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My hands worked their way up and down Olivia’s soft skin. The light she had been creating had dimmed and then disappeared as I pushed her down on the cave floor, gently kissing her neck. This plunged the pair of us into darkness. Perhaps, Olivia preferred it this way, as it would hide the perverted nature of what we were doing.

After all, Prince David was Olivia’s brother, so in her eyes, she was sleeping with a sibling. I didn’t understand fully the reason that she decided to drop her guard and do this, but once I knew her true intentions, I wasn’t able to stop myself. My desire had been growing for a while now. Olivia was a beautiful woman, just like our mother, so even if her personality was bad, there was no shortage of sexual desire.

While her attitude and personality did grate on me in the beginning, those feelings started to change over time. Spending nearly a week with her, I found her to be kind, considerate, and possess her own charms. If there was nothing else, there was also the fact that she was a catgirl. Bala had never let me touch her ears, so I wondered if Olivia would be different. In the darkness, one hand left her stomach and went to her ear.

In this darkened environment, all I had to go on was touch. Since I couldn’t see her cat ears or tail, my only choice was to explore them thoroughly with my fingers. Ultimately, it was Olivia’s fault for letting the light go out. She had made her move before we had any kind of lighting or heat set up, so she would have to cope with being pushed and taken against the icy rocks under her body.


She ended up making a cute noise as I stroked her ear softly. It felt just like a cat ear, but naturally much larger. Although I had slept with Bala and Aeryn various times since coming to this world, this was the first time I felt like I was able to truly enjoy the feel of a demihuman. It was a catgirl, no less, the pussy of pussies.

Speaking of which, while I played with her ear, my other hand couldn’t help but slip down her pants, pushed aside her undergarments, and touched that area. Her entire body shivered as my fingers grazed across the surface. She emitted a great deal of warmth from there, and I could feel the moisture of sweat and something else. Her patch was thick and furry, but it wasn’t coarse like a normal woman’s body. I didn’t know if this was another trait of demihumans, but it was especially soft to the touch.

I ran my fingers through it, pushing my palm against her moist nether regions. Her hips instinctively pushed back, begging for something to enter inside her. She panted in my ear, then bit it affectionately. Her teeth were sharp, her play nibble was just on the cusp of pain, but I didn’t mind at all. Compared to the soreness after being through the waterfall and the pain of waking up after sleeping on rocks all night, this was downright comforting.

As my fingers continued to enjoy the down-like feel of her hair, my palm kept pushing up, rubbing slickly over the widened lips and pressing against her in a teasing way. Her panting grew heavier, and her own hip movements became more aggressive. She started to suck on my neck, occasionally biting when she felt something particularly pleasurable. I knew it was pleasurable because she’d always preempt every bite with a sudden gasp.

I’m sure that in the light, my grey skin would have been covered in bruises thanks to her rough machinations, but I didn’t mind the feel at all. In fact, as the feeling of heat between us grew even more, and the sense of cold left out bodies, the pair of us kissed aggressively, and then I went and bit her neck in return. She let out a sudden yowling sound, which didn’t sound human at all. In fact, it sounded exactly like a cat in heat. I never would have taken the sound as erotic, but coming from her lips, it was suddenly the most erotic thing I had ever heard.

My hand abandoned her ear and I began to squeeze against her large breasts. Meanwhile, my palm was pushing against her, rubbing up and down her wet areas without offering any penetration. The lewdness of my actions caused the area under her pants to release a strong and erotic scent that filled my nostrils. She seemed unaware of it, lost in the pleasure. At this point, her legs were squeezing my arm, and she could only be described as humping my hand, trying to grind her nether regions against the palm as if she was trying to fill her pussy with something while remaining frustratingly unfulfilled.

Meanwhile, I squeezed and pulled her hard nipple and soft breasts, occasionally using my mouth to nip them. When my head went between her chest, she would suddenly bite at the top of my head, biting at my hair and nibbling me playfully.

Her pussy was soaked now, and the once soft fur of her upper regions were matted with lust. She was pulling on my arms, mashing the area together. If I made a fist, she would likely be trying to force it into her. This was the point she was at. This was, for all intents and purposes, a level she achieved without the need for an aphrodisiac. This was her own personal lust and desire as a catgirl, uninfluenced by me. I wondered vaguely if I could elicit these same responses from Aeryn or Bala. They were often more aggressive, and less sensual.

Even if I didn’t give them blood, the pair would usually find a way to extract it from me before we reached this point. In that way, everything going on with Olivia felt more lustful, more perverse. I definitely wanted to try teasing the other girls in this way, seeing if I could make them act so lewd for me.

“B-brother… please… put it inside me.” Olivia panted. “I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to go crazy. I need it inside.”

