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This elvish princess whose name I had never learned was now in my room naked. Her robe was on the floor and she was standing before me in all of her glory. Her chest was modest, her body skinny, yet plump in just the right places. Other than her head, she contained no body hair of any kind, including down there. The golden locks of hair tied up to show her elvish ears.

“Princess…” I breathed out slowly.

“Call me Saria.” She said with a light smile.

“Yes… Princess Saria… whatever Mother told you, this is not necessary.”

Saria’s expression turned hurt. “Does prince not want me?”

I bit the back of my lip, already trying to remember everything I had read about the elvish tribe. They sat to the west of the human kingdom. Their species was inherently magical, and as far as I could see, your typical fantasy elf. She was short, but not so short as to be considered challenged for height. She had fair features and a subtle smile that seemed to have been plastered to her face since birth. She definitely gave off a feeling as if you’d want to protect and comfort her.

While many of the other people I had seen in that courtyard had looked at me with hatred or disgust, Saria’s expressions had been sympathetic. She had worn a blend of concern, consideration, and doubt. It was the perfect expression. Too perfect. I let out a sigh and ran my fingers through my hair. It really was a shame. She was a very beautiful elf girl and my supposed fiancée. That meant I trusted her the least.

Whereas the woman who called herself my mother seemed genuine, I could feel the façade coming from this girl. Her expression was fake. Her demeanor was calculated. I had no doubt that she had instigated the original breakup. She might have even encouraged that brother of hers to administer the killing blow that left me dead. Behind this naked woman and her gentle smile was a cold and calculating bitch. I was certain of that now.

“Princess… Saria… if you marry me, you will be the queen of the entire Kingdom. You mustn’t go around removing your robes so casually in front of men. I appreciate you humoring my mother, but please put your clothing back on.”

There was a flash in Saria’s eyes of fake disappointment. As she lifted her robes back up, blushing slightly, she had her hand in her pocket. I didn’t see how she did it, but she must have sent out a signal to the men outside. How did I know there were men outside? Because of course there were men outside. Saria had planned to get me to push her down. Then, she’d cry out for aid and a half dozen body guards would rush in to see a devilkin pushing down their precious princess who had come just to apologize. These were crude tactics, but potentially fatal for someone who wasn’t as observant as I was. Just what kind of shitty world did this God stick me in where I was the victim of these sorts of antics on the very first day? Isn’t this hardcore mode?

“Then… perhaps a drink…” The girl said instead, heading to a stand next to my door where wine was kept.

Saria tripped suddenly, falling to one knee. I reached out and caught her. However, I made sure our bodies did not make contact. What could have been a potentially romantic scene, remained platonic as I held out a hand and calmly brought her back to her feet. She gave me a tight smile, and then headed over to the liquor cabinet.

I might have asked why a young prince had his own liquor cabinet, but it seemed like this kind of thing was normal in this world. Saria poured the wine delicately, while I moved to the windowsill and looked outside. The city beyond appeared clean, bright, and free. The sky was blue and cloudless and the landscape around the castle was well kept. No one would have thought that the kingdom of humanity was in some kind of imminent danger.

“Princess…” I turned back to the young girl as she approached me with two cups. “I did wish to speak to you regarding…”

“Please, call me Saria.” The elf girl smiled, her expression looking even faker than the previous time. “And I would like my Prince to know it was not my idea to break off our engagement. It’s just… my family. That brother of mine, the one who harmed you, he’s violent and mean. I’m glad he did not hurt you seriously, my prince, or my heart could not bear it.”

“Of course.” I smiled, bringing the glass up to my lips and faking a sip. “Actually, my question was more about my sister. Olivia is currently in the elvish realm, is she not?”

Saria blinked, freezing for a moment. “She… is… your sister is interested in magic. Even though beastkin are no stronger in magic than humans, when combined with their increased physical prowess, they can be quite dangerous. She’ll make a strong combat mage one day. My first brother fancies her.”

“Is that so?” I faked a second sip before putting the undrunken glass down. “I’m thinking of coming to the elf realm. Seeing the home of my fiancée and the place my sister ran off to would be proper. As the future king, I must make sure to familiarize myself with our neighbors.”

