Yurtdışı Yatırım

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for continuing to support me for all of this time. It’s been so great to continue to write for all of you. Every day, I’m coming up with new ideas to be able to deliver new content to you guys, so I hope you enjoy.

To anyone who is supporting me for one particular novel and has no interest in anything else but that one thing they are reading, please understand that I’m not just the writer of that novel, and that I’m delivering all kinds of content. If I’m not delivering content to thing you care about most, it’s probably because there is a reason. Either… I’m not feeling like it, I haven’t come up with a satisfying story, or maybe I’m just busy with something else. I can’t always make every dead line.

I hope most people realized I’ve been about a day late this entire month on everything, but even then, I’ve still caught up with everything. I’m just behind 2 chapters of EPASH, at least one of which I’ll finish this weekend, as the chapter fell on Thanksgiving.

For the one of you wondering about the last Time and Place chapter, I did say I ran out of chapters. If I began to write it, it’d be at the expense of NTR Chapters. I haven’t slouched on NTR Chapters, ergo, I haven’t done Time and Place.

That said, NTR V4 is almost done, coming to the last couple of chapters. I’ll take an interim break, and then I’ll pick up Time and Place and… something else. You’ll have to decide if you want Getting Lucky or Man of the House or something else. We’ll have a vote when it gets to that point.

Okay… now… no new announcements, but here are some updates:

  • My literature competition is still running. I have NOT received a single work yet. (I didn’t expect one), but I am worried about whether I’m going to get any by the end of the month. So far, interest hasn’t seemed as I high as I hoped. People apparently don’t like cash rewards? I will lower the word requirement down substantially to encourage writers to do it. I’ll come out with a new announcement tomorrow.
  • Power of Creation, my first finished series that started this all is being rereleased on scribblehub. That’s the story that has about $1000 worth of images made for it. I’ve been rewriting it, adding words and changing things. It is now in first person (normally what you read, “I”), the girls now have normal names, and I’ll be radically adjusting some parts of the story to make it more accessible to a general none msb audience. It’s doing well on scribblehub, so take a look!
  • PoC V6 will be out this month. As will MDL V2. I might try to push to get V3 done too. I’m sorry these are taking so long. V2 has gone through three editors and editing hell. It keeps getting rejected and put off. V6 is literally done except I’m waiting for epub.
  • As most of you are aware, I hired an official editor who is going through and fixing everything on my site. So, if you have an error, report it to Ryunakama. He is my chore guy now, and I’m paying about 10% of my current salary to him, so if you like the increasing quality of the grammar, spelling, and a surprisingly larger amount of plot errors, well, please donate accordingly.
  • Results from the survey, I don’t intend to change the tiers. Majority voted to keep it the way it was.

December Goals:

EPASH: Monday and Thursday

NTR Crush : Volume 4 Finished

Another Novel: Tuesday and Friday

Time and Place: Sunday

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

TOAE: Wednesday

Once again, please note these are “goals”. These are not absolutes. I’m not a printer pumping out chapters. I’m doing my best. Please use my past recaps to understand what I typically produce, and use that to decide whether you think it’s worth it.

November Recap:

Images: 5

Podcasts: 1

Other Chapters: 5 (13,000)

MDL: 64 (41,600)

MOTH: 6 (10,800)

NTR Crush: 13 (26,000)

EPASH: 6 (18,000)

Timefall: 3 (9,000)

TOAE: 4 (8,000)

Total Words Released this Month: 126,400 words

OMFG, ONLY 6 CHAPTERS OF EPASH INSTEAD OF 8! It’s almost like there was a national holiday and the author dared to spend time with family or something!

As always, thank you so much for your support. I appreciate you guys and hope to continue to write for a long time to come.