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Only a few moments had passed since blood had splashed over the face of Bala. She initially wore a blank expression as she wiped the blood from her face. As for me, I downed the last of the health potions that Aeryn had brought to help finish healing myself up. Feeling the cut through my thick clothing I could only shake my head in disbelief. My skin was smooth without the slightest hint of a scar. I had truly managed to heal my body entirely by swallowing a couple of bitter concoctions. This world was truly an interesting one.

“Wh-what have you done to me?” Bala blinked, her expression looking slightly confused and doubtful even as her face grew more flushed.

“What did I do to you?” I asked, my voice raising as fury formed on my face. “Look what you did to me? Again, you almost killed the prince of the human realm! I thought you might have some restraint after all this, but you’re determined to cause an international incident!”

I immediately went on the offensive, giving the girl no time to think things through. Unlike Aeryn, Bala was more brawns than brain, and so she couldn’t work things out in her brain, especially when it was being distracted by the devil’s curse inside her. She lowered her head.

“Forgiveness, my lord.” She said, even while she bit her lip, fighting feelings her body didn’t understand.

“In that respect, you should come to my quarters later and receive an appropriate punishment!” I ordered.

“Th-that’s not necessary…” She panted, her eyes having more and more trouble focusing. “I will… I must go…”

Losing all propriety, the princess’s knight turned and immediately left the hallway. I watched as she fled the room, a small smile forming on my lips. The door slammed behind her. Aeryn watched me out of the corner of her eye cautiously.

“Is this what you do then? Enslave one woman after another.” Aeryn asked.

“I do what I must.” I sighed, glancing up at Aeryn. “So, you’ve accepted she is a woman?”

Aeryn blushed. “No man would wear a face like that. It seems like the elves have been keeping secrets. She seems to genuinely want you dead. Perhaps those assassination attempts you’ve spoken of are not your own paranoia after all. Since you’ve made me your food tester, I will be more careful where your food comes from now on.”

I nodded. “That is well. I would be quite hurt if I were to lose you.”

“Hmph…” Aeryn crossed her arms and turned away, a look of displeasure on her face. “Simple words. Since you plan to stick your dick in every woman in this castle, don’t expect me around tonight as you ruin another woman’s life.”

“You will be there tonight,” I responded. “She will eventually be forced to come to me the same way you were. I’ll need you nearby though, just in case.”

Aeryn looked uncertain. “I came to you because I had no other choice. She has her sister to run to. If you fiancée is as smart as you suggest she is, then perhaps she will come up with a solution.”

“Perhaps…” I responded thoughtfully. “Then again, Bala might fear punishment or retribution from her sister.

“Saria would punish her?”

I nodded. “She might even kill Bala for being too much of a risk, especially if she understands the implications of the devil’s curse. I personally suspect that Bala is too proud to go to Saria. She will try to solve this on her own, and the more she does so, the more she’ll be wrapped up in my web. That is my plan.”

“Webs, curses, slavery… you speak of these things so casually, yet you claim to want to save the kingdom. I have doubts.”

“You’re free to doubt me,” I responded. “Just never betray me.”

I looked at Aeryn, and a moment later, she looked away. Whatever she saw in my eyes was enough to make her wary.

“What now? We wait for this girl to succumb?”

“No… I have one more thing I must do today. Those potions of yours, does this castle have a potion brewer? An apothecary?”

“Sometimes, I feel as if you’ve never lived here…” Aeryn muttered under her breath and then spoke louder. “The potions were bought from a stall in the market. I used your account to purchase them. We do have an old magus, but that shrew doesn’t work for anyone anymore. Not even your father can impassion her to make something. It was your grandfather who last worked with her successfully.”

“Hmmm… so I have an account then. I wonder how much it is?”

“…” Aeryn shot me an incredulous look.

I coughed. “That was a joke. Ahem… lead the way to this Magus.”

Aeryn sighed and waited for me to pull off my sparing outfit, which needed to be taken to the seamstress, before leading me on to the next location. The Magus appeared to be on the outskirts of the castle ground. In fact, we had to leave the castle and walk through the courtyard before reaching a separate building. It wasn’t the witch’s tower I was expecting. Rather, it looked more like a warehouse. We walked up to the front entrance and Aeryn stopped.

“It is said that the magus curses anyone who enters their abode uninvited,” Aeryn explained.

I blinked. “When was the last time the magus came out of here?” I asked.

“Three years.” Aeryn shrugged.

“Then how can anyone be invited?” I responded wryly, immediately reaching out and turning the doorknob.

Even as Aeryn reached out worriedly, I pushed my way into the lab of the magus. When I entered, I could see rows of tables lined up with various ingredients. The more volatile stuff seemed to be locked up in cabinets. The smell was very caustic and it instantly made my nose itch. My eyes glanced around for this so-called magus, but there was no one in sight.

“Hello?” I called out, “Magus?”