Saria’s fake demeanor slipped for a second. It was clear that this was something she’d rather not happen. However, she was good at the façade, and her displeased expression was covered with a hand and a cough. By the time she showed me her face again, she was back to smiling pleasantly. I noticed she drank a bit deeply on her wine before answering.

“Of course, the elves would be happy to host my fiancée…” Saria said tightly. “I’m not so sure about your sister though.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What of my sister?”

Saria put on a confused look. “Everyone knows your relationship with your sisters is strained.”

“Yes… how I look, it must be difficult for them…” I predicted.

Saria snorted. “Your birth took their mother away from them! Three of them were taken as political hostages by neighboring realms. Given the law of inheritance, once your father dies, the human realm will cease to be! It is no wonder that Olivia resents…”

Saria broke into a cough, turning away as she realized she had said too much. It was clear to me that Saria was very passionate about this. Perhaps she was close to my sister. I didn’t know what she meant by taking their mother away. However, it seemed like claiming my sisters would not be easy. Even if I gained their approval, I’d still have to bypass the other countries laws to bring them home. It appeared like the King had handed his daughters away as political hostages to maintain the human realms current level of stability. Was that a result of my devilkin birth? I was starting to understand why I had elicited so much hate.

“Of course, the law.” I sighed.

I’d need to look into the law of inheritance after Saria left, but I wouldn’t reveal to her any absence in knowledge. She had already told me everything I needed to know.

“M-my lord, that was out of line…” Saria looked down, but I could see how deliberate and fixed her repentance was.

She was good at acting the proper part, but she was still young and naive. That was the only reason I was able to make it through this conversation safely. Even then, her act was so perfect that I nearly fell for it. I gave Saria a gentle smile and touched her cheek. Moving forward, I hugged my fiancée.

“Ai…” Saria let out a cry of surprise as I embraced her, giving her a single quick kiss on the cheek.

When I pulled away, her eyes were wide and her body was shaking. However, I had moved too fast for her to even think of resisting, let alone activating the plan to call for her guards.

“You are my fiancée…” I reassured her. “You will be my wife one day, so I always want you to continue to be honest with me.”

Her being honest was a laughable joke, but she still nodded numbly, not able to grasp what to make of me. “Then, with your leave, my prince.”

“Call me David…” I said, echoing her own previous pleas.

She smiled tightly, turned and then left the room. As the door shut, I grabbed the wine and tossed it into a nearby plant, then tossed the goblet in the trash for good measure. It was jewel encrusted, probably quite valuable, but I didn’t want to keep anything that woman had touched.

Sitting down at the table, I pulled out a stone from my pocket. It was small and oval. There was a similar one in Saria’s pocket. I knew this, because I had swapped the pair. When Saria had fallen, she had slipped this thing into my pocket, thus, when I pulled her into a hug, I made sure to put it back. However, I noticed a similar one in her pocket, grew curious and snatched it.

The item looked magical, and I could only guess that it was pared with the one on Saria. Whatever it did, I assumed it was only a one way device. Upon pressing a symbol on it, I let out a sound of surprise as an image shot up like a blue monochromatic hologram from some science fiction show.

That image was of Saria. She was walking down the corridor, and she seemed to wear a displeased expression on her face. I could hear her feet pattering on the surface of the ground. I let out a noise of interest. The stones appeared to be spy stones. They were one directional, with this stone showing video and audio of whoever held the second stone.

The image only showed Saria, with a few inches spreading out from where she touched. I could see the ground, but only hints of it around where her feet touched. As to guessing where she was in the castle, it was impossible even if I knew the castle better. I also didn’t know the range of these stones, so it was possible that I’d lose connection before she got to where she was heading. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. She reached out and grabbed what appeared to be a door knob. Even though her image seemed to be walking in place, by her movements, it was clear she was entering a room.

“Sister… I’m sorry…” An apologetic voice sounded out from the rock.

As soon as Saria’s eyes fell on the thing that spoke off camera, they turned incredibly dark and hateful. “You imbecile! I gave you a simple order. Kill Prince David, and you bungled that up!”

“I’m sorry, sister!” This voice came in clearly, but a bit distant. “That spell I used should have been strong enough to kill him!”

“You failed! And now his suspicions are up! The Prince was supposed to be a dunce, yet I felt he was almost as skillful as me in political maneuvering. Had I known he would be so clever, I never would have been so brazen!”

