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Chapter 4

By the time we reached the house, the storm was still a far distance away.

“Auntie’s not here,” I muttered to myself.

This wasn’t a surprise. Auntie was never there. Although she was technically my guardian while my mother was away with her new husband, she didn’t watch me at all. She went out drinking most nights and would stumble in sometime in the early hours of the morning. She’d then sleep the entire day, and be gone before I got home. She took all of the money mom had left her, and so I was basically on my own for food.

I was resourceful, but the house was getting pretty baren. I open the refrigerator door.

“What would you like to eat, beer or pickles?” I asked the cat.

This was a joke. The beer was Auntie’s, and if I touched it, she’d kick my butt. She may be a louche and a party girl, but she kept in shape. She did kickboxing, and  I had no doubt she could put me down with ease.

“Merow…” The cat responded.

“It’s fine, we got some flour. I can make something bread-like.”

I pulled out a mixing bowl. As I looked for the meager ingredients that we had remaining, I picked up after auntie, who always trashed the kitchen whenever she got home. She’d whine in the morning that we had no food, all while it was her going out drinking every night that was why we had nothing.

At the very least, she usually left me alone to my own devices. I didn’t bother her, and she didn’t bother me. On the other hand, this cat in my hands might be going a bit too far. I finished mixing up some dough, and then I put it in the oven to sit somewhere warm and dry while it rose.

“Come on, let’s get you a bath.”

The cat had sat on the kitchen counter where I had left her, and she hadn’t moved an inch. She just waited there, watching me while I worked. I walked to the bathroom and then ran some water. I took off my clothing, and then I went back to the kitchen. The cat looked me up and down when I walked in naked.

“What? No one else is here.” I responded, feeling suddenly like the cat was looking at me strangely.

I coughed, and then grabbed the cat and dragged her with me to the bathroom. I was expecting to get scratched a few times, so I was surprised when the cat just sat on my lap and let me bathe her.

“At least you’ll be intimate with me.” I chuckled to myself, giving the cat a squeezing hug. “Every girl I know says I’m just a friend.”

“Mraw?” The cat looked up at me.

She had bubbles on her head and chin, making her look like an old man. I chuckled, cleaning it off.

“I just wish I could get girls to notice me. I want to get out of the friendzone. I want them to feel the same way about me that I feel about them. Now, I want them to be head over heels in love with me. Then, I could tell them I’m not interested, and they could know how it feels.” I responded, noticing the cat staring at me. “Ahhh… I mean, it’s not like I’d do that. If a girl even looked at me twice, I’d probably be pretty pathetic.”

I finished up our bath, and then I followed it with a quick shower to finish cleaning us off. I used a hairdryer on the cat and myself, then I got in my pajamas. I returned to the kitchen with the peculiar cat in hand. Putting her back on the counter, I pulled out the bread, turned on the oven, and cooked something up. I used some broth to make the bread palatable. The cat even ate some bread dipped in broth.

Strangely, eating with the cat was probably the most fun I had in a long time. I think that spoke poorly to my lifestyle.

Chapter 5

I sat at my desk doing homework for the remainder of the night. As it turned dark, the rain, wind, and thunder came. I had made a bed for the cat using a blanket and a pillow. I put her right there, but when I turned back to look, I had seen she relocated to my bed. I picked her back up and put her on the pillow, and then continued with my homework as the thunderstorm got worse. When I checked back on the cat, I saw she was on my bed again.

She wasn’t sleeping on my bed. Rather, she was standing straight up, staring at me. I frowned, but then I closed up my books and put everything in my bag for tomorrow. Flipping off the lights, the flashes of light and the deafening sound of rain falling on the roof were amplified that much more.

“It looks like I’m not going to be able to let you back out until tomorrow. This storm sounds pretty bad.”

“Merererraww…” she cried.

I pulled her to me as I realized she was shaking. This cat was scared of the lightning!

“Fine, you can sleep here… just for tonight.” I yawned.

With the cat on my chest, I slowly fell off to sleep. That night, my dreams were of girls endlessly rejecting me. I had a horrifying dream of where Denise was being violated by Anthony right in front of me. She never stopped looking my way even as he caused her to gasp and moan.

When I woke up the next morning, my head was throbbing a bit. As I tried to focus, my eyes fell on some golden yellow text floating in front of my vision.

[Congratulations! You have been entered into the wish-fulfillment program. Consult your familiar for more information.]

