I’ve posted this all over Patreon, but I guess some people don’t visit Patreon and don’t look at the email they used for Patreon, so I’ll make this as clear as possible.

If you wish to sign into my site, you must register your membership here.


If it says you already have a membership, then login to your membership first, and then click the link, it’ll work the same way. If you don’t know your membership, do a password reset and you’ll get the username and password.

In Register…

Select the tier you have.

Apply the coupon from the Patreon post set for your tier.

Turn Auto Renew Off

Click Register

You will NOT be asked any financial information.

That’s it. On the 2nd, I’ll release the next month’s code. You will then go to Your Membership, click Renew, enter the new coupon, make sure Auto Renew is off, and click Register. Rinse and repeat every month until you cancel your Patreon.

If you have entered your payment information and do not enter the next coupon before the expiration, then you will be charged, so make sure auto renew is off so you aren’t.

Sorry for any confusion.



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