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This happened five years ago. At the time, I was a young woman in her mid-twenties. I should probably tell you that I am a schizophrenic, prone to hallucinations. I’m also bipolar, and a chronic liar. However, this is my account of my totally true story that isn’t made up or imagined at all. The voices in my head can vouch for me.

One weekend, my parents asked me to babysit their house. They were going to a sausage eating festival, and my mother wanted to see if she could win the award for shoving the most sausages in her mouth. Dad said she was a champ at this, but that has nothing to do with this story. I just felt like sharing it made this story seem longer and more meaningful than it actually is.

That Friday night, I went to my parent’s house. They have a security alarm because that makes this even scarier. If even security alarms can’t protect you, then we’re all screwed! Dun… dun… dun…

Even though this wasn’t my home and I hadn’t been here often, I for some reason noticed a mysterious car sitting on the street across from our house. This was noteworthy because I noticed it. The car was exactly the kind of car I find scary. If I’m a liberal, it’d be some redneck truck, if I’m anti-government, it’ll be a mysterious van. For me, it was the batmobile (I had some weird trauma when I was a kid, don’t ask).

“What’s with that batmobile?” I asked my parents before they left.

“It’s nothing.” They reassured me, not taking my anxiety seriously. “Take your anti-anxiety pills.”

I don’t need anti-anxiety pills! The doctor was wrong! I’m not anxious at all. Why can’t my parents trust that something was suspicious about that suspicious batmobile? I was just right, and better than them, and also perfect, while everyone doubts me, I know I’m not crazy! Right, voice in my head?

Burn them all!

Thank you, voice in my head, you’re the only one who gets me. My parents didn’t, claiming I had anxiety. They left, and then I broke into tears and cried, followed by eating all the ice cream in their fridge. It was red, the color of blood, and as I plunged my spoon into the red velvet ice cream, it split apart under the sharpness of my spoon. Sorry, I forgot it was a horror and started grieving my personal problems, needed to place in some inappropriate dark imagery to get us back on track.

The night continued and it got darker, and I kept peeking out to look at the batmobile. However, it didn’t move! It stayed there the whole night… like basically every car does since most people don’t drive around at night, but way scarier.

So, I was at my parent’s home watching television. I was watching that show that was popular at the time, to validate the fact that this story is totally true. I had also had a bit to drink. I was high as shit too, but I’m going to cut out that part, only making a thin reference to drugs because otherwise, that will cause some people to question the credibility of my totally true story that actually happened.

I should note that my parents had a dog who I love. Yet, he was acting weird. He would go to the door occasionally and growl. At first, I ignored him, but as the night wore on, my anxiety which I totally don’t have began to increase.

At that point, I heard a light tapping on the glass pane of the front door. You see, my parent’s front door had a storm door that was all glass and a wood door behind it. Both were locked. Someone was tapping on the outer locked door. I grew afraid, so I turned off all the lights and pretended I wasn’t home.

Since they clearly saw me turn off all the lights, this only indicated I was home even worse. Because, you know, someone can easily leave a light on when they leave, but once activity in the house is observed, you’d have to be an idiot not to understand someone was home. At this point, I heard an eerie voice come from the front.

“I know you’re home.”

I started to grow even more frightened.

“I’m not here!” I hissed.

“Come on, I’m your boyfriend!”

My face turned white. You see, I do not have a boyfriend…

“We’ve been dating for three years! Come on, Carol! Are you tripping balls again?”

I let out a scream. This stranger at my door seemed to know so much about me. How did they know my name? They knew how long I had been with my boyfriend. They even knew I had been hitting the drugs! They must have been watching me for some time. Terror shot through my body. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I could barely breathe.

“Ugh… fine… I just came to get some booty since your parents are out, but if you’re acting this way, I’m leaving. Freaking crazy bitch.”

