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“Ahhn… not so rough…” She whimpered shyly.

Of course, my hands went to the most obvious spot that was begging to be touched. That would be her ears! I felt the long soft things on the top of her head, pinching them between my thumb and forefinger. She squirmed and acted especially shy as I felt them from their tips all the way to the bottom in her hair. Although Olivia’s ears were interesting to touch and twitched frequently, Lucy’s long floppy ears were pleasant to grab onto.

“I’ll ask one last time.” I grew more serious, pulling her close, so her ear was nearly pressed up against my mouth, “Do you want me to enslave you? You only have one chance.”

She looked at me with her red, piercing gaze and then nodded. “Please, just do it. I’ve been unable to fix anything on my own. I’ve only seemed to make things worse. If you can bring peace to the realms, then I will willingly be yours.”

With those words, I stripped off her robe and revealed her naked body. She had pale white skin that looked gentle and fragile to touch, although it didn’t quite have the rugged grey undertone of my own skin. She looked like a flower that would bruise easily, but I knew that she was as tough as nails. Her breasts were larger than Bala’s, but not to the point where they could be called average. Her body was slim, with a bit of a muscular tone to it. She was a woman used to moving around and being physically active.

She leaned forward and kissed me, choosing to remain on top every step of the way, unwilling to allow herself to feel dominated, even while giving herself to me. My hand rose up and cupped her breast, which was just large enough to fill my palm. I could feel the hard nipple pressing in against the center. In that position, we continued to wrestle with our tongues for several moments. When she finally pulled away, her white cheeks were tinged in pink, and she was breathing hard.

“That’s… surprisingly more exhilarating than I expected.” She spoke mostly to herself.

She went down to kiss me again, and once more, we excitedly kissed. My other hand found her other breast, but other than that our position remained unchanged. By the time she pulled away for the third time, her cheeks now red, and her heart beating rapidly in her chest, I realized she was just stalling.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” I had already asked once, but I felt I had to ask again, given her behavior.

Her body shook, but she nodded her head stubbornly. “Do not question my resolve!”

I could almost laugh at how serious and sincere she was being, even while shaking like a frightened bunny. I wanted to hug her and hold her, but I suspected if I went that route, we’d be at it all night. As much as I enjoyed the warmth of a woman, tomorrow was a busy day, and I couldn’t afford to play around any longer.

I pulled my hands away from her breasts and then down to my pants, which I began to unbuckle. She grew flustered for a second, letting out a noise as I brought out my member, quickly swelling under the sight of her naked body on top of me. Of course, she didn’t sacrifice her position on top, so I merely held my stick vertically, giving her ample opportunity to mount it. She looked down at the thing, her breathing growing disordered. She looked skittish like she might flee the room any instant.

I wanted to just grab her hips, pick her up, and drop her on the thing already, but she wasn’t like Olivia. Olivia was actually pretty erotic and horny when it came to sex. She gave as much as she got, and had a natural curiosity. She wasn’t afraid to play or to dive headfirst without thinking of the consequences.

Lucy, on the other hand, despite being a bit of a meathead in battle, was actually very nervous and timid now. Things had to move at her own pace, and proceed at her discretion, or there was no saying what she would do. I had the feeling if I pushed her even a little, she would scamper off and who knew how long it’d be before we had another chance at this.

Although I didn’t want to control my sisters, I also had to keep my eyes on the final goal. I had to unite the kingdom at all costs and prevent the human realm from falling and destroying the delicate balance of this world. That meant I had to eliminate or control all of my sisters. At the same time, others also thought to control or manipulate my sisters for there own agendas, and they had a start on me of up to a decade. This put me at quite the disadvantage in this race, so I had to take any chance I had.

Therefore, although my sister’s actions were done confidently, I had to follow through with it, since I wouldn’t have another chance. The next time she reached such a vulnerable state, I might not be the man nearby for her to lean on. Since that was the case, the only thing I could do was claim her here. I schooled my expression, avoiding showing any sense of eagerness of desire. I even went so far as considering using illusions on her.

Illusion magic could only stretch so far, and the basic problem was that I didn’t know what illusions would help her relax. If I did something obvious, it’d cause her to grow suspicious and fearful. According to Baba, a person who is highly skilled with darkness magic didn’t just create illusions, but they could fabricate emotions. I wasn’t at such a level, so the best I could do is make my penis appear smaller and less intimidating, my features softer and less devilish, or the room more romantic. Yet, I wasn’t sure if any of these subtle touches would make a difference in her eyes, and they had the chance of backfiring just as easily.

Thus, I did the only thing I could think of, the thing that held the least deception. I held out my hand, fingers down and palm out toward her. I moved slowly and deliberately, giving her every moment to process what was going on around her. Lucy looked down at my hand, first in confusion, but then she quickly realized what I had meant.

“Do it. It will make the process easier.” I didn’t give any room for question in my voice.

