Well, I had been banging around the idea for a while now, and today I finally managed to get it set up. Whatsawhizzer’s Full Frontal Access is my wordpress alternative to Patreon. Basically, it’s a means of supporting me as a subscriber without using the Patreon service.

As some of you know, Patreon has a myriad of issues, and has already threatened to take down my Patreon account once. I can’t advertise anything I post over there for fear they’ll come up with a reason to demonetize me. That also makes the actual platform of Patreon, outside of paying me money, 100% useless.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s only a matter of time before they do block my account. So, here’s an alternative service. Simply click on any chapter that is Patreon-locked. You’ll get the familiar locked screen, but it will also include a link that redirects you to the Full Frontal Access post. It’s technically two different posts, one for Patreon, and one for Full Frontal Access. The content is literally identical. Just support which platform works for you.

Full Frontal Access uses paypal to accept payment, however, it appears to include a means of paying with credit card that does not require an account, so anyone who can pay for anything online should be able to support me through this.

At the moment, I still prefer you use Patreon. I’m actually not sure how Full Frontal does renewals. It likely does them at the time you pay, so I will just get a stream of money all month rather than a lump sum. I’m also not sure how I’m going to factor these payments into the Patreon stretch promises. Furthermore, I haven’t found a way to set them up with Discord Roles yet, but I’m confident I can work something out.

So, stick with Patreon… unless you don’t want to or can’t. This is truly just an alternative I’m offering, and as “option 2”, may not be as clean and intuitive as option 1. I do get to “keep” more of the profits from Whatsawhizzer Full Frontal compared to Patreon, but that difference only really shows up on the $10 and higher tiers. For $1-$5 tier, what you donate to me will get me the same amount of money roughly. If you’re in the $50-$100 tier though, you might want to consider changing how to donate. I’ve known others who keep donating $5 to Patreon and then donate the other $95 as a subscription, that way, they have the best of both worlds. It’s all up to you guys, I’m just putting more choices out there to fulfill requests for such.