How do I release chapters, and when should you respond:

Chapter Release Policy

  1. My current release schedule is available on my website, in my discord, and on my patreon. The most accurate schedule is the one placed in my Monthly Newsletter.
  2. My current schedule is a goal, not an absolute. I am a writer, and writing involves creativity, and creativity doesn’t work on a schedule. I do my best to keep up, but some times I just can’t get a chapter finished.
  3. Anyone complaining that <insert translated novel here> manages to release daily, understand that those are TRANSLATIONS, not WRITTEN WORKS. The author wrote those stories sometimes years prior, and the translator is merely changing words into English. This is an intensive job, but it ultimately requires no creative thought to accomplish and can be done in mass.
  4. Concentrate on how many chapters I release a week, not when I release them. I don’t care they weren’t all released on Sunday at 2:20 pm. You want chapters done at a specific time every day? Be my freaking guest. Only check my site on Sunday night, and I guarantee you all of my M-F chapters will be released that are going to be released. Make your own schedule. You never want to sign in and not see a chapter? Then stagger the releases yourself, no one is stopping you.
  5. For the day I release, I don’t usually release until late night. Sometimes, I’m too tired or creatively dead to do so. This is why I ask for a 24-hour window. If something is due Monday, please wait until at least Wednesday morning to get on my case about it.
  6. The ToC does not 100% represent the actual status of the chapter! The status of the chapter indicates the status of the chapter. I try to keep it up to date, but it updates separately. Sometimes, I update the ToC and don’t get to the chapter that night. Sometimes, I update the chapter and don’t get to the ToC. Live with it.
  7. If you’re wondering where your public or locked chapter is… ask if a new chapter was released at all. If I didn’t just release a $5 chapter under recent posts, then that is the reason why I didn’t release your chapter. To be fair, I like to at least release the $1 chapter even if the early release doesn’t, but usually I prefer to release them concurrently, even if that means they’re a day late.
  8. If the early access chapter HAS come out, but I failed to release the locked chapter, or if for some reason a chapter is locked that shouldn’t be, please let me know POLITELY!

Disclaimer: I know the following advice seems to drive some people into a rage for some reason, but I’m stating how “I” would like to be addressed on “MY” website. Some of the ways people address problems to me is downright disrespectful.

I’m a writer. Anyone who says I’m “just a smut writer” and “should get off my high horse. How about you get off yours? I write many things that are NOT smut. If all you read is smut, I think that says more about you than me. So, stop acting like you can’t say please or thank you when making demands on another human being!

The way the vast majority of people talk to me is rude. I don’t have to like it, and I don’t have to just tolerate it. If you think paying me $1 means I should lose my self respect, then I can tell you where to shove it. This isn’t about you, it’s about me. I can’t change how I feel about the way you talk to me. On the other hand, you can change the way you address me when you find a problem, so the choice is yours.

Feel free to write a pissy comment about how I’m arrogant or full of myself, but if you’re trying to get something from me as an author/writer, you can either A) Act in the way I’d like you to act, guaranteeing my swift and pleasant response, or B) Act like an asshole, guaranteeing I don’t want to do anything for you. That is your decision.


“I don’t understand why this chapter is locked when it is not supposed to be!”

“Why are you not unlocking this chapter?”

“Um? This chapters is still locked. What gives?”

“When are you going to unlock this chapter? Other chapters after it are already unlocked!”

Notice the lack of a making a statement, but instead asking a question that has no proper answer I could give other than admitting some error or guilt. It feels like you’re trying to force me to admit a mistake. There is no please, thank you, or any attempt at politeness. It feels naggy, patronizing, and it raises my hackles every time.


“Can you check this chapter’s locked status? Thanks!”

“Please check this chapter $5-$1.”

“Hey, I noticed this chapter is still locked. Thought you should know. Thanks!”

“I believe this chapter should be at the $1 tier, but it says it’s locked at the $5 tier. Could you please check it out?”

Notice the use of pleases and thank yous. Notice how you’re treating another human being with a basic level of respect and dignity. This makes me eagerly want to fix your problem.

*Every post problem isn’t necessarily me. WordPress is finicky, and somethings the update changing the tier level doesn’t take. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen enough chapters that I “knew” I had updated not showing the tier-change to believe it’s just me being forgetful.

The BEST way to report mistakes is through discord. Please include the name of the book, the chapter, AND the link. Comment section is less preferred. There is no guarantee I’ll see it.