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We had managed to flee the elvish nation of Peri, and were just outside Dongeng, the fairy nation. This was a no man’s land. This area was a desert with no resources. Thus, neither the elves nor the fairies had any interest in it. We were in a small town, although calling it a town was giving it too much credit. This place was closer to an outpost. It was the last town before something known a the divide, a desert that literally divided the fairy and elvish lands.

My mother, Baba, Bala, Saria and Lucy found ourselves in an inn. Meanwhile, the men were checking around town. Captain Moar and the other surviving guard were trying to buy supplies for the last leg of the journey. General Tucci was guarding the perimeter, unwilling to accept that we had successfully escaped and weren’t being followed. The rest of us remained in the common room, which was just a hit cooler than the boiling bedrooms. Sweat dripped down our faces, and even the princesses lost all propriety and fanned their dresses every now and then.

I regretted that we didn’t have such a thing as air conditioning in this world. Although my devil-like body was better in the heat than a human, I was also in the body of a prince who had once lived a posh life. The few months I had been in this world weren’t enough to completely alter the weak body I possessed, although I was working on it. Besides, devilkin wasn’t known for being their physical prowess. My species was instead known for our manipulation and treachery. It was no wonder we were hated.

Of course, it was possible Baba could cast a spell that would cool things down. However, we were still on the run, and such a spell risked being detected. The entire country of Peri was on high alert, and we had been dodge patrols for weeks as we left the country. It would have been impossible without having an intimate knowledge of the underground tunnels that carpeted the land. This was the first chance we’d get to rest and sleep in comfortable beds.

We had already taken baths shortly after arriving, but as things were, we’d probably need another bath before too long. In the meantime, the most comfortable I could be was to sit with my shirt undone and a cold drink brought up from the cellar bellow. If only this place had ice, but even something from the cellar beat nothing. No one spoke much at this time. Other than the occasional sigh or the sound of someone waving something in front of their face to cool off, this was how we were spending our time.

Once we left this town, we’d be facing the harsh desert, so this was as comfortable as it was going to be until we hit Dongeng. Worst, we didn’t know what kind of reception we’d get once we made it. My kind was absolutely hated by the fairies. My true mother, at least the one who biologically had me, despised me, and the rest were probably no better. However, this was the direction that Olivia had been taken, so this was the direction that I went.

Lucy’s ears suddenly straightened. “Someone’s coming.”

“So?” Saria responded irritably. “This is a traveling post. It stands to reason that people are always coming and going.”

“No… this…” She reached for her sword.

No one had any time to react, however, as the door burst open and soldiers exploded in. I let out a curse, but I didn’t even have time to even defend myself before several men rushed over and grabbed me. Lucy and Bala were similarly restrained in an instant. If it wasn’t so hot and we hadn’t let out guards down, maybe things would have ended up differently, but we were all restrained.

What was more surprising is that these men who came in weren’t elves, and they didn’t appear to be fairies either. They were humans! What were humans doing out here in the divide?

“What do you want?” I asked as I was pulled out of my seat and shoved to the ground.

“What happened to General Tucci?” Lucy asked.

A man shoved open the door and walked in. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular physique. He was an extremely attractive person who seemed to exude manliness. His appearance seemed to catch the attention of all of the women instantly. They all looked at him and gulped. I frowned, not understanding why they would have such a reaction.

“He’s been taken care of. I wouldn’t worry about him, but rather yourselves.” He responded with a grin before turning to his men. “Report!”

“General Dickus, we have secured the entire town. It is encircled, no one in or out.”

“Fantastic.” He nodded, reaching out and pulling a glass from the table and drinking it in a single gulp before looking down at me. “Prince David, I presume?”

“I have heard of you, general.” I responded back.

“No, you wouldn’t have. I’ve been too busy on the border, killing devils.” He responded. “However, when I heard of the king’s death, I knew I had to find you immediately.”

The king died? I didn’t feel any pain. I barely knew the king. However, there was a flash of panic. I had hoped that I would have more time. If he was already dead, then all of my plans would need to be rushed. The general seemed to be watching the expressions on my face with interest.

“I suppose you didn’t come to join me?” I asked hopefully.

