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So, the other day I is abducted by aliens and then when I fell back down I went to take a piss and found my penis was like really big. I was looking and nodding thinking yeah, that’s a big penis. I bet women will be all up on that stuff.

However, when I got home I found out that my parents has gotten me a babysitter for that night. I don’t need a babysitter, but she was really hot so I didn’t mind all that much. She had big boobs and I wanted to play with them. She was only four years older than me. It ain’t fair that I gots to be watched by a babysitter.

“It ain’t fair. I don’t need no babysitter, mom!” I growled.

“Oh honey, mom replied, just deal with it.”

I frowned cause mom wants to take my asshole stepdad out on a date. That’s where they are going this night. But he smokes and drinks and is a bit of an asshole.

“Sup, squirt.” My stepdad said.

See! What a freaking asshole! He even rubs my head like I’m a little kid. I’m not a kid! I bet my penis is bigger than his penis now! He should bow over the size of my penis, which is big.

He just wanted my mom because she had big bazoongas too. However, he wasn’t good enough for mom. Anyway, they left, and now I’m finally alone with my hot babysitter. However, she’s on her cellphone the whole damn time. It’s not bad, because then I can look at her boobs and she doesn’t even notice.

“Hey, toots, remember when we used to play when we were younger. I asks.

My babysitter acts like never even heard me. “Yo, kid, go up to your room, my boyfriend is coming over.”

What the shit? My hot babysitter is inviting her boyfriend over? What kind of bullshit is the shit. Poop. Caca… Ass. Fuc- no we don’t use that word in my home. I’m a mature man after all. That’s why I storm up to my bedroom and slam the door shut.

“Don’t slam the doors or I’m telling your mom!” she called.

Tell me mom! What a bitch! What if I told mom she had her boyfriend over. She wouldn’t be so snarky then. I’d be like ‘yo, bitch, if you don’t want me to tell mom, you better suck my dick’. She’d be like slobbering all over that big thing and then I could play with her boobies all night. Yeah, that’s the shit.

“Daryl, don’t…”

While I was just thinking of banging my babysitter, I heard the words downstairs. Her asshole boyfriend who was 18 was over now. I snuck out of my room and looked down the stairs. Both my babysitter and his stupid boyfriend were on the couch. The boyfriend was kissing her neck but she totally didn’t look into it at all. She was trying to push him off her. He kept trying to grab her giant melons but she didn’t want him to.

“Hey! Stop touching my babysitter!” I called out, coming down the stairs.

The guy stands up and gives me a glare. He’s taller than me and he wears a leather jacket and has a nose piercing. He looks like a badass from a gang or something.

“Just go back upstairs! I’ll be fine! He’s a badass gang leader or something… so you don’t want to mess with him.” My babysitter shoots me a worries look.

“Hey, don’t worry, I took karate last year!” I said. “I’m a orange belt now so this bastard don’t got nothing on me!”

The eighteen-year-old gang leader pulls out a switch blade. “You think asshole?”

“Don’t Daryl, he’s just a kid!”

“No, babysitter, I ain’t no kids no more. I’m a man. My pubs grow just like any other man. You, bastard, aint gonna touch my babysitter’s Muchachas no longer!”

“So manly!” My babysitter lets out while looking at the buldge in my crotch.

“Die!” the gang leader lunges at me.

I use my karate and kick his ass. I chop him with my chop and then do a flip and punch him a bunch.

“Ah… shit… I didn’t know you were so strong. Well deal with this!” The gang leader pulls out a gun.

I manage to dodge a bullet as my babysitter screams, then kick the gun out of the guys hands. With a roundhouse kick, I send him out the door into the front yard.

“You chicken shit! You think that’s all I go? How about you deal with this?” The gang leader pulls out a rocket launcher.

“Holy shit, it’s a rocket launcher!” My babysitter cries, but I only snort and put on shades, even though i”s the evening.

I leap at him, using my awesome moves I learned from COD to dodge all his aim. Finally he fires, but I manage to leap over the rocket. It ends up hitting his car. The car explodes in a fireball as I look the other way.

Just then, the boyfriend lunges at me, so I roundhouse kick him into the fireball, and he explodes with the rest of the car.

“Oh, my! Your so manly!” My babysitter gasps.

“That’s right, I am! Now let me have my prize!” I swoop the babysitter off her feet and give her a kiss that makes her all swoony.

Breathless, the babysitter says. “Do… do you want to play with my Betty Boops?”

“I’d love to, toots!”

So we go back inside and get in my bedroom and I start playing with her Pumpkins. She gasps and blushes as I touch her Mammaries over and over again until she has the orgasm. Afterward, I pull out my giant penis.

“Oh, my, it’s so big!” My babysitter looked away with a blush. “But I’m really a virgin.”

“it’s okay toots, this is my first time too.”

“Then, please, let’s do it!”

I get on my babysitter and do her good. She’s all like “ooohhh” and “mmmm” and I totally make her have the orgasm. We go for like an hour while I play with her berrettas and do her good. Eventually, I have the orgasm too.

“Your big big big penis feels so good!” My babysitter moans. “Your such a manly man. W-will you be my boyfriend?”

I laugh and nod. “Sure, keep letting me touch those Kalamazoos and I’ll happily be your boyfriend!”

We cleaned up the mess after and when my parents came home they were none the wiser. That’s how my babysitter became my girlfriend. My parents didn’t know and so we kept having sex for the rest of the summer while she was “babysitting” me. Haha… best summer vacation ever. Also, my step dad died from cancer.

The End

Table of Contents | Every Xian Xia Ever Written