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By the time I woke up the next morning, a certain girl was lying naked on top of me, her scent filling my nostrils. Her body was soft to the touch and smooth as silk. My hand instinctively ran down her back, but I stopped myself before reaching her buttocks.  With her arms wrapped tightly around me, it gave me an extremely warm feeling inside. When she felt me shift my hand, she looked up with flushed cheeks. Her large naked breasts pressed tightly against my chest.

“I want you inside me.” She purred, reaching down and grabbing my morning hard-on, stroking it lovingly.

“Mom, when did you come back in here?”

“Hmph… after you were done sleeping with that whorebunny.”

“Isn’t that technically your daughter?”

I knew she was only a doppelganger of my real mother, but she had to have at least a shadow of the memories of the original woman who had five daughters. Even if she felt passionately for her son, treating the daughters of her creator in such a flippant manner felt a bit off.

“I have so many daughters, who bothers counting?” She pursed her lips. “I only have one boy though, although I should call him a man now.”


I didn’t know the woman who had created this mother for me, but she shouldn’t have focused so much on such a single-minded woman. I couldn’t imagine how that Faery would react, knowing she created a guardian who eagerly wanted to sleep with her child. Although I supposed if she hadn’t so completely despised me, then the current mother wouldn’t have so thoroughly loved me.

“Although…” She continued, “I do have to say, your newfound interest in incest is something your mother approves of.”

“Why am I not surprised?” I sighed, scratching my head before I glanced over at Aeryn. “Why aren’t you doing anything?”

Aeryn was in the room too. She was dressed in her typical maid outfit and was standing at attendance, ignoring the fact that I was naked with my equally naked mother pinning me down. In fact, while I was asleep, she had allowed my mother in and let her take off her clothing and climb on top, all while presumably doing nothing and not even bothering to wake me.

“I am not inclined to get involved in the matters of Master and his playthings.” She rudely responded.

“P-plaything…” Mother blushed.

No, mother, that was an insult. Stop blushing and feeling flattered by those words.

I gave a sigh. “We have to get going. Saria needs me.”

“Hmm… perhaps if mother married another, then my son would act so heroic for me.”

“I wouldn’t…” I retorted.


Her eyes flashed with hurt, but then I grabbed her shoulder tightly. “If mother even thinks of another man, I’ll kill him where he stands. You were made for me, and me alone.”

Those overbearing words were only a little exaggerative, but it caused mom to melt. She had almost got it in before I managed to peel her off me. On top of that, I couldn’t just kick my naked mother out of the room, so I had to forcefully dress her too, before finishing. By the time I was done, I was panting and out of breath. She was becoming more unbearable every day. Perhaps, I would have to enslave her after all.

“So, my lord truly does have untoward thoughts toward his mother,” Aeryn said out loud, making a disgusted look

I turned and grabbed her by the arms, similar to how I had grabbed my mom, “My words are double for you. Try to be with another man, and I won’t just kill him, but you as well.”

It was a horrifying statement, but the only change in Aeryn’s expression was a slight pink in her cheeks. I continued to give her a dark stare, causing her to look away.

“You’ve already taken my everything. You don’t even need to make such threats.”

“You’re the only woman that I won’t let go, no matter what,” I said back.

Her body shook, and then she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and leaned into me. I didn’t know what she was doing until I felt her painfully bite my neck, drawing just a bit of blood.

“There is no time right now!” I was squeezing her body in my arms.

The sun was just coming up, and the wedding would be in only a few hours. Just as I didn’t have time to appease mother, I didn’t have time to play with Aeryn either.

“For later…” She responded as she pulled away, licking her red lips. “I’m just giving you some incentive.”


“What you’re about to do, it will be dangerous?” She didn’t really mean it as a question.

“It will be,” I confirmed anyway.

“And, you’re going to tell me I have to stay behind.”

I started, surprised that she had seen right through my intent. Part of the reason I had acted so overbearing with the pair of them was that I planned to leave them at this inn. The Capitol was no place for those who couldn’t fight. If I died or didn’t return, I had prepared for a message to be left with some money and an order for the pair to flee. Aeryn would be expected to take care of Mother from then on.

“You will…” I responded with less strength.

“Then, if you don’t come back, I will go crazy.” She continued, “My sanity is dependent on you returning to me.”


I lifted up my hand and grabbed her cheek. Our lips met, and I kissed Aeryn passionately. After waking up to the feeling of a naked woman rubbing against me, combined with the tense sexual moments with Aeryn, my member naturally responded and grew hard. Aeryn reached down and stroked it through my pants. For a brief moment, I wondered if it’d really be so bad to just take an extra fifteen minutes. It’d be better if I didn’t march into battle with aching balls, after all.

