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“Aooo… aaaa…. Aaaaa…. Aaaahhh…” She moaned.

Guy had both her hands behind her back, and she was bent over a desk. Her cute little rump was propped up in the air and split open by his impressive thing. It was the one thing his dad had ever left him that he appreciated, a big dick. Other than that, his old man had been a deadbeat. Perhaps Guy himself might have accomplished more in life had he grown up in a functional home with a father that didn’t run off with the babysitter when he was only ten.

He remembered the last words his dad had ever said to him too, “Son, good pussy is the only thing that matters.”

Of course, Guy hated his dad. That was why he swore to only have sex after he married. He even found a like-minded high school sweetheart and dedicated himself to marrying her after he graduated. Of course, he found out she was cheating on him with a friend of his. They had been banging behind his back while he waited until marriage.

That’s when Guy’s life changed. He really dodged a bullet there. He also began to reevaluate his priorities. He decided that rather than being the guy who got cheated on, he’d be the guy who fucked women. The night he found out about his fiancée’s affair, he hit up a bar and banged a sexy girl, and then another. It was only then that he found out he was pretty good at sex. Twelve years later, he was still at it and taking this pretty little trumpet over his desk.

The way she moaned and squirmed really excited him. She was really an innocent young thing, freshly turned eighteen. That was his only restriction when it came to pussy. Although, to be honest, he had this girl scoped out since she was sixteen.

“How’s the birthday girl enjoying her birthday present!” Guy asked as he slapped her ass.

“Ahn… shit… Guy… if I knew your dick was so big, I’d be fucking you two summers ago!”

“Haha… maybe then I’d been the guy who got your virginity!”

She giggled. “As if! I lost that when I was thirteen.”

“Thirteen? Damn… sluts these days start young.”

“Guy!” She raised her head and shot Guy an angry look. “I am no slut! You take that… ahhh!”

Guy shoved her head back down on the desk and began to pick up the pace. He started jackhammering her pussy, putting one leg up on the desk so he could pound her with leverage. It had taken some time to get that flexible to do this move, but Guy decided it was worth it.

“Ahhhn… shit… right there… right there… I’m about to cum!” She panted, almost completely forgetting Guy’s previous slight.

He suddenly slowed down, his cock losing speed. “Ah… we better stop.”

“Wh-wh-wh-what?” She turned back with desperation. “I’m almost there! Keep going, baby. Keep going!”

“What? You want me to fuck you?”

“Y-yes… Guy… please… fuck me!”

“Well, what does that make you?”

She bit her lip and then lowered her head. “I… I’m a slut.”

“Say it, Bitch!” He grabbed her hair and began to increase the speed, going even faster than before.

Thrump. Thrump. Thrump.

The desk vibrated as he humped her cunt so hard.

“F-fuck! I’m a slut! Fuck this dirty slut! Make my dirty cunt cum!” She moaned.

Guy found that most girls were just like this girl under him. What was her name again? Eh, it was best just calling her Slut. All woman wanted sex, they just didn’t want to admit it. Over the last twelve years, Guy had found that any girl turned into a quivering degenerate slut as long as you said the right things and made the right moves. Even the most bible-thumping chaste housewife could be turned into a cursing slut riding cowgirl on Guy’s cock while her husband was at church. In fact, Guy fucked a preacher’s wife once. She certainly used God’s name in vain.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She cried out.

Guy could feel her pussy contracting on his cock, the familiar sensation of a woman losing her control as she squirted all over the floor and his desk. Of course, he only responded by increasing the speed. He liked to turn orgasms into agony. For that brief moment when a girl orgasms, Guy could stretch out seconds until it felt like hours. That was exactly what he liked to do.

Her hungry pussy sucked in his cock in a pleasing way, and his jackhammer movement plowed her pussy until it was hot and gushing. The sound of her moaning the sensation of her slut pussy sucking down his cock was about all he could take. He wasn’t a young man anymore, and didn’t feel he had anything to prove by lasting any longer than this.

“Guy… ah… Guy…” She panted, but her voice was already quite hoarse from all the yelling.

“I’m cumming too!” Guy finally announced.

“Ahn… I’m not on pills, pull out, Guy!” She announced.

“Eh? You say that now?” Guy pushed it in all the way and released his load deep inside her.

He wasn’t some pornstar putting on a show. If he was going to cum, Guy wanted to do it deep inside a woman. What was the point of cumming on her face or tits? Guy liked it deep, and definitely bareback. He rarely used a condom when it came to women.

