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“Ah… my clothing, it’s tearing!”

“Hmph, now you know how it feels when you do that to a woman!” Saria responded with her arms crossed.

She wasn’t joining in as Bala awoke and pushed me down. She was kissing my neck, sucking hard enough with each kiss that bruises were inevitable. Meanwhile, her hands, more adept at wielding a sword than unbuttoning a shirt, quickly found it too slow and just began to tear at my clothing, ripping it off of me one article at a time. Even though it made my blood boil, I was a prince after all, and the kind of clothing I had wasn’t cheaply made. The travel outfit on me now could have probably supported a poor family for a year.

As soon as she ripped me down to the mithril armor, she pulled that off my body and tossed it to the side. To the current Bala, a beautiful, celestial piece of armor worth a small fortune was discarded aside like dirty laundry. My body was what she wanted now. With my bare, grey chest exposed, her lip started to make marks on my chest, while my pants became the next victims of her lust.

Meanwhile, Saria merely watched us, making me feel exceptionally awkward as her sister ravaged and pawed at me. Saria was my true fiancée, and it felt too much like I was cheating on her. I understood how hypocritical I was being considering I had slept with Bala numerous times behind Saria’s back. Of course, Saria had figured out about our relationship some time ago, but that didn’t mean that I felt okay rubbing it in her face.

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In reality, I wasn’t even certain what Bala truly thought about me. Until she had suddenly taken an arrow for me, I had believed our relationship was slightly antagonistic. She followed me because I had given her no other choice. I never saw her as the type that would have put herself in the way. Enslavement only went so far. Had I not made a specific order, she didn’t need to do that, not truly. That was part of why I had grown so frustrated and angry earlier. I disliked when things were out of my control.

Actually, I didn’t necessarily dislike Bala when she was out of control right now, but it still left me feeling a bit shy. As my clothes came off, Saria first watched us with interest, but then looked away with a blush painting her cheeks. As my pants sprung open and a certain thing came out, it suddenly became very real to the girl who was still a virgin. Even though she had her hands over her face, I noticed her fingers were open and she was staring down at it without looking away.

As for Bala, she didn’t act gently in the slightest as she grabbed it with calloused fingers used to holding a sword and then began to stroke it. Although she was being rough, something about her roughness mixed with Saria’s ragged breathing and shy behavior, and my cock sprang to life anyway. Bala was singularly focused on extracting cum from me. She knew the burning feeling in her body could only be satiated once I came. Thus, she didn’t hesitate to bring up her leg and then impale herself on my cock.

She did it so suddenly that I let out a pleased groan. As for Saria, she gasped, her hand falling down as she looked at my grey cock slide into her sister’s pink pussy. Bala was extremely wet from arousal, and her womanly scent filled the room as she took my cock. It was clear by the shocked expression on her face that she had never seen the act before. Being told that two organs combined, and seeing them combine were two very different things.

On top of that, the smell and sight were having a noticeable effect on Saria. The second she saw my cock slide into her sister, she felt a tingling sensation in the same area. Compared to the liters of blood Bala was exposed to, the little bit that Saria consumed could be considered nothing. However, to an inexperienced woman like her, the burning in her loins and the strange feeling flooding through her body was completely foreign.

The other thing that seemed to shock her was the lewd expression on Bala’s usually cold face. She was actually smiling, with a relaxed, erotically pleased expression. Her body felt intense relief and satisfaction as my cock slid into her, and at moments like these, her emotions painted her face. Compared to the typical cold expression she wore in public and the submissive expression Saria forced her into when she was feeling domineering, this was a behavior she had never seen on her sister before.

As Bala rode my cock, moaning excitedly while her hands roamed over my body, Saria had an expression as if seeing the real Bala for the first time. It was like there was an entire side to her sister she had never known about. Many would argue that Bala’s eroticism and lust was a side of herself that a sister had no business knowing about, but Saria thought she had known everything about her little sister. She had cared for her since she was a baby and personally helped shape her into the woman she was today.

That woman was rocking her hips excitedly as she rode on top of a devil, an expression of desire and love in her eyes. Perhaps that was what hit Saria the hardest. Bala was looking down at me with desire and contentment. In a strange way, at this moment, she looked happy. Bala had never looked at Saria that way. It must have felt like she was losing her sister to someone else.

Perhaps that is the reason that she suddenly got out of her chair and sat on the bed next to her fiancé and her sister who was riding on top. Her presence instantly drew my attention, but Bala seemed either too lost in her own lust or completely apathetic to her sister’s presence. She continued to rock her hips powerfully enough that the entire bed creaked, shamelessly riding me like she might ride a horse.

