Yurtdışı Yatırım

Yeah, this thing still exists. Just because I’ve been sort of offline for a week doesn’t meant I’ve forgotten.

However… the due date is in two days, and I have yet to receive a SINGLE entry. This means two things. One… if you do submit… you have a VERY HIGH chance of winning, and two, if I don’t get at least 20 submissions, I’ll be cancelling it.

I thought with the extremely low barrier needed to submit, I’d get more interest. Hopefully, I have a lot of people who have been sitting on it. If not, oh well.

Are you a writer interested in erotic fiction? Would you like to see one of your stories published? Waw-chan has a competition just for you!

Write a short erotic story centered around an erotic scene and submit it to me.

The Author MUST:

  • Be able to write in fluent English.
  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Donate $1 or more as a Patreon or Full Frontal Access.
    • This has nothing to do with getting money or patrons, this is simply the best way I can think of to ensure writers are appropriate age and to filter out spammers and nefarious people. If you honestly can’t spare $1, please contact me and I’ll waive it.

The story MUST:

  • Must be more than 2k words but no more than 15k words..
  • Contain at least one erotic scene.
  • Written in a word document format. (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)
  • White background, black text. Times New Roman/Ariel/Calibri, 11-12 font.
  • Include Title, Author Name, Contact Email on first page.
  • Properly spaced AND edited.

Here is an example of such a story.

The chapters will be put up for vote. The winners will have their story published in an anthology. Grammar and spelling matters! You must be competent in English. I will not accept stories that require excessive editing. It should be a complete manuscript.

The Top Winner will receive:

$100 (Transferred Via Paypal or an equivalent gift card)

Story featured on whatsawhizzerwebnovels.com.

The Top Ten Winners will receive:

Work recognized, professionally edited, and published in an anthology.

A free copy of the eBook.

A paid-for illustration depicting scenes and/or characters in the story.

The end date for this competition is December 31st. The winners will be decided in January. The final edited Anthology with images will come out in April.

Please Submit your work here.