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“This is so gross.” I sighed, staring down at the girl lying on my bed. “Why do I have to be so shameless and cheap.”

She was just lying there, naked, her mouth slightly agape, her eyes open and unblinking. No… she wasn’t a dead hooker. Actually, she was never alive in the first place. She was one of those pricey sex dolls you’ve heard about on the internet. I was walking home from work and I saw a leg poking out of a nearby garbage can. Saying I was distressed would be an understatement. I was convinced I had stumbled upon a murder victim!

Fortunately, I did the horror movie cliché and looked first before calling 9-1-1. What I found in the trash can was a complete sex doll. I had always thought about getting one of these things, but they were way too pricey. Although it almost looked real, these dolls always had just enough uncanny valley that I never felt satisfied. Saying that, this doll had almost none of that. If she wasn’t staring with unblinking eyes unmovingly, I’d have thought she was real. Well, the skin wasn’t quite real skin and it wasn’t warm, but for a virgin like me, that was still unnerving. Either way, I wouldn’t let a deal like this pass! I wrapped the thing up in a trash bag and then carried it home with me.

Sure, I received a few suspicious or strange looks carrying what looked like a dead body home over my shoulder. However, most of the people in the neighborhood recognized me as being that guy who dumpster dived after work. After college, I got a job that paid about 1/3 of what I was expecting to make. With all those loans to pay, I really had to tighten my belt. One of the ways I did that was getting into trash. One man’s trash was another man’s treasure. That was my parent’s motto every year when they held their annual garage sale. I took that to heart and started literally picking through other men’s trash.

If I found something that looked valuable, I’d clean it up and resell it online. No one ever realized that my stuff was recovered from the trash, and they got to enjoy something far cheaper than if they bought it new. My refurbishing was top notch too. I even got various paints and cleaners and was quite good at making things that looked destroyed work again. My favorite thing to fix was vacuum cleaners. I couldn’t tell you how many people trashed their vacuum just because of a clogged tube.

Ah, well, this sex doll wasn’t a vacuum. How was I going to clean this thing? Was it okay to toss it in the bathtub? As I checked over her, she looked pretty clean. I had been expecting faded paint, maybe a crack here, a dent there, you know, all kinds of defects. Instead, this sex doll looked almost pristine. She had curly brown hair. Her dimensions were definitely the stuff of fantasies, with a round bottom and big boobs, but they weren’t too bad as to look ridiculous. Her lips were nice and pert, although they were open in an ‘o’ for likely obvious reasons. Her eyes were possibly her best part. They were violet, and looked almost real, despite violet not being a very common color.

Pulling out some bleach and mixing it into my own cleaning cocktail, I put on a medical mask and a pair of yellow rubber gloves. Then, I pulled out my handy toothbrush and sponge, and got to work. Starting at her feet, I scrubbed every inch of her. I made sure to get between the toes. I attacked every nook and cranny, scrubbing with extreme enthusiasm. I never would have called myself a clean freak… I’d never been able to dive into dumpsters if I was, but when I got into the mode of preserving something, I was fully concentrated.

That was, of course, until I reached her vagina. It had a small slit, and of course a pink nub of a clitoris at the top. I’d never seen a vagina except in images. However, it was an attractive looking vagina if I went by those standards.

“I wonder if it’s anatomically correct?” I wondered as I stuck a finger inside.

I immediately pulled my finger out and made a face. It was wet inside! I stuck out my tongue and nearly gagged. A wet pussy might be arousing in normal circumstances, but this was a used sex doll. Whatever was “wet” inside there, I didn’t want to know!

“Hmm… how do you remove it…” I frowned as I noticed something that didn’t match the model online I was looking at.

This doll seemed completely custom. I couldn’t find any model that matched this from any of the websites. This one seemed particularly high class as well. It was very limber, with many joints, even in the fingers and toes. As I moved it around, I could tell that it was made almost to replicate the range of motion of a human body. Except, now I noticed that where most sex dolls had a removable vagina this one had built it without that compartment. Her skin was completely smooth where a vagina compartment should have screwed out. It was the same for the butt and as far as I could tell, the mouth.

“If you can’t pull it out, how do you clean it?” I made another face.

My thoughts were this must have been made by some eccentric millionaire. He probably had the money to hire someone to personally clean this doll. As to why it was in the garbage? Maybe he had worn out the holes. If you can’t replace them, then naturally the only choice was to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one. Poor doll, it wasn’t its fault it didn’t have the ability to repair its body like a real woman.