Her words were like bells ringing in my head. As soon as I showed signs of pulling my hand away, she let go of my arm and then I could hear her fighting with her pants. She was pulling them off as aggressively as she could. They were discarded and flung somewhere off into the darkness. It was clear that to the current Olivia, where was a question she didn’t care about.

As soon as she had her pants off, she spread her legs again, and I could smell her lust even more distinctly. It was an intoxicating scent that boiled my blood and made me even more regretful that there wasn’t even the slightest light source. I very much wanted to look down at my sister, spread open and waiting for me, her long, short-haired tail sticking out from under her butt and her wet, swollen pussy spread open and waiting for me.

Just the thought of it was enough that even if I wasn’t able to get hard early, I was definitely hard now. I pulled my dick out of my pants, but there was only enough time to do it before she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her. It was like she couldn’t wait even a moment without my dick plunging inside her.

Despite my own rising desire, I put a hand on her abdomen and pushed, keeping her from pushing my cock against her pussy. As wet and spread as she was, it probably would slip right in whether I guided it or not.

“Olivia, if I put it in you, you could become enslaved.”

“D-don’t you think I don’t know that, nya?” She hissed with a somewhat unhappy voice.

“Then why are you pushing this?”

Another man might just pounce her without question, but I was always careful. It had been bugging me from before, but I had let my rising feelings push me forward. Even then, I had half expected her to push me off of her at any moment earlier. I teased her so much with my hand, bringing her to the cusp of orgasm, exactly because I wanted to ask this question.

It was a bit of a wet towel on the experience, and I didn’t want her to shut down and turn off, so I aroused her to this state. At this point, it was unlikely for her to stop now. I naturally wanted to do this, for my own desires as well as for my long-term goals. So, I put her in a position where she was unlikely to change her mind. I also already knew Olivia to be impulsive and prone to pushing forward and ignoring her reservations, so this kind of act wasn’t too suspicious to me.

However, now that we were at this point, I didn’t want her going back and declaring that I had tricked her. Basically, I gave her a clear way out at the moment when she was least likely to refuse. That way, we could do this with a clear conscience, and perhaps I could gain some insight into my sister.

“I…” Olivia didn’t answer, our rough breathing having some time to slow before she answered. “I’d rather it’d be brother controlling me, than others.”

“What…” I tried to ask another question, but my big sister wouldn’t let me.

Her lips attacked mine and shoved the rest of the way with enough force that I had to either fall forward and slide into her or hurt her stomach pushing forcefully away. My dick slid in, and a moment later, I was inside my sister. As soon as it broke through, her pussy tightened on my cock, as if it was desperately welcoming my dick home.

When our lips finally parted, she whispered. “You’ll find out, in time. I believe… in brother… this is, my sincerity, so please make me yours.”

Her words were said lightly, but they were full of emotion. In the darkness where I couldn’t see her face, I was able to hear the inflection all the more clearly. I could understand her intent and her desires. Thus, I finally gave in to my lust. I pulled off the rest of our clothing, tossing it all to the side recklessly. Should we wake up in the morning and find ourselves unable to dress, having to march the rest of the way naked, it was an even exchange with our current need to feel each other’s bare skin as much as possible.

The pair of us clung to each other in the dark, gentle moaning sounds echoing through the cave system. My hips thrust into her in a rhythmic fashion, savoring the feel of her touch and body. Without the slightest light, every tactile sensation was amplified, making the feel of her skin even more intense. I felt like I could feel every part of her pussy, every touch of her skin.

“Ahn, Ahn… Brother…” Olivia moaned sweet music to my ear.

I started to increase the speed, moving my hips faster and faster. Despite this, Olivia clung to me tightly, restricting my movement while grinding her wet pussy against me in pure ecstasy. Our lips interlocked, and our tongues explored each other’s mouths freely. There was absolutely nothing separating the two of us, as our bodies moved with a close intimacy that came from those who had been through life and death events together.

When had our relationship reached this point? Was it when I offered to help the goblins? Was it when we almost died in the spider’s nest? Was it when we were forced to sleep naked together and share body warmth? I couldn’t really answer that. All I knew was that I felt a closeness to Olivia. I found myself trusting her and wanting to be as intimate with her as I could.

Thus, I didn’t hesitate to go all the way. I spoke no words, continuing to thrust into her even as my cock began to swell with pleasure. I came inside her, not even bothering to slow down.

“Yes… inside…” Olivia whispered.

This was the only indication that she was even aware I was cumming inside her. With this, the pregnancy, and the devil curse would take hold. With this, Olivia would become my slave. I mashed my parts into hers, mixing my baby-making batter with her native fluids like I was churning butter in her womb. I kept going for quite some time, and even found my cock hardening again after a bit and continue.

“Ahh… ahhh… brother… such stamina…” Olivia praised when she felt me getting hard again.

I continued to thrust into her deep into the night. In the dark light, my cum became indistinguishable from her juices. My hips were starting to ache by the time I came again. This time, I decided to finally slow.

