Hey Guys,

The eBook membership vouchers are up this month. You can add an eBook to your shopping cart here. If you are signed in, the coupon will automatically apply. If the wrong coupon is in applied, you may remove it in the checkout and add the right one. You can find those here.

For those in the $2 tier, it’s June so I renewed the coupon code. That means you can get a second free eBook if you want. The same goes to every other tier. One free eBook on the house for all members. Treat it as an apology. I didn’t intend to take the last week off writing, but my hands were tied with the new house. I plan to rent a uhaul and do the majority of the moving next weekend, and after that I hope things will calm down.

As always, how many eBooks you get depends on your membership. You must do one free eBook per purchase, like Epic Games.

Power Fapper and under – 1

Reverse Sage – 2

Onaniphile and higher – 3