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After departing from my father, the king, I met my mother who was waiting outside. Her head was lowered and she looked particular docile. She appeared almost frightened to be in the same room as my Uncle. Father believed Uncle to be a trustworthy man, but I found that hard to believe. However, if his goal was to save the human realm, then it could be that our desires aligned. That already put him on better footing with me than the elvish princess with several assassination attempts under her belt.

I grabbed Mother, guiding her out of the room with my hand on the small of her back. It was perhaps an intimate gesture, but something about the way some of the men leered at my mother put me on edge.  A dark thought went through my mind. My mother had been an outcast for some time. She was a woman who would have done anything to protect me. She was clearly a woman with extreme beauty, and the King had already seemingly tossed her away. Did such acts to protect me as an infant ever include using her body?

Although it shouldn’t have been my business in the slightest, after all, she was my Mother, not my wife, the thought of her being pushed down by other men in exchange for concessions for me caused my blood to instantly boil. If it was true, I would kill those men slowly. However, I didn’t know the truth, and the only way I could satisfy my curiosity was to ask directly. Squeezing mother’s hand, I put myself in front of her. Mom blinked, smiling uncertainly.

“Mother… I’m sorry to ask this all of a sudden, but have you ever… that is to say… other than father, have you been with any other man?” I asked.

“David!” She covered her mouth, looking hurt. “I would never!”

Instantly, I felt both relief and guilt. I was relieved that my mother hadn’t faced that kind of abuse, but I felt guilty for thinking she’d give herself away like that. As I calmed down, mother continued to speak.

“I don’t love anyone but my son! Please understand that I’ve saved myself for you and only you! That’s why I’ve remained a virgin all these years!”

I let out a cough. “Ah… excuse me? What of Father?”

“Do you think I’d two-time my own son!” Mother started crying. “I’m sorry… for you to think this way, I must not have expressed my love for you enough. Oh, baby… I’ll make sure from now on to definitely show you, my love. My virginity is yours, okay! I’d never sleep with that man… even with her memories, I feel nothing except perhaps some respect for him. You are the only man for me. I was made for you! Please baby, this body is yours! I love you, sweetie! I love you so much…”

“So, you aren’t my true mother…” I accidentally let those words out.

Mother froze for a second, and then her mouth opened and she let out the most forlorn wail I had ever heard. I jumped up in shock, my eyes going wide as the beautiful woman who a moment ago had been smiling was now crying her heart out as if she had just found out her lover died suddenly.

“I Am TOO your Mother!” Mother screamed, grabbing my chest as all the energy seemed to drain from her. “I’m your only mother! Forget that other woman who abandoned you! I love you! I love you the most. Please… don’t throw me away. Your mother will do anything you ask! Please, if you’re angry just hit me until you aren’t angry anymore… it’s okay baby, please… I whuv ooo… ohsmyghodbabypwease…ahhh…ahhhhhah…..noo…”

She had broken down to the point where she was making a scene. She was loud and she seemed to have no restraint at all. A few castle employees close enough to us were giving strange looks, but when they saw who it was, they nodded and walked away as if this was expected. My mother started wailing openly as giant tears fell down her cheeks. It was about to the point she was going to collapse on the ground and kiss my feet. I seriously misunderstood Mother’s commitment! Made? Her Memories? Another woman? I knew the secrets to this had something to do with her being a copy, but I didn’t know what it all meant. However, asking as much as I did had already reduced her to this state.

Feeling some guilt, I grabbed mom and pulled her into the first side room I could. Her body was cold and shaky. I didn’t hesitate to embrace her as soon as the door shut. My lips attacked hers, and my tongue slid into her mouth. Mother’s taste was sweet and floral. Her lips were amazingly soft, as was the rest of her body. My lower parts immediately started reacting to her, my previous night with Aeryn already being a dim memory for my raging hormones.

“Mmm… Mmm…” Mother moaned against my lips, but she didn’t resist in the slightest as I pressed my groin against her.

Rather, she kissed me back just as desperately, grinding herself against my body erotically without restraint. It was a kiss so passionate that it really should have only been between two people deeply in love who had crossed paths again against all odds. The pure need and desperation my mother put into her kiss were enough to leave me panting for breath.

While trying to catch her own breath, Mother put her head on my shoulder, still shaking slightly. “I’m sorry, baby, I showed you an ugly side of me. Please forgive mother.”

“You have nothing to forgive,” I spoke back, stroking her hair. “I should have never doubted mother.”

Although I said that, I still had a confused mind. I still felt like I needed to understand the exact relationship I had with this woman before I could move forward. I needed to understand her. Kissing my mother gently on the forehead, I looked down at her.

“Mother, please come to my bedroom tonight. I would… ahem… I would like to see your body.”

Mother’s eyes brightened. “Truly? You mean it?”

I coughed. “Yes, I’m at that age, and naturally, you are the most beautiful woman in my life.”