“Shit… Guy… seriously!” She tried to pull away, but he held her ass tightly. “I’ll get pregnant! Daddy is going to be pissed!”

“Ahhhhh… shiiit…” Guy moaned as he finished cumming deep inside her.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her twitching pussy as he filled her womb with cum. Guy was always an impressive cummer, and could make a woman so full that if you pushed on her stomach after, white would gush out.

“Fuck! I don’t want to be a mommy.” She said in a whiny, childish voice.

“Relax… you can’t get babies this time of the month.” Guy reassured her.

“R-really?” She asked, finally calming down as he finished up and pulled out of her, a squirt of cum leaking out and dripping down her plump, sexy thighs.

“Oh, yeah…” Guy had no clue what her menstrual cycle was, and he didn’t know what were her safe days either.

He didn’t even know what days were the safe days. Was it before or after her bitch week? The fuck if he knew.

However, the girl seemed to buy the lie. It was probably fine. Guy hadn’t any children that he was aware of so far. He was pretty much alone in this world. Guy wiped the sweat off his brow and gave her a thumbs-up as she stood up and pulled her skirt back down. She kept pulling it down until it was down to the floor.

“In that case, how about you give me another load.”

“Actually… I got things to do. Your daddy is paying me to drop on fifty acres today. I need to get started before…”

She sat down on the chair behind his desk and then spread her legs open. There was white stuff leaking out her crotch, but that only added to the arousing nature. She was such a dirty thing for her age. He almost envied the guy who married her. Not for marrying her, but that honeymoon period would be hot and heavy.

“Come on, Guy, it’s my birthday, remember?”

Oh well… Guy would just have to ruin her as much as he could before the next man picked up the slut left over. He couldn’t help myself, so he scooted her down on the chair and started plowing her pussy again. She was so wet, and Guy started getting into playing with her tits, which popped out of the top of her dress nicely. They were round, plump and pale. The nipples were small and pink, with a pale areola that was the same color as the boobs. They were perfect and upright in the way you could only see on an 18 year olds chest. The suntan lines between her white tits and the darker skin of her shoulders outlined the low-cut tank tops she usually wore.

Her lower half included similar lines running up her thighs, made by some short shorts that would make daisy dukes look classy. It was the combination of that tanktop and short shorts that caught Guy’s interest and had him lay the groundwork for this. He even gave her dad special discounts so that her father kept using him over the competition, just for the moment he could plow this hooch.

Thus, a second go didn’t take much convincing. He grabbed her ass and plowed away at her pussy. Each time he thrust in, cum from their previous go gushed out. It was wet, and smelled pungent. Although we were technically in a barn, her dirty smells started to overwhelm the smell of hay and horse. She squealed and moaned in delight, loving every moment that Guy banged her tight pussy with his dagger.

“Ah… damn… I’m going to cum again.” he moaned, getting just too horny as he thought about how tight this 18-year-old slut felt.

“Cum in me all you want, Guy!” She purred. “I like feeling it in me.”

Those were the words of a slut who’d end up bogged down with children by the age of nineteen if he ever saw one. That’s why I’d never marry her. In fact, he’d never see her again. He planned to drop her dad the next day. If she did get pregnant, it could be the next guy who takes care of it. Well, that’s if she chose to keep it. Guy wouldn’t be surprised if she’d already had an abortion or two.

“I’m cumming!” Just as Guy was about to fill her womb up again, the door slammed open.

“Guy! Damn it! What the hell are you doing to my daughter!” A man bellowed from behind us.

“And now I’m going!”

Guy pulled out, even as he started to blow his load. It ended up hitting the slut’s tits and face anyway. Oops… well… that’s fine too. A fat man with a bald head looked around the room and reached out, grabbing a hammer off a nearby tool belt.

Guy held up his hands. “Woah… let’s not get rash here.”

“Guy, you bastard! You’ve defiled my daughter!” The fat man screeched.  

“Daddy! I can be with whoever I want!” The slut said, covering up her body.

“Not until you’re out of my house!” He snapped back. “Guy, I’ll kill you!”

“Ah… got to go!” Guy put his dick back in his pants.

The reason he didn’t undress during sex was exactly for this reason. With the fat man at the door holding the hammer menacingly, he raced to the window. It was open since the office didn’t have air conditioning and it was hot during the day. Guy leaped through the window in a single motion. Still pretty spry for a guy getting into his middle years. Thankfully, Guy stayed fit, unlike the farmer who sat on equipment all day.  

