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The light finally broke at the end of the tunnel. After a week of travel, we finally exited the underground path. For the goblins who hadn’t seen sunlight in months, the excitement carried through like a wave. The children ran forward first, only barely being caught by the women of the tribe before they could run ahead into an unknown and potentially dangerous place.

We emptied out into a valley that was just how Olivia had described it. There was a thick forest that blocked most of my view of the valley, but behind us was a large mountain range which supposedly wrapped around this entire place.

I could see a low hanging fog created by the mountains too, but they didn’t block the visibility within the tree line. Instead, it hung overhead like a blanket made out of clouds, hiding this place from the world. It was truly a perfect place for the goblins to settle. We spent the rest of the day and that night helping the goblins settle.

Olivia helped them identify safe plants to eat, using her knowledge from the elves to help the goblins. We created a few makeshift shelters, and finally, it became time to say goodbye. I fell to one knee so I could look eye to eye with the elder as I clasped his arm and shook it.

“Goblins… remember… Prince David, Friend, always…”

“Keep your people safe, my friend.”

When the ceremony was done, the pair of us turned and left the valley. Olivia cried for a bit, even giving the children hugs until one squeezed her butt. The group scattered, but she didn’t give chase. Rather, a small smile formed on her face before she turned to me. When she saw me watching her, she blushed and pushed her hair over her ear.

“What is it, Nya?” She demanded.

“It’s nothing, you’re just beautiful,” I responded.

“You shouldn’t say such things about your sister…” She replied shyly.

“How about my slave?” I asked innocently.

As she walked by me, she pushed me playfully before running past, her tail swishing back and forth as she ran through the forest. She really did seem at peace here. It wasn’t until I saw her in the light again that I realized how beautiful she was. She wasn’t meant to be trapped underground, but to be running through the forest. I understood why she had come to love the elvish nation so much. It suited her.

I jogged after her, allowing her to stay ahead of me as she giggled happily. However, I caught up to her quickly, as she had stopped at the foot of the mountain, right in front of the cave we had just emerged from.

“We have to walk all the way back now?” She inquired.

“No…” I shook my head. “That’s not necessary.”

“Oh?” She looked over at me with a questioning look.

“Once we pass the mountain range, we can go straight to the surface. Besides, we’ve been collapsing tunnels. We might not even be able to make it back from where we started.”

“B-but… what if we are seen?”

“Would it not make it easier?” I asked. “Perhaps, if I was on my own, I’d want to be cautious, but you are a respected and well-known princess, right?”

“Ah! R-right!” She nodded. “So, how long will it take us to get to the fort?”

“We’re heading straight to the Capitol. Once there, we can send a message to everyone else to follow us. By this point, the fort should have recovered and the land will be growing back anyway.”

“Nya… o-okay…”

She seemed surprisingly agreeable today. Since we had sex and she became enslaved, she had become a great deal more docile. I saw her sometimes holding her stomach with a look of disbelief when she didn’t think anyone would notice. It was clear that she had changed on this journey. Now, it was time to announce that fact.

That was right, I didn’t plan to hide this new alliance. The strongest thing about my enemies is that they were hiding in the dark. I planned to stir things up and get them to reveal themselves. Did I expect to walk straight into Greenvale without causing any upset? I wasn’t so naïve. They would likely make some claim I had done something to the princess. In truth, I had, but there was nothing they’d be able to do about it. She was on my side now, and the more people who knew about it, the more secure my position became.

Just like my position with the princesses and Baba, I had to take every relationship I had and use it as my shield. Another man might feel strange using their lovers and sisters like this, but I had no other choice. This was the way this world was. I was a hated devil, and my only option was to use the resources available to me. I had no armies, no strong supporters. All I could do was create long-lasting alliances.

That’s why I decided to help the goblins. It wasn’t just to plant a seed and hope the goblins would one day help me. I also wanted time to work on Olivia. Fortunately, things with Olivia went better than I ever could have predicted. I had thought we’d grow closer, but I never imagined we’d go all the way by the end. Whether I had enslaved Olivia or not, being alone with her for a week was what I needed. I needed all those who saw Olivia and me as opposing forces to suddenly grow doubtful.

