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“A… menu?” While trying to understand what I was looking at, I said these words.

I shook my head and reached out and touched it. The screen flashed and then there was something new.

What will you name your girlfriend?

“A name?” I read out loud.

The sexdoll wanted me to give it a name? This really was something fancy. Thinking about it for a bit, I thought of a name I really liked. I clicked again and a small QWERTY keyboard appeared. I typed in the name and then clicked enter for it to accept.

“Her name is now set to Adrianna.”

A menu of items suddenly appeared in front of me. The top had the number 10 on it, and then below that was a list.

Change Hair Color/Style – 2 points

Change Eye Color – 2 points

Change Skin Color – 2 points

Add Pubic Hair – 2 points

Wetter Pussy – 2 points

Saliva – 5 points

Larger Breasts – 5 Points

Tighter Pussy – 5 Points

Tactile Sense – 5 points

More Realistic Vagina – 5 points

Speech – 10 points

Authentic Orgasms – 20 points

More Realistic Skin – 20 points

Functional Mouth – 50 points

Purchase features to unlock additional features.

It was such a list. So, having a wet pussy was actually a built-in feature? That was probably good. I would have felt really crummy if I had been doing all of that and it was something gross. That said, the features it offered were all kind of out there. I mean, how exactly did it work? I could understand how it might be able to change something like Eye Color. I could even believe Tighter Pussy and Larger Breasts, but how was it going to give me More Realistic Skin? It either was real, or it was a plastic that tried to emulate skin. As exciting as this sex doll was, it was plastic.

Maybe, if you accept a feature, someone would come out and do it on sight. Did this have a wi-fi or something? There was just too much about this toy that I didn’t understand. However, I was the kind of guy who felt you needed to learn by doing. Thus, I reached out and clicked. I picked two features. The first was Add Pubic Hair. I wanted to see how this would happen. This was a cheap function, and it was a clear test as to how a feature was added. That wasn’t the only reason I picked it, though.

I didn’t know if this was for every guy, but I wasn’t all that comfortable with it being bare. It gave me the impression of her being a bit too young. I liked a woman with a bit of hair. After I clicked it, more text appeared.

What style would you like?

Landing Strip



Bermuda Triangle

Postage Stamp



Rising Sun


Lightning Bolt

Thick Bush

I stared in wide-eyed wonder. I didn’t even realize they could come in so many shapes! Ahem… excuse me, my virgin was showing. I didn’t even know what half of these meant, so I went for one I recognized, the Bermuda Triangle. It was a Triangle, right? Just enough I could run my fingers through. Well, I’m not sure I would want to do that. On top of that, with her wet function, wouldn’t it just be another area that was a pain to clean? Too late, I had already selected it.


As I was selecting the point, I had her in a sitting position and I was propping her up from behind. I had one arm wrapped around her to keep her from falling forward. As I was thinking of running my fingers through her pubic hair, my hand dropped lower, and there I ran into hair. Except, when I banged her before, she was definitely smooth! Where did the hair come from? It felt so real.

I decided not to think about it too much. More testing was definitely needed. Adding Pubic Hair had cost 2 points, so now I only had 8 points. The three that caught my eye the most were all 5 points and related to the Vagina. After all, if you were having a sex doll, wasn’t the vagina the most important part? I wasn’t interested in the 2-point wetter vagina, as I didn’t know where the lubricant even came from. If I had the doll use more of it, wouldn’t I run out quicker? Until I could answer where to replace it, I’d hold off on that option.

This left me with Tighter Pussy, More Realistic, or Tactile Sense. Was Tactile Sense referring to the vagina? It had to be, right? It would Increase the tactile feeling of sticking it in. I heard that there were certain condoms and lubricant that made sex feel more intense. I had no clue, it was just something I had heard. I imagined it was something like that. I didn’t really know how it would do that, but I couldn’t figure out what else Tactile Sense would mean. I didn’t necessarily feel like tighter was better, and more realistic seemed like a nebulous term. For a virgin like me, it was already as real as I needed.

Thus, after some careful thought, I clicked Tactile Sense. I waited a second, and nothing changed. Then, I slapped my head. You had to use the doll to feel it. It was probably something in the lubricant. I would have to use her to feel it. Thinking about sticking it in her was enough that I got excited again, so I pulled out my dick and stuck it back into the doll. Did it feel any better? It kind of did. I started to thrust into the doll. Her insides tightly squeezed on my member, causing me to let out a moan. I covered my mouth, blushing.

