Dear Fans,

I have an announcement that has been a long time coming. I was discussing things with Wawchan, and Wawchan has come to a realization about theirself and who they are as a person. We originally were going to keep this announcement back, but we realize that you all should know the truth. I’m nothing if not transparant about how I run my business.

Originally, Wawchan was assigned girl at birth, but it turns out that Wawchan is in fact a boy. Wawchan would prefer everyone call them Wawkun from now on. This is Wawkun’s truth, and Wawkun wishes you all respect their decision. Their pronouns are they/them/he/him. Truly, Wawkun is stunning and brave, and I hope you all enjoy Wawkun’s new look.



P.S. April Fools, although I know I’ve now disappointed some of you deviants hoping for a futanari shift at Whatsawhizzer. Sorry guys, I’m going to put out the same old sex.