Amazon Vella is up, and I guess they’ve made navigating it a nightmare.

If you’ve not been interested in being a member, yet have had an interest in these stories, this is your chance to read them. The first three chapters are free… and you can continue to read using Amazon tokens which is all done through Amazon. You will also get 200 tokens free signing up, so that’d be enough to plow through all I have so far on Amazon.

Please check it out, and if you enjoy Getting Lucky and/or Automatic Girlfriend, here is your chance to let it be known. I know Automatic Girlfriend’s future is directly related to how popular it will be on Amazon, and it wouldn’t hurt for Getting Lucky either. If they ended up being profitable on Vella, Getting Lucky might even become a twice a week affair. 

Please check out the link and review if you’re interested in more of either of these books, or even just want to help me as an author. 

Thanks a bunch. Whatsawhizzer