Disclaimer: The following short story contains extreme scenes of erotic food cooking. There is nothing inappropriate written in this if you have a clean mind. Read my chapter on Food Sex in Wattpad 101 if you want some reference for this. 

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It laid there with its juices flowing out, sizzling from the heat. I slowly slid my tool under it, separating it from its element and lifting. I flipped, taking it from the other side. The hamburger continued to cook as I left it on the grill. My hands parted, running up my hard body and wiping the sweat accumulating in droplets across my brow.

A hand laid upon my shoulder causing me to turn away from my dirty deeds. There he was, my manager. His rippling mass moving beside me as he admired my indiscretions. He turned to me, his deep blue eyes piercing into my very soul, his greasy shirt tight against his body.

“You’re doing good,” He teased her with a smile.

I inhaled a sharp breath, a spike of exhilaration tingling through my body, “I try my best.”

“I know how you could do even better,” the manager winked, pulling his hand away, guiding it sensually down the length of my arm first.

“How is that, Mr. Manager,” I pouted, leaning towards him in anticipation.

“Use this,” he purred, reaching deep into his pants.

My eyes widened as he pulled out his enormous tool, just like mine, hard and round and big. He had greased it sufficiently with oil and it was bigger and slicker than the tool in my hand could ever be.

“Oh my,” I breathed, “Do you think it might be too big?”

The managed chuckled harshly, “It’ll fit, just flip it over and stick it in.”

He was absolutely right. I slid that bad boy under the meat, and it just slipped right in. I giggled, moving to discard my inadequate tool in my hand.

“Now, now, you know as I do that size doesn’t matter.”

“But I like it so much,” I whimpered, giving him a sight of my underlip.

“Well, if you like it so much, just use both?”

“Two at the same time?” My eyes opened in mock shock.

He chuckled, “Beau, You can always take turns, one, and then the other.”

I nodded enthusiastically, “I don’t want to wear any of them out, if we take turns I can go all night.”

“That’s good,” He grinned, giving me one more seductive eyeful, “This will be a looooong night.”

I tingled with anticipation, shivers shooting up and down my body as I contemplated the long night ahead of me. I was certainly going to be sore all over by the time the night was done. I still wouldn’t stop. All of my previous boyfriends like to nap after they were done. Meanwhile, I’d be ready for another round. I just wish there was another person around who could keep up my stamina; my workplace stamina.

“Excuse me?” a voice asked from the front of the store, “Can you come here?”

“I can come as soon as these juices start flowing,” I teased back, feeling a little full of myself as I play with the thick juicy meet oozing all over my hot grill.

I regretfully put the tools down, leaving my wet oiled burger to wait patiently unattended. I moved up to the front of the store, my hand rubbing grease provocatively all over my shirt. Each hand leaving a streak of my burger fluids behind them.

There was cute boy in his teens at the front of the store. His name was Ronald. He was shy, but shy in a way that made you want to put your arms around him and press your hot body against his. He looked back at me, his eyes nervous like the first time.

“Hey Beau, Jack will service your burger for a while. I need you in the front while he’ll handle it from behind.”

I practically purred in pleasure. I had been fiddling with those tools and playing with wet burgers so long, I missed a little human interaction. I couldn’t wait until the guys took over for a bit. I’m glad both guys were here, the shift is always more enjoyable when there are two at a time. I was ready for a double-teaming.

“That’s fine, but Jack better come when I want him to.” I sighed.

“Don’t worry, he’s very reliable, he always comes for me when I need it.” Ronald nodded.

I perked my eyes up in interest. I knew that Jack goes both ways, qualified to work in both the front and back of the store, but I had no clue that Ronald was taking advantage of it. Ronald might become learn to go both ways as well. This excited me quite a bit. All of us willing to take it every way meant some very interesting store dynamics.

I took one of the cash registers in my hands, running my fingers all over it. I was always the aggressive kind of girl. I liked to claim my property, so to speak. It was then that something out of the corner of my vision caused me to look up.

A hot guy with jet black hair was walking across the street. He wore a black coat, a black shirt, black pants, and he had a sexy silver earing on is left ear. He worked out, abs stretching against his tight black shirt. He bulged from so many places, it was tantalizing. His hard black eyes stared into me, pulling my very soul out of my breasts and baring it for the world to see. His narrow chin and high cheek bones fit well with his muscular nose. I noticed he was jaywalking. This was clearly a bad boy. A bad bad boy. A boy in need of my burger in his mouth, perhaps?

I blinked as the boy entered the store and was already at the counter in front of me before I could think. My eyes feasted on his body. He flexed and rippled, eying me up and down, undressing my personality with his eyes.

“What the hell are you looking at?” He snapped.

My eyes opened in surprised, I hadn’t expected him to sound so harsh.

“I’m sorry?” I innocently responded, trying to appease this big strong man.

“Don’t be sorry. And don’t look at me. Just keep quiet and service me like a good little servant.”

I hadn’t realized the man was so dominating. I quivered at the abuse, immediately assuming the role of a docile servant.

“What do you want,” I breathed,” from me?”

“I want you to bend over and take my order,” he scuffed, “I want two burgers, in my mouth, right now.”

“Oh, you’re so greedy.”

“Keep your comments to yourself, I never leave satisfied unless I have at least two burgers and a tossed salad.”

I gasped, putting my hand up to my breast in mock surprised, “How would you like me to toss your salad?”