What will they think? Some will accurately guess that I had slept with Olivia, and made her my slave. Many will believe it was forceful, and that I somehow brainwashed her, but the result would still be the same. Olivia would now be on my side. Those that couldn’t imagine a brother pushing down his sister might only believe we are on good terms, or that perhaps her loyalty to me was greater than they originally thought.

Either way, you looked at it, I was spreading doubt and discord across the elvish alliance. Those who had aims against the human realm would be horribly shaken. Given the king’s good relationship with my father and his seeming lack of desire to try to take the human realm, even this little act might be enough to break apart any attempts on our throne. Like that, one enemy would be defeated, and perhaps with some work, even turned into an ally. Marrying Saria would be one way to gain even more elvish support.

Once I was supported by one of my sisters and a foreign country, then I’d be in a good position to make a bid on the human realm should my father unexpectedly die. It was for all of this that I had made my plans from the beginning. Looking Olivia up and down, I could see that my plans had mysterious ways of coming to light.

Once we were in the cave, I pointed to the entrance. “Collapse it.”

Olivia gasped in surprise. “If I bring down the cave, there will be no way for us to reach the goblins safely. They won’t be able to help us either!”

“Someone may eventually find their way here and cause trouble. This is the only way I know to allow them to thrive in peace. If a time came, this could always be dugout, but I don’t want them to be harassed.

“Right…” She slowly nodded. “I agree…”

She lifted her hands up and chanted the spell she had used many times now, and a few moments later the outside light was cut off. The goblins were left in the valley, and we were back underground.

There was a somber feeling in the air as we left the goblins behind and headed back into the elvish territory. It had only been a week, but we had grown used to the chatter of the goblin women, the children running around, and the echoes bouncing through the walls. It was much livelier, and the tunnels ahead were lit.

Now, it felt more like when we had fallen into the cave. It was dark, quiet, and foreboding.  Creatures that had fled when a crowd of hundreds was moving through were now much bolder with just two people passing by. Twice already, movements were seen in the dark, remaining just outside of the range of our lights. Thankfully, nothing felt threatening so far. These were just curious creatures.

The benefit of shedding the goblins is that we were able to move much faster with just the pair of us. It was only a day when we had finally made it to the next exit. We came out into another forest. This one wasn’t on the side of the bottom of the mountain like the last one, We were at least a few kilometers away. Matching this exit with a map of the elvish realm, I was able to ascertain we were about five days from Greenvale.

That night, we found a small pond with clean water, and so we were able to take a bath. We didn’t have our original packs which had been lost when we plummeted into the underground river, but we had managed to supplement the majority of our supplies thanks to the goblins. Unfortunately, the thing we hadn’t had on this journey was fresh clothing. From the get-go, we had never planned on leaving the fort up until now.

A couple of goblin seamstresses had managed to cobble together some alternative clothing, although it was poor quality and uncomfortable to wear. At first, I thought it might just be my own selfishness, but it seemed like Olivia felt the same way. Now that we had a body of water, we both cleaned our dirty clothing and scrubbed it before putting it out to dry. Then, the pair of us got into the pool.

There was still some lingering embarrassment about being naked together, but she seemed to hold the same thoughts that I did. There was really no point in hiding anything now. We’ve already seen each other in entirety. We slept together when we were at our most miserable and exposed, so there wasn’t anything that could be hidden. Still, at that time, it was dark, and now, we were under the starlight of an open forest.

I politely kept from staring at Olivia so that I wouldn’t make her uncomfortable. So, I was surprised when her arms suddenly wrapped around me from behind, and I felt her soft chest pressing against my back. She was fully naked and hugging me from behind. I slowly turned around, and she loosened her grip enough so that I could. However, she kept holding me until I was facing her.

I looked down at my cute sister. She had wet hair and slightly red cheeks. Her tail was hidden in the water. She looked up at me with eyes that contained just a hint of lust. For the second time, I had seen my lewd sister, and neither time had been under the influence of an aphrodisiac. A guy could get used to that kind of treatment.


She put up a finger to my lips, stopping me from talking. “Even though… even though I’m already your slave… that doesn’t mean we can’t do it again, nya?”

I shook my head and she gave a slow nod, and then pressed her face against my chest. My arms slowly worked their way around her body. First, we embraced, then we kissed, and finally, we lay down in the grass. Olivia and I had sex again under the stars. Everything happened smoother this time. Olivia and I both had more experience with each other, and we both managed to reach climax a few times.

