Yurtdışı Yatırım

Having trouble remembering whose who? Here’s most of the people relevant to the plot. I skip most who get mentioned only once or twice.  I might add the rest later. Or you can just look it up yourself here:


This does contain spoilers, so only check out the names you need to remember. It does not refer to events past the point the translations are up to. In this case, chapter 129. Hope it helps.

Amanogawa Kouki: The “hero” among the students summoned to Tortus. He is childhood friends with Kaori and Shizuku, and is the most popular guy in class. He leads the hero’s party and gains the hero class, having the highest stats among the other classmates. He is obsessed with what is right and just, however, he also never thinks he’s wrong, thus leading him to warping his definition of justice. He is charismatic, but also thoughtless, charging into situations without thinking, or even noticing, the consequences to his actions. He’s very dense, oblivious to his own good looks as well as his own spikes at jealousy when Hajime is shown to be stronger and more popular.

Bias D. Hoelscher: The crowned prince of the Hoelscher Empire. Engaged to princess Liliana. Tries to rape her. Later is beheaded in response to Gaharudo’s belligerence.

Eht (Ehito): The God of Creation worshipped by the Seikyo church (Church of the Saints). The primary god of the human race, strongly associated with the Hairihi Kingdom. The god responsible for summoning the class to this world. It is suggested that he sees the human race as chess pieces in a never ending game he plays against the god of the demons.

Endo Kosuke: Another classmate summoned to the new world. He has a very weak presence and thus is ignored by most, including automatic doors. This makes him a skilled assassin. Hajime can notice his presence easily.

Gaharudo D. Hoelscher: The emperor of the Hoelscher Empire. Believes in power above all else. Becomes wary and respectful of Hajime’s overwhelming power.

Hajime Nagumo: The stories protagonist. He was formally bullied in class for being an Otaku that cought the eye of Kaori. This became worse when he was teleported to a new world only to lack any of the cheat-like powers the other students gained. He substituted his lack of strength with studying the new world until he fell into the abyss of Orcus’s Great Labyrinth and learned to be strong. After that, he continues forward with the goal of defeating all seven labyrinths and using the god’s magic to return home.

Hatayama Aiko-sensei: A young looking teacher who cares deeply for her students. Casually called Ai-chan by some of her students to her chagrin. She only cares about keeping her student’s safe. She’s the only adult Hajime will listen to after his change in the abyss. She and Hajime were the only two to get a non-combat ability (although hers is cheat-like powerful). She has hero level cultivation skills, which leads her to solving food problems in the kingdom and becoming known as the “goddess of the harvest” as well as a local idol worshiped by her bodyguards. She starts to fall in love with Hajime, noticing that his love for Yue, an older woman trapped in a young woman’s body, makes Aiko-sensei his type. However, her responsibilities as a teacher keeps her from acknowledging her love.

Hiyama Daisuke: Another classmate who was summoned. He was the leader of the bullies who harassed and bullied Hajime. He was obsessed with Kaori and had a great deal of resentment for Hajime who she gave attention. This eventually leads him to attempting to kill Hajime, sending him spiraling into the abyss. When he thinks he succeeds, he is blackmailed and goes to great lengths to try to possess Kaori.

Ishtar Rangobarudo: A 70 year old priest of the Seikyo church. His fervent love for his God makes him appear dangerous to Hajime. It’s implied he may be corrupt, and have at least some knowledge of God’s true nature.

Kam Haulia: Shia’s father and head of the Haulia clan. Originally a pacifist, but after Hajime’s harsh training becomes a savage and vicious assassin.

Kaori Shirasaki: The most popular girl in Hajime’s class. She fell in love with Hajime after seeing his willingness to stand up for people even at the cost of himself. She’s oblivious to the fact that giving Hajime attention has led to increased bullying. After searching for him in the abyss, she decides to follow him wherever he goes. She is normally a healer/ white mage, with chant speeds boarding on cheating. She eventually changes her body in order to gain chant-less magic and new powers in order to be able to exist on the same level as Hajime and Yue. Yue sees her as a rival, unlike Shea who she supports.

Lemia: Myuu’s mother, she’s a gentle beauty. She’s shown an interest in Hajime, particularly after Myuu declares him as her father, although Hajime can never tell if she is joking or not. Hajime seems sensitive to her charm.

Liliana S. B. Hairihi: A princess of the Hairihi Kingdom. She was engaged to the prince of Hoelescher, Bias D. Hoelscher. She is said to have a beautiful smile and is well loved by all of her countrymen. She is put off by Hajime’s rough treatment, but comes to appreciate him. She is one of the few in the kingdom that was not targeted / swayed by the church.