“That almost sounds like a complement, sister. I’ve never seen sister complement someone else…”

“Shut it, idiot!” Saria’s backhand shot out, and for the moment there was another face that her hand made a connection with.


I could hear that person fall to the ground with a high-pitched shout. Saria glared disdainfully at the ground now, indicating this person didn’t dare to get up.

“Now, he wants to come to the elf kingdom! You’ve made my goals much harder!”

“Excuse me, sister…” The voice spoke weakly. “But if he comes to the elf kingdom, wouldn’t that make it easier for us to kill him?”

“Hmph… you stupid simple-minded girl. I can’t believe we share the same parentage.” Saria sniffed. “If he was to die on a trip to the elf kingdom, who do you think will be held accountable?”


“Don’t give me that look, sister.” Saria snorted. “It’s unbecoming of my personal guard. Remember the day I advised you to tell father you wanted to dress as a boy and learn the sword? He was hesitant, but in the end, I allowed you to protect me these last five years with your life. You’ve never thanked me for that…”

“Th-thank you… sister…” The voice responded weakly.

“Hmph… as if it matters now. You know the royal family likes to keep our bloodlines tight. My incestuous brothers would have made a move on me… and you… I saved us both from that fate. You don’t understand what the sister does for you!”

“It is as you say, sister… you’re always right.”

“Of course, none of this is my fault! How could I have guessed that idiot father would hear my complaints about marrying my brothers and think to engage me to that devil! That sentimental fool.”

“Isn’t that the best option? With one princess in our hands and you engaged to the prince, we’d inherit 1/3th of the human realm.” The voice spoke up.

Saria stomped her foot down, and the head of a familiar face appeared underneath, their face being shoved into the carpet. It was the boy who had been responsible for Prince David’s death. He, or rather she, was being trampled underfoot by her sister. I was a bit speechless. Even I didn’t predict that Saria had such a nasty personality, let alone her strange relationship with her sister. However, most of my guesses were spot on.

“I hate being right,” I muttered, and then continued to listen.

“You’re just like our stupid father. You’re too one-dimensional and soft. Do you think the other realms will sit back and settle for their princesses 1/6th? The king is ill and dying. By their laws, upon his death, the realm is shared equally by all surviving children. Normally, the first male heir would take over, and his sisters and brothers would either be systematically eliminated or would concede the throne. Yet it took them, six children, to have a male heir, and he was a devilkin! None of the princesses have died, and none of them will concede! When the king dies, all of the human realm will be for the taking! That useless prince will be squashed, and the realm that takes the human resources will usurp the balance that has lasted the last thousand years and finally become the dominant species! Don’t you get it? This is our chance to rule the world!”

I was standing up, staring at the image of the princess in a stupor. Finally, the last pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place. My sisters hated me because I was a devilkin. The other realms were circling the human realm, the dying country of Pria. Upon the king’s death, the power would be divided into six ways among all the siblings. Each princess was in another country, who likely planned to use the princesse’s inheritance upon the king’s death as an excuse to make a bid for the throne. Since I had been insufficient in consolidating my power, the other realms will attack, hoping to add the human realm’s resources to their own, and thus usurping this world’s balance. It was no wonder the god had prevented David’s death and sent me here!

“I’m sorry for doubting your genius, sister…” the other girl cried as Saria continued to step on her face.

Saria snorted, finally pulling her foot away and sitting down. “Hmph… as long as you understand your place now. Your sister has always been too generous with you. I’m going to cut your rations in half, you’re getting a bit chubby.”

“Y-yes, sister…” the voice sounded defeated and pitiful.

“As for how you can make it up to me…” Saria leaned forward and pulled off her shoe and sock, tossing them to the side. “Lick my feet.”

“Y-yes…” I could see the image of the other elf girl dressed as a boy grabbing Saria’s feet.

I shut off the image as a tongue rolled toward Saria’s foot and she stared down with sinister eyes. Sitting back in the chair, I could only shake my head. Every piece of information I learned, I realized things were even worse than I imagined. I’d need to make my trip to the other kingdoms soon. The kingdom of Peri? If that fiancée of mine spoke the truth, their king sounded somewhat sympathetic to the human realm. He did engage his daughter to the devilkin prince, after all. That must have meant he had some loyalty to my father, even if it was hopes of claiming a little more of the kingdom when he died.