“Ahh… Ahhh… hah… I love you…”

We kissed some more, my dick still pushing against her slowly until it became too soft to slide in. Soon, it smooshed down and flopped out, no longer having the stiffness to recover. Yet, even then, we rubbed our wet, filthy genitals against each other, like we couldn’t have enough feel for each other’s body parts. I don’t know when I fell asleep, but at some point, I drifted off while in her arms, my soft cock still rubbing against her cunt.

As for the magic, it had already taken effect. I could feel my attachment to Olivia now. I had made my sister pregnant and enslaved her all in one go. One sister had truly become mine. One-fifth of my goals had been achieved. Yet, Olivia didn’t feel like a goal to me. Rather, she just felt like a woman I loved. She felt just like Aeryn and Bala, perhaps even Saria, maybe.

When I woke up to feel a naked body still in my arms, my dick started to stiffen again.

“Again, nya?” I heard a voice under me. “P-pervert… wanting your sister so much.”

Although she said these lines, we ended up having sex for the third time, and only then did we get up. I waited for Olivia to turn the light on, but then I heard a rummaging sound and felt the fuzz of her tail as she brushed past me.

“Where is it, nya?” She demanded.

I realized she was desperately looking for her clothing. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Isn’t it a bit late to worry about your modesty? How about let me look at my cute sister?”

“Y-you…” Her voice sounded flustered. “It’s all gross and sticky. You made me this way, now wait for me to clean up.”

“How can you clean what you can’t see?” I asked. “Maybe I should clean it for you?”

“Nya! Wh-what are you saying? Why did I end up with such a lewd brother? I knew giving you a taste was a mistake!”

I was reaching out, and when a finger brushed flesh, I reached out and grabbed her, pushing my erect thing against her butt and squeezing her breasts.

“Y-you’re the worst!” She panted as she tried to struggle weakly against my grip.

I chuckled, but before I could say anything, I heard a loud groaning noise. Had I not been holding Olivia; I might have honestly thought that a monster was in the cave. However, because my hands were right there, I could feel the rumbling of her stomach.

“W-we haven’t eaten in almost 36 hours!” She hissed defiantly.

I sighed and let go of her body. She was right. There was so much to do, and so little time left. I was busy playing with my sister when I had considerably more dangerous things to worry about.

She managed to clean herself, and then made me turn around when she created a light and dressed. Once the pair of us were back in clothing, we began heading down the cave system once again. There were many reasons the pair of us ended up having sex. The exhilaration of almost dying. The isolation of being trapped in darkness. The desire for warmth and companionship. One such reason was simply a means of avoiding thinking about how we were lost.

Now that we were traveling down the dark cave again, it was impossible not to think about it and worry. That was until my eyes suddenly landed on the faintest of light peeking through from an area that looked like it had collapsed. That was when I noticed that the collapse must have been from the tunnel above.

“Our way out!” I cried out, running over to the pile of dirt, which rose up into a slant.

Looking around, I could find a ledge that must have led back into the underground passages above. Once there, it’d be a simple matter to just look through the map and ascertain where we were.

“Olivia, come here.”

“Nya! Don’t think you can just call me over like some dog!” She whined, although came over all the same.

I grabbed her and pulled her close, “Olivia, I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“N-nya… don’t look at me that way…” She blushed and looked away.

I could only shake my head and then point up. “Up there, I need you to get up there, and then help me up.”

“I-if you send me up there by myself… I could just leave you down here.” She said, her face looking down.

“You won’t.” I responded.”

“B-because I’m your slave now?”

I lightly kissed her cheek. “Because you’re my sister whom I love.”

Her cheeks glowed red and her eyes fluttered. “P-pervert.”

“Now, come on, get on!”

“A-ah!” She let out a cry as I grabbed her and started pushing her up. “H-hey! Wait… don’t get any ideas! Where are you touching?”

I ended up grabbing her butt as I helped her up onto the ledge. Olivia was not a physically fit woman, so getting her to pull herself up turned out to be more trouble than I thought. She ended up kicking me in the face twice. After the second time, a mischievous gleam appeared in my eye. One of my fingers slipped up into an inappropriate spot.

Suddenly, she let out another cat yowl, just like the one she had given the night before when she was ready for sex. The sound immediately sent signals down there, causing me to stiffen. The pair of us froze in a mid-push. After we both remained for nearly a minute, Olivia finally spoke softly.

“B-brother… let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”


I pushed her the rest of the way up onto the ledge, and a few minutes later, she managed to find some vines and toss them down, allowing me to climb up myself. Like that, we were back in the tunnels. I quickly ascertained our location, and then we began to move with a renewed speed. It was only a day later when we finally reunited with the goblins.

The goblins could only watch helplessly as we ate a large portion of food, not looking at each other as we filled our empty stomachs in silence.

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