I did the best I could to clean it up. There were still men who might want a doll, even if she was a little loose. Loose is relative anyway. Maybe this guy just had a tiny penis? I chuckled about that as I started to clean all the folds in this vagina. I’d let them worry about the cleanup after the first time they used it themselves. As for me, I wasn’t particularly bothered cleaning it up. It really did feel realistic, not that I knew what a real pussy felt like, but it was soft and gushy around my fingers. I found myself a bit curious about what it’d feel like to my cock. I was thinking it’d be a step up from my hand.

“Damn, she’s tight,” I said, finding myself unable to get more than two fingers inside her.

On second thought, I didn’t think my penis would fit inside this. Maybe this guy who had her before me had a micro-penis. Although, I recalled vaginas were meant to stretch enough for a baby to fit through. Maybe it’d stretch to my size? I was lost in thought as I considered what it might feel like to be inside a woman, stretching her open. Before long, I had completely cleaned her out.

“I suppose I need to do the same to her butt?” I blushed.

I wasn’t the kind of person who considered anal as an option. I was way too vanilla for that. As I was feeling around her rectum, I realized it went quite deep, like a real rectum. I was to the end of my toothbrush when I realized I could go even deeper.

“Ah… s-sorry…” I pulled the toothbrush out of her butt. “Gaw… it’s just a doll, why is it awkward!”

After cleaning her butt, I moved my way up. Although her butt was far cleaner than a human butt anyway, I still replaced the toothbrush. It was the principle of the thing! Her upper body was easier to clean. I was surprised by the weight of her boobs. Like everything else on her, they felt incredibly real. I made sure to clean them extra good. It wasn’t because I was a pervert that liked fondling them! This was purely to make them clean and shiny.

I kept on working up her body, drying off her lower parts before moving to her upper. Finally, I reached her mouth. I was surprised to see that the teeth were hard.

“Seriously? Isn’t that a bad idea?”

A mouth was for chewing, after all. So, as I understood it, women had to get a lot of practice to keep their teeth from agitating the guy during a BJ. Thus, what was up with this doll? She had a full set of hard teeth. They weren’t some fake rubber or removable or anything! The level this guy went to obtain realism was ridiculous. All you had to do is accidentally knock her head during a blowjob, and with no muscles to resist, she’d bite his cock right off!

Well, I didn’t need to worry about it. That was some other man’s issue. I decided I was going to sell her. Although she was very realistic, there was a limit to realism. Without the ability to function as a real woman, all of her issues would be a giant inconvenience. Well, it’s not like you could expect a doll to clean itself or to control itself during a blowjob.

“Ah, what’s this?”

While I was cleaning her tongue, I noticed a piece of folded up paper under it. I unfolded it and then my eyes widened as a small book unfolded. It looked way too small in her mouth to be this large once unfolded. I frowned at the mysterious booklet in my hands.

“Automatic girlfriend.” I read the words written across the main page. “Is this what type she is? I’ve never heard of it before.”

I flipped to the next page, only to see long drawn-out text with no images at all. I started reading from the top. Then looked to start with a small note addressed to the owner.

Have you had bad luck with the ladies? Is your life sexless and loveless? That’s why our company developed the automatic girlfriend. Although she arrives in a simplified model, she is designed to evolve and level up with her owner. Infinitely customizable, you can steadily groom the perfect girl for you from scratch! Like all things, in order to grow, the Automatic girlfriend needs love! The more attention and love you give her, the more she’ll grow attuned to your wants and desires. However, the benefits don’t stop there!

As you use your Automatic Girlfriend, you’ll gain upgrade points. You can then spend these points in the Dieu-Co shop to cause her to upgrade in whatever direction you want. You can access her points and Dieu-Co menu at any time by stating “menu”, however, not until you activate her!

So, get started by showing her your affection. Penetrating her vagina with your cock will initiate the registration process. Please don’t do so lightly. The application process is hardwired into her, the process is irreversible! Once registered, she will become absolutely dependent on you! Please fuck her responsibility.


Dieu-Co, the creators of everything!

That was the initial message written on the sheet. There was other information present, but I stopped there, shaking my head in wonder. So, this doll had some kind of learning system? I had certainly heard nothing about this Dieu-Co company, let alone a learning sexbot.

However, it sounded like it was already too late. An irreversible process once you stuck your dick into her. Wouldn’t that mean her previous owner had already registered her? I really didn’t understand most of what it was talking about. It all sounded too good to be true. They were acting like this Automatic Girlfriend was actually a living, breathing person even. Of course, that was all a joke. This was probably just some marketing gimmick the creators used, like those stuffed animals a child could adopt complete with birth certificate. Maybe that’s why she was thrown away after all.