Come the morning, Olivia once again bathed and then used magic to dry herself and the outfits. Naturally, a night hanging out wouldn’t be enough to completely dry them, but magic was enough to finish the job. The pair of us got dressed and ate some of the rations the goblins had given us. Compared to what we could scavenge on our own, the food was dreadful. However, we had to bear with it, because we didn’t have time.

We needed to move quickly now. We had been gone for too long, and I needed to know what was going on in the world again. If we moved at a pace where we could pick fruit and hunt animals, it’d be too slow a pace to get to the Capitol in a reasonable amount of time. So, we stomached the nasty rations and then continued on, nearly jogging.

Olivia was as graceful as a cat, and she could move through the forest as if it was her home. I struggled a bit more, but I had worked on training my body, so I wasn’t too far behind Olivia in this. The pair of us traveled quickly.

Although there were other cities and towns along the way, I took the most direct route to the Capitol. I wasn’t interested in these other towns. Rather, any place we stopped had the potential of sending news to the Capitol before we got there. The longer my enemies knew where I was and what I’d been doing, the more time they’d have to prepare a counteroffensive.

Although I told Olivia I didn’t mind being seen, it was best if I was seen in the best circumstances. Giving them no time to adjust their plans would be the best option for me.

We traveled for another day and slept another night. This time, Olivia and I didn’t have sex, but she did sleep cuddled up to me very closely. I could feel her body pressed against me the whole night, and I considered pushing her down and having her a few times. The ultimate reason I chose not to is that I didn’t want either of us being tired for the next day’s journey. I had to put our goals over a momentary pleasure.

We had managed to find a big road leading up to the Capitol. It was still a two-day ride, but considering we were heading straight to Greenvale now, I didn’t mind taking it. The forests were in a much better condition than they were when we left. However, this was also a different part of the country, and there was no telling how bad the corruption had previously been here.

It was at that point, riding down this road on the third day of travel since exiting the underground, that we finally ran into a large group of soldiers. It was a group of about twenty elves all mounted on horseback. As soon as they saw us, a horse and its rider went galloping off into the distance. Therefore, it stood to reason that we were their target. This was the welcoming party I had been waiting for.

As we approached the group, many of them stared us down hastily. Several had pulled out their weapons, and there was an air of tension. We approached slowly without showing any signs of discomfort. Any hesitation or appearance like we would run, and they might just decide to charge and run us down. When we finally got close enough where I felt they could hear us, I nudged Olivia forward. When she turned back, I gave her a look and she finally seemed to understand what I had meant.

“I am Princess Olivia, Nya!” Olivia called out as we got close. “This is my brother, Prince David!”

Despite her announcement, the men didn’t put away their weapons. The announcement seemed to wash over the group and they remained planted in their spots. I opened my mouth, just about ready to try to provoke these men and get a reaction out of them.

“Olivia!” A shout erupted from the crowd, and a form came running out.

Olivia looked surprise, and so was I. I instantly recognized the form of the person who had come out. However, the last time I had seen them, they had been wearing robes and hiding, kind of like a ninja. That woman was my sister, the only other one that I had met in person since I had awakened in this world. It was Princess Lucy.

“L-Lucy!?” Olivia was clearly as surprised as I was to see her wolfkin sister.

We were definitely still in the elvish forest, so why was someone from the beastkin here? Now that I saw it, there was another beastkin man present on one of the horses. He wasn’t looking at Lucy or Olivia. His eyes were planted on me. He also had a dark expression that seemed to suggest he wanted me dead. I had no clue who the guy was, let alone why he might want me dead. However, one thing was for certain, he was not my ally.

Lucy had run up and given Olivia a hug. Olivia had been surprised both by Lucy’s appearance and by her sudden extreme affection, Although the sisters may have once felt a strong affection for each other, they had all been separated for years. At best, they would act estranged. Yet, Lucy was hugging her sister like a long-lost friend.

Just as I was thinking that this was all okay, there was a flash in Lucy’s eyes. She pulled away from Olivia suddenly enough that Olivia made a noise. That was the only warning I got as Lucy pulled out her blade and lunged at me.

“You… on the other hand, should die!” She screamed as the dagger plunged for my neck.

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