She nodded, taking the knife she had been holding and cutting my palm slowly. When she was done, she put her lips to my palm cautiously and then began to suck slowly. Her lips came together and opened again as she took out dark red liquid from my body. She didn’t know how much she needed to be affected. In truth, a single drop was enough to start affecting the body. The more she drank, the stronger and more quickly it would take her.

I allowed her to continue until I was afraid I’d start getting lightheaded. The rhythmic sucking sound filled the room, and the soft feeling of her tongue and lips dulled the pain and made it even feel slightly pleasurable. I finally gently pulled my hand away, wrapping it in a cloth. Lucy licked her lips, which were now extremely red and wet, standing out against her pure white skin. The only other color was on her cheeks, which were nearly as red as her eyes now.

The effect of my blood was clearly showing on her body. Any sense of embarrassment or hesitation was stored away. She had initially kept her back arched, keeping her nether regions hidden and her tail up in the air, but now she eagerly rubbed it up and down the length of my shaft, which had fallen back down. I watched as the virgin folds of her labia, moist with lust, stroked up and down my shaft, threatening to pop up and penetrate her with the next thrust.

“Ahh… ahhh… ahhh…” She moaned lightly moving her body faster and faster as she enjoyed the feel of each stroke, engorging her sensitive labia with blood.

She leaned down and kissed my lips. She exhaled with a sigh. Her breath was filled with raw desire. The scent of her lust filled the room. I realized that her eyes were coming off as disordered and unfocused. The amount of blood she consumed was clearly starting to have its toll if the intense heat between our rubbing genitals did not. I wanted to grab her and hold her, but I continued to resist, letting her use me as a sex toy for her own apparent amusement.

Her movements slowed for a moment as if she was trying to regain lucidity and keep herself from turning into an animal. Lucy’s hands shakily came down and touched my shirt. She began to unbutton it slowly. I helped her remove it with a minimal amount of assistance, letting her do the majority of the work herself, and only helping when she needed it. Still, every time our hands touched, she shook, as if she was terrified by what she was doing, yet had to convince herself to move forward all over again.

When I discarded my shirt to the side, my pale grey chest was revealed to her. I had accumulated a scar or two since my reincarnation in this world, and she hesitantly reached out and touched one of them, feeling the skin gently. Healing in this world could speed up the process, but it wasn’t necessarily cosmetic unless you went out of your way for it. I had a feeling I would earn many more scars before my journey was complete.

Lucy seemed particularly fascinated by my scars. I didn’t have the robust, muscular body of General Tucci. I had seen pictures of the King too, and even assuming they were exaggerated to make him look more physically imposing, and I thought they probably were not, he was still a far more robust and fit man, where my devilish form was scrawny and thin. Of course, I was attractive, with an appealing form that might be called a pretty boy if not for my devilish features, that clearly wasn’t Lucy’s type.

Yet, it appeared like Lucy didn’t care about any of those things. Rather, it was the battles I had fought that seemed to interest her the most. It wasn’t what I looked like, but the things I had done. That was the kind of sister that she was. It actually gave me a better impression of her. She noticed me watching her as she examined my scars, and she gave a blush.

To hide her blush, she pushed her head up against my chest. Her floppy ears ended up landing on my face. I spit one out of my mouth.

“S-sorry…” She pressed against my chest even harder.

With her hair just under my nose, I could smell a faint floral scent that she must have used while bathing. The scent was intoxicating, and I couldn’t help but lift my hands and place them on her back, gripping her gently. Her body tensed for a moment, and I froze, preparing to let go at a moment’s notice. However, she finally relaxed, and so I moved my arms the rest of the way around her. We held each other like that for a few moments, when finally, she started to move. She reached her hand down between us, and found my member, slightly wet with her own lust.

“I’m your sister… you’re really a devil to be so excited.”

“Aren’t you one to talk?” I shot back.

She didn’t meet my eyes, instead, moving her wrist and gently and slowly bringing her fingers up and down the shaft. I let out a slight moan intentionally, which had an effect of causing her entire body to shake intensely. I leaned forward and kissed her neck. When she didn’t pull away, I kissed it harder, sucking on her pure white skin and making it bruise. Her hand seemed to speed up excitedly. With Olivia, her tail always lashed back and forth when she was excited or lascivious. Lucy’s short cotton tail gave nothing away to her thoughts, but her nervousness ended up giving away far more.

While her hand worked on the shaft, she brought her head up and kissed me once again. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths without reservation. I could still taste the pang of blood on her lips. Thankfully, I was immune to my own aphrodisiac. If that wasn’t the case, I would have thrown her down and already had my way with her.

She pulled away with an elongated sigh, a string of saliva still connecting her mouth to my own. She glanced once more at my eyes, blushed, and then slowly lifted her lower body. I watched as she lifted one leg, with my cock firmly in her hand, and lined it up with her pink vagina. Her short white hairs were barely visible against her pale skin, giving her the appearance of an untouched youth.

However, since she had decided to go this far, Lucy wasn’t the kind of person to hesitate. She was the kind of person that once she was convinced, she would leap forward without thoughts of safety or practicality. The look in her eyes at that moment was a testament to that. There was no going back. She lowered back down, pushing myself inside her in a single swift motion.

