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“Ahh!” I let out a cry, trying to fend off attacks from numerous directions, but this woman who called herself my mother had more hands than sense.

“No worries, my love, I’ll properly clean you with everything I have!”

“M-mom!” I cried out as two soapy soft things pressed against my back and went up and down.

There was no way she was actually legitimately my mother, right? Though, it was definitely her face in the royal painting. However, the way this woman acted was completely unmotherly! I was letting her clean me with her breasts because at first, she tried to do it with her tongue! I was trying to process the information I had just found out, yet Mother gave me no time to think. With her rubbing her enormous soft things on my back, I was definitely having some trouble thinking clearly.

The room we were in was adjacent to my bedroom, but it was nearly the same size. I could call it a bathroom, except that a massive hot spring replaced what should have just been a tub. Being the prince seemed to have some benefits. A room that should have been geared towards twenty people seemed to be something I could use all to myself. Well, it appeared right now like it was a co-sex experience with my mother. She was vigorously cleaning me in the ways only a lover should.

If that was it, I could probably get used to it. However, if I had allowed myself to wander off and try to relax under her mammillary machinations, Mother would have taken things to the next step! This woman appeared to know no limits.

Proving me correct, just while I was just starting to relax, mom’s hand wrapped around my body and grabbed my dick. It was no accident! This was a deliberate attack on my penis!


“AH… i-it’s hard!” Mom suddenly moved around the pool to the front of me, her completely-exposed soapy chest just above the water as she looked up at me with a shy and bashful face.

This blonde, curvaceous woman had bright green eyes and an extremely incredible body. If I had been the King, I would never leave the bedroom. However, this Queen seemed to have her eyes completely on me. I wasn’t truly her kin, at least, I didn’t see myself as this so-called prince. I certainly had no memories of growing up with this woman. Thus, naturally, her body was extremely effective. I had been coping with things myself, but the Queen was more dangerous than I would have expected and grabbed at my penis. With both hands holding it, she was looking at me wide-eyed and innocent.

Did she really think that all of her rubbings wouldn’t have an effect? The alternative was that she damn-well knew the effect she would have, and decided to do it anyway to trap me like this. I gritted my teeth as I looked down at the dangerous woman, trying to read the situation. The shitty god had left me with nothing to work with. For all I knew, this mother had this sort of sexual relationship with her son. If I pulled back, she could come to suspect something. However, it was just as likely the opposite was true, and if I pushed her down in this pool, it’d create a strange relationship with this woman in the future.

At the moment, her emotions were the only ones that had felt truly genuine to me. If I had an ally in this world, I had a strong feeling that she would be it. Taking a breath, I reacted as naturally as I could. Lifting up a hand, I bonked my mother on top of the head. I did it three more times for good measure until tears were forming in her eyes.

“Ah! S-son, st-top!” She cried, letting go of my dick, and holding the top of her head, her boobs bouncing on the top of the water as she rubbed.

“Mother!” I shot back with a no-nonsense tone. “Do you think it’s appropriate to just grab a young prince’s penis! Perhaps we should bath separately from now on?”

Mom’s face exploded in a deep rouge which went all the way down to her chest. I tried not to look at that smooth neckline which little beads of water dropped down as they ran over her luscious curves. Mom started shaking, wringing her hands like a young school girl who had just been caught doing something naughty. The effect was explosively erotic, but I didn’t let it change my demeanor as I glared down on her sternly.

“B-baby… I’m sorry… mother is sorry… I just wanted an excuse to check how my son is developing!” The woman responded tearfully. “Please don’t take my bath time away!”

I sighed, loosening my fist and patting the naughty woman on her head. This instantly seemed to relax her, her bosom letting out a long breath, a pleased smile forming on her face that was incredibly transparent. My strategy seemed to have worked well enough. By making the issue about her, rather than about me, I was able to bypass any changes in my own personality. Mother was too worried about losing her bath privileges, that whether I acted normally or not was lost on her. It was a classic stick and honey approach. However, now I needed to give her some honey.

I reached forward and grabbed mother, pulling her into my grasp. She let out a gasp as her naked body pressed against mine. My still erect penis ended up sliding between her soapy thighs, causing me to fight a groan. My hands wrapped around her soft, small form and her breasts pressed softly against my chest. It was a testament to my own willpower that I resisted pushing the woman down at this moment. Mom’s shaking stopped, and she looked up at me with droopy, loving eyes. If anything, her adoration was seemingly climbing. Was my tactic perhaps too effective?

“Mother, I must do some studying. Can I have someone bring me the required reading material?” I asked abruptly, breaking the moment before we went a step farther.

The swoony woman shook out of it, realizing the son that depended on her asked her a question. “Y-yes! Baby… just pull the rope next to the door to call for a servant, and they will get you what you need.”

I nodded and pulled away desperately, trudging out of the pool as I willed my boner to go away. “Thank you, mother.”

