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I read several of the books I had acquired from the library as I lay in my bed, waiting for her to come. I was honestly a little surprised it took her so long to visit. Was this a testament to how much she despised me as a person, or indicative of how time-consuming and awful the work I had set her out to do was? I didn’t have that answer but it was past midnight by the time I heard a light knock on the door. I put my book to the side, stood up, and opened the door.

Aeryn was waiting there, her body shivering, her eyes near dead, her face pink, her mouth opened as she panted, clearly looking as if she was in physical pain. I opened the door wider, and she walked into my room with zombie steps, as if she had no life in her anymore, and was simply an automaton completing the tasks her body demanded of her. While she may have cleaned up the mess of the maid, she had not cleaned up the mess on herself, and her maid outfit was ruined with splashes of blood and dirt. It was clear that she had buried the body somewhere.

If she had been seen and it became an issue, it would cost me nothing to point the finger at her. After all, she was the one who would have been seen disposing of the body. One look at her arms could give all of the justification one needed. I had no known reason to kill the head maid. However, a disgruntled and abused underling who was sent for punishment would be a perfect fall. I’d like to think Aeryn was smart enough to realize this and was thus careful that she wasn’t seen.

“Take off your clothes.” I ordered, trying to act the part of the noble.

In truth, my palms were a bit sweaty. I have never been in a position like this before. In my old life, I was a virgin. Naturally, if I had the option to push down a beautiful maid, I would do so, but it still left me a bit nervous. In my past life, my only regret was that I didn’t have much success with the ladies. I had been told it was my eyes. They were too severe and gave women the impression I was a no-good gangster. I had hoped I might attract a girl who was into bad boys, but regrettably, that never came to be. That meant this would be my first time.

Aeryn began to strip. Her movements weren’t smooth or sensual. She was shaking visibly as she panted. I couldn’t imagine where her mind was at the moment. She had to bury the woman who might as well be her mentor and respected elder and then sleep with the man she hated more than anyone. None of this could be easy for her. I sat back and watched her continue to pull off her stockings one by one. She lifted her dress up over her body, finally revealing her slim and smooth body.

Although she was youthful, her body wasn’t completely untarnished. There were a few scars and blemishes. It didn’t diminish her beauty, but it did have an impact. It told me the kind of hard and vicious life this woman had to live up until now. All of it ended with her being forced into slavery to a man of the same race as those that took everything from her. However, I didn’t do this without reason, and if she did a good job, I had every intention of awarding her appropriately.

“The underwear too,” I ordered.

Aeryn shook again, and then very slowly reached behind herself, unbuckling the bra. It loosened and fell, finally revealing her boobs to me. They were small things, each about the size of my hand. The nipples were light pink, with the pink areola spread out around it, covering a great deal of the breast. It wasn’t that they were giant, but her breasts were rather modest. She gave me one last look. No tears fell from her eyes. I could tell this was a girl who had already cried oceans. Her only choice was to keep moving forward. She pulled down her underwear and the last layer of protection between her womanhood and me.

Aeryn didn’t shave, her crotch had coarse, dark hair the same color as the hair on top of her head. As a final act, she ripped off the bow behind her head. Her dark brown hair tied in a braid came undone, causing her hair to spread out like wings around her shoulders. Like that, this girl was completely exposed to me.

“What’s your age?” A thought suddenly occurred to me.

“18,” She responded, looking down, but otherwise showing no resistance to my roving eyes.

That should be the same age as this body. In my first life, I was 25 when I died. At least this guy wouldn’t go on as a virgin through his twenties as I did. I looked over at a washbasin set on the table that Aeryn was standing near. The water was cold, but Aeryn still had dried blood on her arm from her punishments, and a little blood on her face from the head maid.

“Wash yourself,” I continued to order her.

Without hesitating, she approached the basin and picked up the sponge. Raising her leg up onto a nearby chair, Aeryn started to slowly clean her body. I watched, making sure to keep my face expressionless as she guided the sponge up and down her long, smooth legs. The cold water caused little goosebumps to form on her skin. While her pussy was still hairy, her legs had been shaved smoothly. So, at the very least, this was a world where women liked to remain hair-free. I had some worries given the existence of beastkin that this might not be the case, but that was a baseless worry.

She didn’t look over at me even once as she washed her body from head to toe. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that she went out of her way to avoid my gaze, letting cold water drip over her exposed breasts and butt as she pulled more and more water from the basin and squeezed it over her body. I had a cover on my lap, or I might have exposed my erection, watching this young eighteen-year-old girl, cold and naked, washing in front of me with a sponge.

When her sponge touched sensitive areas, her eyes would close and her lips would part. She was still very much under the effect of my aphrodisiac. The sensations of her pussy and breasts being touched, even by herself, was enough to expand her excitement. Likely, before coming here, she had tried to take care of her horniness herself. However, according to the literature that I read, this blood was notoriously devilish and would infect the body in a way that nothing short of a devil could satisfy.