As quickly as she had started stroking my cock until I felt like I’d explode in my pants, she stopped and pulled away. A slightly sadistic smile formed on her face, but she turned away to cover it up.

“Go now! That’s some incentive too!”

“You…” I was ready now to tear off her maid outfit and have her right against the wall.

“If you didn’t want to be so frustrated this morning, you should have called me to your bed rather than an inexperienced sister.” She sniffed.

There was only a tinge of anger and jealousy in her voice. It was clear she understood why I had done what I had done, but that didn’t mean any woman would like to share their man. I wrapped my arms around her, pushing my hard thing against the back of her rump and sniffing her hair. Her breath quickened as I reached up and massaged her breasts.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Next time, I’ll invite you to join me with my sister. You can help get her wet and guide it in.”

“Y-you pig!” She said, but her words didn’t have a lot of energy.

It felt like peeling off my skin, but I pulled away from her body. I had already wasted enough time on indulgence. I quickly got dressed, and halfway through she had regained her own restraint and helped me get suited. I wore a fine outfit good for any wedding. Over that was armor, including the mithril garment I had taken back then. Finally, there was a cloak. When I left the room, she stayed behind without a word. I’d either be back by tonight, or I’d be dead.

I headed down to the commons room only to find everyone else already gathered and waiting on me. Their bulky appearances suggested that they were all wearing armor under their cloaks. The shady innkeeper who had been paid for his silence, cleaned the counter while pretending he didn’t see anything. Although, I hadn’t simply depended on his goodwill to keep him silent. Baba had built a formation in the inn and helped us create an unbreakable contract. Although the innkeeper was paid handsomely, if he betrayed us, the inn would be destroyed, and his soul would be forfeit. He had sweat when he heard the terms, but he believed them.

“It’s about time.” General Tucci growled. “It’ll be daylight in less than an hour. I won’t understand how a man like you can be so casual on the day you’ve chosen to die!”

Lucy, who was sitting next to him, didn’t say anything. Rather, she had her head down, and was distinctly not looking at him. Anyone who was paying attention could instantly figure out what had happened the night before. Only the prideful Tucci seemed to be ignorant of this fact. At least when it came to Bala and Baba, they both seemed to catch things instantly. Even Captain Moar let out a filthy grin and giggled as he came to that realization.

“We’re going.” I announced, heading for the door.

“W-wait! You haven’t told us the plan yet!” Lucy finally spoke up, unwilling to hold back any longer, although as soon as I glanced back at her, she looked away again. “I mean, we need to know what we’re doing, right?”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “We’re going to walk in and take my fiancée. It’s as simple as that.”

“Do you think they’ll let you through the front door? How bold do you have to be?” General Tucci snapped.

I casually pulled out a flask. Bala’s eyes lit up when she saw it. It was actually something she recognized. It had been an item I had lifted off the corpse of her brother earlier. There was nothing special about it, but it caused her to glance under my cloak, and she realized that I was wearing all of Garwin’s clothing. I took a sip from the flask. At this, my face began to change, and a moment later, everyone’s eyes nearly popped open.

“Pretty bold,” I said, but my voice was no longer the same.

“Gorwin…” Bala breathed.

With Gorwin’s body in hand, I had asked Baba what it would take to look like him. Illusion magic could be detected fairly easily if used to the extent of completely changing someone’s appearance. It’d fool normal people, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to enter a royal wedding. On the other hand, if you had flesh and blood of the person you were replicating, then it would be easy enough. I still used illusion magic, but nothing to the extent that people would assume I was obscuring my appearance. The potion took care of the biggest mana drains, so it worked the best.

Of course, this was still a chance. Had Ayda immediately returned to the Capitol and spread the news of the Prince’s death, that would certainly be problematic. This is why I wrote a letter the previous day and sent it on to the Capitol forging Garwin’s signature and seal declaring that Ayda had gone rogue, attempting to help Prince David escape and kill Gorwin, who escaped and completed his job despite her betrayal. Baba’s capacity to do a magical forgery made some of my plans feel almost like cheating. Perhaps I depended on her a bit too much lately. Well, if I had an all-powerful magus, I planned to use an all-powerful magus.

“You really are insane.” General Tucci said, his eyes widening a bit at the sight. “I’m starting to understand how I lost to you.”

“You didn’t lose to me,” I said suddenly, causing the General to give me a hard-questioning look. “You lost to yourself.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” He demanded.

“Nothing…” I shook my head, “Let’s go… ah… that’s right. It should go without question that you’re my prisoners. I will need to have you all tied up.”

“You…” He snorted. “Very well.”

