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Starstrike was on stage, singing their best song that I love! Here are the entire lyrics to the song.

Beautiful dreams and beautiful hearts.

Together in the nicest way.

Mmm ya… ya ya…. Yayaya… ya

Mm… MM… ya ya ya… budum… ya ya yaya

Yayaya bum, ya

<music solo>

Yayaya… bum bum ya… Mmm… Mmmm

MMmm…Mmmm..Mm…MMmmm. Mmmm… Mmmm

ya ya ya… Mmm…Mmm…MMM…Mmmm

Beautiful dreams and beautiful hearts.

Together in the nicest way.

“Oh my GAWD, I love this song so much!” I cry out.

“Lolz,” Jessica says.

“ROTFLMAO,” says Jane.

Sara says nothing. She’s the quiet one. The three of us were dancing like crazy. Mark sat in a corner, staring at me with dark eyes, but it was so awkward.

Two days ago he had confessed with me. It was so gross. I mean, yeah, we’re childhood friends and I’ve known him for like years, but why would he think I’d be interested in having a relationship with him? Then he pushed me to the ground and tried to kiss me. Fortunately, the new kid, his name was David by the way, showed up and totally pushed him off of me.

However, it’s cool, I’ve forgiven Mark. He only tried to sexually assault me, I can’t let that overwhelm years of friendship. Of course, now every time I’m not looking he gives me these dark, angry stares. I’m sure that in no way will come back to haunt me later in the story.

Either way, now I’m absolutely in love with David. He doesn’t shove me to the ground and kiss me against my will. Well, he does, but only when I want it… which turns out to be all the time, because he’s hot, and hot guys can do whatever they want. Yesterday he slammed me into the locker and started kissing me without my permission, telling me to admit I love him.

I did, and now we’re dating. It sounds bad when I describe it with exposition… but it was super hot. Here…

David rounded on me in the hall; his eyes were fiery with passion and anger. He grabbed my arm forcefully.

“I heard you decided to forgive the Mark kid.”

“Yeah, so what if I did?” I snapped back.

David’s eyes glowered deeply, “Do you like him?”

“What? No! Not at all! But he’s been my friend for so long.”

“I’m just… very concerned for your safety. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

He said that, but his grip on my arm was tight enough that it hurt just a little bit. Only enough to give him a sexy dangerous vibe.

“Then let go of me,” I snapped at him.

“You… you’re so very special and not like any girl I’ve ever met.”

I turned away, hiding the blush on my cheeks. “Don’t say things like that. I don’t have a heart anymore.”

I tried to walk away, but David grabbed me and pushed me up against a locker. “I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true,” my eyes looked out, vacantly, “I’ll never love again.”

“I know that you love me!” David shouted, kissing me on the lips, his hot body pressed up against mine.

I turn my head, a single tear dropping down my cheek. “Why can’t I quit you? Your right I love you too.”

The pair of us embraced.

See, it was super hot. Anyway, despite David and I now being totally a couple, he didn’t come to the dance because he had work. So I instead went solo with the girls. Oh, all the other girls had dates, but when they found out I wasn’t bringing mine, they dumped them so I wouldn’t be lonely. This is so unfortunate; they’re totally going to rub it in my face later.

The night would have been perfect, but the most popular girl in school was there too. She and her boyfriend were practically having sex on the dancefloor, and then she started dancing with a bunch of other guys too. Her dress was really really expensive, and she wore gobs and gobs of makeup.

“That girl is such a slut.” Jessica says.

“Yeah, she’s a whore.” I agreed, the slut shaming making me feel better about my utter lack of popularity.

The dance was starting to draw to a close, and then the ‘oh so sexy’ Zack came up on stage.

“I’d like to announce that one lucky dance attendee can come on back stage and meet with Starstrike!”

He fiddles with a card and pulls it out, and then reads off the name. The name happens to be my name! I won! Oh my god!

I jump up and down really excited, immediately ignoring and abandoning my friends as I run up the stage. The popular girl is giving me such a dirty look now. She looked ready to spit venom. How unlucky am I?

I end up in the back stage and there he is, Zack… the hottest guy ever who ever lived.

