Table of Contents | Every Sex Scene Ever Written (By A 12 yo girl)

The alarm was ringing so I leaned over and hit it. Getting up and walking over to the mirror, I look at myself. As a plain, nondescript girl with beautiful flowing blonde hair, I comb it. The hair… not the nondescript girl. Suddenly, I noticed movement out a nearby window.

I turn and notice a guy standing outside my door. He is like, so hot. His face is covered in scars. He’s missing half his nose. He has a vacant dead-eyed stare through straggly black locks of hair. His eyes are piercing red, and he has a hump on his back. But like… so hot.

Even though I want to look away, his absolutely beautiful face prevents me from doing so. He picks up a cat by the neck, and I realize it’s my cat. He starts punching it.

“Wh-who are you?” I ask, blushing as he gives me a dark, but sexy stare while hitting my cat repeatedly.

“My name is Rock. You’re my bitch now.”

I ignore that last comment, but my heart suddenly beats faster, from arousal, not from the fear I actually should be feeling, because he’s hot, I guess, so this is totally turning me on.

“Why are you punching my cat?” I asked coyly.

He looked to the cat in his grip as if he had forgotten it was there. “Oh, well, the guys said if I found the girl I love, I should pound her pussy.”

“Oh my.” I blush further. “Since I’m the purest, fragilist, most innocent virgin princess ever written, I have no clue why they’d say that, but I don’t think you should torture my kitty anymore.”

“Fine,” He chucks it in the trash can.

“So-so, what did you mean when you said I was your..r b-bi… yours?” I changed the question.

“I saw you once and now I love you.” He shouts in an inappropriate volume.

“Ah… but even though I’m a college student and, you know, an adult, my father doesn’t let me date and I have absolutely no experience with men.”

“Then, I’ll ask your dad myself!” He shouts, then walks out of sight to the front door.

I hear a knock on the door. Then someone opens it.

“I pounded you daughter’s pussy and now she’s my bitch. I want to date her!” a familiar voice yelled.

“The hell? I don’t know who you are young man, but get the hell out…” the voice of my father started, “Wait, what are you doing with that knife? Ah, damn, owww, help, help!…”

There is the sound of struggling, and then the sound like someone punching meat. Meanwhile, cries of dad in pain. Mom is screaming as well. I blush and twist my feet nervously.

The door suddenly slams open and I jump with a sexified shiver. Rock is in the doorway and he’s covered in blood while holding a bloody knife.

“Rock… please, you haven’t done something to my father, have you?” I quivered, scared, but aroused scared.

“I love you, I will express it now!” He shouts, taking three steps before grabbing me.

“Please Rock, you must ask permission before you touch me?” I am startled and start crying while he puts his hands all over me, but hot-like.

“I don’t have to! I’m a bad boy so I do what I want!”

“Oh, my!”

He holds on to me, kisses my neck, and then takes a step back. “Okay! Love expressed. I’ll leave now!”

Dad hit the door before he got there. “But, wouldn’t you like to stay for dinner?”

Dad had multiple knife wounds and is barely breathing, but he’s wearing a smile on his face.

“But dad, I thought you hated Rock, whom even though I’ve only known for minutes, I’m starting to fall for, even though I won’t admit it.”

“That was before I realized he was a badboy. Badboys get a pass. They do whatever they want.”

“Like when I murdered and ate your neighbor.”

“Right, like when he murdered and ate our… wait you did what?”

“Oh my…” Mom spoke up. “He is a bad boy. Maybe I should give him some love too.”

“Mom, put your shirt back on. God, my parents are so embarrassing, I could just die. Rock, let’s go out!”

I push past my father as he collapses on the floor from blood loss, grabbing Rock’s hand and dragging him outside. He takes me to the finest restaurant he can afford, McDonalds. We talk for a while. Or rather, I talked for a while.

“Well, anyway, that’s everything about me. You’re such a good listener,” I smile.

Rock sudden snorts and his eyes open, while he pulls out a knife and stabs and nearby waitress. “Huh? What… ah… I was sleeping. Oh, look, the food has arrived.”

He chops off the dying waitresses arms and starts chewing on it.

“You’re just so freaking hot. This should be horrifying beyond imagination, but you’re just really like, sexy and dark, and stuff. So, tell me about yourself.”

“I started off in life killing small animals. Then, I graduated to killing my parents at the age of 5. I became a sex offender at age 8 for killing and raping my school teacher, in that order. Then, it’s just been a series of killing, raping, or eating people for the last ten years.”

“So hot… sorry, were you saying something? I was just so entranced by your obvious hotness.”

“Nothing important,” Rock responded.

“Should we make out for a bit?”

“No, you asked for permission. I’ll only kiss you when it’s sexual assault.”

“Fine, don’t kiss me then. I don’t want to be kissed.”

He leaps on me and sticks his tongue down my throat. We make out for about fifteen minutes.

“Wow… that was hot.” I sigh.

“Did you like it?” He asks, washing the blood from his hands.

“Yes, but it would have been better if you didn’t slap and hit me so much,” I putt ice pack on my black eye.

“Bitch say what?” He raises the back of his hand and I wince.

“Nothing.” I wince in fear, but my heart beats fast in sexual arousal. “Rock, you are so freaking sexy and wonderful.”

Just as we about to go another round of making out/domestic abuse a voice came up over the loudspeaker.

“You are under arrest for like… so many crimes. Come out with your arms up.” A police voice comes from the outside.

“I’m going to use you as a human shield,” Rock says as he grabs me and puts a knife to my neck.

“So hot! I love you Rock.”

“I love you too, with all of my heart, now walk bitch before I slice your throat.”

We walk outside of the McDonalds, and there are cop cars set in a barricade. Numerous police men have their guns aimed at us.

“Let me go or I’ll cut her throat!” he shouts.

My heart beats a little faster and I turn my head with a blush. His body is pressed up against mine, and it’s making me all lightheaded and excited.

A voice pops up over the loudspeaker. “I’ve got the shot.”

“Take it, take it!” The man shouts back.

My loving Rock moves to cut my throat, but he barely nicks me when there is the sound of a gunshot and his body falls back. We both fall to the ground. He has been shot in the heart, while I’ve been cut across the throat.

“We-we’re like Romeo and Juliet. Totally a better love story than Twilight.” I gasp.

He gives me one last smile. “I-I… wish I could have…. Just… skinned you and worn your face.”

He dies, and I break into long wailing sobs. Eventually, the cops move around us and clean up the scene, and that is how I lost my first love. But don’t feel too bad ladies. I met a new man now. He’s good to me, and we’re getting married next month, just as soon as he gets released from prison.

The End? 

Table of Contents | Every Sex Scene Ever Written (By A 12 yo girl)