I realized that Saria was shaking nervously. Although Saria had been the brains between the two girls, that also meant she had a habit of overthinking things. The relatively simple Bala was more flexible as a result, quickly changing her actions and needs to suit the situation. For Saria, this was much more difficult. Things like losing her virginity were too precious in her mind that it could be done simply.

“Saria…” I said, my voice a bit more strained and breathy than I had wanted it to be.

I reached out and took her hand in mine. The scene was kind of silly. I was lying down on the bed, butt naked, while an aggressive woman rode my dick, and here I was holding my fiancée’s hand and trying to soothe her emotionally. I couldn’t enjoy the raw sex, nor could I appreciate the emotional moment I was sharing with Saria.

However, with Bala’s aggressive machinations, I had reached my limit. My hand squeezed on Saria all of a sudden as I let out a moan, this caused Saria to panic, but with my hand tightened around hers, she couldn’t escape. Instead, she just had to hold my hand helplessly while I creampied her sister. Bala continued to rock her hips on top of me for another sold minute until I had become flaccid. Then, she got off of me as abruptly as she had gotten on me.

Bala’s vitality certainly couldn’t be snuffed at. With the healing and my blood, she had already completely recovered. Other than a small scar on her stomach, there was no evidence that she had been mortally wounded just a half-day ago.

To my surprise, rather than getting dressed and leaving, she lay down next to me, putting her head on my neck, and her hand on my chest. Her sister, who was still holding my hand, slowly got into the same position on the other side. Saria was just emulating her sister at the moment, but Bala once again seemed to almost ignore her.

I really wanted to do something to patch up their relationship. At first, Bala had always seemed like a submissive, while Saria relentlessly oppressed her. She treated everyone else coldly. However, as Bala fell into my service, her submissiveness was transferred to me, and she began to look at everyone else coldly, her own sister included. I wasn’t a psychiatrist, however, and female relationships were far outside my particular skillset.

As I was trying to come up with a way to bring the two sisters closer together, I realized that Saria’s breathing had turned more rugged. Her hips were gyrating just a slight amount against the side of my leg, and her cheeks were flushed red. I suddenly remembered again that she had some blood too, but unlike Bala, she had yet to experience the cure.

“D-David…” She panted in my ear, the effects of the aphrodisiac slowly increasing with each agonizing second.

When I had finished with Bala, she had been relieved. For some reason, in her mind, because she had held my hand, that should have been sufficient. She had sex, right? She had been immensely relieved to get it over with as she lay down next to me afterward. However, that only spoke to how weak Saria was when it came to sex. She was brilliant when it came to politics, but she completely broke down when it came to sexual pursuits. I remembered she froze in much the same way when Lord Stebes tried to have her.

Now that she realized that the devilish poison inside her hadn’t been satisfied with just handholding during the act, the fear inside of her resurged. She started shaking once again as she feared what would happen. There was a clear look of regret on her face that she had drunk my blood. She had been acting boldly at the time, but now that it had come this far, she didn’t want to go any farther.

“The cure is my semen,” I said cautiously. “If you use your mouth down there, there may be some cum still. You didn’t drink a lot of blood, so it should be enough to alleviate your issues.”

“Th-that means… down there…”

Well, I was a devil, not a saint! That was already enough. She could probably scoop it out of Bala if she was desperate, but I wanted her to have to work a little bit. She cautiously moved down my body, moving her small form until she was just over my cock. The thought of her small lips on my cock was enough that I had recovered and it started getting hard again.

She cautiously leaned down, held back her hair, and licked it. As soon as she did, she made a bitter face. However, she licked it several more times, carefully trying to clean it without allowing her face to come in contact with it. Her small pink tongue was the only thing she allowed to touch my cock. As she continued at it, I felt myself feeling a tinge of annoyance. This was a total tease. I had been teasing her by getting her to suck my cock, but at this rate, I’d be the one feeling sore.

“Bala, it seems like your sister needs some instruction. Could you?”

Bala looked at me expressionlessly, but then lowered her head. I was being a bit devilish. I actually hadn’t expected her to listen to me. Once her head lowered, she started speaking to Saria.

“If you want him to release his seed, you must be more aggressive.”

“Ah! S-sister… I’m not… r-really?” At first, Saria was startled to see her sister speak to her, but then she started seriously listening to her. “Like this?”

“No, you must hold it like a weapon, or it will slip out your hands and poke you in the eye!”

I started to put on a wry expression. In retrospect, Bala wasn’t that experienced, and she already had a rough demeanor. I didn’t really want Saria to end up like another Bala. She already had sadistic tendencies, so mixed with rough treatment, and I might need healing come the morning.

