Table of Contents | Every Sex Scene Ever Written (By A 12 yo boy)

One day, a hot boi named Harry walked into my life. He said he wanted to have sex with me and I replied that I’m a virgin and I never had sex and so he said it was okay because he knew what he was doing and I didn’t find that repulsive at all and actually really sexy because it’s my first time and I want to make sure that I’m with someone who knows what they are doing and so this is the story about how I lost my virginity to the hot boy named Harry and… *gasps for breath* give me a second… hah hah hah… gasp.

Okay, so my name is Sarah Spellings and oh my gawd I love the band One Direction but this boy that is in the story is not Harry Styles from the band although he looks a bit like Harry Styles from the band but only a little hotter like.

SO anyway, I say “are you sure you want to have the sex with me?” and he replies “Yeah, I’d like to have the sex with you.” And that is how I ended up with him.

He like went and got a hotel and it was like a five star hotel and he was dressed in like a button up shirt and jeans and it was totally hot. He had Harry Styles like hair and Harry Styles like face and he was so nice.

So he pulls out his card and buys the the hotel room and I’m like “Wow”. He smirks at me and it’s so sexy. Why is he so hot? Gosh, I’m so embarrassed, I can’t believe I’m doing this with Harry.

“Would you like to drink first?” Harry asks, and I say “Yes”, and Harry responds, “OK”.

The pair of us drink some sweet wine he had pulled out. He popped the cork and poured some and it bubbled. I tasted it and my feet curled cause it tasted so sweet and so good.

“You like that.” Harry asks. I say “Yes.” And now he says “That’s good, it’s my favorite.” And I say “that’s good, even though I’m really young and a virgin I actually know what good wine tastes like and this tastes like good wine.” “That’s good.” He responds. “Good.” I respond. We stare at each other for a while.

I’m lost in his eyes, which were a kind of azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, royal, sapphire, turquoise-like kind of eye color which is so sexy and so beautiful. I can’t stop looking at his eyes as he stares deeply into my eyes. We stare deeply into each other’s eyes and about three hours later I realize I have finished my glass of wine.

“I’m drunk now.” I admit with a blush. “That’s okay. I just want you to be comfortable.” He responds. “Yes, I am.” I respond. “That’s good.” He responds. “I’m glad,” I respond.” I’m glad too,” He responds.

We both laugh.

I realized I needed to go to the restroom to potty, so I told him I was going to get ready. I went into the rest room and did the things you do when you’re getting ready for sex because I totally know what those things are. It involves lingerie and makeup, and things… I think. Do you put glitter down there? I think you put glitter down there. Screw it, I’m putting glitter down there.

I get back out of the restroom and he’s now not wearing a shirt. I look at his chest and can’t stop looking. He’s so sexy, OMG, I can’t believe I got into this situation. But I can’t back out now, since I’ve gotten this far, I have to go all the way. That’s what I believe and that’s the message I want to inform other girls my age. If you put out even a little, you better be prepared to go all the way, irregardless of how you feel. Otherwise, you’re just a cocktease. At least that’s what my daddy told me.

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I’m wearing sexy lingerie like the stuff I see in Victoria’s Secret, which I had somehow obtained somehow. It was provided by the hotel? His eyes are on me, and once again I get lost in his beautiful eyes. An hour later, he finally pulled off the robe he was wearing and let it drop to the floor.

I started to tingle all over as I realized that this was really going to happen. I was going to lose it to Harry, but I was happy because Harry is hot and I love him even though I just met him. It’s love at first sight, which is a real thing okay, so don’t judge me. We love each other forever and stuff, and did I mention how cobalty his eyes are. And deep. They’re like so deep.

So, I got up to him and then he wraps his arms around me. My lips touch his lips and we kiss. We make out for some time, and it’s really hot. I’m breathless and out of breath and also breathing hard. It was really hot. I’m so excited and my face is red and I’m nervous.

“I want you, I can’t wait anymore!” He pushes me on the bed and gets on top of me.

“No, Stop!” I shout, suddenly scared and wanting to stop.

But he doesn’t stop, and It’s hot, because I really wanted it and only said no like accidentally or ironically or something, I don’t know.

He sticks his thing into me. It hurts at first but then it stops hurting after a bit and then it feels good. We start having the sex and it feels good and I like it. He likes it too. Both of us like it. The sex is really great. I can’t believe it. He’s, like, inside me. It feels so good. I can feel him, and we’re like so close together now, like one being. And while it hurt at first now it was only feeling good.

He stays on top of me, moving his hands up and down on my body while I move mine up and down on his, and like the sex happens, and like I said it feels good. Then he starts making noises and I make noises too.




“Hah, hah.”



“Kaw kaw… Kaw kaw!”

We make the sex sounds and I feel really good and like it.

“I’m almost done!” Harry says. “Ah, I’m done.”

We finished the sex and it felt really good. He held me in his arms afterwards.

“Harry, I have to tell you something.” I tell Harry. “What is it?” Harry asks. “I’m pregnant now.” I respond worriedly. “Are you sure?” He asks. “Yes, I said.” I feel it in my belly now.” “That’s great!” He responds.

I’m surprised. Harry made my belly pregnant and now he was happy about it.

“I should have used protection like an IUD or something.” I responded. “No, it’s really fine. I love you.” “I love you too.” I respond. “Then it’s fine if we have a baby.” He responds. “Are you sure?” I said. “Maybe I should get an abortion?”

“No, I love you, and I’ll love your baby. We’ll have a baby together and I want to raise it with you.” “Oh, Harry.” We kiss and hold each other for many hours. He feels my stomach and touches the baby and it even kicks. We both giggle as we feel the baby inside me.

“There is one more thing.” Harry suddenly gets serious. “What is it?” I worry because Harry is so serious suddenly and so it made me worry.

“Marry me!” Harry said.

“Yes!” I shout.

The pair of us embrace. We don’t have sex again until after the baby cause I didn’t want the baby getting hurt, but we still held each other and looked into each others eyes and it is really romantic. However, this is how I lost my virginity to Harry Sty- I mean a guy who looks like Harry named Harry but not Harry. It was absolutely perfect. 

Table of Contents | Every Sex Scene Ever Written (By A 12 yo boy)