Hey Guys,

As you know, I’ve been behind on a lot of stuff this month. I’m slowly catching up on it, but one thing that I haven’t released all month is Guy on a Spaceship. I told myself I could just keep moving forward with it, but after spending countless hours on the next chapter only to come up with 600-some words… I’m going to call it.

Guy on a Spaceship was never a top novel on this site. It was seemingly just picked up because I finished the previous novel and it was ultimately what people voted on. As a story, I never really had a solid idea where I wanted it to go, and it was written more for two reasons. 1) As a vehicle to have exotic sex scenes with strange alien creatures. and 2) as a spiritual successor to Just a Guy in Space, which was ultimately the inspiration for this story.

The last chapter that came out was essentially the ending chapter of what would be considered a “Volume” of this story, as well as the end of what I had planned for the series. In almost any other story, I’d take off a certain amount of time between volumes to reorientate myself and consider where to continue, but since this story had never been framed as having volumes, I tried to just jump into the next arc without a clear idea what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take it.

That’s not always a bad thing. Some times, I come up with my best ideas on the fly. However, in this case, I froze up, and as a result, GOAS was the story that got skipped for convenience… even more than Enslaved… and you guys know my feelings on that one.

Guy was never intended to be this kind of story. It’s already 41 chapters long, at 3000 words a chapter… that’s a 120,000 word book. To put that in perspective, a standard novel is 80,000 words. I know a lot of you have a broken perspective on proper novel lengths, but at least understand and be reasonable.

So, in summary, I don’t know how I want to continue this story, and even writing the next sex scene has left me paralyzed. I should have done this at the beginning of the month, but hindsight is a bitch. I’m going to be pausing Guy on a Spaceship and recharging. THIS IS NOT DROPPING IT. This is the same thing I’ve done with Enslaved, WoW, and NTR Crush multiple times. I’m just taking off a month, maybe two, and trying to come up with where I want the next volume to go. This may involve rewriting the ending to the last chapter too, although I haven’t decided yet.

In the meantime, you got a chapter of Sex Trafficking for Dummies. This has always been my pickup novel for when I put another novel on standby. It will release in Guy’s slot, and I will also put out 3 chapters for the three missing chapters of Guy. At that point, I’d consider that release goal met for the month. If you don’t like it… well… some people are never happy.

This also has one other benefit. I will be treating GOAS as a Volume 1. That means that it will be prepared as an eBook. Volume 1 will get a cover, and then I might get a V2 cover in the future. There might be eBook bonus chapters and I will work on editing it all to create a proper first volume. I also have all of the sex scenes illustrated, so that’s kind of cool too.

In a way, this is graduating it from a random post story to a legitimate novel series… so I take that as an absolute win. I hope you do as well, and understand my decision.