The man eyed me up and down one more time, leaning to the side to get a better look. He was absolutely the baddest boy ever. I shivered with excitement, ready to provide him the greatest service that any service girl could ever provide a man in a strictly fast food capacity.

“Your burger looks raw, dry and tasteless.”

My body spasmed; that was it. I was ready to punish him for all of his abuse. It was time I went full Khaleesi on his Dothraki butt. I opened my mouth to tantalize him further, but he spoke first.

“I’m sorry,” the man sighed, “Can I possibly get someone else to service me, perhaps your manager?”

My smile fell apart. Why were all the good ones only interested in being serviced by the same sex? I pointed to Ronald and the dark bad boy moved over one cash register. Ronald was too young and inexperienced to service a man like that properly.

In the end, I was right. Ronald ended up making several mistakes and by the end had broken down in tears at the humiliation. The bad boy should have taken on someone like me with more experience. I could take a hundred badboys at once and come out of it unbruised.

The rest of the shift went pretty normally. Men and women from all over received my machinations. Some were fat, some were skinny, some took seconds to service, and others took hours. I managed to leave them all satisfied. They gladly ate my burger, and I gladly serviced each member. As one can imagine, by the end of the night I was covered in filth.

“I need a shower…” I groaned, absolutely sore from head to toe as I had anticipated.

“I’d like a burger,” Jack eye balled me.

“What? Why me?” I asked, a little agitated.

“Your burger is the best,” Jack whined

I growled but eventually decided to give in. I worked his tool with all of my skill and he finally ate my burger. By the end, it was covered in white sticky stuff.

“I can’t believe you like to eat it after squirting that stuff all up in there.” Ronald sighed.

“It’s the best, I love to lick out the white stuff.”

“Gross man, that’s all I’m saying,”

“Here try it,” Jack insisted.

“No! Not after you’ve stuck your tongue in it.”

“Eat her burger!”


“Why not?”

Ronald sighed, “Well to be honest, I’m not really into burgers. I prefer sausage.”

My eyes lifted, but then I nodded. It made so much sense. With how he felt about burgers, I supposed Ronald might never go both ways. So much for her fantasies of Jack and Ronald double teaming with her.

After Jack finished eating my burger, I stood up. I was still sore in every part of my body, but getting off my feet was nice. It was nice to just spread out and relax sometimes. I squeezed my body, using the steady rhythms of squeezing and releasing to relax my stiff hard muscles. It was time to go home, alone. It looks like I won’t be receiving any service of my own tonight. It’s been so long since someone serviced me.

I put on my fuzzy coat and swapped out my filth covered shirt with something a little cleaner from my locker. When I opened the locker, it wafted with funk smell. You play with burgers and fish patties all day and in the end you end up smelling like fish. I really did need that shower.

As I walked out the door into the dark, mysterious night, a voice coughed behind me. I turned to find myself looking at the bad boy from earlier. It was cold, and his nipples peaked out from his shirt just a little. I giggled at that, but didn’t go any further. I only service men who pay me, now that I was out, I didn’t owe this guy any more work. Plus he embarrassed me, so I wasn’t in a mood.

“What do you want with me,” I breathed, my chest rising and dropping with each word.

He looked down at my chest before looking back at my face, “I wanted to apologize for being so rude earlier.”

I turned my head in a rush, “Doesn’t matter, I’m sure Ronald could satisfy you in ways I never could.”

“That’s not it,” He defended, “I wanted your burger, but I’ve just been having a rough time. My wife recently left me for a subway sandwich maker. Said he had a footlong she couldn’t resist. I know that’s not an excuse to leave you for a guy no less, but believe me, If I could do it again, you’re foodbasket is the only thing I’d stick in my mouth.”

“You mean that?” I asked, failing to keep my hopes from getting too aroused.

“From the moment I saw you, I knew that your service ethics were beyond compare. You have two great assets. You have a nice rounded personality that I could totally plunge my mind right into.”

“But, you said my burger was dry and tasteless.”

The bad boy grimaced, “That’s only because I haven’t gotten to add my own special seasonings to juicing it up.”

Oh, that made so much sense, how could I have forgotten the fundamental rule, everyone needs to have it their way.

“Do you really think my personality is well-rounded?”

“Baby, I could bounce a quarter off that personality.”

I blushed, for the first time that day feeling like someone may reciprocate all of my hard work. I needed someone to work it to me hard. The bad boy chuckled, offering his hand to me.

“Let’s go, we can take turn servicing each other. This time, I’ll make sure you’re the satisfied customer,” he winked.

That’s how I ended up lying on his couch, shivering in excitation as I waited for him to service me until I was content. No man had ever tried to satisfy me before. A few women have serviced me, but this was my first man. I’d never been serviced in a home before either. I liked to do it in public, I was a little kinky that way. And he was a bad boy too, that made it all the more tantalizing.

He started out with some wet noodles which were a little under satisfying. However, then he pulled out his giant salami and I really got into it, gobbling it up. He slid his meat between some warm buns and I just cried in ecstasy. For desert, he pulled out the whip cream. He put it all over his warm nuts and asked me to eat it. I was a little hesitant at first, but it was actually pretty good.

All in all, it was a pretty satisfying night. We also had sex after, but you probably don’t want to hear about that. Nothing compares to a night in the fast food service business. 

Table of Contents | Every Werewolf Story Ever Written