded that he be on call 24/7, which kept him from getting another job. It was an awful situation, but he was so worried about losing this job, that he had grown complacent.

Dad also smoked cigarettes to calm his nerves, and in our tiny studio apartment, it stained everything yellow and made me reek of smoke. I loved him dearly, but because my clothing was always hand-me-down, old, and holey, and I reeked of smoke, that kept a lot of people away from me. I wouldn’t say I was necessarily ugly, but my face was the kind that always looked angry. Everyone stepped lightly around me because they thought I was the kind of guy who would explode at any negative word. Basically, I was the school delinquent.  

Perhaps, that would be great if I was a muscular, tall guy. In that case, I’d have a chance of pulling off that bad boy vibe. Regrettably, I was a short, squat guy. I lacked the slender and delicate features, nor the rugged handsomeness. I couldn’t change my face, but it was the face of a guy who no one wanted to be friends with, and girls had no interest in it.

This face of mine that resembled a delinquent also seemed to set off the alphas at school. They felt I was looking down or insulting them just by glancing their way. Thus, it wasn’t uncommon for me to get beaten up after school. The next day, I would show up with cuts and bruises, and it would only add to the rumors that I was a good-for-nothing bastard that fought others.

To the world, I was a true delinquent. The rumors started that I smoked cigarettes after school, was in a gang, and fought other gangbangers. If they knew that the ones often beating me up were the pretty boys and alphas they idolized, I wondered how that would affect their perception of them. Of course, those guys had images to maintain, and I would never be caught bullying. Any teacher would always side with them.

My delinquent status didn’t do me any favors with the teachers either. They all assumed that I was a trouble maker, and given the slightest slip, I would end up in trouble that would be genuinely ignored by anyone else. They called it tough-love. I called it discrimination. However, there was nothing I could do about it, right? I had a deadbeat father, no mother, and a face I was born with. This would be my life going forward.

“Do we really have to?” The voice came out from a whiny student sitting next to me.

“The old school is a cultural landmark.” Ms. Smith said in a matter-of-fact voice. “Every class is expected to go and clean the school once. It’s teaching you cleaning responsibilities, organization, as well as giving you a healthy respect for those that came before you.”

Many of the students groaned. It was at this point that an exceptionally attractive boy named Lucas raised his hand. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. Many women glanced at him and sighed. Even the teacher was affected by his charms, smiling with bright eyes when he talked to her, even though she likely didn’t realize she did it. As the desks were laid out, people could have a person sitting in front, behind, to the left, or to the right. For this guy, he had a girl on every side. He was also a snake, and if anyone knew he had beaten the shit out of me in the past, they’d never believe it.

In their minds, he was a virtuous and perfect student. He was meticulous, not arrogant, and friendly to everyone. I knew a different Lucas. He was actually extremely manipulative, conniving, and a general bastard. However, no one could see him fighting anyone, and even when it came to fights, it seemed like it’d be impossible for him to be able to beat me up. After all, he was so thin and wispy, while I was built like a brick house. Most people didn’t know that he had some kind of combat training. I guess his sister was a police officer and had taught him some of her techniques, which he graciously had used on me.

“Yes, Lucas?” Ms. Smith glowed radiantly.

“Ms. Smith, as long as the school is thoroughly cleaned this month, then we successfully did our job, right?” He asked innocently.

“That’s right. Our class is tasked with cleaning the floors, bathrooms, and dusting the entire building. It seems like a lot, but the school isn’t that bad, and since it’s not used regularly, it’s not that messy.”

“It seems to me that this is a good situation to allow struggling students to excel.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” She asked, furrowing her brow cutely.

“Rather than send the entire class when we should be learning, how about we send just a couple of students to clean it. Then, you can reward these students. Struggling kids could have a chance to get extra credit. Plus, they’ll learn important lessons about responsibility.”

When he made this offer, everyone started mumbling to each other, discussing his words. If he was anyone but Lucas, people would assume he was just trying to get out of work, which he clearly was. However, Lucas’s reputation had him always put in the best light, and to all of his adoring fans, the teacher included, they saw his offer as an attempt to help the needy.

In fact, many of those whose grades had been suffering could really use the extra credit. They were already going to be forced to work anyway. Although it’d be a lot more work if it fixed their grades, how could they not be at least tempted?

“So, what do you propose?” Ms. Smith asked, not even questioning whether this was something the majority wanted.

Well, since Lucas wanted it, the majority would want it. That was the way it went.

“I propose we elect two people to do the cleaning for us. They’ll spend the day cleaning and reap all of the benefits, while we’ll stay in class. I’ll even take notes for them.”

Lucas’s words seemed like he just offered to do something noble, but to the trained eye, you’d realize he just excluded himself from being one of those forced to clean.

“In that case, why don’t we just give the assignment to the two students with the lowest grades?” Another student named Mathew spoke up.