“Ahhh…” She let out a cry as her body shook while my cock forced its way inside.

After rubbing the parts together for so long, she was wet enough, so it slid in with only minimal resistance. The feel over breaking into her soft, moist insides was incredible, and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. Panting, she pulled herself out of my hug. I thought she was angry for a second, but then I noticed a sense of determination on her face.

If I had to guess what Lucy was thinking, it was something like ‘I will not lose.” She had decided to mount my cock, and since she did so, she didn’t want to show any weakness. She had worked through countless hours of training to become a better swordsman. I knew at least a bit of that pain, having been beaten up by Bala over and over again. However, in Lucy’s case, she was just a young girl, who had to prove herself to a group of men, many of which far stronger and more physically imposing than she would ever be.

As much as the beastkin didn’t talk about such things, there was a reason the predators typically had battle-like roles. Your animal type affected your physique and personality, and a lion, a wolf, or a gorilla were on a completely different level than the likes of a bunny. That meant, she had to work that much harder to be respected by the King.

Yet, when all was said and done, the respect she thought she had earned was a pipe dream. Every smile he gave her, every kind gesture and title he afforded her, were all just tools that he used for his own ends. He had never respected her. She fought through blood and pain to be the best fighter she could be, and in the end, it still wasn’t good enough.

Now, she was forging a new path, and her determination hadn’t dwindled at all. She had committed to following me, and it too came with a sacrifice of blood and pain. Yet, where someone like Olivia or Aeryn would pace themselves, Lucy took the pain as her own personal challenge to overcome. Even though she winced as she did it, she raised her hips and then dropped them, riding my cock. Her long, slender legs deceptively held the strength like that of a bunny. In a fight, she was able to jump two or three times higher than a normal person. One could say that in her current position, she had absolute control and stamina.

She began to ride me with vigor, her hands on my chest, pushing up and down with her legs as she took the entire length of my cock over and over again. Some blood leaked down along with various other fluids, but that didn’t phase her as she took my cock on like a personal challenge.

With her teeth gritted and her face flushed, she moved faster and faster, gasping for air as her entire body began to heat up and her arousal and pleasure began to grow exponentially. Her hands tightened, and she grabbed at my chest roughly, pawing it as she went up and down. Thankfully, she wasn’t Olivia, whose nails seemed to always be sharp. I had learned with Olivia that it was best to do it doggie style so that I didn’t end up all scratched up. Well, at the time we did do it, we had been in bad shape, so I hadn’t noticed that much. It was only later I noticed my back covered with scratches.

Lucy hopped up and down on my cock, moving at an unbelievable speed. A wet noise emanated from our organs as they were smashed together over and over again, my cock piercing her wet hole about once a second. She showed no sign of slowing down, but she also showed no sign of pleasure other than her own moans. It was like she wasn’t aware of the sounds coming from her mouth. She was quieter than Olivia, whose yowls could be heard from a mile away, but that didn’t mean she was any less vocal. She grunted, moaned, and cried to her heart’s content, focused on the task, no matter how it made her look.

She was so focused on the task that even her pleasure seemed to take a backburner. She was like a machine, doing a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand sword slashes. Except, the sword was my lower half.

I couldn’t hold on much longer. I had used every trick I knew to hold back. Although her intent was just to take my seed, become pregnant, and be enslaved by me, I naturally wanted her to feel satisfied too. However, her unique way of shutting everything out as she focused on pure sex was more than I could handle. Even the cold and distant Bala wasn’t so detached during sex.

At least, that’s what I thought, but as suddenly as she began, her entire body suddenly went rigid. Her legs suddenly kicked out from under, and she fell, my cock sliding deep into her as her entire body collapsed. I thought something was wrong like she had a leg cramp or was bitten by a bug, but her entire body started spasming.

When I could feel her freshly broken pussy tightening savagely on my cock, milking it for all it was worth, I realized that Lucy was having an orgasm. She had ridden it so hard that she had built up all of her sexual pleasure, and then she reached a climax that was so powerful her body literally collapsed under the strain. She was gasping like there wasn’t another breath in the world. And her body was kicking and clawing like she was a possessed demon. I reached out and held her tightly, to keep her from leaping off. Specifically, my hands grabbed her ass and firmly kept my dick buried in her pussy. That’s because I just started cumming, and I was trying to make sure she got pregnant. It would be a waste if, in mid cum, she kicked herself off my body.

Panting and moaning, her body shivering in my grip, I held her tightly. As hot cum filled her womb, it was clear she was being driven to even more erotic heights. Her eyes had rolled back in her head. Lucy wasn’t a girl for dirty talk. Right now, she couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. She was completely at my mercy. She was the vulnerable sister in my arms who needed her brother to hold and protect her.

As I finished cumming inside her, I held her tightly. She finally started to slow down, eventually collapsing on top of me. Without a word, she buried her head into my chest and then fell asleep. Any sense of skittishness or distress was gone. She was mine now.

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