As I heard his steps start to walk away, I let out a breath of relief. His last remarks were especially worrisome. His words had turned into horrific vitriol, and I had the sense that he wanted me… for my body! If I had opened the door, I can’t imagine what would have happened! I might have ended up being raped by this stranger!

I heard a car turn on and take off, but when I looked out the window, the batmobile was still there. My relief started to sink, as I realized that he was likely still outside!

At that moment, I got a text from my boyfriend.

Boyfriend: I left, okay? Call me when you stop acting crazy!

Oh… my… god! The stranger had somehow gotten ahold of my boyfriend’s phone, and was trying to send me texts to convince me I was safe!

I ended up running into my room and hiding under the covers. For the rest of the night, I heard things out in the living room. Someone was out there! I mean, my parents had the dog, and also three cats, but it totally wasn’t them knocking down things or making noises. Thankfully, I managed to finally pass out by sticking a plastic bag over my head, and slept the rest of the night.

I had vivid dream that night that someone was trying to strangle me. I woke up really out of breath! It must have totally been a ghost.

Saturday, I spent most of the day hungover. The batmobile was gone now that it was morning. Despite many ample chances to take down the license plate number, I didn’t do that at all.

Come the evening, I started looking through tinder to hook up with a guy. My boyfriend’s phone I had blocked because that creepy stranger somehow got it, and then he had the audacity to not try to contact me all day, so I was pissed at him.

I found a guy who was good looking, which was all the matters, and then we started chatting. He said he had tons of drugs, and I was filling itchy, so I agreed to let him come over and gave him my address. I left the door unlocked because this was a nice town where nothing bad ever happened. What happened the previous night was like a whole 24 hours ago. Who cares about back then?

So, while I was waiting for him to come over, I decided to get ready by huffing some paint thinner. I huffed too much, and then passed out unconscious. At some point, my eyes opened, and there was a vague, shadowy figure standing at my doorway. Yet, as all people tend to do when they see something alarming, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

When I finally woke up again and regained my coherency, it was Saturday night. It was raining and thundering outside now, giving off an ominous atmosphere. At this point, I realized that I couldn’t move. My arms were locked to my sides. This was sleep paralysis!

At that moment, I saw an evil beastly form move around my room. They say sleep paralysis also includes vivid hallucinations, but this time was totally not a hallucination! It was real! He grew closer and closer, and I closed my eyes in fear. I could feel his foul breath on my cheek.

Then, suddenly, I could move again. I opened my eyes, and there was no one there. I felt a pang in my stomach, and realized that I was hungry, so I got off the bed and stumbled out of my room. It was dark in the hallway, but I was still a bit blitzed, so nothing really phased me.

I headed into the kitchen opened the fridge, and then started looking for food. It was at that moment that I noticed my phone was on the kitchen counter. I picked it up and looked at it. It was filled with messages from some strange guy. He was saying he wanted to come to my house! When I didn’t respond, his messages had gotten more and more aggressive! I was so scared.

I had completely forgotten about my tender date earlier. However, this guy was such a creep. Like, stalker much? I’m glad I didn’t answer the door when he came over. He actually thought I was interested in him? So scary.

While I was still playing on my phone, blocking this guy for reasons he’d never know and never find out about, I had a feeling like I was being watched. There were definitely eyes on me. I slowly looked around the kitchen, and my eyes happened to fall on the hallways leading to my room.

So that you understand the layout of my house, let me explain it now. I have a two-story ranch home. My bedroom is down the hallway facing the kitchen. The bathroom is next to the kitchen, but not down the hallway. My parent’s bedroom is sideways and standing on the corner. There is a ledge that opens into a nursery filled with mirrors, and another hallway that is vertical and leads to the eighth floor. So, I’m sure you can totally understand now.

Just as I was looking down the hallway at my room, there was a flash of lightning, and I saw the large shape of a man standing in my doorway. This was the doorway I had just exited when I left my room. There was no way to get there without traveling down my hallway, which means the man had been in my room when I got up and left!