He was friends with Lucas, and also a troublemaker. He was good at taking any plan Lucas started and running with it, often escalating things for his own benefit.

“Hmm… that’s not a bad idea. The one who is most needy would benefit the most.” Ms. Smith’s eyes fell on me.

My mouth twisted, making me look even angrier. I had a sinking feeling this was going to fall on me. I didn’t have good grades. This wasn’t necessarily because I was dumb. This just happened to be an abnormally smart class, and I got killed by the curve. On top of that, teachers graded harsher on my papers. I had even found cases where the same answer had a different score based on whether I wrote it or someone else.

Ms. Smith stiffened for a moment when she saw my expression. To her, it was a threat. Her eyes narrowed and her gaze hardened. She was putting her foot down, it looked like. Everyone who saw this immediately interpreted it as the defenseless teacher standing up to the delinquent student. They all gave insolent grins my way, but the most insolent grin came from Lucas, whose smile seemed light.

“Dylan, are you willing?” The teacher asked in a tone that suggested it wasn’t a true question.

“Yeah, whatever.” I didn’t mean to answer disrespectfully, but the way they were treating me soured my mood.

Naturally, my flippant and impolite answer got me various dirty looks. The teacher snorted, before turning back to her page to get the second-lowest. In fact, I might not even be the lowest, and she just selected me arbitrarily. It was difficult to know. Before she was able to find the next name, a hand came up.

“Ah, yes, Amelia?”

“Can I be the second person?”

The class broke into whispers of shock. The teacher’s mouth nearly fell open. Every student at that point understood that they were dumping on the dumb kids and getting them out of class, so why would the class beauty suddenly volunteer?

Amelia was a beautiful, intelligent, and graceful woman who was loved by just about everyone. Although I had a crush on her, so did everyone else. Even Lucas had been chasing after her, but unlike all of the other girls, she had remained an elusive target. She came from a rich family, wore expensive clothing, and was nice to everyone. Her body was slim, with nicely-sized breasts, long curly hair, and smooth, flushed skin. Even some teachers would fantasize about her.

Seeing everyone’s eyes suddenly fall on her, Amelia blushed. “It’s just, my grade has been low recently, and I could really use the credit. Whoever is second, please forgive me! I will help you, tutor, if you want. It will surely improve your grade better than those few points, but they will mean the world to me!”

She bowed her head to the group of students after making her impassioned speech. All of the boys grew flustered, but those with the lowest grades got excited for a different reason. She had offered to personally tutor the guy she was replacing. That meant that they could spend time with the beautiful and elusive Amelia! What man wouldn’t desire this?

As for me, I had stiffened after hearing this offer. It didn’t have any effect on me who she tutored. I clearly wouldn’t be allowed to give up my place. However, I had realized something most of the students hadn’t. I was to clean the school alongside Amelia. I would also get to spend time buy her side, alone in an abandoned school. As the other students realized that I had also “lucked out”, they gave me dark, accusing looks, like I had somehow done this on purpose.

However, the look that caused my spine to tingle was that of Lucas. His expression didn’t show anything, but it was extremely cold. It was clear that his plan hadn’t gone the way he wanted. The girl he desired most was now going to go to an empty school with the school delinquent. However, no one could refuse the earnest expression on Amelia’s face, and things were set.

That night, I walked into my small apartment. Dad had a cigarette lit and was watching the television, sitting far too close to it to be healthy. He was sitting in nothing but his boxers and a stained white shirt.

“Hey, kiddo.” He said as I walked in the door.

“Any food.”

“We got Ramen.”

“We always have Ramen.” I sighed, leaving to get myself a cup.

“Dylan, why are you limping?” he asked.

“Ah, fell off my bike.”

“Oh? Did you get it working?”

“Y-yeah… figured it out.”

“Awesome. That’s one less thing I have to worry about spending money on.” Dad let out a laugh.

Of course, that had been a lie. My bike was still broken. As for why I was limping, it was because Lucas had found me after school. He gave me a polite warning that if I tried anything with Amelia, he would wreck me. I had never even considered it, but he didn’t care about such details.

The next day, rather than come into class, I went straight to the old school. Amelia wasn’t there yet. I waited for her a bit, but after an hour passed and she still hadn’t arrived, I started to realize what happened. Perhaps, someone had convinced Amelia not to go. Perhaps, Amelia didn’t plan to go in the first place. All she had to do was say she was here and she’d get credit. If I tried to claim that she didn’t come and I did all the work, no one would believe it. The innocent and beautiful Amelia could say anything, and it’d be believed.

I let out a sigh. Perhaps, this was for the best. I went to the janitor’s closet and found the supplies, and then started working. Normally, this was something that would have taken two hours when it was the whole class. Because it was me alone, it’d likely take all night. I started cleaning room after room. Just as I was getting into it, I heard a sudden slam of a door. Frowning, I walked out into the hallway, looking around. A few minutes later, I heard another slam, and then a thud.

