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Dear Supporters!

I know with the quarantines and the rampant plagues and the end of the world, times have been tough. I really appreciate the support everyone has given. I hope you took advantage of the free eBook I sent out last week and enjoyed a free week of reading on me. There aren’t too many announcements, so, I’ll just get on with it.

  • Man of the House and Last Dread Pirate have not been picked up as the goal has not been reached. However, I will leave the goal the same for next month. I think there was a Patreon increase as a result of a decent amount of people wanting it. I’ve shown a few on discord why it’s not as popular as some think it is. There is a vocal minority who want, in particular, MOTH to be written, but when compared to the likes of WoW, it’s still somewhat lacking. As for ordering it on a per chapter basis, I think some of you can see the weaknesses of this system. You may chastise me for not keeping up with my schedule 100%, but it’s a lot better than stuff that have no schedule. You have no clue when the next MOTH will release, and honestly neither do I.
  • I think some people saw I had a good week or two where I dumped 5-10 chapters of MOTH, and got it in their heads this can be a continuous thing as long as they kept on shoving money into the Whizzer machine. I reached a point where I just couldn’t put out more than 1-2 bonus chapters a week. I will write all the MOTH and LDP I promised, but it’s going to come at a slower, more reasonable pace. (I also promised to finish Enslaved quicker, and haven’t managed to keep that promise, so I’m working on that as well).
  • As for anyone who donated. Thank you so much. I’m not complaining you donated. I appreciate it and I will get you the story. I think most of my donators knew “once a week” was all they should expect when they ordered, so my comments are aimed more at those that didn’t know this.
  • I also must remind people that writing one story is not equivalent to another story. Because I put out a concept chapter didn’t mean I “wasted” the time that SHOULD have gone into the story you wanted. This is not printing or translating, this is creating. It takes time, energy, and imagination, things that can’t always be solved by tossing money at me.
  • Also should point out that the quarantine did NOT make things easier. Rather, I’m up until 3-4 in the morning because my kids are home and full of energy from being trapped in a 3-room condo for from 6 in the morning until 9 at night. So writing is more difficult, not easier.
  • Min’s Story is releasing during my wildcard slot. It’s been edited and will be released once a week until finished. Then, the eBook will also be released.
  • Hawtness Volume 4 finished. Tales of an Enchantress should be done this month. Yay! Another finished book. I probably won’t start the next books immediately. As for what I will do in their spots, I haven’t decided. I’ll probably be trying to play catchup on the extra chapters first, and then we’ll see from there.
  • My next planned eBook to release is MDL V6, followed by Min’s Story. We’ll go from there. Might get V7 done this month, might not.

April Goals:

Enslaved: Monday

World of Women : Monday Once Enslaved V2 finishes

NTR Crush: Tuesday and Friday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

TOAE: Wednesday until finished.

Man of the House: Thursday (Only if Patreon goal is reached)

The Last Dreadpirate: Saturday (Only if Patreon goal is reached)

March Recap: 

Images: 1

eBooks Released: 2

Comic: 8

GL: 5 (9,000)

MDL: 27 (48,600)

Enslaved: 5 (15,000)

Hawtness: 4 (8,000)

LDP: 6 (18,000)

MOTH: 7 (14,000)

NTR Crush: 7 (14,000)

TOAE: 4 (8,000)

Other: 9 (22,500)

Total Words Released this Month: 157,100 words

Don’t forget those 8 comics are images I hired.