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“I’m still not sure I completely understand what’s going on here?” I said, scratching my head.

I was standing in a completely white room. All around me was nothing but white light. Furthermore, there was a guy standing in front of me wearing a white robe with a long beard. I’d been here for some time, and the guy kept going on an on about fate and dimensional travel and the stream of consciousness and spirit. Eventually, I just got fed up with it and decided to break into the conversation.

“Huh? You’re dead.” The guy waved his hand as if this news was inconsequential. “Did you not catch that by the infinite whiteness in which you’ve found yourself?”

I wasn’t particularly surprised that I was dead. As he pointed out, this was death cliché number 1. Plus, I remembered truck-kun, who came to bring me to this world of white.

“No, it’s the second part I’m having some trouble with.”

“The fact that I want to reincarnate you?”

“Actually, even reincarnation I can understand. It’s…”

“The fact I’m going to reincarnate you into the body of a prince?”

“That’s the one. Shouldn’t reincarnation entail me being reborn or something?”

The man in front of me who probably was God even though he didn’t introduce himself as such shrugged. “The prince died an unfortunate death. His life was a somewhat pitiable one, and so I wanted to give him a second shot at it.”

“A second shot?”

“Mm… the prince’s life could have had more meaning. You don’t want to be reincarnated as a bug or something, right? It’s a win-win! You can do the things the prince was never able to. Meanwhile, you can live like a prince! What’s better than that?”

“Okay, then what’s the catch?” I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms.

“C-c-catch… No catch. Don’t you get that I just want to do-“

“Alright, I’m leaving… I’ll take the insect life…”

“W-wait!” God leaped forward, giving a fake laugh. “What I mean to say is that there is just one teensy weensy tiny favor I need from you.”

“What?” I asked, turning back and sighing.

“Well, the Kingdom is sort of under some unique circumstances, and I need you to use the prince to do something in order to set the world right again. If you don’t, the world might plunge into a thousand years of darkness or something like that.”

“You call that small?”

“H-hey! I’m not saying there won’t be benefits! Naturally, you’re Prince of the Kingdom, and in this world, the Kingdom makes up all of humanity. So, when the King dies, you will be lord of all of humanity!”

“You call that a plus?” I snapped. “How is making me responsible for the lives of millions a good thing?”

“Look, if you manage to fulfill my favor, you won’t have to do anything else. You can just live your life to the fullest. Food, women, a complete fun time from there on out. You don’t need to be a good King. In fact, you could give the Kingdom to someone else if you don’t want it! I just need what I need fulfilled, and then the world will be safe.”

“Alright… Alright… I get it. What is this favor you need from me?”  

“The favor is simple… I simply need you to find the prince’s five sisters, the Kingdom’s princesses, and bring them home.”

“Find them? Are they missing?”

God let out a sigh. “No… not exactly. Because of various situations, the Princesses have all been lost to the Kingdom. It is part of the reason humanity is in such a bad situation. They are each in one of the adjoining countries. As the Prince of humanity, you simply need to go and fetch them.”

“Is that it?”

“And… ahem… enslave them…” God coughed.

“What? Did you just say enslave?”

“Look, the whole thing is very complicated, but your sisters may not be willing to come back on their own. Therefore, you need to enslave them and bring them back to ensure their cooperation. As your slaves, they won’t be able to resist. Once you’ve put a few babies in them, I’m sure the princesses will calm down.

“What was that last part, did you say babies?”

“Oh, yes, I forgot to mention? You need to get the princesses pregnant!”

“What? What! What!? I’m sorry, the more you talk, the more stupid this whole thing sounds!”

“It’s not that complicated. It really isn’t! You need to enslave and impregnate the five princesses and we’re square!” God said, smiling wryly, before looking at a watch on his wrist. “And… I’m going to need an answer right about now.”

“The princesses who are also my sisters…”


“I need to bring them home.”


“Enslave them.”


“And impregnate them.”

“That’ll do it!”


