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I’m a light sleeper, I always have been. It should be a testament to how light she moved that I didn’t realize where she was until she was literally on top of me. I felt the pressure on my chest, the rugged breathing on my nose, and then the hard steel against my neck. That was when my eyes snapped open. Her face appeared pale in the dark, like a ghost hovering over me.

As I took in the scene, I realized her entire body was shaking, her body was sweating, and her cheeks were blushed. She looked like a complete mess, but also incredibly beautiful, like a goddess of death. She wasn’t wearing armor or the clothing of an assassin. Rather, she was wearing the pajamas she intended to go to bed with, a thin nightie that made her looking nothing like the boy she pretended to be during the day.

“Bala…” I spoke the word lightly, saying nothing else to fill the silence.

“Give me…” She clenched her teeth closing her eyes and exhaling for a moment. “Give me a reason not to kill you.”

“Did Saria put you up to it?” I asked.

“Saria is… intrigued… by the new you.” She spoke through her gritted teeth, “This is for me.”

“You will die… or go insane, if you kill me.”

Bala’s head shook. “The cure can be provided by any devil. You’ve said as much yourself. I just have to capture one. Make them… make them give…”

Her voice stopped, and she readjusted her grip on the knife, shooting me a glare.

“You’re already losing it, we’re far from the border.”

“I don’t care!” She snapped, her blade pressing down harder on my neck.

“Do you… hate me so much?” I asked, not sure how to react to her desperate actions.

“Yes…” she hissed. “I hate you… I hate you so much. You have given me no choice.”

“Choice is the only thing I’ve given you,” I responded. “Only my maid has been given no choice. I could have enslaved you. I chose not to. Now, you must also make a choice. You’re with me, or you’re not. Kill me now, or get off. I’d like some sleep before tomorrow.”

“You…” Her hand began shaking, the rage on her face reaching a turning point, and then she began to pull it away. “You… bastard.”

“I don’t need to be liked. I don’t care if you give a single crap about me. I just need to keep this world from falling into chaos. The humans, the elves, the angels, the dwarves, the beastkin… the world is on the tip of a blade. Will you dance with me atop it?”

Her knife fell to the side. Her shoulders collapsing as the energy seemed to dissipate from her like a balloon. I breathed slightly easier. That was closer than I would have liked. Women could be unpredictable and had she decided to suicide and send us both to death, there was very little I could do.

“V-very well…” I coughed. “In that case, if you’d leave, there are a few hours of dark le- Mmmm!”

Suddenly, two soft lips were pressed against my own. The suddenness of it all caught me completely off guard. It was rare that I was so flustered. This woman was under the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac, but it had only been some 48 hours since she had last had her cure. She had gone longer before and had never succumbed in such a manner. It had always been clear that she hated me, so this was far below her bottom line.

Her tongue attacked my mouth aggressively, her kiss more like that of a wild animal. She was rough and sporadic, like a woman on the very edge of reason. I only just managed to push her back for a moment.

“I have the drug…” She grabbed it from my hand as I pulled it out.

I always kept one on me. Had she patted me down, I reasoned she probably could have stolen the vial from me just as easily. As soon as the vial was in her hand and she looked at it, I reckoned she’d down it in a gulp. Instead, she turned and chucked it. The vial smashed into a nearby wall, breaking apart and losing the contents.

“Bala… this…” I was completely disbelieving what was going on as she lifted up my shirt. “What are you doing?”

This time, she kissed my chest, her tongue lashing out as she sucked on my skin hard enough, she’d create bruises. I wanted to tell her to stop. I had a date with her sister the very next day, and hickeys would probably make the whole situation a lot more uncomfortable. She finally pulled away and then grabbed my head, holding me tightly as she glared into my eyes.

“I can’t choose…” She suddenly spoke, her voice tinged with frustration, glaring at me.


“I’m not… smart.” Bala admitted. “I’m not a schemer. I followed Saria because Saria told me what to do. I thought… as long as I followed her, she’d always know.”

“What does that have to do with me?” I asked.

“You’ve given me choices… I can’t… make them.” Bala bit her lip. “Take the choices away. I can’t help you, and also help my sister. I won’t betray my sister either. So, you must… make my decisions for me. If I don’t have the choices… then I won’t feel this way any longer.”

“The choices…” My eyes widened as I realized what she genuinely was asking. “You want me to enslave you like I have Aeryn.”

“I asked her how… she said you impregnated her with your seed.” Bala spoke with her brow furrowed. “Then, you will do the same to me.”

