This is based off the original Friend Zone concept. I wrote it because someone paid for it (I hope it was this one). If I had to compare it to anything, I’d say it was my take on Inma from Machineslicedbread. I also have a less dark version of this story here which changes most of the elements beyond the core theme.

“Alright, so it works like this…”

“Wh-where are we? A café?”

There was a sudden white flash, and I was no longer on the floor in the girl’s bathroom with a frozen Sophie and a girl claiming to be a demon, but I was in some kind of brightly lit café. There were pastry treats on the table, as well as two cups of some kind of expensive café drink in a small cup. Andromeda stopped talking to take a sip of her cup, slurping it slowly before finally putting it down.

“Ahhh… I love the excesses of the mortal world, don’t you?”

I looked around to see that the other people in the café seemed to be ignoring us completely. “Uh… yeah… sure… what were you saying about getting every woman I desire?”

As I said that, my eyes couldn’t help but fall on a cute waitress in a short skirt as she walked by me. When I looked back, the demon woman was smirking at me.

“You do have an insatiable appetite… not that I’m complaining.”

I couldn’t help it as my cheeks turned red. “I’m not like that.”

“Oh? Are you saying that if you had a shot to fuck that waitress, you wouldn’t?” She gave me a disbelieving look.

“I mean… I don’t have a shot, now do I?” I asked, feeling slightly irritated.

“True… but what if you could?” She asked, smirking.

“If I could have a shot with any reasonably attractive girl, I’d probably take it,” I admitted honestly. “But that’s all just a dream. Nothing I can do will make me cool, or interesting, or funny. I’m just the guy girls can rely on.”

“Exactly!” She snapped her finger. “Girls trust you. Girls look at your face and think, he’s harmless. He’s not a threat. He’s nothing.”

“Are you trying to make me feel better?” I asked.

“Not at all.” She responded with a laugh. “I want you to feel like crap.”

“Well, at least you’re admitting it now.”

“It’s because you have this reaction with girls that is exactly why you interest me so much.” She took another sip. “You’re disarming. You cause women to put their guard down. In short, you’re a gateway to let me inside.”

“Let you inside?”

She smirked. “A demoness… every girl needs to let the demoness inside. She needs to be corrupted, to become naughty. That’s what I want from you. I want you to corrupt girls. I want you to turn them into the little sluts they should be. Once you make an opening, once you expose their weakness, I will slowly corrupt their mind. That is my desire.”

I could understand what she was saying, but I could only shake my head in response.

“I’m not… the guy you think I am. It’s not like I have a lot of female friends. I only have one girl I’m friends with. Then, there is that girl who is blackmailing me…”

“Don’t you see how flimsy her blackmailing truly is? There is one reason she is blackmailing you, and that is because she doesn’t see you as a threat. In her mind, you’re weak and simple. She feels like she can step all over you because she knows you’d never be a threat to her. She was quite comfortable in her position. Weirdly, you’re sitting in the friend zone with her too.”

I didn’t agree with her, but I wasn’t going to argue. “Fine… even if that makes two, it’s not exactly…”

“You just haven’t awakened your true potential!” She responded, leaning forward exuberantly. “I can see more than just those two women. Your entire life has been a testament to the friend zone. Every girl instantly puts her guard down when you arrive. There is so much vulnerability, and you’ve taken advantage of none of it!”

“Being in the friend zone sucks!” I responded angrily. “It’s not an advantage. People locked in the friend zone have to suffer in silence while the women they care about fool around with anyone and everyone but them. Worse, they need to sit there and listen to every single detail in gruesome detail. If they show even a little bit of displeasure at the idea, then the woman immediately turns on them. She’ll say something like ‘I thought you were better than that’, and then ditch you without a second thought. It’s worse than dating! Some who are dating can at least have fought once in a while, but someone in the friend zone lives on the precipice of losing them forever at every moment and time!”

By the time I was done, I realized I was yelling, and when I finished, I was panting hard. The demoness’s expression didn’t change very much. If anything, she seemed even more amused.