“Hey, come back here!”

Guy didn’t wait for him to reach the window. Instead, he started running out into the field. It was only a hundred-meter sprint to the place where his plane was sitting. The Strip Bucket was a crop duster. By the time he had managed to get into the cockpit, the fat man had raced back to the entrance of the large barn, a small corner of which that had been converted into his office space. Guy pulled his coat on and started the preflight protocol, although he was in a bit of a rush.

“Guy! You bastard! Where do you think you’re going!” The man bellowed.

“I got a job to do!” He yelled back, “Got work on the fields.”

“You think I’d let you keep working after what you did to my daughter. You’re fired!”

“Sorry, can’t hear you!” He said as the engine turned on.

He was only about 2/3rd of the way there, fat as he was. The airplane lurched forward, and the guy could only helplessly wave his hands as Guy started heading down the field’s dirt path. He increased speed and finally took off into the air. Like that, he was flying above the farmland. He’d do the job required. The farmer would still have to pay him for it. There was a contract involved.

If not, Guy would sue him. Banging his daughter is not a legal reason to withhold payment for a job done well. After that, Guy would find some new farmer who needed his services. Well, a farmer who has a daughter he hadn’t defiled. That narrowed things down a bit.

Guy managed to get off the ground and into the air. As he saw the farm disappear in his side mirror, he let out a breath of relief. At least this guy didn’t pull out a gun. Those were the scariest ones. As Guy was thinking these things and desperately completing the flight protocols he had neglected in his rush to get the plane moving, he didn’t notice the objects on either side of him. A sudden glint blinded his eyes as the sun bounced off a nearby metal surface. That was what alerted him that he wasn’t alone in the sky.

“What in the world?” He muttered, turning his head to see two large flying things on either side of him.

Suddenly, one of the objects flew up over his head, doing a barrel roll. The second one did the same while rolling under him.

“Hey, you bastards, what do you think this is?” Guy growled, thinking this must be some kind of airshow.

Thwack. Boom!

Some kind of blue light flew into one of the ships and it erupted with a boom. The other darted out and Guy struggled to follow it with his eye. His mind reeled as he saw a ship as large as a building floating between two hills. He never would have even noticed it unless he approached it from this exact angle. Unlike the two ships on either side of him, which sort of were reminiscent of long UFOs, the bigger ship had more of a utilitarian look to it, with blocky corners in the shape of a long square cylinder. The first two gave him an impression of fighter jets, while the last looking like some kind of transportation vessel.

Another wave of the UFO-style ships descended down on the transportation vessel. There was an exchange of blue light and various explosions. This must have been a battle of some sort. Guy was too amazed watching it that he couldn’t do anything as something slammed into his plane. The pilot in charge of the UFO next to him seemed to have lost control. Their ship collided with Guy’s and was now hooked on his wing. Alarms started buzzing everywhere as his plane was doubled in weight by this extra companion.

“Shit, I’m going down!” Guy cried out, pulling a radio out. “May Day… May Day… The Strip Bucket is going down!”

He was near the transportation ship now. He could see an area that looked like a dock. Damn it! If he didn’t go, he’d die! The dock was only about thirty feet below his current flight path. Meanwhile, landing safely to the ground, especially in an untested field, would be suicide. Guy grabbed the controls and aimed for the landing strip. The pullback from the ship tagging along was horrible.

“Come on! Come on!”

He just struck the edge of the landing platform, and he felt the wheels of the plane being ripped off. A moment later he slammed into the landing area. His plane continued to skid along the floor with a loud screeching noise. He could also see sparks rising out. Not good. If those ignited the gas or pesticide, this entire plane could explode. Before Guy could do anything about it, the plane slammed into the far wall, and with it. At that moment, consciousness left him.

It was some time later when his eyes finally opened. He touched a painful knot on his head.

“Damn…” he grumbled, trying to work his way out of the cockpit of his destroyed plane.

As he fell to the ground, he started to survey the damage. The plane was missing a wing. As for the UFO that had been stuck on him and dragged him down, it appeared to have broken off when he landed. It was sitting in another corner of the room. That was when he noticed that the landing platform was closed now. Even if his plane was working, there was no way to get out of here now.

He checked over his body. Other than the lump on his head, he had a bruised rib. That was about it. Overall, Guy would say he was really lucky. The crash could have been a lot more brutal. He seriously could have lost his life. Now, the problem was, where the hell was he?

