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“Bastard! I’ve found you!”

“Huh? I’m in my room though?” Guy asked when his door burst open and Vienna leapt.

He had actually thought the door was locked, so he was a little surprised, but Guy had long learned how to keep his cool when he was in a threatening situation. Thankfully, Vienna didn’t have a knife this time, so he felt relatively safe. She actually felt pretty easy to deal with because she was kind of stupid. He was more worried about Diatome, who was seriously going to kill him one of these days.

Vienna only took two steps before her eyes landed on Guy. She suddenly let out a cry, covering her eyes.

“What are you wearing!”

“Huh? There’s no boy clothes in here, and thus thong is riding up my ass something awful.” Guy stood up, showing a pretty graphic scene.

He was actually naked except for the thong, and over coarse the thong wasn’t nearly enough to cover up his junk, causing it to pop out on either side. It wasn’t like he intended to look that way, but he didn’t fit in the rest of the clothing and had trouble getting the thong off. Once again, he was in his own room with what he thought was a locked door, so it wasn’t like he was trying to be on display here.

“Y-y-you! I-indecent!” Vienna’s accusations only caused him to get annoyed and defensive.

“What are you saying? You have a bikini bra on that barely covers you nipples, and I can see green pubic hair form that thong of yours. I’d say we’re both dressed about the same.

“I-it’s different! I’m a woman! Fool! Men must be covered!”

“So, not only do you dress like a hoe and expect no one to look, but you also shame other people for dressing just as bad? Actually, now that I think about it, you remind me of a lot of women on Earth…”

“E-either way, put on some clothing!”

“I can’t… my only clothing was… lost.” He cleared his throat. “Fine, is this better?”

He grabbed the sheet from the bed and then spun it onto himself, attaching it like a greek robe. He was happy he had crashed so many toga parties in the past. Vienna reminded him of it, as she was quite similar to some of the feminazi girls there, except for being green. They all eventually became little sluts to his cock with a little alcohol. He wondered if Vienna was the same way.

“That is… a start…” She sniffed.

Guy raised an eyebrow. “You seem a bit calmer than before. Especially after I… on you…”

Her cheeks turned yellow. “That is… boss… encouraged me to get along with you. That is… in the past. I’ve also been checked for pregnancy, and it looks like I have not gotten pregnant. Perhaps, our genes are not compatible.”

Or, the pair of them didn’t do anything that would get her pregnant, Guy thought, but decided not to say out loud since she was acting reasonable.

“So, you burst into my room without invitation and point at me threateningly?”

“That… actually… I’ve been ordered to bring you to the infirmary, where you will undergo more tests.”

“More tests?” I frowned. “Aren’t you just prisoners?”

“That may be so!” She shot back. “But… we have to make sure that you’re safe to have on our ship. Therefore, Cerisa has requested to check you out again.

“Cerisa? That’s the blue blobby chick, right? She’s kind of crazy, but she’s only unintentionally almost killed me, not deliberately like you or Diatome, so I guess it’s okay.”

Guy was intentionally being sarcastic, but Vienna nodded like this was to be expected. Rolling his eyes, he decided he had nothing else to do and was bored anyway. Didn’t hospitals have medical gowns? He might be able to swap some of them and find some clothing for himself. Thus, he followed her outside of the room. He did make sure to stay behind her, though, as he didn’t want to turn his back on her. She seemed better now, but he wanted to be careful.

Thus, Vienna led the way to a part of the ship that he had never been to before. She opened a door, and they walked into an area that did resemble a hospital in certain ways, but also looked more like an alien torture chamber. Seeing Cerisa standing there only caused Guy a little bit more worry.

“Guy, you’ve arrived,” Cerisa said, holding a long scalpel.

She had created a face now, and it looked quite pretty, even using a bit of her form to make the illusion of hair. However, that cold expression on her face with the scalpel in her hand only made Guy worry even more.

“Ah… hi Cerisa… you’re not going to be cutting anything, right?” He asked uncertainly.

“I need to extract material. Don’t your bodies have the capacity to heal and re-close?”

“So, you were going to cut me, fucking blue bitch!”

“Fool! Don’t you know that our skin takes a long to heal and we can potentially die?” Vienna came to the rescue.

“True… but this human species seems more adaptable than other species. That’s quite a compliment coming from me. I was curious about how much his body could take.”

“Is there any way you can do it without killing him?” Vienna shot back, “Boss’s orders… I’m personally responsible for assuring Guy remains alive.”

After she said that, her body shook for a second and she had a somewhat distant look. Guy didn’t know what had happened to her, but she seemed to have mellowed out considerably, so he wasn’t complaining.

“I suppose I can simply work with his cells, and see how much individual cells can handle various environmental hazards. It would be a start. Eventually, I would like to test him more aggressively though.”

“I don’t care… just leave him alive.” She crossed her arms angrily.

“I do care!” Guy shot back. “Just take a sample of blood… ah, but I don’t know how to do that and I have a feeling you don’t either.”