“Ah… sweetie… I know you’re becoming older and gaining those urges…” Mom spoke up, causing me to turn back and see her fidgeting nervously. “If that is the case, my body may be older, but you can take care-“

“Mother, if I were to have these urges, should it not be my fiancée who should take care of it?” I asked stiffly.

Mother paused with her smile frozen, and I used the opportunity to leave the pool and go to the locker room. I let out a breath of relief as the door shut behind me. I didn’t mean to be so strict with this potential ally, but she was seriously too much. I would have pushed her down right there. The only reason I didn’t was that I didn’t know the consequences of those actions yet. For all I knew, if the King found out I could be hanged. I made it a habit of no NTR, and that included my own father… no matter how thirsty my mom acted!

I quickly dressed into some fine silk and considered briefly this new life I had found myself in. It certainly wasn’t the worst life at all. I was a Prince in another world. There were beastkin, magic, elves, and humans. However, I still knew virtually nothing, and I couldn’t rest easy until I put aside my worries and understood my situation. I quickly located the rope mom had indicated next to the door door and pulled it to call for some assistance.

A few moments later, the door opened and a servant woman who looked to be in her teens stepped in and curtsied. “Prince David, my lord, how may I help you?”

“I need some maps of the kingdom and the neighboring kingdoms. As many as you can provide. I’d also like history books. Perhaps a world history, even a family history.”

The young woman cocked her head to her side, but after a moment nodded. “Yes, my lord.”

She continued to stand there, and my mind quickly shot through what I was missing. Did I need to hand her money? No, this wasn’t a hotel, these people already worked for us. Did she want some kind of treat? Considering these things, I reached out my hand, predicting that there would be some bowing ritual or such. However, when my hand went toward her, the girl stumbled back. Her teeth gritted and for a second she glared at me hatefully. My hand stopped in mid-movement, completely stunned by this action.

Her eyes shot up to me a second later, and realization flooded into her face. Her disgusted look left and was followed by a look of fear. Her head lowered.

“I’m sorry, my lord. I’m sorry, my lord.” She said, desperately bowing like she had just offended me.

Had she offended me? I really didn’t understand how a maid would act that way to the person she was taking care of? It was completely opposite to the sympathetic looks I had received by my elf fiancée or the euphoric and loving looks I had gotten from my mother. I was clearly still very much lost on what this world was about. The only thing I could do was wave her away.

“Go, fetch my request immediately,” I said, putting on a faux displeased look that hopefully was consistent with the circumstances.

The maid retreated from the room and I let out a sigh, sitting back down on my bed. I checked the nightstand and the drawers, looking for anything from my past life. I found a note written by the elvish princess trying to end the marriage. I frowned as I read it. It was full of flowery language and excuses, but something about it felt off to me. There was a small bag of gold, silver, and copper coins. I had no clue how much this money would get me in this world. It could be a small fortune, or barely enough to eat a meal.

Other than a few miscellaneous items I couldn’t put a finger on and a wardrobe of clothing, there was basically nothing else to give me any information about this Prince. Prince David seemed to have no personality at all before I came to this world. Well, at the very least, he grew angry over the letter that broke up his relationship with the elf princess. That act was his only defining personality trait, and also the thing that lead to his death. It was kind of pitiful.

When I realized mother wasn’t coming out of the bathtub, I quickly went in to find the room empty. There must be other rooms connected to this bathroom. Perhaps it was shared by everyone in this wing? I didn’t even know enough about the layout of this castle to say that much. I sighed as I sat back down on my bed. I didn’t have to wait long for the maid to return to me.

“This is your request, my lord.” She said, her voice somewhat shaky.

I walked over to the table, and I could see her tense as I approached. She was deliberately not looking at me, as if she was afraid of making any more contact. I almost felt like I could see her shaking.

As she was putting the items on the desk, I noticed a drop of blood on her sleeve. I reached forward and grabbed her arm. The maid jerked, her eyes turning to me wide-eyed and fearful. I pulled up her sleeve without a pause and noticed cuts all up to the side of her arm. Some of them looked to be scars, while a few were fresher. One, in particular, looked to be just-made and was still bleeding.

“What is this?” I demanded.

The maid turned away. “N-nothing, my lord. Penance.”

“Penance? For showing disgust?” I immediately reasoned the cause.

“It is not a maid’s place to judge her masters. I erred. This is why I went to the head maid and sought this penance after erring.”

“And the rest of these?” I said, my hand moving up the scars as she shivered, refusing to meet my eyes.

“I err… often… wrong thought, my lord.” She stood there, standing passively, yet somehow defiant.

My eyes furrowed. “All from me?”

“I will continue to do my job…”

“You will not…” I shot back.

The maid closed her eyes and then nodded as her body shook unsteadily. “Very well, my lord, you shall have a new maid shortly…”

I shook my head. There was something about the look in her eyes. I had a distinct feeling that getting a new maid meant the death of the previous one. I couldn’t understand things. This young maid had been my maid for some time, yet she apparently hated me. She frequently sought punishment from the head maid, who gashed her arm in what she called penance for wrong thought. Just what kind of situation and world did I live in?