“Awesome, then I’ll just send you down to-”

“My answer is no.”

God chuckles. “What did you say? You’re such a joker. Look, I got to get a soul in this body like now if I don’t want people thinking he’s some kind of zombie…”

“No… I’m not doing it.” I shrugged. “Sorry… but this sounds like a lot of B.S. and I vehemently refuse!”

“Ah… but you forgot one thing, I’m God…” God says, “So, why don’t you stop being difficult and just go ahead and reincarnate for me.”

“N-“ God waves his hand and my lips move on their own. “Yes, God, I’d love to go to another world, Thank you for the opportunity!”

“Ah… haha…. You flatter me… you’re too kind.” God laughs.

My face twists. “Hey, you shitty God, don’t put words in my mouth!”

That’s what I wanted to say. What I ended up saying was something else entirely.

“You’re a wonderful God, I will proudly do these simple favors for you! After creating me, heaven, and Earth, it’s the least I could do. I don’t even need a reward!”

“Good, good, then you should be on your way then.” God waves his hand.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk yooooooooooooooooooouuuuuu…..”

Although the words that come out are, “Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.”

Like that, my soul went flying down to a planet I didn’t recognize. The next thing I felt was an incredible pain. My body felt like it had been hit with a brick. I realized I couldn’t breathe either. As I fought for breath, I realized two soft things were pushing into my face, blocking out the oxygen. I struggled against them as they cupped my face. I needed air or I was going to die moments after just becoming alive again!

“My baby! No! No! No! Please!” the sound started to return, and I could hear a woman wailing. “No… not now. My lovely little boy. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave mommy. I love you so much. Please. Please. Please, not again! I can’t stand to lose you. Please. Mommy will have to kill herself if you leave her. Please!”

I finally managed to push my head away. I gasped as air flooded into my lungs. However, even so, my body was gripped by a woman. When I finally got sight of her, she was an absolute beauty. She truly looked like a regal Queen, except that her makeup and hair were ruined. There was ash on her face and she had a look of sheer desperation about her. However, she had a lush, full figure, big lips, a large bosom, and a fine dress. I felt like I could die happy knowing a woman like this was torn up over my death.

“Baby! You’re alive!” Mom cried out.

“Huh? Yea- up!” As soon as I tried to say something, this woman planted her lips on mine.

She didn’t even stop there. Her tongue ended up in my mouth. She was frenching me! Did I mishear her earlier? I swore she just called herself my mom! However, this was clearly a lover. Her hands were all over me, and she was giving me a thorough kissing. I might have enjoyed it, but I had already been smothered by her enormous breasts, so I didn’t have the breath for it. I tried to push her off of me so that I could regain my breath and get some bearings on my surroundings.

“Mmm…mmm… Mmmmm…” I tried to fight back her tongue with my own, but that only seemed to excite her, and her hands were going up my shirt.

“Madame…” A voice came out, indicating another person standing near us. “Madame… perhaps this isn’t the place for this.”

The woman finally broke her kisses, even though she was still crying. “Ahh… my heart… my love… my baby… I love you so much. Mommy will always love you. I thought you were dead. Mommy couldn’t stand it. Sleep with mommy tonight, okay baby, mommy will keep you safe. Only mommy can protect you.”

“Madame… you’re scaring the boy…”

“Mommy would never scare her boy… never never never… you understand that, don’t you, my love. I love you so much. Mommy would rather die than hurt you!” As she said that there was a crazed light in her eyes.

I believed her! Whoever this woman was, she was absolutely obsessed with me! Not me… the person whose body I was inhabiting. This so-called prince. He had died, and I was what God used instead. How would this woman feel if she knew the truth? I had the distinct feeling she’d kill me immediately, and then herself. I kept my mouth shut as I regained my breath.

“Prince David,” The male voice that had been speaking before spoke up, and I looked to see an aged man with white hair and a long face. “In the future, try not to be so hotheaded. I know you’re angry about the engagement being broken off, but…”

“Engagement…” I spoke the word in wonder as I forced myself to my feet.

