Dear Supporters!

Thank you for all the support! My community has been growing recently, and I really appreciate all of you who allow me to keep doing all of this. This has actually been a really good month, and I hope you all enjoyed the content that’s been coming out. There are a lot of things to announce, so let’s get going.

  1. I think I’m going to call it. Enslaved is a Monday release. Claiming I release 2 days a week clearly hasn’t been happening. For those of you who know me since the beginning, you know the Enslaved was originally written as simply an attempt to make a joke. I did a survey to find out what people wanted, and then I wrote a series that had all of it. The most popular subjects were incest, animal girls, slavery, and pregnancy. So, we got Enslaved Pregnant Animalgirl Sister Harem with no NTR, later renamed Enslaved. I actually don’t enjoy writing this series all that much, and it only exists because people have consistently wanted it to exist. That’s really all there is to it. It requires the most words per chapter of any of my current web novels, and it has a protagonist who is always right, which I find boring to write. Perhaps, if I allow myself to write smaller chapters, I could increase the output, but I think most people are satisfied with it coming once a week at the current quality, as I’ve been told many times.
  2. Thursday, since I haven’t been doing Enslaved… I will promise… something. A bonus chapter. A concept chapter. A commissioned chapter. I’ll use Thursday as my wild card. You can get something on Thursday, maybe even Enslaved if I feel like it.
  3. I got MDL V3 out this month. WoW V3 is ready except for the bonus chapters, which I haven’t written yet. MDL V4 is also finished and we’re just doing the final touches on the eBook this weekend. MDL V5 cover is being made right now. PoC V7 is still in the works, but it’s lower on priority, and then finally we have Min’s Story, which will release as an eBook and also as a Membership only novel. Hawtness, Volume 3, is lowest on my current list of eBooks to finish.
  4. When will NTR Crush come out? Yeesh. I actually wasn’t planning to write Getting Lucky and STFD for so long. Once I finish WoW’s bonus chapters, I’ll do NTR Crushes Bonus chapters, and then we’ll jump into volume 5.
  5. When is Hero’s Vengeance finale coming out? Eventually? I had a vote and offered to finish it. No one wanted that. *Shrug*
  6. To make things clear, there are seven kinds of chapters I release.
  7. Public Chapters are available for free.
  8. Locked chapters are available for $1 members.
  9. Early Access for $5.
  10. Bonus Chapters, these are by reaching Patreon’s goals at the end of the month. They are available for $1.
  11. Commissioned Chapters, these are chapters someone paid me to write or requested at the $50+ tier. They are $5.
  12. Sponsor a chapter here: I will write the next chapter of a story currently on hiatus. These are usually released at $5 (or free depending on the novel). They don’t have a name, they’re just the release of the next chapter.
  13. eBook Bonus Chapters: These are the chapters I write to sell the eBooks. They usually take place between volumes. They are only available at $15 tier or by buying eBooks. As I stated before, this is not me gouging you guys for money, this is me selling my eBooks, and then offering something online at the $15 tier that I didn’t have to, because they were written for the eBook. No, the nomenclature I used in the past does not uniformly match these names. This has all been a learning process and a year ago I didn’t even know I’d need all this terminology! However, hopefully, this clears things up?
  14. I am starting a comic strip. It takes after the 4koma style. It’s basically a comic making fun of isekai and ero. I have 4 strips made already and I will start releasing once I had a good amount ready. I started one on MSB, but now I have an illustrator working with me and we’re just pumping these guys out. It’ll probably be gated.
  15. I’m thinking of offering an affiliates program. Basically, if you recommend someone to my website and they donate on Patreon or FFA, you’ll get a free voucher for an extra eBook. Especially for the $1 donators, it’d be an extra way to get the eBooks without buying them or waiting a year per.

February Goals:

Enslaved: Monday

STFD: Tuesday and Friday

Getting Lucky: Sunday

Hawtness: Saturday

Wildcard: Thursday

NTR Crush: Start V5 (Takes over for STFD and Getting Lucky)

My Dungeon Life: Monday-Friday (3 a day)

TOAE: Wednesday

As always, these are goals, not absolutes. I will do my best to keep up with the schedule, but some days M-F, I just won’t feel like doing a My Dungeon Life. Usually, I’ll try to get a missing chapter done before the end of the month. Enslaved as been a recurring exception, and I just need to face the truth. I can’t do it.

MDL Last Thursday will not be made up. I wrote 4 bonus chapters, all 800+ words, towards V4, and as far as I’m concerned, it counts.

February 4th is my birthday. Don’t expect chapters, but don’t not expect chapters. Just be happy if I do it. My birthday present ended up being having to replace all the tires on my car for $500. :/

January Recap:

Images: 16

eBooks Released: 2

Podcast: 1

GL: 4 (7,200)

STFD:8 (12,000)

MDL: 69 (44,850)

Enslaved: 4 (12,000)

Hawtness: 4 (8,000)

Other: 11 (33,000)

TOAE: 5 (10,000)

Total Words Released this Month: 127,050 words

So, back up from last month. It seems to be a pattern of more – less-  more- less. This is a very rough estimate, BTW. The actual numbers are usually larger.