“I’m not sure if that is the right decision…” I said.

“Why?  Do you not want my protection? Do you not want to use me as your thing?” Bala’s hands squeezed my face tightly as she spoke, anger coming across her face.

“Because… you have a family.” I finally admitted, grabbing on to her wrists and trying to pull away from her hold on my skull.


“Aeryn has nothing.” I sighed. “Her life had no happiness or meaning. I enslaved her because I had no other choice, but also because neither did she! I will cure you, one day, and you can return to your family. That is the difference between the two of you.”

“My family…” Her expression turned bitter. “I have no family that matters. My father sold us away to you. My mother is dead. Our brother’s either want to rape us, marry us, or sell us for their own gains. Saria is the only one I care for, and you see how she thinks of me.”


“Are you not a devil? Why are you making this difficult? Just do it, so I can follow orders.”

I didn’t know how to respond. First, she accuses me of giving her no choice, then condemns me for not taking away her choices. Only women could be this confusing. Unless… she was saying she had no choice but to become my slave. Was that how it would go? Was that my fate? It was, wasn’t it? I was a devil, and I could be with no woman without enslaving her. My family was equivalent to my slaves. That was the nature of the world I lived in, and the species I identified with.

My willpower finally waned. In truth, I had considered this for some time. I had chosen not to enslave Bala because I had hopes of sparing at least one woman in my life from that fate. However, I realized that what she spoke was true. There really never was a choice. Once we started heading down this direction, our union was always bound to happen.

I reached out and grabbed the edge of her skirt, bunch up as she was spread over my hips. I lifted up, and she raised her hands as I pulled her nightie off. That was when I realized she was wearing nothing under it. Her hair was short and blonde. Her eyes were bright blue. Her ears were long and pointy. Her skin was pale like the moon. Her breasts were very small, only the smallest of buds. However, anyone who mistakes this body for that of a boys would be a fool. Every curve accentuated her feminine charm.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, reaching out and touching her small breasts.

My palms were more than enough to contain them, yet at the same time, they were still soft to the touch and felt distinctly of breasts. She lifted her hands and then touched the back of mine, pushing them against her chests harder. Her fingers enfolded around my fingers, and then bent them, using my hands to squeeze her breasts roughly. As I did this, her expression grew more lewd and excited. Her hips were rocking just slightly, her bare pussy rocking against my hips. I could feel a wet stain forming on my pants where her own arousal was starting to come out.

“You don’t need to be gentle.” She breathed. “Just take me, while I still have my reason.”

Take her while she still has her reason, or while she’s still lost it? I didn’t know the answer to that question, but her sweet sweaty scent filled the air, and I grew as aroused as I had ever been with Aeryn. My animalistic instincts took over. My finger and thumb closed around her nipples and I pinched them, then pulled. She let out a cry as I pulled her body on top of mine and I embraced her in another kiss. Our tongues danced, and so did our bodies.

Her hands rushed to remove my clothing, starting with my partially lifted shirt and ending with my pants. Soon, my grey skin made a stark contrast to her perfect pale skin as our bodies writhed together. Her body was muscular, yet feminine… petite, yet strong. It wasn’t like Aeryn, who was soft and for the most part, let me take the reigns. With Aeryn, I always had complete control, and she’d lie there, only occasionally offering to help when it made things more comfortable.

As for Bala, she actively moved, her hands just as excitedly roaming my naked body as I allowed my hands to roam hers. As soon as my pants were abandoned, she guided my cock to her erogenous zone, and I slide it inside with a single thrust. She let out a moan of pleasure with just a tinge of pain as I tore through her hymen. She didn’t hesitate to start moving her hips, despite the pain, and I didn’t go easy on her either, taking her pussy like we were long time lovers, rather than this being our first time together.

As I held her tightly in my arms, kissing her neck, I bit down on her shoulder, and she let out a girlish moan. I could feel her pussy convulse with pleasure, tightening around my dick as she felt pain. My hands squeezed her skin tightly, nearly pinching her each time. She seemed to like it, as each time her pussy would clench on my cock, feeling quite good as it sucked me deep into her.

Our nether regions ground together wetly, quickly becoming a hot, lewd mess of exchanged fluids. , moans filled the room, and at some point, we made no attempt to keep quiet. People nearby could likely hear use fornicating early in the morning.

“David… yes…” She moaned in my ear, biting it lightly with the edge of her teeth.