“You shouldn’t call out. If you distract the magus during an experiment, the consequences could be horrific.”

“Is that so?” I asked, and then immediately yelled again. “Magus!”

Aeryn muttered to herself. I think I heard the words stupid in there, but I chose to ignore them. I didn’t know who this magus was, but how was I going to gain their respect if I walked around constantly like my feet were on eggshells. I needed to act assertive and kingly if I wanted them to come out and help me.

“Help… me…” I stopped upon hearing those weak words reach my ears.

“What is it?” Aeryn asked, her human ears not nearly as sensitive as my devil ones.

“Shhh!” I said, perking my ears up.

My ears were much better than a humans. I had made many discoveries about my body since I had come to this world. Better eyesight, better hearing, aphrodisiac blood, enslavement semen… I was a cacophony of unique traits. The only things devils were said to lack in was brute strength. Our frames were as delicate and thin as the elves, and thus we were no match in a fight. We were strategists. Fighting was what the demon brethren were for. They had the strength, devils had the ability to plan, and when devils and demons teamed up, they were sufficient to threaten all of the other realms.

“Help me…” The same little squeaky voice came nearby. I tracked it to a back room, where I found a shelf collapsed to the ground, spilling thousands of scrolls along with it.

I looked down to see a small little girl under the shelves. My eyes jumped to an open window nearby and I cursed. A little girl had snuck into the magus’s shop and then a shelf fell on top of her. Wherever the magus was, this little girl might have died if she was stuck there much longer. I immediately went and picked up the shelf. It wasn’t too heavy. Okay… I needed Aeryn’s help and it took three minutes and I was breathing hard by the time I was done. However, we got the load off of the little girl. Reaching down, I picked her up and carried her out of the room, laying her down on a table that had nothing on it.

“W-water…” The girl begged.

“This girl, do you recognize her?” I asked.

Aeryn shook her head. “The old magus didn’t take in any apprentice I’m aware of.”

I gestured for Aeryn to go fetch the water while I looked down at the little girl. If I had to guess, she looked to be only about twelve years old.  She was a blonde girl who wore a large black and white dress. It certainly screamed of a gothic quality. I didn’t recognize her from the castle, but she was dressed far too nice to be one of the civilians. Some diplomat’s daughter must have been curious and wandered in there. This could have caused an accident.

She was an extremely pretty girl, with black hair done up in pigtails, and perfect smooth pale skin. Her lips were a light red color, and her eyelashes were very long. It wasn’t like I was interested! A girl of twelve was a girl of twelve, however, you cut it. I reached out to check her eyes when a drop of blood fell from my hand. I pulled back in shock, realizing that I must have gotten a papercut while I picked her out of the scrolls. I watched in horror as the drop fell directly into her mouth.

Grabbing my wrist, I could only curse my clumsiness. I had never needed to be so wary of my body in my old world. I still hadn’t considered such things. I moment later, the girl’s eyes snapped open. A smile formed on her face as her cheeks flushed. She licked her lips.

“Mmm… that hits the spot. So… thirsty…”

The girl’s eyes suddenly locked on me. No, they specifically locked on the blood dripping down my finger. She suddenly lunged, grabbing my hand. Her small pink tongue shot out and licked up the blood that had leaked down my finger. My eyes widened as she looked up at me with lewd eyes that should never be on a child’s face. Then she stuck my whole finger into her mouth and began sucking on it. I could feel her tongue licking up and down the length with some significant skill.

My mind had a bit of trouble thinking while other parts of me started to rev into motion. This clueless girl consumed large quantities of the devil’s curse. The only relief was my semen!

The girl smacked her lips together as she pulled back, my finger wet with her saliva. “That really brings back feelings I didn’t think this old body could have anymore.”

“Eh?” I let out a confused noise.

The girl’s eyes shot up to me, and then she gave a seductive grin. “Well, hello. A devilkin? I never expected it. And your blood is so potent. You’re quite cute. Perhaps we can have some fun while I’m still in the mood.

Her legs shot out like a pair of vipers, wrapping around my hips and pulling me against her. Suddenly, I found my swiftly hardening groin pushed against her own parts. I was so stunned I couldn’t even think to resist. Her arms wrapped around me and she leaned forward. Her lips pressed against mine. Chuu!


A glass crashed to the ground, and I pulled my lips away from the girl to glance over. Aeryn was staring at the pair of us with her mouth open. The little twelve-year-old had her legs and arms wrapped around me in a very sexually explicit manner.

“Uh… I can explain.”

Aeryn’s expression turned dark. “Why is there any need for Master to explain. Master is Master and Master does what Master wants to do. Right, Master?”

“You’re saying Master a lot?”

“Since you’ve decided seducing little children is acceptable, I think I’ll choose death over obeying this contract anymore.” Aeryn spun away.

“Interesting.” The little twelve-year-old girl was standing in front of Aeryn.

