Hey Guys,

Some of you will be happy to hear this. I’ve hired on a part-time editor. I gave them the keys to my posts and they’ll be going behind me and fixing stuff. We worked out a deal where I pay him money and he does work for me. I think they have a name for that. Prostitution.


Ryunakama has already done some editing in the ebooks for me and if you noticed a sudden quality increase in the ePubs, that’s been thanks to him too. I am just finally paying him something for his hard work and also getting him to edit as well. The chapters hot off the presses for early-access will NOT be edited right away, but he should get to them within a week or two, which means by the time they reach the $1 crowd they should have undergone an additional layer of editing, which is twice the editing I originally offered.

For you Grammar Nazis in the audience, he also is willing to respond to micro-edits, comments, corrections, and discovered mistakes better than I am.

You can contact him directly on discord at ryunakama#8887, or leave a comment in my #report-corrections chatroom. You can also ping him at @ryunakama in the disqus comments. If you appreciate his help in making the site a cleaner experience, then feel free to give him a tip here. Although, you’re also welcome to increase your donations to me since I’m the one paying him XD.

Hopefully, this will help increase the writing quality for everyone reading. Enjoy!