I mostly wanted to prevent this woman from pouncing on me again, so I was eager to get to my feet. As I did so, I realized I appeared to be in some kind of courtyard. I was sitting in the middle of a dark spot, which had the look of ash. It looked like there was a bonfire, and I was the center. My skin was black and grey, but it seemed like I couldn’t wipe the ash off my skin. Around us were many people. Some watched with amusement. Across from me was a guy in his teens. Behind him were a couple of other men and a girl.

The girl, in particular, caught my eye because rather than looking with disgust or derision, she seemed to be somewhat concerned and ashamed. She was a beautiful woman who had pointed ears like that of an elf. On that note, the guy standing across from me also had pointed ears. The entire opposing party appeared to be elves.

“My son has every right to be angry! To cancel the engagement now, it’s an insult!” the woman who called herself my mother stood up and glared at the man and the girl behind her.

The girl hid her eyes as if feeling at fault, but the boy only steeled himself.

“The elvish tribe no longer wishes to be associated with the human empire. My sister will no longer be married to a devil such as him! Either way, I acknowledged the duel and lost. It was fair and square, the marriage is annulled.”

I worked my way through the mental math as quickly as I could. Simply put, I was engaged to that elvish woman. Her family put pressure on them to cancel the engagement. They did, and I came in a rage and challenged her brother to a duel. He cast some kind of fire spell on me and killed me. That seemed to sum up everything that had happened.

I was a person who was very good at dealing with desperate situations. I thought quickly on my feet and I could read people instantly. Thus, even though that shitty God had just tossed me into this situation without warning, I was already getting the gist of it.

“Do you think it was fair to use magic?” I asked, using the question to feel out the situation.

The guy across from me blushed. “Elves are naturally endowed with magic. Asking me to not use magic in a dual, why don’t I ask you to tie your legs up?”

“You could have killed me with that fireball? What do you think would have happened if you had been known to kill the only Prince of the human realm!”

The boy’s eyes widened, as did the eyes of many of the people in the room. I instantly got the impression that the way I was talking was completely unlike the way I usually talked in this world. However, now that I started, I could feel the rage that this boy must have felt. Having my fiancée taken away from me? That was something I wouldn’t stand for, no matter what body I was in. I had a rule in life that I lived by. No NTR. It had served me well, and I didn’t plan to let it hit me now that I was in another world.

“W-well, you didn’t die… so it’s all fine…” The boy said stubbornly.

“And what of a group that tries to end a marriage without warning!” I shot back. “Have you no propriety? Did you think that you could bully the human realm?”

The elf boy looked down, clearly more impulsive than brainy. However, another elf, an older elf stepped forward. He wore a white cloak and even had some grey hair. If elves in this world lived longer than humans, then this elf must be ancient to already have grey hair. That was only my thoughts though.

“We deeply respect your father, King Solomon. The elf tribes have always remained peaceful with the humans. However, your kingdom has been in decline for the last sixteen years…”

“So… because the kingdom has had some setbacks, you’ve decided to pull your support, is that it?”

“Young Master… this is a delicate situation…”

“Your loyalty to the kingdom is only so shallow. Had I known the elves were so… dishonorable… it would have been better to never agree to the marriage at all!”

There were gasps heard on both sides of the room. That was definitely an insult. The boy who had bowed down for the elder to talk was now stroking his sword once again. Meanwhile, the elder had turned several shades of purple.

“How dare you-“

“How dare I? How dare I!” I snarled. “I am the prince of this realm! That woman was promised to me!”

As I pointed to the elf girl, she exploded in scarlet, which shot all the way to the tip of her ears. It was especially cute and endearing, but I couldn’t focus on this supposed fiancée of mine. I had bigger fish to fry.

“As I said, times change…” The elder tried to explain.

“It is when times change that alliances are most important.” I sighed, not letting him get his voice in edgewise. “If you were under attack, and you were in desperate states, and you were at your weakest… would you want this empire to pull back? To cut out ties? To leave your people to die?”