“Bala… you will be mine if we continue.” I gasped, starting to reach my limit.

“Don’t stop…” She demanded, her body squeezing me tighter as if she thought I’d fling her off of me. “Please don’t stop.”

Whatever hatred she had for me was scoured away by her extreme lust at the moment. Her entire body felt hot, and she seemed completely lost in the moment. It made her body feel even more erotic to the touch, as there wasn’t the slightest degree of resistance or hesitation anymore.

“Ahn… I’m almost there…” I moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

“Fill my womb…” Bala cried. “Give me your baby. Make me your slave.”

Our lips met again, her body writhing roughing, riding me hard enough the bed was squeaking. Her pussy was cumming, and I could feel juices leaking down my cock and wetting my groin with her uncontained arousal. I bit her lip, and then she let out a cry, her pussy climaxing again. Women sure could cum a lot when they were sufficiently aroused.

As for me, the feel of her pussy squeezing and sucking it in was too much, and my groin began to swell. A moment later, cum shot out from the tip, which went deep inside her.

“Yes… yes… yes…” Bala moaned, “Take me… take me, my prince.”

Her words were very unbecoming of the usually stoic Bala, but that was how lost in lust she was as I filled her womb with cum. I was a devil, and as soon as my cum was in her womb, her body became mine. I was all too clear on this fact. Bala didn’t stop in the slightest though, continuing to rock her hips on top of me, until I had finished and the cum was completely injected inside her. Even then, she rubbed her crotch on my soft member, mixing our juices between each other. I finally let out a sigh, and pulled her down, hugging her closely.

“You’re mine now,” I whispered in her ear.

Bala nodded, “Please… take care of me.”

She finally fell next to me, and it was then that I saw the door which led to the side room containing Aeryn was open a crack. I could see half of her face from the darkness as she looked in. There wasn’t rage, sadness, or anguish in her eyes. In fact, they were the same cool expression she reserved for just about any time she glanced my way. Without saying a word, she backed up and closed the door.

Meanwhile, Bala wrapped her arms around me and put her head down on my shoulder. My brows furrowed for a minute, but I didn’t feel guilty or upset. I maybe have been sleeping with Aeryn exclusively, but there was nothing special about that relationship. In time, I would need to taste all of my sisters, so seeing Aeryn as something special was just wishful thinking. These two girls were just the start of my slave harem. If I wanted to rule the world, I needed to collect as many people of power as I could. I might need to one day do the same to Saria, it seemed.

“Next time…” Bala suddenly spoke up, her eyes looking away from me. “It’s okay if you’re rougher.”

“Rougher… you say?”

“You can pull my hair. Scratch me. You can step on me. It’s okay if you spit on me too…”


Bala nodded. “Just because I am your slave, doesn’t mean I will let you look down on me. I will show you how strong I am. Humiliate me all you want in the bedroom, but only leave it to the bedroom.”

“You’re already my slave,” I responded flippantly. “What makes you so confident there will be a next time?”

“Geh!” Bala turned to me, her expression surprisingly cute. “You… actually, you’re a devil!”

“So I’ve been told.”

“A devil won’t be able to keep his hands off a slave. This is inevitable.” Bala declared, quite pleased with her own answer.

“I suppose it can’t be helped. I am a devil, after all.” I responded, an amused expression on my face.

“Are you making fun of me!” Bala demanded angrily.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” I responded wryly, pulling out from her arms and then rolling on top of her as she faced down.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She cried out as I lay on top of her, my wet groin grinding between her tight buttcheeks.

“You’ve said it, I’m a devil, so naturally, I’m taking my next time.”

“So soon?” Bala said in surprise. “I thought a man could only… once…”

“With Bala’s body so beautiful, how could I enjoy it only once?” I asked.

“Ah…” Bala’s face flushed. “Then face me… why are you pinning me down like this? We can’t have sex this way.”

“Eh… is it that Bala doesn’t know about doggy style?”

“What is this?” Bala blushed. “I’m not a dog!”

I grabbed her hair and roughly shoved her head into a pillow, then forced her hips up. “No… but you’re going to take my cock like a bitch.”

“You… you’re hurting me.”

“Your pussy from back here looks so filthy and it smells.”

“You… you made it look like that with your devil cock.” She shot back. “Ow… you’re pulling my hair!”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked gently.

“N-no…” she said, her voice breathily. “Don’t stop… Never stop.”

As it turned out, I wasn’t able to get any more sleep before the sun rose.

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