I’d also need to speak to the King. How sick was he? How much time did I have? What were my diplomatic rights? It was already night time, my first day in this world was over, but I had an extreme headache coming on. There were only worries compounded upon more worries. I glanced over at the plant from earlier. It looked brown now, every leaf having died from whatever Saria had snuck into the wine. With a shiver, I stood up, realizing I couldn’t afford to rest.

Heading to the door, I opened it to find a woman standing there. She was wearing practically nothing, a blue nightie that was basically see through, exposing her incredible body. Her breasts, her nipples, even her vagina, was completely exposed to me. The fact she had come from the hallway, thus was walking where other people might see her, was already embarrassing. Worst of all, she looked miserable. Her face was red, tears falling down her cheeks. Her hair was ruined, and it looked like she had spent the last hour balling her eyes out.

“Are you done… with her?” the woman who called herself mom cried, lifting up a bottle of wine and drinking it. “Has that harlot finished the job!”

My eyes widened in shock as I grabbed my mother and yanked her into the room. She stumbled in drunkenly, taking another swig of wine. I shut the door behind her, unclear about what to do with this new problem.

“Mother, are you okay?” I asked.

“Am I? Am I still your mother?” She wailed, “You’ve already left me for other women! I knew my baby would grow up one day, but couldn’t Mommy teach you before then? Isn’t mommy’s body enough?”

Mom collapsed to the floor, spilling half the bottle on her tits. She looked up at me, and the supernaturally beautiful woman’s drunken appearance was extremely effective. Her tits were half hanging out, her body was completely defenseless. I found myself gulping painfully, ready to push her down. Unlike the elvish snake, I got no threatening vibes from this woman. She was genuine, which could also be said to make her even more dangerous than anyone else.

“M-mom…” I said, breathing hard as my eyes began to grow bloodshot.

It was late at night, and no matter how many times I said the word mom, part of me didn’t really accept that. I didn’t know anything about this woman, except that she was crazy hot and desperately wanted me. I had died a virgin, so naturally if a nice fat juicy steak was put in front of a starving dog, no one would blame him for pouncing, right?

“Don’t you love me?” She looked up, her eyes tearful.

My resolve broke, and I fell to my knee and kissed her roughly.

“Mm!” Mom’s eyes widened but then didn’t hesitate to hold me tightly and kiss back.

Our kisses grew more passionate, even though mother tasted like some sort of cherry liquor. She was so soft, and so warm, and she didn’t resist no matter where I touched her.

I picked up this hot woman and carried her on to the bed. I could resist the naked elf Saria’s attempt to seduce me, but she was a decade too young to have the seductive power of this drunk woman. I fell into her curvaceous body, and it was so arousing I felt like I’d lose my mind. I struggled to rip off my belt and pants. Her legs were spread open before me. Mom’s pussy was as perfect as the rest of her. Her pussy had a blond, soft patch of hair that accentuates a pink package. She wore no underwear in the slightest. Simply lifting up her nightie, I revealed her waiting pussy and the last barrier from my virginity.

Kissing mom’s neck roughly, I got a hold of my dick. “Are you ready, I’m going to fuck you hard!”


I froze, my eyes slowly moving up to mom’s face. No sooner had I gotten on top of Mom than she had snoozed off. The bottle in her hand fell away and clattered to the ground below, spilling red stuff on the carpet. Her breathing was steady. Having gotten what she wanted, she was now fast asleep, in an extremely vulnerable position. Looking down at her pussy one more time, I sighed and lowered down her nightie.

“My love… David,” Mom muttered in her sleep. “I love you more than anything.”

I put my dick away and then covered my naked mother in a blanket. “Hah… that was close.”

I couldn’t decide if I was regretful or thankful for the interruption. I just knew I couldn’t push down an unconscious woman. That went past my bottom line. Plus, I still needed to know what the situation was between her and dad. Unfortunately, I was still incredibly horny and worked up. Was there any way I could relieve myself?

“Now a slave woman… maybe…” I checked myself to make sure I was presentable and then decided to make one last stop for the night.

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