“Ahhh…” Saria was making a noise like when a doctor asked you to open your mouth.

“No, you must loosen up your throat more or it will gag you.”

The two girls continued to talk back and forth, with my dick being the primary subject. In some strange way, seeing the pair of them talking to each other once again was a bit heartwarming. I had meant it as a joke, but apparently, this turned out to be a bonding moment for the two sisters. While the girls passed it back and forth, they started changing their techniques.

The simple Bala explained her experiences, and then Saria critiqued it and came up with more modifications. What started as a one-way lesson turned into the pair experimenting using my dick.

“Ah… I don’t like that.”

Both girls shot me a sudden death glare. Apparently, even though it is my organ, I wasn’t permitted to give input to how anything felt. I could only roll my head back wryly as the girls continued to play with it. As Saria had stopped panting with a flushed expression, I suspected that the residue cum had already been enough to cure her of the aphrodisiac effect, but she still kept at it, encouraged by her sister.

After nearly an hour passed, I had reached my limit though. “Will you just do it already!”

Saria blinked, and then a sudden sadistic expression appeared on her face. Uh oh, I had revealed a weakness to her. First, with Bala, I had acted aggressively and unintelligently. Now, I gave a sadistic princess a means of torturing me. Today was not my day.

“Oh, hoh… so the prince doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get off all the way… so you like this then?”

She grabbed my penis with both hands and started working it. Her technique startled me, but she really had worked out a method. Her hands both were on the shaft, and as she tugged up and down, she twisted her hands in the opposite direction, rubbing my cock fully with her small hands. The pair of them hadn’t been fooling around for the last hour for nothing. Her technique was top tier. I quickly forgot myself and leaned back, letting out a moan.

“I’m about to cum…” I said.

“Really?” Her voice sounded wrong, and it instantly sent a chill down my spine.

“Oops, my hands got tired… can’t…” She suddenly let go of my cock and then turned away.

Having just reached the border of cumming and then suddenly stopping. That was the Saria I knew. The last hour hadn’t just been experimenting with handjobs. It looked like Saria had tempered her soul by engaging with my penis. Only then could she manifest her true cruelty! I forgot how devious my fiancée was. However, she forgot one thing. I’m a devil!

“Bala, hold your sister down.”


“Ah… what are you doing! Get off of me!”

Bala was still my servant and she was enslaved by me. So, she would do anything I commanded of her, even turn on her own sister. Although this destroyed a lot of the good feelings established between the two sisters over the last hours, I wasn’t feeling in a forgiving mood.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She cried as she was held on the bed, and her legs forced open.

“It came to my realization that despite your previous arousal, you were never properly satisfied,” I said thoughtfully. “This isn’t good. It’s definitely unhealthy. That’s why you must also get off.”

“Y-you…” Her expression turned ugly. “This had gone too far! If you touch me, I’ll hate you forever!”

She wasn’t lying. Saria was a prideful woman. If I forced myself on her now, I knew that it would cause resentment to form in her heart. In this manner, our relationship would likely never survive. However, who was I if not a devil?

“Who said I was going to touch you?” I asked innocently and then nodded. “Bala.”

Bala reached her hand down and then went up Saria’s skirt. Her fingers pushed aside Saria’s panties, revealing her pink slit to me. Bala immediately began rubbing Saria. Saria’s expression instantly turned white.

“Wh-what are you doing?” She cried out. “We’re sisters!”

“Healthy for sister…” Bala said, a glimmer in her eye.

It looked like Bala had some built-up resentment herself from being bullied by Saria all those years. Now that the tables were turned, she was enjoying this. Well, I was forcing her to do it with the enslavement, so if she had to, she might as well get what enjoyment out of it she could. It was probably something like that. “

“Si-sister… don’t…” She panted, her face red and her mouth open.

She really had been horny. Even though she had removed the aphrodisiac before it got too bad, it had already prepped her body for it. Her pussy was plenty wet, and it took almost no time at all until she started to lose her mind under Bala’s touch.

Actually, I was back to blue balling myself. I had intended to tease Saria, but the sight of the two sisters was more erotic than I gave it credit. I was very aroused watching the two. Saria was covered in a sheen of sweat, her pussy bared while her sister’s finger’s blazed across the clit. Her other hand wrapped around Saria’s modest chest and squeezed it while she fingered her. Saria had completely stopped fighting, and it even looked like she wanted to kiss her sister while they did it, even though Bala kept her face aloof.


A scream came from outside the door. The sun had set on the fort, and as the darkness fell, the screams rose up all over the fort. It looked like playtime was over.

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