Guy didn’t see any needles among the stuff, and Cerisa didn’t have veins of her own, so he didn’t want her to just start stabbing him with a needle. He knew nothing about how to draw blood, so he was of no help there. Vienna didn’t seem inclined to help as long as I didn’t die.

“Very well, I do know a method of extracting cellular material from Guy that is harmless.” Cerisa nodded.

“Ah! Good. Do that!” I gave her the thumbs up.

“I will need Vienna to participate though.”

“Huh?” Vienna dropped her arms. “Me? Why?”

“If I extract his cellular material, the digestive nature of my body, and the unitive nature of my DNA would either destroy or contaminate any samples I was able to obtain. Thus, it is best if an alien with a unique cellular makeup to the work. It will be much easier to extract his information and maintain the viability of the experiment.”

Guy let out a breath. He felt a bit better knowing that it would be Vienna who would be doing it. At least, she had seemed to have generally humanoid parts. Other than her green skin and hair and extremely seductive way of dressing, she might as well be human. Meanwhile, Cerisa didn’t even have organs. Why was she their medical/science officer? Guy wanted to know! Also, why did she end up in prison? He didn’t think he wanted to know that question. It was probably really horrible.

“Very well, then, whatever gets this done quickly,” Vienna responded.

“Good.” Cerisa nodded and then gestured to the examination table. “Guy, please have a seat.”

He warily approached the table, making sure there weren’t any restraints that were suddenly going to attach and keep him stuck to the table so she could dissect him. He had heard stories of friends who had been abducted by aliens. As a crop-duster, the fields were ground zero for alien encounters. There were many things those aliens did that would scar a man.

Thus, he was checked several times before carefully sitting next down. Cerisa and Vienna didn’t seem to notice.

“What do I need to do?” Vienna demanded.

“It is very simple.” Cerisa stated, “Simply pull out his thing. Then, stroke it until it releases his material, and put it into a cup.”

“H-h-h-his thing!” Vienna’s eyes went wide.

Cerisa nodded. “Yes, just open up the front of his… sheet, then pull out his thing.”

“H-how can you ask me to do this?” She cried out.

Before he could stop her, Cerisa grabbed and lifted Guy’s robe, revealing his lower half. His balls had fallen to one side of the thong now and were completely revealed. However, they were in a tight spot, so it wasn’t exactly like he was aroused at the moment.

“Hmmm.” Cerisa tapped her mouth.” It seems that the organ is currently not stimulated. It would be hard at that point. In which case, it might be better if I just cut…”

She reached out and grabbed a scalpel.

Guy shouted, yanking his robe from her free hand to hide. “No cutting! It’ll get hard! I can get it hard!”

“Then, if you don’t want it to be cut, then please, Vienna, begin the extraction.”

“I won’t!”

“Didn’t Boss say that you were to ensure that Guy is unharmed? If you agree that cutting may harm him, then the only viable option is for you to extract the tissue.”

“Why that tissue?”

“Various reasons. It resides in a fluid that allows it to survive outside the body, for example. If I can research the methods, it’s possible I can replicate them.”

“C-can’t… he just extract it on his own?” She gave one less argument.

Guy’s excitement over finally making the green bitch perform a sex act deflated in an instant. In the end, he’d just have to jerk off into a cup. Well, it was much better than cutting, or even needles. Since Vienna dressed like a slut anyway, as long as she kept her mouth shut, he could probably jerk off just admiring her luscious body.

“Don’t be preposterous! Ejaculate can only be achieved with the aid of the opposite sex. I’ve checked this personally!”

Guy blinked at her bold statement, but when Vienna looked at him for clarification, he hid a smile and nodded in affirmation. Cerisa did know very little about male biology! Since she was going to spread incorrect conjectures, who was Guy to correct her?  Vienna bit her lip, looking at my lap to Cerisa’s scalpel and back. If she went with the scalpel, Guy would immediately come clean. He wasn’t going to get cut over it.

That said, a moment later, Vienna nodded her head with a bitter expression. She took a step forward and then fell to her knees, lifting the edge of Guy’s robe.

“Ah! It’s hard already! See… a woman’s involvement is necessary!” Cerisa exclaimed.

Rather than grow angry, Vienna surprisingly blushed. For a second, it looked like she might be flattered that Guy was getting an erection on her behalf. It wasn’t like it was hard, given how erotic her body was. He moved his hips, causing it to bounce up and down in front of her. The woman who just a day or two ago would have had a fit over even seeing it now slowly reached out and grabbed it. Her green hands were a bit cold, but looking down at her large rack and her big, dark green lips, I was as hard as I was going to get.

She slowly began to move her hand up and down the shaft. It grew warmer the faster it went. The blood engorging my dick kept my dick as the perfect hand warmer. Whether it was because she liked the warmth, or perhaps she was growing excited herself, Vienna reached out with her second hand and began rubbing Guy’s balls.