Guy reckoned there were two possibilities. First, that aliens were real and he was on some kind of alien ship. Second, that the US government had progressed in aerospace technology a lot more than they let on, and Guy just got caught up in some futuristic test. Before he could dwell on it too much longer, he heard a hissing sound as the UFO on the other side of the runway started to open.

Guy watched it carefully as a form started to walk out. They appeared to be coughing and limping. They were in some kind of uniform, complete with helmet, and there were no features Guy could make out to determine what they looked like. They didn’t look like a US soldier, at least he saw that much. They made it a few steps before they collapsed on the ground. Without thinking, Guy immediately ran out to the pilot. Grabbing them, he pulled them away from the UFO, which was leaking some dangerous-looking smoke that smelled of chemicals and death.

As he pulled the person away from the wreckage, He realized just how heavy their armor was. It was easily an inch thick. It was closer to a mech suit than a spacesuit. The only thing he was more surprised about was that he was able to move them. It should have been too heavy for him, but something about the gravity here just felt off. As a result, he was able to move them with ease.

Looking down at a body that looked more like Master Chief than a little green man, Guy decided to try to remove their helmet first. Wait, what if they couldn’t breathe this atmosphere? Wait… why can Guy breathe this atmosphere? If we’re talking a spaceship, then it had to have the same atmosphere as the aliens. Then again, they were on Earth when they were under attack. Was the ship still under attack? He hadn’t felt any shuddering noises or sudden changes in momentum. The ship was probably fine.

Guy decided to just go with it, so he grabbed the stranger’s helmet and pulled. It came off with a release of air, and then on the inside he found a particularly beautiful girl. Her features were mostly human, but there was something off that Guy didn’t immediately notice.


She was incredibly cute, with long hair tied up into a braid. Her face was small and oval. She had high cheekbones, pert lips, and… wait… no ears? Guy touched where her ears were supposed to be, and then his hand went up until he felt ears up in her hair. He hadn’t noticed them at first because they were the same color, but they were definitely long pointy ears.

“Cat ears?” he said in disbelief.

The girl suddenly purred, causing him to jump back. When he did so, his hand landed on her chest. It hit some kind of control panel. There were a few beeps, and then more air releasing noises. Her suit opened from the front; her entire body displayed itself in place within this meaty exoskeleton. Her body was incredibly sexy. She had large breasts, a slim waist, and while he couldn’t see her behind, he somehow felt it was probably really nice to behold. Did she also have a cat tail? His instincts were telling me that she did.

She appeared to be wearing a single grey thermal suit under the armor. It tightly formed to her body, making it look even more alluring and sexy. As he was admiring her form, her eyes suddenly opened. She let out a noise that sounded like a hiss and then rolled out of her armor. As she did so, she let out a cry and grabbed her arm.

“Your arm is broken?”

Her suit was that thick and protective and she still broke her arm? She didn’t even crash that hard. It left me a bit surprised.

“Nya nan nya nanana naa nya na…” She started speaking.

“Ah, sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Nyan… mea. Mea. Nya Nyan nanya nayn.,”

He shook his head. “You’re very cute.”

Her speaking stopped and she suddenly blushed, stepping back from me. Oh, so she heard that. She can understand him but he can’t understand her? Was this the product of some kind of translator?

“Nyan!” She suddenly pointed.

“Eh, what?” He looked down at his shirt, but then he noticed her expression was turning frightened and she was actually looking behind him.

He turned around just in time to see the butt of a gun slamming into his face. He stumbled back several feet, grabbing his nose.

“Oh, shit… you broke my nose!” He said before his eyes landed on the three people behind him.

They had come in from a side door, and they looked a lot more hostile than the cute cat girl. Not a single one was alike. One appeared to be a blue chick… but she was completely see-through. She was like blue jello shaped in the physique of a woman. The second was a large woman nearly twice his size. She was seriously about nine feet tall and had a cromagnum brow and a ring in her nose. The last woman had an eye patch over one of her eyes. Her forehead and nose were wrinkled a bit like a Klingon, although her skin looked normal white to me. However, one of her arms appeared to be made of metal.

“Ah… I’m not in Kansas anymore, am I?” He said weakly, trying to give a disarming smile.

“Frack nack lack stack frack crock!” The women with the eyepatch said, and then raised her robotic arm, which was holding a gun.

“Wait… don’t!”

She fired, and the last thing Guy remembered was the floor spinning towards him.

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