“As you said, being in the friend zone is like being on the precipice. You’re so worried about falling one direction that you’re ignoring the other direction.” She explained. “You could indeed end up losing her friendship, but you have just as much chance of ensnaring her completely.”

I gave her a dubious look. It was hard to believe what she was saying. There was no way that if I came onto her, she’d just fall for me.

“Sure,” I responded, causing her to roll her eyes before pulling out a chart and slapping it on the table.

I had no clue where she had stored it. I hadn’t seen it under the table before. She opened up a page and then went down the list.

“In fifth grade, you knew a girl called Suzy.”

“She was just a… a friend…” I couldn’t help but wince as I said that.

“Well, Suzy showed her parts to the boys at school.”

“I know… I stopped talking to her once she got a reputation as a slut. Then, there was that scandal with the teacher and she moved schools.”

“Exactly! Suzy showed her parts to those boys because she wanted you to be interested in seeing them. When you stopped talking to her, it broke her heart, and she was weeping when a certain new teacher found her and then took advantage of her broken heart.”

“That’s horrible!” I gasped. “Y-you can’t be saying that’s my fault.”

She ignored me, moving the book to a later page before slapping her finger down on it once again. “Seventh grade, Julie.”

“That girl was a bully. She used to twist my arm and kick me in the balls. She was worse than Sophie!”

The demoness lifted her finger. “She was a sadist. Had you gotten even one erection while she was torturing you, you would have gotten your first blowjob at 13.”

“E-even so…”

She moved to a later page, much closer to the end of the book. “Sophie…”

“Max… she was into you last year and tried to get your attention, but you only had eyes for Denise. Why do you think she’s so bitter and hateful toward both of you?”

“Even if I could have Sophie… I never would.”

“And that is why you’re single…”

“What does that mean?”

“Women are dumb… Max.”

“You’re a woman!”

“That’s how I know!” She snorted, slamming the book closed. “Women aren’t like men. Men have a very clear, quantifiable desire when they chase a woman. They want her to be sexy, and sexual. If a woman can look good, no other metric matters nearly as much. However, when it comes to women, they have no clue what they want. They say they want the nice guy. They say they want someone funny. Caring? Loving? You and I both know that is bullshit. Women will date the first douchebag that catches their interest.”

“What does that have to do with Sophie?”

“When you show interest in a woman, the others can’t help but notice. They grow jealous and angry. They want the attention. You gave all of your attention to Denise, and you got Sophie. Had you given your attention to Sophie, then it would be Denise who was chasing after you, worried that you’d only ever see her as a friend.”

“I don’t believe you,” I responded after a stunned silence.

“That’s your choice.” She shrugged. “I don’t care. I’m not here to talk to you about what you could have done. I’m here to talk to you about what you should do next.”

“It’s too late to change things now,” I responded bitterly.

“That’s not true. Haven’t you been paying attention?” She sighed, before reaching into her cleavage and pulling something out.

I glanced away shyly until I heard a click on the table. When I looked back, she had placed a single dice on the table.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a Daemon Relic.”

“A what?”

“A demonic tool from hell.” She responded. “It’s your typical monkey paw deal. Every artifact has an advantage and a disadvantage.”

“And… you’re giving me this?”

“I’m lending you this,” She spoke deliberately. “I will be opening up a shop. As you corrupt the minds of women, you will gain corruption points. The more corrupt they become, the more points you’ll earn. You can spend those points in my store.”

“Your store…”

“Why would I work for free? You owe me for that relic, and all future relics will depend on your abilities.”

“Okay…” I was still hesitant, but I was willing to go along with it for the moment. “In that case, what does the dice do?”

“This dice had six different status effects, and each effect depends on the role. Some of them are advantageous, others are disadvantageous. You don’t need to worry about this one. Nothing is necessarily dangerous, but whether it helps or hinders depends on when and how you use it. The status occurs immediately upon rolling, on the target you select. You can roll once per target, but you cannot roll again until the previous status alignment has run its course.”

“Alright, I guess I understand that much. What are the status alignments?” I wouldn’t understand anything until I understood that much.