We headed out to the stable and gathered the horses, but once that was done, I pulled out a rope and bound General Tucci and Lucy. It was Bala who tied up Tucci, while I bound Lucy. Getting close to her again after the previous night, she still couldn’t meet my eyes.

“Hey…” I said, leaning close to her ear as I tightened the restraints. “You’re my prisoner now. Act like it.”

Her body shook, but she nodded, putting on a more worried look, that made her look slightly angry. Whether it was anger or worry, the effect was the same, so I didn’t mind.

“Should I be bound as well?” Bala asked.

“No,” I smirked, reaching out and grabbing her, pulling her to me. “After all, you’re my woman.”

I went to kiss her lips, but she suddenly reacted violently, hitting me painfully. She pulled away, a look of disgust on her face. It took me a moment to realize why she looked so repulsed, and then I blushed.

“Ah, right… only an idiot tries to kiss a girl he likes while wearing the wrong face.” I chuckled, rubbing my shoulder.

After a moment, she looked back, a bit of resolve in her expression. “No, it is better this way. Your behavior was in line with the way Gorwin used to act. My repulsion also feels authentic. It was just unsettling how good your acting is. You’re acting just like my brother used to.”

Actually, I was just acting like myself. I scratched my chin, giving out an awkward chuckle. I guess she didn’t realize it with the new face, but my actions were in-line. Did I really act like that incestuous spoiled noble? That actually hurt my pride a bit.

“What about me?” Baba demanded.

“Of course, you’re my guest, as always,” I responded. “Although they assuredly had heard rumors about your loyalt- ahem… friendship with Prince David, they would be quick to believe it all to just be a rumor, having never seen it themselves. In fact, with you there, it will only strengthen the lie. After all, no one would expect a grand magus to be so deceptive.”

“Hmph… so many people seem so certain of what I should be.” She responded angrily.

Well, it’s not like I didn’t understand. I was a devilkin, so naturally, there were a lot of expectations that I was crafty and despicable. The fact that this was true didn’t help my reputation at all. However, for Baba, she was practically given the status of a celebrity. Despite the fact she had thrown her lot in with humans for years now, people still believed her to be fair, impartial, and incorruptible. In truth, I only barely understood why she had chosen to join me and why she offered so much help.

“Captain Moar, Derald… keep your heads down and your hoods up.” That was the best advice I could handle for the two of them.

Even with that, Moar was a bit chubby for an elf. After months of traveling with us, he had lost a great deal of weight, but perhaps that was a testament to how fat he was in the first place.

With that, the group was decided, and the seven of us headed toward the city. The crowds were thick, and they only grew thicker the farther we got. With the city gate in view, our movements stopped to nothing. A massive line of people was trying to get into the city to try to see the royal wedding or make money off those that did. There were a train of merchants as well as people who only had a small pack. It was clear the city was full for such a big day. In fact, it didn’t look like the Capitol of a country that had just been attacked at all. However, even with all this beauty, I could feel the rot writhing underneath.

The city walls that surrounded Greenvale were absolutely nothing like the city walls of any human city. Rather, it looked like hundreds upon hundreds of trees, grown right next to each other so closely that over the years they had grown together. It was a solid, unbreakable wall of wood that was higher and more obstructive than anything a human could build.

“You once told Sister that the only way to defeat the elves was to burn down the forest,” Bala spoke quietly. “However, this wall will never burn. No force has ever been able to break through its defenses.”

“I see…”

So, the elves ended up having this kind of ace in the hole. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even more to this special wall than I could see. After I had my fill of the city, I grew tired of waiting.

“Let’s go…” I ordered, using illusion magic that made it sound perfectly like Gorwin’s voice.

I had worried this would be found out, but visual illusions were more watched for than auditory ones. Furthermore, nobles often infused magic into their voices to make themselves sound more impressive and imposing, so it was unlikely that my own magical tampering would go noticed by most people.

I pulled my horse out of the line while my guards pulled the two other horses with the general and my sister strapped up. We headed straight to the front of the city wall, cutting in front of a merchant who was trying to mop up the sweat on his forehead.

“Move…” I ordered, sounding as haughty and arrogant as the man himself had seemed. “Prince Gorwin has returned.”

The two guards looked at each other and then back to me. “How do we know you’re the real Gorwin?”

I was surprised that they had the insight to suggest that. I had thought no one would expect anything, yet these two had hit the nail on the head. Fortunately, I had an adequate option.

I reached into a pouch on the side of my saddle. I then pulled out by the hair a severed head. The head was grey with long pointy ears. It was instantly recognizable.

“The head of Prince David,” I responded. “Brother will want to see me.’

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