“What?” I squinted, still groggy. “Wish fulfillment? Familiar?”

“Mmm…” A female voice whimpered next to me, and then a naked arm fell across my chest.

I slowly turned my head, only to see a pretty girl lying in bed next to me. She wasn’t just pretty, she was completely naked! She had dark black hair, and pale, smooth skin. She was cuddling up against me. Something on top of her head twitched, and my eyes widened as I began to realize they were a pair of pointy ears, resembling that of a cat. There was a thump on my leg. I glanced down to see a long black tail striking my legs.

“What… What?” I cried out.

“Nya… hmm?” She yawned and then opened her eyes.

Her yellow eyes glanced at me. As I looked into those same eyes that had been looking at me all of yesterday, everything finally started to click. The black tail, the pointy years, and the yellow eyes. This was the cat that I had brought home. She had turned into a high school girl! Why was the cat in my room a high school girl?

The door opened, and a woman pocked her head in groggily. “Max, do the laundry…”

Her words stopped as her eyes fell on the naked girl lying next to me. My mouth opened, but I couldn’t find the words to defend myself here. It would already be bad explaining why there was a naked girl in my room, but how could I explain the ears and tail? Those were things that were not normal!

“What is this?” She demanded, her eyes flashing.

I was screwed!

Chapter 6

Auntie had come home. Although I called her Aunt, she wasn’t related to me at all. She was a junior of my mother from a previous job. They had become close friends, and Auntie and my mother would help each other out. She used to babysit for me when I was younger. She was only about ten years older than me, so she was still in her twenties.

She was a pretty girl with a large chest. She tended to wear clothing that didn’t quite fit her, hanging off her body and showing some skin. She was a party girl type, with long curly brown hair, lips reddened with lipstick, and a tattoo on her ankle that she had shown me once. She said she had another, but she’d never tell me where.

“What do you have here?” she demanded.

“Nya, me?” The girl lying next to me answered innocently.

“It’s… adorable!” Auntie cried out. “Come here! Come here, kitty!”

“Hehe… only if you pet me.”

The naked girl jumped off the bed, and while on all fours walked up to my Auntie. She bent over and started stroking the girl under the chin.

“Awww… who’s a good kitty. Are you a good kitty?”

“I am! I’m the best kitty!”

I stared at the surreal event happening in front of me. Did she set this up? Was this some kind of joke designed to screw with me? No, there was no way my Aunt would hire a teenage girl to lie naked in my bed. She liked to party. She wasn’t stupid. Plus, those ears and tail felt way too real! Where did that cat go if it wasn’t this girl?

“Where did you find her?” Auntie said, reaching back and lightly spanking the other girl’s ass.

The girl’s tail lifted, and then she lifted her butt, giving me a full view of her backside. I looked away, my face flushing.

“What are you doing to her?” I declared in a strangled voice.

“Hm? Is it a girl?” She reached down and rolled the girl over by tickling her side. “Rollover, that’s a good kitty.”

The girl rolled onto her back, and then Auntie reached down, grabbed her legs, and spread them.

“Ah!” I jumped out of the bed.

“What is…” Auntie began, but then her eyes narrowed. “You have an erection.”

“How could I not, considering?” I shot back, grabbing a pillow and covering myself.

Auntie looked down, and then let out a cry, putting her hand on her chest, pushing her shirt which was hanging low, and exposing her chest up. “You pervert!”

“Huh?” I hadn’t even noticed that.

Auntie rose with a furious look on her face. “You have a lot of nerve. I’m going to say that’s just a morning wood, but if you perve on me one more time, I’m going to remove one of your balls!”

“I wasn’t perving!”

“Nya! No more?” The cat looked up pitifully toward Auntie.

When she met the naked girl’s eyes, her expression softened. With one hand still covering her chest, she reached down and stroked the lying girl’s breasts.

“You really are the sweetest.” She said in a baby voice before shooting me a stern look. “You can keep the cat for now, but you’re responsible for her cares, both the work and the cost.”

“Cost! I don’t have a job! You took all of the money.”

“Then get one.” She responded with a sniff, standing back up, giving me one more snort, and then leaving the room.

As the door closed behind her, I looked back down at the naked girl on the floor in disbelief. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Feed me, pet me, hold me…” she responded playfully. “And of course… do the wish-fulfillment missions.”

“Y-you understand me?”

“Mm… you’re the only one that sees me in this form.” She nodded and stood up. “I am your familiar. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master.”

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