“I’m afraid it’s already gone far beyond that,” I spoke sternly. “This arm of yours is a testament to that.”

The girl shook even harder for a moment but otherwise didn’t respond.

“Go to the head maid. Tell her about your crimes. Tell her, that you are to be held, unharmed, and that I will pass judgment over you.”

Tears fell down the woman’s cheeks, but she nodded the same without expression. “Yes, my lord.”

With that, she turned and left the room. I could only stare after her with a frown. This world was simply too strange. Well, hopefully, the answers would be inside these books. I started unfolding the maps first. Once the maps were pulled out, I opened the first history book and started reading through it. Whenever the name of a place was mentioned, I looked at the maps to try to cross reference it. It’d have been nice if I could just ask someone all of these questions, but there was no one in this world I could trust. Even my strongest supporters would turn on me if they knew I wasn’t their precious Prince.

“Alright, so we live in the human Kingdom of Pria. This is the only human Kingdom. We’re right in the center of seven other kingdoms. To the North is the Kingdom the Fairies, Dongeng, the Kingdom of the elves, Peri, and the kingdom of the celestials, Dewa. To the west is the Kingdom of the Dwarves, Kurcaci, the east Kingdom of the beastkin, Benatang. In the seas, we have the Mertribes. To the south are the demons in the Kingdom of Setan, and the devils of Neraka.

“Father is a human, King Solomon of Pria. My mother is named Aurica, and she was a princess of the Faeries. As it were, when faeries have babies with humans, they do not produce more faeries. Rather, the children come out as beastkin, merkin, elf, or dwarf. Elves and dwarves are common, whereas beastkin and merkin are much rarer. Thus… my sisters are all legitimate, they are each a beastkin offshoot of the breeding between a human and a faery.

“Then… I came along. A devilkin baby produced unexpectedly from a faery and a human. I’m going to guess that devils do not get along with the other species. It is likely that devils are considered taboo in this world. The history books already mention five wars in the last two hundred years alone between humans and devils. That would mean… as a devilkin prince, I’m reviled.” I declared turning back to the empty bed.

Of course, I was just saying the words out loud. These were my own predictions, and at the moment, I had no one to share them with. I was starting to work out a piece of the story. I am a devil and also the human prince. This had to have caused significant strain on the royal family. For all intent and purposes, I should have been killed at birth. However, my mother and father had protected me. This likely created issues with the other countries, like the elves wanting to end the marriage agreement to a devil. I could imagine I wasn’t too popular in the capital either. Basically, that shitty god had started me on a very difficult setting without remorse. I’d seriously punch him in the face if I got a second chance.

The questions I needed to answer now were more personal. What was my relationship with my father and sisters? What was the situation surrounding our kingdom? Where were my sisters? Combing my hair with my fingers, I worked out each answer I’d need to acquire, and what was the safest way to do it. I’d gotten as far as I could reading history books. Now, I needed someone I could trust absolutely.

That maid… she hated me, likely because I was a devilkin. Every day she would have dark thoughts about me, and then she would go receive punishment for those thoughts. In a strange sort of way, it was a kind of loyalty. That was why I sent her off to the head maid. I needed someone I could trust absolutely. So, how could I trust a woman who hated me? That was simple. The same way I was supposed to gain the submission of all of my sisters. Enslavement.

It was a harsh idea in my old world, but I had already been tasked with enslaving my five sisters. I needed to understand what enslaving entailed. This maid gave me the opportunity to perform a harsh punishment, learn about the boundaries of this world’s slavery, and potentially gain an ally that could not betray me. At least, those were my thoughts at the moment. I was just getting ready to go find the maid and push forward my particular brand of punishment when a knock came at the door.

“Yes?” I called out, not bothering to walk up to the door, figuring that would be un-prince-like.

The door opened and a small form slipped in. It was a young, pretty girl with long blonde hair and bright, blue eyes. She had pointed ears, a small, heart-shaped face, and big pouty pink lips. Her body was thin, with a light frame and a small chest. Of course, I instantly recognized her, she was the elf girl who was said to be my fiancée. However, I could only spare her a second as my eyes went to a robe covering her body. It was thick, but also somewhat sensual in appearance. She was also holding it in a very suspicious way, her arms crossed as she squeezed it around herself nervously.

Realizing I didn’t know her name, I smiled and gave a nod. “Hello, my fiancée…”

The girl looked down, seemingly somewhat nervous. “Y-your…”

I raised an eyebrow as she stopped in mid-sentence. “My?”

“Your Mother ordered me here! She said I absolutely must take care of your things!” She said, her voice rushed in a panic.

“My things?” My face started to go white, as I started realizing what was happening.

A moment later, her robe fell to the floor, and my elf princess fiancée was standing in my room naked.

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