Mom smiled widely. “Then you won’t bang that maid anymore?”

My coughing turned into a choking noise. “Ah… cough… that… you heard about that?”

Mom crossed her arms and sniffed. “Never underestimate what a mother can find out when she wants to.”

“Mother… that maid… she…”

“The devil binding, yes?” Mom asked, cocking her head.

My eyes widened as I continued to grow surprised. “You know about that?”

Mom chuckled. “I raised you. How could I not know? I also know that you have been alone for so long with no one to aid you but mother. I wish I could be enough, but Mother understands her limitations. That is why it is okay to enslave one or two girls, but please don’t mount too many. My heart can only take a few infidelities…”

“Ah… r-right…”

“Don’t get me wrong, even your father used to bang the help, but the humans will look down on it if they find out you’re enslaving too many women.”

“You know mother, tonight if we… then you…”

Mom chuckled. “It’s okay with Mommy. I’m definitely least likely to have my personality change as a result of you. That’s why… it’s okay to cum in mommy as much as you’d like!”

“Personality Change?” I said slightly white-faced, not able to deal with my Mother’s blatant sexual talk.

Mom shook her hands. “Ah! D-don’t worry about that! It’s an effect of devils. It isn’t just the fact that your blood is an aphrodisiac and your semen is a tool of enslavement magic. After all, enslavement magic can be healed with white magic!”

“Seriously?” That was the first time I had heard of such a thing. That meant that my relationship with Aeryn wasn’t as rock solid as I had thought. While the chance was admittedly small, there was a possibility she could cure herself of the devil’s enslavement.

“This is why repeated exposure is best.” Mom explained. “The longer a demon exposes his fluids to another, the more positive the other becomes towards them. In time, the enslavement can no longer take hold, because the person has already reached the maximum affection level!”

“I take it mother can no longer be enslaved by me?” I asked.

Mom chuckled. “Baby… you don’t need to enslave me. Just ask, and I’ll do anything you want.”

I let out another cough. There was a dark edge to her eyes that said that this might be true. I began to wonder if she knew what happened to the head maid. If that was the case, then I really didn’t have anything to fear from this woman. Still, I sent her on her way. I had initially thought to sleep with mother tonight exactly to ensure her loyalty through enslavement. However, that didn’t seem to be possible, assuming she wasn’t lying.

I just had one piece of the puzzle I was missing. Thus, I went to the only other person I could. Approaching Aeryn’s room, I opened the door. When I walked in, my eyes locked on the maid that I had ravaged the night before. She was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. I let out a sigh as she turned to me. She didn’t scream or attempt to cover herself. In fact, her eyes seemed slightly dead, as if her life was misery. Rather than returning to me, she had remained in her room all of this time. I had allowed it to give her some time to adjust, but that adjustment time had to end now.

“Aeryn, as my maid and slave, you will be required to serve me every day. You are to stay by my side unless I order otherwise, not hide in your room.”

Aeryn shook for a moment, as if wanting to say something to resist, but in the end, her shoulders sagged. “Yes…”

“Yes, what?” I responded sternly.

“Yes… master.” There was an edge to the way she said master, but it’d have to do.

I had cum inside her at least three times last night, so apparently, the long-term exposure mom was talking about took much longer than that. Then again, this could merely reveal exactly how much Aeryn hated me that even after the effect started to alter her mind, she was still this resistant. Regrettably, in this situation I was put in, I couldn’t be picky with my allies. At least for the moment, Aeryn was mine. I had to take responsibility for that.

“Aeryn, in the future. I need you to speak with me honestly. Don’t hold anything back.” With a sigh, I walked over and sat down on her bed. “We will be working together for some time in the future. Since that is the case, you must persevere.”

Aeryn let out a sneer. “That is easy for you to say. You’re the man who raped me last night!”

“I did it for one reason and one reason alone. Because I need you…”

“Need me?” Aeryn let out a harsh chuckle. “Why is that? Is that mother of yours not enough?”

“No, she’s not,” I answered honestly. “She cannot move about as you can. She cannot help me accomplish my goals.”

“And what are your goals?” Aeryn looked over at me blankly, but after a moment added. “Master.”

“To prevent the human realm from falling into chaos.”

“Bullshit!’ Aeryn spun, shooting me her most hateful glare. “You’re a devil. You’re the only reason this realm is in chaos in the first place!”

“Then I have much to atone for.” I spoke simply, “And you will be the one that will help me do it.”

Aeryn’s eyes narrowed as she watched me, still not certain. “How can I trust that you have the human realm’s interests at heart?”

“How can I trust that you have my interests at heart?” I asked.


“I won’t do anything to betray the human realm. I will swear this on anything you wish me to. My mother was a faery princess. My father, the King of all humans. Regardless of the color of my skin, or the nature of my magic, I know where my loyalties lie.”

Aeryn hesitated for a moment, but her forehead finally relaxed and she gave a single nod. “Then, what is that you have come here for.”