I was all by myself at the moment, but I did live with a roommate. I definitely didn’t want him to hear me as I fucked my sex doll. I didn’t know if I’d be able to live it down. We got along well enough, but he was a much more social guy than I was. He was pretty confident too. He never brought a girl home, but went to their places plenty of times. It was a Friday night, so he was definitely out looking for a cute girl to bring home. While I was with a plastic doll, he was probably banging a real girl.

At the very least, that meant that he wasn’t home at the moment and I could do whatever I wanted with her. I looked down at her, suddenly feeling slightly awkward. I thought of all the things I wanted to do. At the moment, my entire sexual experience was sticking it in and coming once. I should try other positions. I needed to download an app and see what other positions existed. I mean, I knew about other positions. There was missionary, and doggie, and… and… and missionary. Okay, where was my phone?

I lifted my head to see that it was on my nightstand. My dick was still in her though, and the feeling was out of this world. I’d have to pull out to go get my phone. If I did that, would I lose my wood? I already came once, so it was remarkable I still even had an erection. As for Tactile Sense, I couldn’t say whether it made it better, but considering this was my second time, it still felt the best. I finally decided I wanted to finish.

I carefully lay down, pressing myself against the doll. She was a bit cold to the touch, but after holding her for a minute she started to feel warmer. I leaned forward and kissed the doll, exploring her mouth with my tongue, being a bit less modest with it this time. Was it weird to be out of breath after kissing a doll that didn’t kiss back? Why did this feel so good? This wasn’t even a real girl? I lifted my head and looked down at her. Her not quite realistic looks were a bit off putting at first, but I was quickly getting used to it. Actually, she was quite beautiful once you got past the doll part.

I reached out and touched her breasts. My hands cupped them. They were C cup average breasts. I might make them a bit bigger. Should I? Could you make them smaller if you changed your mind? There was just too little I knew about this doll. My hands squeezed her breasts. They really did feel real. Actually, I had never touched a girl’s breasts. I had no clue if they felt real. They were real to me, though.

My fingers traced the little pink areola, stroking the nipple back and forth for a bit. Just being inside her while I played with her nipples was amazing. What was so fascinating with tits anyway? I hesitated for a second, and then I lowered my head, licking the nipple. I then began to suck on it. I wasn’t sure how long I lay on top of her playing with her breasts, but when I looked at the clock, I realized it was pretty late. I had to get up early in the morning for my job. I decided I better finish up.

“That means…” I gulped.

I wrapped my arms around her and started to thrust into her again. I held her tightly, my face buried in her chest. Compared to the first time, this felt even better. Of course, I didn’t last long. After about fifteen thrusts I reached my limit and found myself cumming again. As my cock swelled and shot into her pussy, it was absolute bliss. I closed my eyes and sighed. With my head on her chest and my cock in her pussy, I could live like this.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I didn’t realize I fell asleep until my morning alarm went off. I was still lying on top of the sex doll, using her naked tits as pillows. My dick had fallen out during the night, but her lubricant mixed with my cum had leaked out and made a dirty spot on the bed. I had gone to all of this work to clean her, and I had ended up leaving her messier than when I found her.

 Looking at the clock, I let out a cry. I was late. I jumped off the doll in a rush, going to my dresser to grab a change of clothing. I hadn’t even bathed last night, so I was completely filthy. As I struggled to put my pants on, my eyes fell on the expressionless doll still just lying there. I shook my head and threw a blanket over her.

Then, I quickly cleaned myself up and opened the door to my room. I was heading to the bathroom, but I didn’t make it more than a few steps before an arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled my head down until I was bent over. Someone began vigorously rubbing the top of my head.

“Aaron, you sly dog! I go out all night and strike out but here you are getting pussy?”

“Damn it, Keto, I don’t have time for this!” I tried to fight him off me, but when his words struck me, I became shocked. “Wait? What do you mean by that?”

“You didn’t lock the door this morning.” He grinned. “I saw you on some spicey little thing. I didn’t think you had it in you. Is she cute?”

As his words slammed home, I realized he saw me snuggling with the sex doll. This was the exact thing that I hadn’t wanted to happen! I quickly let out a cough as I finally got free from his gasp.

“Uh, yeah. She already left though.”

“Seriously?” He blinked. “I didn’t see her…”

“Yeah, she was in a hurry, as am I. Job and everything.”

“Oh, alright.” He waved his hand. “However, tonight, you’re telling me everything.”

“Splendid. Sure. I’ll tell you then.”

I quickly finish cleaning up in the bathroom, then I made sure my door was locked before I finally left the apartment. When the door closed behind me, I let out a deep breath. I had until the end of the work day to come up with the best excuse that I could.

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