“Registration, huh?”

I wanted to sell her, but there was no way I could tell if she was registered or not. That was unless I put my dick in first… Wasn’t that a catch-22? Or was it a Schrodinger’s cat? Ugh… I should have paid more attention in college. I stared down at her vagina. I was curious how it’d feel. I was very thorough when cleaning her. I could eat out of that vagina and not have any doubts. Hah… I actually recalled that there were people who did that kind of thing to their dolls.

While staring at her naked body, I started to feel aroused. I had just been touching it for the last thirty minutes, how could I not start to become aroused? Well, it was mine. Although I could potentially make a lot of money on this, I didn’t have to sell. On the other hand, I could always use it first, and when I got bored of it, then I could sell it. It’d be no worse than when I pulled it out of the trash. I might as well have some fun. It wasn’t like I was going to get a real girlfriend any time soon.

“A-alright then, I guess, my curiosity gets the better of me.” I sighed, realizing my virgin self was helpless.

I opened my pants and pulled out my cock. I didn’t really dwell on the size very much normally. I had seen many porns, and my cock was about that size, which was probably average, right? Once again thinking about how tight she felt on my fingers, I wondered if my cock would fit. I wondered why it took my cock to activate her. Shouldn’t my fingers have done it earlier, or even the toothbrush?

Agh… I was just thinking these things to distract myself from what I was about to do. I pulled open the sex dolls legs. I found myself gulping. It really did feel like I was right between a woman’s legs. My cock grew erect very quickly, and so I pushed it up against the slit of her pussy.

“So… it goes in like this.”

I was going to lose my virginity in this way. Wait, could you lose your virginity to a sex doll? Even if it felt real, I didn’t think that was the case. Oh well, let’s put it in. I pushed myself against the entrance to her hole.

“Ahhh… it’s really tight…” I muttered.

It was definitely offering some resistance. With a bit more force, the head of my cock was able to be pushed in. Just that felt really good. That’s when I thought of something.

 “Oh, right, I was supposed to use lubricant… wait… it’s wet too?”

I frowned. I was certain I had cleaned her out thoroughly and even used a hair dryer after. Yet, upon sticking my head in and pushing my cock up and down her slit, it began to feel wet. Did I leave some cleaning material inside? No, it wouldn’t feel this good! Did this doll have some kind of self-lubricating feature? That was really weird. Although, it also felt amazing. I looked into the dolls face, feeling myself inside her for the first time.

Her mouth was no longer open in an ‘o’. Rather, it was closed and pursed, like she was waiting for a kiss. That was weird, but while feeling her tight pussy, it felt too good to think much on it. Maybe my dick in her pussy released some kind of mechanism that caused her lips to purse. That was some top-notch design right there. I had barely gotten half my cock inside her, but it felt incredible.

I reached down and kissed her lips. They were soft to the touch. Her soft chest was pushed against me. She felt really, really amazing. This was just like a real girl, not that I had any experience with that. I started moving my hips. Did sex with a real girl feel this amazing? Her body was incredible. I could imagine all the fun I could have with this doll, and my desire to sell her quickly went away, thus was the perverted nature of a twenty-year-old virgin.

Although I could only get about half my cock into her tight hole, I still humped it for all it was worth, and could hear wet noises.

“Ahhhh! Crap! C-cumming!” I moaned, grabbing her arms as my body shook.

It had only been two minutes, but my balls constricted and I felt myself coming inside her. It wasn’t even deep, and cum squirted out of her hole. I collapsed on top of her, panting. Damn. That was hot. It was probably really gross too. I’m sure if any of my friends knew I was humping a sex doll I pulled out of the dumpster, they’d definitely mock me relentlessly.

After recovering my breath, I lifted up to see that the sex dolls expression had changed again. She looked pleased. I shook my head. I must have been imagining things. When I was kissing her, I must have just changed her expression accidentally.

That’s when I heard a beeping sound. I followed the sound to the source, where I found a small LCD panel located on her back, just under her neck. I read the text on the flashing screen.

Congratulations!!! You have finished your registration!

You have gained a first-time bonus, 10 upgrade points to use in the Dieu-co shop!

Current Girlfriend

Name: None (First Time Selection is free!)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Breast-Size: C

Features: None

Use girlfriend more to earn points.

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