Meld Loggins: The Knight Commander of the Hairihi Empire. He shows himself to be pragmatic and open-hearted. He’s responsible for the initial training all the students received. He didn’t show any prejudice or hatred toward Hajime at not having abnormal abilities. He has a strong desire to protect the students, and Hajime’s fall in the abyss hit him hard. He was willing to die to protect the students, and cares deeply for his kingdom.

Miledi Raisen: One of the seven liberators who became known as heretics after attempting to stop god’s manipulation of the people. She transferred her soul into a golem to personally test and torture anyone who might enter her labyrinth. She has an annoying personality of teasing and insulting other people as they try to make it through her trials.

Myuu: A little girl (about 4) from the sea-dweller race. Hajime saves her from an illegal slave auction. Although demi-humans are commonly hunted as slaves, sea-dwellers are protected for economic reasons. Having lost her father at a young age, she begins to acknowledge Hajime as her father. Other than Yue, Myuu is the only other person that Hajime spoils.

Nakamura Eri: Another classmate summoned. She was close friends with Suzu, although she reveals later that she was only close to her in order to get closer to Kouki, who she was in love with. She’s a Necromancer, and eventually turns to the demon’s side in order to help her obtain the hero’s love.

Nointo: A “true” apostle of god (as opposed to the summoned god apostles), she appears during historical events to enforce the will of god. She’s the first person Hajime encounters whose stats rival his own. She appears to emotionless, and may be homunculus rather than an actual human.

Pal Haulia: A flower loving rabbitman from the Haulia clan… turned into a vicious assassin after Hajime got through with him.

Sakagami Ryuutaro: Another classmate summoned to Tortus. He’s Kouki’s friend. His class his fist fighter. He’s known for not being very bright, and getting upset on Kouki’s behalf.

Shia Haulia: A part rabbit demi-human who was formerly part of a pacifist rabbit clan ostracized by other demi-humans and hunted by humans as desirable sex slave stock. She has a unique magic that allows her to see the future and caste magic chant-lessly, which gave her white hair. She is known for having incredible durability, bouncing back from both physical and mental damage with ease. This makes her the group’s tank / physical damage attacker. She fell in love with Hajime despite his abuse, and eventually Yue starts to support her relationship with him.

Taniguchi Suzu: One of the classmates summoned to Tortus. She is said to have the personality of a perverted old man, but has also been known as a mood setter, keeping people’s spirits up during dark times. She’ll be the type to grab another girl’s chest to check her size. Her skill is Barrier Master, and is in the Hero’s party.

Tio Clarce: A powerful black dragon from the Ryuujin race. She was one of the most powerful and trusted of her tribe, sent out to get information on the newly summoned humans. She has incredible durability and pain resistance. After Hajime rammed something into her ass (the weakest part of a dragon), he awoke her carnal desires for abuse and S&M play. She realizes she loves Hajime, mostly because of his abuse. She typically remains in human form, but can become more powerful in her dragon form when pressed. She’s the pervert of the group, but despite that is surprisingly worldly and full of obscure knowledge long forgotten by humans.

Yaegashi Shizuku: Another classmate summoned to Tortus, she is best friends with Kaori and her childhood friend, Kouki. She is considered a “cool beauty” type, the kind of woman other women would call big sister. When she was in Japan, she was the only person in Kaori’s group who realized that Kaori giving Hajime attention led to him being bullied, and she constantly played damage control to Kaori and Kouki’s thoughtless words and actions. She takes on a Knight class and is willing to fight up front, being in to hero’s party. Her intelligence and excellent grasp on subtlety has led her to understand Hajime better than anyone, causing Yue to declare her “the final boss”. She also talks Kouki down when he becomes upset over Hajime’s actions. She starts to develop some feelings for Hajime as the story progresses.

Yue: A former vampire princess who was betrayed by her kingdom shortly before its fall and locked away in the Orcus Great Labyrinth. She has an auto-regeneration ability that effectively makes her immortal and unkillable as well as having chantless magic. She’s immortally in the body of a 12-13 yo girl. Having been trapped without contact with any other life for at least 300 years, she quickly becomes attached to Hajime. They form a bond from both having been abandoned in the abyss and form a sexual relationship. Hajime attests numerous times that she is the only love for him. She eventually warms up to the idea of adding Shia into their relationship, and sees Shia as a close sibling. She is a magical savant, and can quickly learn and cast incredibly powerful spells, as well as create new, never before seen ones. Having lost everything else in life, Hajime is the only thing she cares about.