I told myself it was just the school settling. After all, it was old. There were rumors that the old school was haunted, but I didn’t really believe them. Ghosts were a joke. Then I heard someone scream.

I jumped up, running out into the hallway. This time, I tried to locate the source of the scream. I headed through three hallways before I came to a stop. Chairs were sitting in the middle of the hallway, one stacked up on another.

“No way…” I said and then shook my head as common sense took hold. “Someone in class is screwing with me. Damn it, can’t I get a break?”

I left the chairs there, although I would have to pick them up before I was done. These bastards were just creating more work for me. That’s when I turned a corner, and came face to face with Amelia. I let out a cry, grabbing my chest and backing up a few steps.

“Man… crap…. you scared me. Ah… was it you who screamed earlier?”

Amelia gave me a curious look like she was examining me up close for the first time. Then, after a second, she gave a nod.

“Oh… what about the chairs, did you do the chairs?” I was expecting her to deny it, but after a brief pause, she nodded again.

“Well, I don’t know what you were doing, but they’ll need to be put back away, or this place won’t be considered clean.”

I realized I was admonishing her, and I suddenly grew petrified. Usually, the girls would grow fearful, even accuse me of threatening them. My face just had that kind of effect on people. However, Amelia showed no sense of repulsion at all. In fact, she looked at me earnestly and even smiled. I realized how close her face was to my own, and I pulled away instinctively. Being smiled at by a girl like her was really dangerous.

“Well, I’m going to go clean then,” I said, turning and heading into the room I was cleaning before I was interrupted.

When I turned back, I realized Amelia had followed me into the room. She was still looking at me. In fact, since I had run into her, she hadn’t taken her eyes off of me even once. In another person, it would be disconcerting, but for the beautiful Amelia, it made my heartbeat excitedly.

“You don’t want to go to another room to clean?”

She cocked her head, and then shook it. There was a cute stubborn look on her face. I blushed at that look. I couldn’t believe I was actually talking to her like this. This was the most we’d ever spoken to each other. Technically, she hadn’t said a thing, but still. If Lucas saw this, he’d definitely be furious.

“In that case, I’ll start washing the floor, you clean the chalkboard, okay?”

She smiled brightly again, and I went to grab my water pail to keep from being affected by her charms. After I frantically scrubbed the floor for another moment, she finally turned away to find a cloth to clean the chalkboard. I let out a breath as her eyes finally left me. Did I have something on my face? Why had she been looking at me like that?

I continued to wash the floor, working quickly. We still had a lot of work to do. With her here, it’d be faster, but it’d still be an all-day affair. Meanwhile, she dusted down the chalkboard. To get the high parts, she had to get up on her tiptoes. While we both worked, I hadn’t noticed that we were both moving in the same direction. When her foot stepped right next to me, I instinctively looked up, and my mouth fell open.

I was on the floor, and she was right above me on her tiptoes. She was wearing a skirt, meaning that I had a full view up it! I’d like to say I was a better man and instantly looked away. However, she was a beauty, and this once in a life-time event was not something I could miss. My eyes were locked on the supple meat up her skirt, unable and unwilling to look away. I was like a deer in headlights, knowing this would be my undoing, but unable to move.

Almost in slow motion, Amelia fell back down onto her heels, her head dropping as she looked at me. Her eyes met mine and then traced up her skirt. There was a flash of confusion, and then realization. That was it. She was going to scream, slap me, and then when Lucas found out, I was a dead man. I stared on, waiting for the fate I deserved.

Amelia pushed down her skirt, covering up that area. However, she didn’t freak out. Rather, she blushed, biting her finger awkwardly. Somehow, this was far cuter! Leave it to Amelia to even take being violated so cutely! She was too fine of a girl to make such a scene. Of course, that only meant I’d die later when she told people what happened.

“D-do you like that kind of thing?” She asked, her words sounded kind of muffled like her tongue was swollen.

It was the first time she had spoken to me. In class, her voice sounded completely different. She was much timider now, but why wouldn’t she be after what I just did?

“Th-that…” I fell in dogeza.” I’m so sorry! You’re beautiful and I couldn’t stop myself from looking.”

“So… you like seeing that stuff.” She said, just as weakly.

“Please, don’t tell anyone!” I cried out.

“It’s okay… if you like, please, be my guest.”


I looked up again, not intending to, but accidentally seeing up her skirt a second time. Before I could even create, she reached down and gently lifted her skirt, revealing the area between her legs completely. She was blushing with her eyes closed, but it was a scene every guy fantasized about, and no guy would ever believe happened.

“I… I… I…” I was completely frozen, my eyes glued to the white fabric covering her region and just the barest hint of the shape underneath.

“Y-you can touch if you want… also…” She said, her breath coming out in a slightly ragged breath.

My eyebrows rose, and I was certain I misheard her. “What?”

“Just for today, you can do whatever you want to me, okay?”

After being presented with such an offer, I said what every guy would say after hearing such sweet words.