When she was finally finished, Aeryn dropped the sponge back into the bowl. She grabbed a nearby towel and wiped her shivering body dry. The water in the basin was red when she was done, but her body was clean and ready. Aeryn managed to keep her emotions and desires completely in check. I couldn’t see any sign of her intense arousal, other than for the fact that the area around her pussy seemed to gleam wetly. Even after she dried it, it quickly started to grow wet again. If it wasn’t for that, one would assume she was just fulfilling the tasks asked of her while she happened to be naked.

However, there was one thing that revealed her true intentions. The fact that she came at all! Aeryn definitely would have done anything other than be in this room right now if she had any choice. Her body was driving her to the brink, and her only salvation came from the devil prince, me.

“Come, Aeryn, lie on my bed,” I commanded, unable to stop a bit of the eagerness from entering my voice.

Aeryn walked across the room silently, and then lay on my bed without a sound. Sitting next to her, I looked down at her naked body. She closed her eyes, seemingly trying to pretend she was anywhere else. Bringing out a single finger, I traced it down her body gently, just allowing my nail to glide across the skin.

“Haaaa….” Aeryn couldn’t keep from letting out a gasp, although she immediately bit her lip and kept her eyes tightly closed thereafter.

My finger worked its way down. I was deeply curious about her female anatomy, and my finger found itself brushing through her thick pubic hair and finally finding the wet parts underneath.

“Ahhnn…” She moaned as the nail touched her sensitive area.

My nails were quite long, I realized, almost to the point of being claws. I wondered if this was because I was a devil, or perhaps it was a sign of nobility. Either way, I decide to be careful with her, moving my thumb so the soft side of it touched the mound of flesh right above her hole. Meanwhile, I pulled on the sides, opening the gaping cavity of her body. So, this was a pussy gaping in front of me. It smelled muggy and thick, a slightly sweet and salty scent.

I pushed the thumb down, rubbing up and down on her clit gently while I continued to examine her insides. Already pushed this far, Aeryn couldn’t stop herself from moaning as her pussy was violated by a devil. I examined her carefully, getting to know this part intimately. I spent some time playing with her vagina, getting a feel for the wet, hairy thing that rested a few inches from my nose.

“P-please…” her voice suddenly came while I was gently rubbing her nub. “I can’t take it anymore.”

I looked up to see that she had finally found some tears which were welling in her eyes, threatening to be released. It looked like I had been selfish with her. With the maid becoming my slave, I had decided to satisfy my curiosity. I had seen many vaginas in pictures, but this was the first time I ever got to look at one up close. It was far more impactful up close than it was in images. They always made the pussy look like some beautiful, lubed up fuck tube. The reality was that it could be manipulated like a face. A person could be attractive, but he could also look silly, or even ugly, depending on the angle or how he manipulated his face.

Her pussy wasn’t much different. If I smooshed it together, the lips swelled and jutted out. If I pulled it apart, it looked like a gaping maw. There were positions that looked sexy, positions that looked ugly, and positions that looked funny. However, while figuring that out, Aeryn’s soft moaning voice had filled the room. She still hadn’t gotten her release, and after all the embarrassment of stripping and bathing in front of me, I still tortured her so, increasing her arousal until she was in tears. I sighed and left the area between her legs. There would always be other times to play.

“I c-cum… but it doesn’t help… I keep feeling hotter and hotter.” She finally admitted tearfully, not wanting to look at me even though I was face to face with her now.

I grabbed her head and turned her back to me. “There is only one way to alleviate the effect of my blood now.”

“Y-yes… I know… a penis…” She tried to look away again, but I wouldn’t let her.

I shook my head. “No, actually, if any penis worked, then you could just run to some other man and have him help you.”

“I-I wouldn’t!” She declared, but when I just stared at her, she sighed. “I don’t know any men, and besides, you ordered me to come to you.”

“Well, whatever your reasons, my penis isn’t what will cure you. What actually nullifies the poison is a hormone I release… in my semen.” I explained what I myself had only recently read in a book.

“S-semen… you mean… that… but… won’t that make me pregnant?”

I didn’t say anything, instead of rolling on top of her. “I’m going to put myself inside you now.”

“Y-you’re going to make me pregnant?” She said fearfully. “Ahhnn… it’s going in!”

I slid myself inside her and let out a long moan. Her pussy felt absolutely incredible. I had been missing out on this for so many years! This was wonderful. If I had known how good that warm thing felt wrapped around my cock, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated to pounce on my mother. The maid under me let out a gasp as I pushed it in. Although she gritted her teeth, she didn’t let any of the distress of her hymen breaking show on her face.

I kissed her lips, even though she didn’t kiss back, and then began to move my cock in and out of her. Aeryn was so wet and tight that the feeling was beyond belief. I held her tiny boobs, a boob fitting comfortably in each palm, and I rocked my hips, pushing myself in and out. Immediately, her body started to relax, and she let out soft moans, her body loosening under the thrusts of my penis.

