“I just signed up and can’t access content.”

You have to register. You will get an email asking you to register. It might be in your spam. If you absolutely can’t find it after 1 hour of signing up, email me with your email and I will send you a registration.

“I can’t register because it says: “WordPress account exists with given email.”

At some point, you used that email to sign into wordpress. At that point, you picked or were assigned a username. You must use that username to sign in. Go to wordpress’s account settings, sign in with your email address, and use that username (or change it if you want).

“I can’t access any posts on my $1 account.”

The cost was increased to $2.

“How do I cancel?”

You must cancel through paypal. You must end your recurring payment. Once you do this, you will lose access immediately.

“How do I change tiers?”

Cancel your current recurring payment, wait a day, then sign up to the new recurring payment. If you don’t do it like this, your account might inactivate.

“I just changed tiers but can’t access new content?”

Clear your internet cache.

“I have issues signing in/seeing content while signed in.”

Clear your internet cache.

“I still have issues signing in.”

Your account might have become inactive. Please contact me. I need your username and email.