“Not at all.” He laughed. “I came to kill you. To allow a devil to be the king? What a perversion is that?”

“That’s not for you to decide!” Lucy cried out.

“Oh? That’s right, I suppose that now that the king is dead, the land is to be split between each of the prince and princesses, am I right?” He laughed. “Your father is dead, and your uncle is incompetent. If humanity is to survive, it won’t be because of a devil, nor will it be from a beastkin. The day your father took a fairy slut for his wife, he gave up the right to be king!”

“What are you saying?” My eyes narrowed, and then widened. “You’re not here just to kill me, are you?”

He touched his nose and laughed. “Everyone knows that the one who has the princesses has the nation. Once I’ve subdued them all, I will have the country! It’s that simple.”

“You think any of us will join you?” Lucy made a disgusted face.

“I never planned to give you a choice.”

“You won’t succeed.” I narrowed my eyes.

“Why?” He asked. “Oh, is it because you’ve used your devil tricks to enslave them?”

My expression didn’t change, but I felt a stab of worry. He knew about the enslavement? I supposed it couldn’t be too surprising. After all, he fought on the borders. He might know more about devil tactics than I did.

“Lucy, it’s time that you become mine.” He declared, pulling out his cock.

It was a massive thing, so big it caused all of the girls to audibly gasp.

“I will never become yours?”

“Hehe, you think you can resist?” He smirked. “I’ve learned some tricks down in the devil lands. Thus, I’m confident of turning you into mine, no matter what you’re relationship with Prince David is.”

“You’re demented!” The woman who cried out this time was my mother.

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow as he looked down on her. “I guess you would be that fake queen that made our king a cuck laughingstock. They say that your love for the prince is absolute and unwavering. All the hate the queen had for her son was flipped in you, and as a result you’re obsessed with him.”

“David is my everything!” She snapped defensively.

“Then, let’s see your resolve.” He brought out a small box and opened it.

As he moved, my mother tried to back away, but two men grabbed her and held her there. The general’s confidence had caused her to feel fear. He reached into the box and pulled out a pinch of something. He then walked up to her a blew a puff of substance into her face.

“What did you just do?” I demanded, trying and failing to fight against my restraints.

“It’s merely an aphrodisiac.” He shrugged. “I created it based off of the concept of devils. It doesn’t have such devilish properties as your blood. She can be satisfied by anyone. It will wear out, but it’s many times more potent. Now, all I have to do is wait.”

My mother looked away angrily and defiantly, but her cheeks started to turn red and her breath became labored. As a few minutes passed, mother looked like she was in physical pain.

“Will you let her go? She has nothing to do with this!” I tried a different direction to my argument.

The general glanced at me. “Are you sure about that?”


“Okay, let her go.” He waved his hand, and the guards let go of her.

She looked up, panting, her eyes seemingly filled with lust.

“Mom, I’m right here,” I said.

I didn’t want to sacrifice myself like this. I had always strictly avoided touching my mother. However, I knew how potent my blood could be, so I knew what she was feeling. Thankfully, she could satisfy herself on me. Maybe that was his game in the first place. He wanted to force the other women to see me sleep with my own mother. He hoped that would repel them from me, but it wouldn’t work.

“Well, help the man along!” The general chuckled.

The two guards reached down and pulled down my pants, freeing my cock for mom. I felt embarrassed, but if this was how it had to play out, then I would do it. Mom glanced at my cock. That was right. She loved me. I was her everything. Now, come to my-

Mom started crawling toward the general. She grabbed his cock and then started to suck on it. The girls behind her all let out shocked cries. They knew how my mother was. Why would she pick another man?

“Surprised?” He asked, grinning. “This is the truth of all women. Deep down, they are just sluts who want the biggest cock. When it comes to her raw desires, she knows I can satisfy her better than you can, so she naturally went with me.”

“That… couldn’t be…” I collapsed to the ground, unwilling to believe it as my mother hungrily swallowed this other guy’s cock.

“I’m sorry, baby, I love you, but I need a real man right now,” Mom said tearfully. “General Dickus is the best.”

“Please, call me by my first name, Biggus.”

“Mmmm, please, fuck me!” She spread her legs open. “I need that big thing inside me so bad!”

