Hey Patrons and Fans,

I announced I was doing this in my newsletter. I was hoping to put it off as long as possible, but after getting sick again and various other things, I decided it’s best just to do it now.

I’ll be taking a week off. 8-10-2020 to 8-16-2020. I gave my reasons in my newsletter. Basically, at the pace I write, I eventually get backed up and need a bit of time. You’ve probably noticed the last month that releases have been getting flakier and flakier.

Over two months ago, I took a week off, and it was everything I ever wanted it to be. I came back, hammered out a nearly 180,000 words that month, and didn’t miss a single release.

Just do less? I know that I keep saying this… but some of you still don’t get it. I’m not a printer. Just pumping out chapters endlessly forever without any lull period is monotonous, draining, and creatively destructive. So…. I don’t want a day off every week, and I don’t want to just release 4 chapters less so I have a lower writing load (like any of you could ever decide what I’m not going to write and like I wouldn’t just go ahead and write more if I felt like it anyway). So, taking a week off every couple of months is honestly what I want to do.

This month, my kids are going back to school, and I need to concern myself with my own schooling problems too. Since I’m basically going to have to educate them from home, yeah, I need some time to set this stuff up. Taking a week off right now would be super helpful.

The next break will be November 28th… which is when I hope to do my vacation, unless it gets COVID cancelled 🙁 .

As always, I WILL be releasing chapters next week. They’ll just be chapters ahead and extra chapters. If illustrations pop out, I’ll post them, and I will still be on discord. So…. “time off” doesn’t even mean I’ll stop working… the time off I need is just from daily nonstop deadlines.

I also plan to release the “missing” chapters from last week, which as of right now is just 3 MDLs, and Tonight’s releases. My Boss and I… I think I’m going to put on hiatus. No one is reading or supporting it and I just lost steam on it the last two weeks. I will probably return in two weeks and start Tales of a Demon Queen, the final book in the Tales of a Seductress series, so you can look forward to that too.

See you in a week, and thank you as always for all of your support.