My eyes spun to right in front of me where I could still almost feel her legs still wrapped around me, but she was absent and the feeling of her legs drifted away like smoke. Now, the little girl was standing where Aeryn tried to leave, and neither of us saw her move that direction. Aeryn had to look down, as the girl didn’t even come up to her chest.

“Little girl, you don’t have to-“

“Pregnant with a devil spawn. Yet, I see him exuded no great will over you.”

Aeryn put on a surprised face, but they grimaced bitterly. “Yes… I am a slave.”

“A slave, yet not a slave…” The little girls said, touching Aeryn’s stomach. “He held back from taking more. Is it because he doesn’t know what he was doing? Or is it something else.”

“Excuse me, little girl, how did you get in here?’

The girl finally met her eyes, but she didn’t answer. The pair stared at each other for several moments before she suddenly jumped.

“Oh! I’m the little girl?”

Aeryn looked up and shook her head, but when she looked back down, the girl was gone. Her eyes widened and she spun around. I also had to look before I saw that the girl was standing by a tall vanity mirror, looking at herself.

“Well, how interesting.” She said while checking herself out. “So, this is how I look now. Perhaps I died when the bookcase fell on me. Well… I was getting on in years.”

An idea popped into my head, and my eyes widened as I spoke. “You’re the magus?”

The little girl spun and then stomped her foot. “I dislike that name now. Find me a new one.”

“Huh? I mean… are you the potion maker that worked under my grandfather? I was hoping that you might be able to help me.”

“Hmph… what if I did help King Divan. I might have agreed to stay in his castle for the remainder of my lifetime, but that is now complete. My time is now finished. I am no longer bound by the contract anymore.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying get out of my workshop!” The girl sniffed. “I’m going to be burning it to the ground before leaving this place. I can’t allow my magical research to be found by another.”

“I need your help!” I insisted.

“Hmph… why should I help you, what have you ever done for me?” The girl spoke while packing her stuff.

“I just saved your life from that shelf that fell on you.”

“You’re still on about that? That was so a few minutes ago! Besides, I let you reach 1st base. You’re the first man to do so in fifty years. That makes us even.”

“Why you little bitch!” I stepped forward

“Bitch… Bitch?” The girl tapped her lips. “I like this name. From now on, my name will be Bitch.

I let out a cough. “Your name can’t be Bitch!”

“Hm? Why not?”

The girl looked over at me with a genuine questioning look. When I noticed that Aeryn was giving me a similar look, I realized that bitch wasn’t a particular insult in this world.

“B-because… Bitch means old and honorary… and that doesn’t suit you one bit.” I came up with an excuse on the top.

The girl cocked her head and then nodded. “Yes… you are right. I’m so cute and pretty now. Give me a cute and pretty name.”

I tried to keep the vein from pulsing on my forehead. Of all the things I expected from some old magus, a silly little twelve-year-old girl was not what I expected.

“Ah… how about… um… Baba?” As soon as the name came out, I winced.

Why did my mind have to jump to the concept of a loli baba?

“Baba? Baba it is!”

“Geh…” I made a noise, but then noticing her still packing I spoke up. “What are you doing? Where are you going?”

“I’ve been cooped up in the castle for too many long years. I want to see the country.” Baba announced. “Do not talk me out of it!”

“Actually, I plan to do some traveling myself. Given your youthful appearance, it may be safer to travel in groups.”

Baba stopped packing and then turned to me. “Look, little boy, don’t fall in love with me.”

“Huh?” As I said that, I heard a snort and I turned to Aeryn, but she was looking away at that point, her face expressionless. “Look, baba, I came here so you could help me with a potion.”

“I do not work for you, I- aahnnn… damn…” The girl suddenly grabbed her abdomen and lowered her head. “That stuff… is more powerful than I gave it credit for. Had it been my old body, it’d be fine, but this body is too young and weak. It’s too vulnerable to these kinds of things.”

“You’re talking about my blood, right?” I asked.

Baba shot me a glare but then sighed. “I hadn’t realized I changed when I sucked on your blood. No matter, I can cure it easy enough…”

I stepped forward. “That’s what I wanted from you. I needed you to help me create something. I need something using my biology.”

“A weapon?” The woman asked suspiciously.

I shook my head. “Control.”

Aeryn cocked her head suspiciously, not quite sure what we were on about.

Baba stared at nothing as if she was thinking for a moment. Then she nodded slowly. AA

“If I help you, devil, then I will need something from you as well. Well, I’d need it to fulfill your request anyway, so we can just call it an equal exchange.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“In order to make my cure more easily, let alone what you speak of, I will need your seed.”

“Right, of course.” I nodded, “My se-“

I stopped, letting out an awkward cough.


I nodded shyly, “Right… I can provide that, just give me a little-“

“Well, I’m not getting any younger!” Baba sniffed. “Pull down your pants, This Baba will extract your semen myself!

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