While semen inevitably cured the aphrodisiac effect, some penis didn’t hurt either. Her horniness was being met with a hard dick exactly where she needed it, and even though she wanted to hate me, I could see the joy and pleasure on her face as her desperate need was fulfilled.

Her hands wrapped around me instinctively, and she held on while I plowed away, enjoying her tight body to its fullest. This was my first time having sex, and it was with a beautiful virgin maid as well. More so, she was my slave, and I’d be able to enjoy her as much as I wanted to in the future. Perhaps that shitty god wasn’t that shitty after all. This perk almost made the shit I had to go through the rest of this day almost worth it.

“Ha… Ha… Ha…” She breathed heavily near my sensitive devil ears, which drove my body crazy.

I plowed my grey, hard cock into her tight pink hairy slit over and over again. Her fur patch was now drenched in fluids, and when my hips touched hers, I could feel the wetness of her cunt spread all the way up until part of her abdomen was lewdly wet and shined in the light.

“Ah… shit… I’m going to cum…” I voiced out loud, realizing that I had reached my limit after only about five minutes of thrusting.

“O-okay… pull it out.” Aeryn said in an unsteady voice.

“You need my cum if you want to get over the aphrodisiac effects,” I explained to her once again in a patient tone, even as I tried to hold back my swelling cock.

“I-I’ll drink it.”


“You said it just needs to get inside me, so rather than cum in me, I’ll use my mouth and drink it.”

The truth was that what she said was absolutely true. I realized I shouldn’t have told her what I did. I had hoped to convince her to let me creampie her when I told her about the semen. However, it looked like this maid was more clever than I gave her credit for. She had already reasoned out that drinking my semen would have been just as good. In fact, even that wasn’t needed to cure her. if some of it landed on her skin, it would have been sufficient.

She likely realized that, for all intents and purposes sex wasn’t even needed. I could have jacked off on her tits and it would have done just as much good. Even though she hated me, she still had some strange sense of loyalty. It was perhaps for that reason she hadn’t mentioned her doubts prior. Or perhaps, with her brain aroused as she was, she had trouble thinking clearly until I had scratched her itch a little. Either way, the jig was up.

“What are you doing? Pull out.” She spoke in confusion as I continued to thrust into her.

I grabbed her tightly and moved my hips more and more aggressively. This was my first girl, and I didn’t want to do some pull-out method. That defeated the purpose.

“Nooo… stop. I’m not safe today. If you cum in me, you’ll make me pregnant!” She cried out tearfully.

“I know,” I admitted.

Her eyes widened as she realized I had planned this from the beginning. My mission here was to enslave and impregnate my five sisters. This maid wasn’t one of them, but she was the first practice I would get. I had to take this all the way to the end. This maid I decided to make my confidant and slave would also be the first woman to have my child. I had read a lot of texts, and I was sure of this decision. This was the way it had to be.

Devils were nefarious for a reason. All it took was a drop of blood, and then a woman would grow more and more aroused. She’d be helpless and only tasting a Devil’s cum would relax her aroused body. If that was delivered in her womb, then she would become pregnant. It was pregnancy, that was what triggered the slavery, not the blood.

I had lied to her before. She was under the impression she was already my slave, but I had only planted that suggestion inside her. She followed my orders, but up until now, it was only her pride that pushed her to do it. If I wanted to truly enslave her, the books were exceptionally clear. When a male devil impregnates someone, he gains dominion over them. The man became the master, and the woman became his thing, carrying his seed and his future progeny.

Perhaps this developed as a means of devils to propagate with enemies without the enemies simply killing themselves or the babies. Something about the hormones inside them made them submit completely, and swallowing wasn’t enough for that.

“No! I don’t want to have your devil baby! I don’t want this! Stop!” She started trying to struggle.

Had the slavery spell already been in effect, she shouldn’t have been able to do that. However, she was probably too panicked at the moment to realize that. With one last grunt, I pushed myself as deeply into her womb as I could. My cock finally released, and hot gobs of cum shot out into her womb.

“Ahhhhn… I feel it inside me!” She cried out, crying, gasping, and moaning as a flood of emotions washed over her.

This was the absolute most hellish day of her life. She had to take care of the devil prince all day, then she was made his slave, forced to bury her own mentor, then cater to his lusts, only to finally be raped and impregnated by his seed. As hot cum filled her womb, Aeryn burst into tears, realizing only now that her life truly was over.

When I finished cumming, I leaned close to her ear. “It isn’t over. We’re only getting started!”

Those words had more than one meaning. My reign in this world was only just getting started. Also, with her body under me, my cock was already quickly recovering, and I was ready to go again in minutes. This young body may be thin and scrawny, but it was resilient and had high stamina. The sun was starting to come up by the time I was done enjoying Aeryn’s body.

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