I believe I’ve figured out the solution. You will not need to close out your account and create a new one. Please disregard this announcement.


After a month of troubleshooting, I’ve been unable to resolve the issue. If you’ve previously had an FFA membership, it appears like your account will expire at the end of your payment period, even though you pay again.

If this happens, simply email me. Give me your username and Paypal email and I will activate your account again immediately. Many many many of you have already had to do this… and unfortunately it will probably happen again next month.

The only potential solution I have right now is for you to cancel your membership and set up a new one. The new memberships appear to be functioning fine. This is only an issue with the old memberships made before February 6th. This is not an issue with Patreon members, only FFA members.

I won’t be able to confirm that making a new account offers no renewing problems until March 6th, which is when those memberships renew, but that is our current hope.

If you don’t want your account to expire (or expire again), I highly recommend that you change your membership tier, or cancel and re-sign up. This issues you a new gateway subscription ID, and we’re pretty sure that it’s the old ID that is causing the problems.

If you’ve already paid, and there are many of you, make sure you still have access, and if you don’t, contact me. I’ve fixed some of the accounts behind the scenes, but others I’ve been unable to do, especially when your paypal info doesn’t match your user info.

Also, please make sure that you do not create a second membership account. I’m finding some people making 2-3 membership accounts when the first one doesn’t work immediately. If you’ve gone through once and it doesn’t work, contact me. Don’t just do it again.

I’m sorry that this has been such an issue. It would have been nice if this switch happened smoothly, but alas, here we are.