“I have questions, about Mother. I need to know what kind of woman she is.”

“Queen Aurica, or do you mean your Mother Aurica?”

“Tell me what became of Queen Aurica…” I ordered carefully, making sure not to reveal too much.

Even with this slave, I still needed to be careful.

“After you were born, the Queen abandoned her children and fled back to the faery realm…” Aeryn spoke with a certain degree of uncertainty in her voice. “She had remained in seclusion ever since. She has not revealed herself since that day. Fairies have a deep hatred for devils. The rumors say she was so disgusted with you the moment she saw you, that she had no choice but to flee. Many say she hides now because of shame over… creating you.”

Aeryn’s expression showed no sympathy as she looked at me one more time flatly. The words certainly hurt. This Queen who had abandoned me at birth, it would make sense that she hated me. Perhaps my theory about pregnancy didn’t apply to faeries. Our races were counter to each other in a way. So, my mother hated me so much that she fled and never came back, even to see her daughters and husband. No wonder those daughters resented me. Then, what was with the woman who planned to come to my bed tonight.

“Then tell me about Mother Aurica…”

“Master… you know more about your mother than anyone else.”

“Humor me,” I said.

Aeryn gave a confused look but continued to speak. “Only devils abandon their young. Despite her hatred, Queen Aurica didn’t want to leave you with nothing. So, she carved out a piece of her soul and created a living Avatar.”

“!?” I was truly shocked by those words, but I quickly smoothed my features before Aeryn noticed.

“She used magic and created a homunculus. It possesses her memories, but somewhere in the process, she found the doll flawed. I’ve only heard this as a story, but the homunculus started picking up her emotions. Her only choice was to use powerful magic to alter the doll.”

“Alter her? How?”

“It’s only rumor, but many say that she inverted the homunculus’s personality. I’ve often heard that the Queen was everything this woman is not. The Queen was selfless and reserved. Your mother is selfish and open. The Queen was noble and cold, while your mother is pedestrian and warm. The Queen hated you… and your mother…”

“That is why she loves me?”

Aeryn shrugged. “All of the Queen’s hatred and disgust was inverted in this woman to become her love and obsession. You should not resent the Queen who made her, though. Even though she hated you and abandoned you, she at least felt the duty to create one who could stand by your side, even though she wouldn’t.”

“So, it’s like that.” I sighed. “She really isn’t my mother.”

“She possesses a piece of the Queen’s soul. She was made by the Queen herself to be your mother. She used her own flesh to create her. They have the same appearance. The same memories. Mother Aurica has also raised you since you were born. If you wish to ignore all that so you can take pleasure in banging your mother, that is your own business.” Aeryn responded flatly.

I let out a cough. I guess I had let some of my true feelings slip through there for a moment. I supposed that Aeryn was right. This woman may not have pushed me out, but she was more my mother than anyone else. She had all the same elements as my mother except her personality. It was only the personality that was different. A homunculus could love me where a faery could not. I found myself willing to believe that. It also meant that mom was completely serious when she stated she was a virgin.

“So, she looks just like my mother then?” I found myself asking as I tried to picture the faery princess in my mind.

“In a way…” Aeryn shrugged. “The Queen is a faery princess. Fairies are already supernaturally beautiful. Although your mother may share her facial features and body type, there is still a gap. The two could not be compared on the same level.”

I nodded slightly. “It’s difficult to imagine.”

Aeryn suddenly spun around and put a foot on the bed right in front of me. It was at that point I realized my maid was still standing there in nothing but her underwear. While it was true I had enjoyed her wearing far less, she was still an attractive young woman, and this position was slightly arousing.

“Is the only reason you bother me to help you decide if you’re going to bang your mother?” She asked. “It’s not like I didn’t expect this behavior from a devil. Rather, I’m surprised your relationship with her hadn’t already progressed that far.”

“No, we haven’t. In fact, you were my first.” I responded, looking down at her body.

Aeryn’s mouth fell open in disbelief, but as she noticed me looking down at her chest, only about six inches from my eyes, she covered herself and backed up. For the first time, she suddenly blushed and looked a bit shy.

“If you’re done…” She said, not meeting my eyes.

I pulled out a letter and slapped it on the table. “Actually, I need you to deliver that first. It must go to my fiancée. Be careful around her. The more she thinks you hate me, perhaps the safer you’ll be. After that, come to my bathing room tonight. After I’m done, you will clean me.”

“Done with wha-” Aeryn made a slightly disgusted look as she figured it out, and then nodded. “Yes, master.”

I stood up to leave, but just as I reached the door, I stopped. “You may not trust me yet, and you may never come to stop hating me. However, what I do, I do because I must. In time, I hope you come to realize that. I will take responsibility for you. Be my slave… and one day, I will see you smile again.”

There was silence as I left the room. Then again, I didn’t leave those words for her, but for myself.

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