“So… congrats on winning. Let me introduce the band. Of course, you know me, Zack, the band vocal, a cocky but polite guy with a dark and mysterious past. “

He bows, then points over to a tall, skinny guy with long blond hair who is also super super hot.

“Then you have Ren over here. He’s the playboy.” Ren winks at me very seductively.

“And here’s Eric, he’s drummer. He’s what you’d call the strong silent type who you’ll probably set up with one of your friends.” He points to a larger guy with black short cropped hair. He’s also hot, but he’s no Zack.

“I have a friend who is quiet too!”


After the introduction, I started to ask the band questions. Zack seemed to stare at me more intensely as the talk went on. Ren was playful, cracking jokes and giving me winks whenever he thought Zack wasn’t looking. Zack did notice, and occasional gave a little jealous frown. Eric didn’t say much, just an occasional yup, or okay… but don’t worry, he’ll give an inspirational speech when Zach needs it, shortly after Ren and him have a falling out argument on account of me some time near the end of the story… but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Zack is totally into me!

“You… you’re very special. The way you blush and turn your head away. I mean, you’re acting like every other fan girl we’ve ever met before… but specialler than all the other girls.” Zack says as the night wears on.

Well that just caused me to blush more. Zack was just so perfectly sexy and perfect and also his eyes were so intense it was like they looked right into my soul.

“Looks like we’re out of time,” Zack says regrettably, “I’m going to be staying in town a little while. Why don’t you give me a tour this weekend?”

I shake my head yes! This is so awesome! I’m gonna hang out with Zack from Starstrike! He kisses me on the forehead and whispers ‘bye’ into my ear. Now I’m all weak in the knees!

Wait, I have a boyfriend! Oh well, this guy was hotter at the moment, so it was okay. He can’t be hurt by what he doesn’t know!

So I finally leave the dance. Everyone else has already left. Not even my friends stayed behind? I guess I’d have to walk home in the middle of the night. Nothing ominous about that.

About a third of the way home, I started feeling like something was off. Suddenly, a man pops out in front of me. He looks big and scary and strong. He looks at me with mean looking eyes.

Then five other guys pop out from the shadows. I’m surrounded!

“Well, hello!” The main leader says cheerfully.

“Uh… what do you want.”

“We want you to send a message.” He grins evilly. “To David.”

“What kind of message?”

The guy tsks. “You see… it’s not the kind of message that can be said in words so much. You see… my guys are gonna rape you, one after another. We’re going mess you up so bad, that David will know we mean business!”

“Why!” I cry out.

“Oh, David didn’t tell you? He used to be in our gang. He was the leader. However, then he left and tried to go straight. We just wanted to remind him that that will never happen.”

The guys grabbed me and tossed me to the ground. Oh no, what was I going to do!

“Hey! Get away from her!” a guy shouted.

The group all turned, and we saw it was… Zack from Starstrike?

“Hahaha? A pretty boy singer like you?”

“I had a dark past.” Zack explains.

“Guys, get him.”

The group attacks Zack, and within seconds they are all on the ground. I could barely see what he did. He just decimated everyone like some kind of karate champion.

“How are you so strong?”

“You should have checked out my profile, you’d have known I’m a 10th Dan Black Belt.” Zack shrugged.

I nodded, I did remember reading about that, but in my worry I had forgotten.

“Are you safe?” Zack asked.


“…beautiful girl.” Zack wraps his hands onto my arms.

“What’s going on here?” David steps out from a shadow, just as Zack is about to kiss me.

“Do you know this guy?” Zack asks cockily.

David’s face suddenly twists, “Zack… you bastard. You should remember me.”

Zack squints, and after a second laughs, “Oh it is you!”

“What are you doing with my girlfriend?”

Zack shrugs, “I don’t see your name on her. As far as I’m concerned, she can be with whomever she wants.”

“What’s the meaning of this!” David turns to me, his face twisted with anger.

“Your one to talk! Don’t you see these gang guys all around? Recognize them! You almost got me raped!” I responded angrily.

For the first time, David seemed to realize that the three weren’t the only one’s there. He noticed everyone else.

“Ah… I see, come home with me. I’ll explain everything.” David looks sheepish.

“What? You can’t trust this guy! Come with me!” Zack states.

Oh, no! Both guys want me to go with them. What do I do? My life is so unfortunate!

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