It all suddenly clicked together. The batmobile guy who bothered me last night was also my tender date! Now, he was in my house! Thankfully, he decided to do absolutely nothing for hours on end, just being creepy as shit. I mean, I can’t imagine why else a man would break into a house and enter the room of a young, unconscious, twenty-year-old woman other than to act creepy and watch her and shit. It all made sense!

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” I announced, pretending I didn’t see him and instead walked to the bathroom.

The figure was hidden now that he was in the darkness of the hallway. However, I could feel his eyes on me as I walked to the bathroom. As soon as I got there, I locked the door and immediately started trying to open the window. A moment later, I heard pounding on the door.

It was really nice of the guy to let me get behind a locked door before fully revealing his presence. I have one of those bathrooms with a window wide enough to walk through. I see no reason that a bathroom where you take showers naked would have discreet windows. That’s not how any house I ever lived in was built. Nope, a giant window that can easily be opened.

I jumped out that window, and just as I was almost out, I felt a hand grab my ankle. Fortunately, my momentum carried me the rest of the way out, and I landed on the ground. Then, I made a mistake that I’ve regretted for the rest of my life. I glanced back. There, I saw the man… he had no face!

I screamed and then ran away. I could have headed either to my neighbor’s door or the woods, so I jetted for the woods. I quickly hid somewhere, while the rain fell and soaked my pajamas. It was at this point the man barged out the back of my house, looking around. His eyes passed by me, but fortunately, he didn’t see me. He ran off into the woods in a direction I wasn’t.

At that point, I suddenly started to smell something that smelled like rancid meat and hot garbage. I looked to my side, and that’s where I saw it, about ten meters away in the dark. It had yellow eyes, and at first, I thought it was a hybrid of a dog that banged a deer. Then, it stood up. It was tall, six feet tall.

I had slept with a Native American once, so I totally knew what this was. It was a skinwalker! My stalker/batmobile driving/home invader was also a skinwalker! I knew it.

No, I had to make sure. They say that skinwalkers repeat human words.


“Hello?” Its voice sounded identical to my voice, even copying the inflections.

“I’m a dumb, stupid idiot!” I responded.

It said nothing. Clever girl. I turned and ran away. At that point, it made a shrill screeching noise. I could hear it running after me, but an out-of-shape, smoking, half-naked, exhausted girl easily manages to outrun the supposed apex predator of the entire Native American community. A being known for its extreme cleverness, dangerousness, and hunger gets smoked by a young, drugged up, woman.

As soon as I reached the lights of my house, the skinwalker backs off and slinks back into the forest. At that point, I run to my neighbors and bang on the door. They let me in, and I finally call the cops. The cops come over to my house and then check it out.

The man had apparently returned, and they found him waiting under my bed! He had a kitchen knife, which was bloody for some reason. As he walked out, I finally saw his face clearly for the first time. He had a face, but he had covered it with a pantyhose. It was just scarier saying he had no face. He had a giant smile on his face that spread from ear to ear. It was so creepy. he just kept smiling even as he was put into the cop car. This guy apparently really liked being arrested. He didn’t resist at all and even as the cops searched the house, he made no movement to leave. He just waited there with a kitchen knife to get arrested.

I learned later that he was a pedophile, rapist, murderer who had escaped from an insane asylum! He had broken into three other homes before he got to my home! There, he had cut up and murdered three other single women. It’s all just single women in giant houses on this block, as far as the eye could see. The police told me all this. They like to frighten young women and leave them with nightmares, apparently. No confidentiality in active cases at all!

It was so scary, you guys, and 100% true. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened to me if the events didn’t fall in that exact order. Unfortunately, the police didn’t file a single report and all of the neighbors claim none of this happened. So, when my parents got home, no one believed me! You believe me, right? Right?

Of course, they believe you… now consume their souls!

Thanks, voice!

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Table of Contents | An Abduction Story You’ll Never Read