Hey Fans and Supporters,

I was going to leave this for next month’s newsletter, but I know a lot of people skip those and I also wanted to announce this separately. Plus, I figured it’d be best to give this a heads up early.

After getting the survey’s back and brainstorming a bit, I’ve decided there are a few changes I’d like to make to the current membership tiers.

In particular, I’ll be adding features to the $10 and $15 tiers to make them more interesting.

  1. For the $10 tier and up, Power Fapper, you will now have access to a permanent discount on eBooks. 10% off. So, whenever you buy an eBook in the future, you can enjoy a discount.
  2. For the $15 tier and up, Reverse Sage, you will now also get a second eBook for free every month. For those looking to flesh out their collection faster, there is an option.
  3. This last feature starts at the $10 tier and up. It will be ONE additional chapter a week. This chapter will be decided by a weekly poll only available at the $10 tier. This chapter will be locked at the $10 tier, and will fall to $5 at an undetermined time after. The $10 tier will act like a buffer without a schedule, where $5 will be scheduled releases (Exceptions include concept chapters and free series). This will benefit the $5 tier too, as not only will the release become more stable, but you may find a slowly growing surplus of extra early releases on the most popular series. There will be a few rules. First off, a series can only be selected once a month. So, the most popular story won’t be able to dominate all releases. I might create themed weeks, such a week with only rotation chapters, or membership-only chapters, or the concept chapters. I’m talking about main story chapters here… although we could do a bonus chapter week if we wanted. The idea is just to give you guys a little extra something every week. What it is will be is decided by those that give me the most support.

If these changes sound tempting to you, just remember they won’t be starting until next month. I will also take off a week from my scheduled releases as part of June, which is when I’ll start the first poll.

If you want to discuss this further, I’ll be having a livestream next week as well. I’ll announce that shortly.