Cerisa watched, her expression not giving anything away, while Vienna continued to jack off Guy’s cock. He was getting jacked off by a sexy green bitch while a transparent blue bitch watched. It was a surreal experience, but the kind of alien abduction he could get behind. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the ride. Her hands were a bit hesitant and inexperienced, but Guy felt like she had the capacity of being a total slut with the right training.

“It hasn’t come out yet!” She complained in an aggravated tone.

“Hmmm…” Cerisa stroked her chin. “From experience, I could say that if you’re looking to speed things along, it will do it faster with something wet and tight.”


Guy opened up his eyes as she had stopped stroking his cock to glare at Cerisa. Guy didn’t know if Cerisa was just screwing with her, helping me out, or if she genuinely had only reasoned that from their previous encounter. With either reason, Guy wasn’t objecting.

“Fine! I get it!” Vienna cried out. “I’ll make him release it!”

Guy thought she’d suck on his dick, but instead, she grabbed her chest and spit between her cleavage. She then rubbed her green mammaries together and then dropped them right on his cock. Guy was surprised at how his dick just slid right between them. She then began to work her legs, bobbing up and down. His dick popped out the top of her tits, and then back in like a frightened rabbit, over and over again. The area between her tits was completely lubed up, and his dick moved freely up and down.

On top of that, she was pushing her tits together, making the area as tight as her hands could muster. The deformation of her boobs caused her tiny bikini to move astray, giving Guy a succulent view of her dark green nipples. Both the sight and the feel were out of this world. The only thing that would make it feel better is if she sucked the head of his cock every time it popped up out of her tits. Regrettably, it seemed like the green bitch was dead set against using her mouth. It looked like this was as far as she’d take things.

Guy leaned back again as he enjoyed the feel of her efforts, which were quickly driving him to lose his load. That’s when his eyes landed on Cerisa and he nearly froze. She was still watching them with an expressionless gaze, but her translucent body had created some female sexual organs. She must have created them after observing Vienna. She now had a pair of tits that even had lifelike, if not jelly blue nipples. She also had a labia and all the folds of a vagina. Perhaps, she was remembering when Guy had jammed it into her gelatinous body and caused her to leak everywhere. Maybe, she thought if she created the hole herself, that they’d be able to have a little fun.

Cerisa then reached down and began to gently finger herself. She was rubbing her clit, giving it little concentric circles. Guy wanted to give her a thumbs up. Besides being sexy as hell, it was more “human” than she had previously acted. The big question he had was where did she learn it from. That was when Guy realized that Vienna was using one hand to hold her tits together. As for the other hand, it had ventured down below.

Cerisa was emulating Vienna, and Vienna was pleasuring herself as she pleasured Guy with her tits. Upon realizing that, Guy no longer control himself. Her tits had loosened a bit with her using only one hand, but Guy was willing to help with that. Reaching out, he hungrily grabbed her tits. She had expected him to remain passive as he had up until that point, so she could only cry out as he grabbed her green chest.

He then stood up and wrapped his legs around her. She was under him and bent back, still on her knees with her legs spread open slightly. Guy didn’t care about what she was doing down below though. He was concerned about his sexual satisfaction now. After watching both girls play with themselves, and having his cock stimulated for some time, he had become like an animal. He started to thrust himself between her tits, fucking them roughly.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh… What are you… It’s so hot!” Vienna cried out.

Cerisa was rubbing herself faster, but it was anyone’s guess if she was just following the mood, or if she was experiencing some kind of sexual thrill. Her face gave nothing away, but the wet sounds of Guy’s dick thrusting through Vienna’s tits were only matched by the schlicking sound of the slime fingering her clit.

It was enough for Guy though, and without stopping his thrusting, he started to cum. The first shot struck Vienna in the face, and then the second landed on her neck. He started to slow down, but his cock gushed like crazy, dumping tons of seed onto Vienna’s chest. She had been confused at first, but as she started to realize what was happening, she went to shove me off of her.

“No!” Cerisa grabbed at Vienna’s hands. “You must hold it, or we’ll have to do this all over again.”

When Vienna glanced over at Cerisa, she was back to her normal self. Her pussy was gone, as was the detailed and enlarged tits. She was back to the vaguely feminine body with two nondescript mounds on her chest. There had been almost no indicator of what she had been doing being Vienna’s back, except I noticed just the slightest bit of blue goo on Vienna’s fingers from where Cerisa grabbed her.

She made Vienna pushed her tits back together, and I finished cumming up in her tits. It was collected in a pool at the top of her cleavage for Cerisa to collect. Vienna looked down at it with both a disgusted and a confused look. It was a look like she had no clue how she had gotten into this situation. Cerisa took her time collecting the semen too. Eventually, Vienna was allowed to let go of her tits. By then, the streaks of white on her face and neck had already dripped down, as well as some cum leaking down her stomach. She looked like quite the mess. Guy swore to himself that this wasn’t the last time he was going to play with Vienna. He was eventually going to have all of her.

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