Hey Guys,

After a month of subscriptions falling into expired and paypal payments not being logged… I just can’t keep manually fixing everyone. All new memberships seem to be working and renewing fine, but anyone who was ported over from my original membership are having trouble.

Thus, I did the only thing I could, I cancelled all of your recurring payments. If you were a member prior to Feb 3rd, 2021… then your recurring payment has been ended by me. At the end of your subscription, your membership will expire.

I’ve already warned the possibility of this in previous announcements, but after exhausting every option, I’ve carried it out. This is going to cost me horribly, but I’d rather that then people continuing to get charged for access they aren’t getting.

You are welcome to resign up if you want. To the best of my understanding, any new membership is working fine. It’s only those old ones that keep expiring. Sorry again. It’s just been bad luck on top of bad luck with this new membership system.

If you have NOT gotten the access you feel you deserve, contact me, and if you have already contacted me and still haven’t resolved the issue, contact me again. I am trying to make sure everyone has access here, and if you can’t get it working after everything, I’m happy to give you a refund.

I really wish people would just contact me before rage quitting, but that’s life I guess.

Thank you once again for coping with all of this. It’s a ridiculously rocky start, and even with this, I can’t promise there won’t be more issues down the road. *sigh*

We’ll get there.



B.S. Oh, and by the way, I take credit cards with stripe now. So, if you’re sick of Paypal, you can use stripe, which shouldn’t have ANY of these problems. (assuming they don’t randomly ban me again, they shouldn’t do it easily after already reversing the decision, I hope)