“Hehe, why not!” He fell to his knees and then lined his cock up with mother’s pussy.

“No!” I cried out.

However, he shoved it inside her and then started to slam his giant ramrod into her. Mom took it all, a look of euphoria on her face.

“Fuck! Yes! It’s so great! Give me that big dick!” She moaned.

She already started orgasming, and they only just started. I tried to look away, but one of the guards grabbed my head and lifted it, forcing me to look at my mom getting plowed. He banged her hard, and it almost seemed like she was constantly orgasming. Every time he shoved into her, liquid squirted out the sides of her stretched pussy. He was tearing her apart, and she loved every moment of it.

“I’m sorry, David, don’t look at me!”

“Hehe… you say that, but don’t you like him seeing you cum?” He laughed.

“I-impossible!” She cried, but she still ended up cumming.

“Now watch as I fill your mother up with cum!” He laughed, his cock suddenly exploding.

He filled mom’s womb up with cum, and when his cock finally pulled out, white stuff squirted out of her in a stream, some of it hitting my face.

“That was wonderful…” Mom purred. “I’m so sore, but happy. That was the best orgasm of my life.”

“Is that all you can take?” He shook his head. “I was hoping to play with you some more, but I guess I’ll just have to move on.”

He looked up at the other girls. “Whose next?”

“You bastard!” Lucy cried out. “Is that what you plan to do to all of my sisters?”

“Foolish girl, you say that like I already haven’t?” He snapped his fingers, and the door opened.

Two women walked in. They were dressed for the desert appropriately. That was to say they were wearing practically nothing. As our eyes got used to the light from outdoor, I finally was able to recognize Olivia and Lucilla. They both had happy, slightly euphoric expressions on their faces not much different than my mother.

General Dickus put out his hands and grabbed both women. As he pulled them close, his hands slapped their butts. They excitedly pressed themselves against him. Olivia started to lick his nipple while Lucilla began to stroke his dick, still wet with my mother’s lust.

“Wh-what is this?” I demanded hoarsely.

“What? Did you think I stopped here first? No, I’ve already banged all of the girls. I was coming back from Dongeng after properly taming these two little bitches when I just happened upon you.”

“Olivia… what about us?” I asked.

Olivia stopped licking his nippled to frown on me. “Hmm? Who are you? Oh, that small-dicked loser who got my virginity first. Lame…”

“But… the baby…”

“Don’t worry, once she pops out the baby, you can take care of it for us.” Biggus Dickus laughed.

“Now, sisters, isn’t it time Lucy joins us?”

“Mmm!” Lucilla nods.

“Sister, his dick is really the best!” Olivia adds.

“No! Stop!” Lucy cries out.

The bodyguards force her down on a low sitting table, and then her sister’s hold her as Biggus approaches. He doesn’t even bother with aphrodisiac as he slams his giant cock into her too. I tried to fight, but I was helpless against him. I could only watch as he banged my sister right in front of me. My other two sisters got turned on and joined in. At some point, aphrodisiac was blown into Baba, Bala, and Saria’s faces, and they started excitedly masturbating.

Some aphrodisiac must have ended up in my nose, because as I watched the orgy in front of me, I started getting extremely aroused. I soon started jacking it, but tears fell from my eyes as I jerked my little grey cock.

As Lucy exploded in cum, I also shot my loud onto the floor. It felt really good. Lucy broke in only about an hour before she started begging for cock. She didn’t even have an aphrodisiac to defend her actions. Biggus didn’t stop though. He banged each of the women there until they couldn’t even think anymore. Then, he went and did a second round. I kept jerking off watching it until I started to really like it. The smell and sight of my sisters getting off turned me on immensely.

The next day, he dragged us back to the human realm and united it. The girls all became his women. I sat in a collar next to his throne and ate whatever scraps he tossed down. I happily watched as he banged my sisters and the elf girls. Once in a while, he even allowed one of them to suck me off. He was really a great ruler. He eventually combined the elf and human realms, and became a hero of ages. It turned out, the one who was enslaved in the end was me.

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I hope you like the ending! Everyone kept bugging me for it. I said I needed time and you said no, so this is what you requested.