“O-of course not! That kind of treachery…”

“Then what about you…”

“U-us…” The elder swallowed, just realizing the trap I had lead him into.

“You say the humans are in decline. You try to pull back on your agreements, to disconnect from my people. You even go so far as to harm the Prince himself when he is rightfully angered by this.”

“…” The elder lowered his head.

Of course, everyone present knew that this was what had been happening from the beginning. They all had accepted it. However, now that I had said it out loud, they could no longer continue on this way and keep their face intact. If they left now, it’d be the same as blatantly spitting at the human realm. Rumors would spread and the elves would be made to look like a treacherous lot that didn’t honor their agreements. What should have been a simple matter was made much more complex.

“Perhaps, we shall leave the decision between me and my fiancée, is that not what is most proper?” I asked.

“Eh! M-me… my lord…” the elvish girl blushed again. “That is to say… if my lord still wants me…”

She looked away, nervously shaking. She was stuck in a hard place as well. I didn’t really know how she felt about me. It was possible we had never met before this day. However, she didn’t want to come off as someone easy or casual. Her reputation also had to be maintained. I might have ruffled some feathers, but no one could argue with my words.

The elder let out a sigh. “Very well, it seems like the engagement will remain, for now.”

“But, Uncle!” The boy turned, his eyes widening to disbelief.

The elder held up his hand. “We… will take our leave, if the prince allows.”

I gave a nod, and the elf party turned and left. The boy shot me a few more glares, and I heard the word “devil” murmured under his breath. The girl also looked back a few times, but her expression was timid and hard to read. Of course, I didn’t believe my words solved the situation. The elves would definitely still try to annul this agreement. At best, I had given myself a few days. That’s all I needed. I needed a few days to get my bearings straight in this world.

“My Lord…” When I turned back, I saw many eyes widen as if they were looking at me for the first time. “Perhaps it is time to get you cleaned up.”

In particular, the old man seemed especially amazed by my act. Only the woman who called herself Mother had eyes that were partially closed in a pleased crescent moon shape. She wore a grin, as if she expected or demanded no less from her child.

I nodded to the old man and followed him. The woman who called herself my mother kept close as well. I was still trying to figure things out. There was just too much information hitting me at once. I stopped when I passed a painting. It filled half the hallway. It was not only large but very long. It consisted of a portrait of the entire family. The King was there, sitting in his throne. My mother stood next to him. Then, I saw five women.

Every girl was a stunning beauty like their mother. My eyes widened in shock because not a single one of them looked to be human. Each girl appeared to be a different type of beastkin. One of them had fox ears, another had cat ears. There was a wolf, a bunny, and what appeared to be a koala. Next to them was a boy, and it took me a few moments to realize the boy was supposed to be me. I was exceptionally surprised to see my own face. I wasn’t an animal, but I wasn’t human either.

My skin was grey, my eyes were red, and my hair was jet black. My ears were pointed just like the elves. I reached up and touched my head, only to realize my head had horns on it, small little nubs that barely left the hairline. The boy had called me a devil, and now I understood why! I didn’t know the names of everything in this world, but I had to be some kind of devilkin. I certainly couldn’t be the son of both this mother and father.

So these are the women I must enslave and impregnate? Are these all my half-sisters? Why did I look like a devil? Was that why I was hated? These were the questions forming in my head as I made the rest of my way to the bedroom. I had a lot of answers I needed if I was going to survive in this new world I found myself in. Fortunately, I was the kind of guy that could just roll with it. Perhaps that is why this shitty God was so bent on me. As I entered my room and closed the door, the old man left without a word.

However, a moment later, all thoughts of this family or anything else was purged from my mind. The woman, the Queen, who called herself my mother, was now standing in the middle of my room. She pulled her dress off and it fell to the ground. Her bra and panties followed a second after. She gestured me over with a seductive finger.

“Come, baby, it’s time for mommy to clean you up!”

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