“If you roll a six, the status will become inexplicably aroused. This arousal will last two hours. If it’s a girl, she’ll become unbearably horny. If it’s you, well, in this particular case, having an erection that lasts two hours doesn’t need a doctor. Even if you cum, you can keep going. Imagine the kind of debauchery you could carry out with that kind of stamina?”

As it was… I could go from horny to finished in two minutes with my hand. Lasting for two hours with a girl? I’d be a god. Well, at least that’s what my inexperienced perverted mind thought.

“Roll a five, you get a status lock. The person will be stuck in their current physical and emotional state for one hour. If you roll just after punching someone, you could cause them that fresh pain like he was just stuck for an hour.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Well, you could roll it just as a woman climaxed… and then she’d be stuck in a perpetual climax for an hour. Right before it, and you could lock her at the barrier, never getting released until she went mad. Of course, you could also catch a girl while she’s horny to keep her horny, or when she’s in a good mood as to not sour it, even if you say the wrong things.”


This ability was sounding stranger and stranger. Locking someone into a perpetual mood? I could roll it, tell someone some bad news… and by the time it struck them, I’d be long gone.

“Four is a bit like two. If you roll a three… the last thought on a person’s mind will be stuck there for an hour. So, if you roll when you know they are thinking about you, then they will continue to think about you for an hour. If you catch them thinking about sex… you can make them work themselves up.”

“And three?” I leaned closer, growing more interested the more I heard.

“Roll a three, and the target becomes unnoticed.”

“What does that mean?”

“No one will be able to perceive them. People ignore so many stimuli in their day-to-day. They can perceive a person while completely ignoring them. We’re both under such a perception filter right now. Haven’t you noticed no one had acknowledged us?”

I frowned. “I did, a bit…”

“Yet, they served us tea, and no one has tried to sit down in our spot.” She lifted her glass as the pretty maid returned and filled it before walking away. “It works like that. They can see we’re here, but otherwise, they ignore everything we do or say and don’t retain any memory of it. All they could say for certain if asked was that yes, we were sitting there. The target is invisible… to everyone but you, I should say. Ah! It only lasts thirty minutes, so use it wisely.”

It was true, that woman hadn’t even looked our way. She filled the teacup, but she hadn’t paid any attention to the person holding it. It was like she recognized there was tea that needed filling and people who were drinking it, but nothing else.

I licked my lips. “And Two?”

“The target becomes extremely sensitive for two hours. Pain and pleasure are both amplified. Might even be better than staying erect for two hours, huh?”

I nodded dumbly. “The last?”

“If you roll a one, then it’s a dead fish, the opposite of rolling a two.”


“They can’t all be great.” She chuckled. “Your target will be sexually dead inside. If it’s yourself, you won’t be able to get excited no matter what. If it’s her, she will have no sex drive. This will last one hour.”

“How is that useful?” I demanded.

“I said there were advantages and disadvantages.” She sniffed. “As for an advantage, how would things go tonight between Denise and Craig when he suddenly couldn’t get it up? How about if she feels completely unaroused?”

I slowly nodded. I didn’t know if I believed a thing she said, but the mere thought of it filled me with interest. I reached out, and that’s when her hand came out and swiped it.

“Hey! I thought you said I could have it!”

“I said you could use it.” She responded flippantly. “Just once.”

“Once!” My eyes widened. “What can I do with a single-use?”

“That’s the question, isn’t it? If you earn sufficient debauchery points, then you will have bought it.”

“I don’t know where Denise is now,” I responded.

“You’re still caught up on Denise!” She snorted. “You need to learn to walk before you can run. Why don’t you start with her?”

I looked where her eyes went, and I could see the pretty waitress walking by. “Her?”

“Mm… you can get one roll, target whoever you want. If you fuck her, then I’ll give you the dice.”

“How could I seduce a girl I don’t even know with a single roll?” I demanded.

She stood up, leaning across the table before putting the dice in front of me with a click. “You’ll have to give it a toss and find out.”