Yurtdışı Yatırım

Dear Readers,

I won’t put on boilerplate response to you guys about how these are troubling times. I’ll just say that I’ve been extremely fortunate to be in my current situation when this happened. With me already working at home and the tremendous support of all of you, I’ve been able to watch my kids, keep writing, and keep my family healthy and safe. Thank you so much.

With that, I wanted to give something back to all of you. Since so many are stuck at home, I thought, what better than to give you more content to read. So, the link below will give you a free week at the $1 tier, unlocking all of the chapters except early access, and allowing you to use the first-time book voucher for a free eBook.

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Yes, it’s set up as a “free trial”. Unfortunately, you have to use paypal, and if you don’t cancel your recurring payment through paypal after a week, you will be charged $1. I really just wanted to make all my chapters free for a week, but the time and difficulty it would have taken to set it up was too much. Sorry, this was the best I could manage based on my current system.

Hey! Whizzer! That awards the people who aren’t supporting you! What about us? …some of you might be saying that right now.

No worries. Here is an extra book on me.

Coupon Voucher: freebook03

This will expire at the end of this week, so please use it. P.S. With the voucher, you should be able to purchase an eBook without providing billing information. If you’re being forced to sign into paypal when your cart says $0, something is wrong.

Anyway, hope that eases the burden a bit for you guys, and as always, thank you for letting me keep doing this thing I love to do. You’re the best!