Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“What is the situation regarding our visitor?” Boss asked.

“Nothing! We did nothing!” Vienna straightened, nearly falling out of her chair.

A day had passed since she had been forced to profane her body in the name of Cerisa’s so-called science. She could still feel that warm sticky stuff running down her breasts and belly. He had that filthy thing between her breasts, and had even… had even… she wanted to forget all about it, but suddenly, Boss had asked this question.

On top of that, this was the first question she had gained after gathering everyone together in the meeting room. Except for Guy and the captured Cathari, all of the escaped prisoners had gathered in this meeting room to discuss what they were going to do next. Each girl had given her report on what she had accomplished the last few days with regards to the ship.

Boss had actually given all the girls a fairly loose restrictions, and they had all gone off to do whatever they felt like. Although it seemed like it’d be impossible for the ship to run like this, Boss had somehow gotten everyone to also take on various duties, and various things across the ship had been fixed, repaired, or identified. Furthermore, everyone seemed to be falling into their roles, whether they had intended to follow or not. That was simply the power that Boss had.

As it turned out, Diatome had ended up handling the living situation. She had gathered everyone’s locations on the ship, and gave everyone communicators so they could contact each other. Trinity had locked down the food, and Ten was now responsible for handling supplies and requisition. Cerisa took up medical and science. As for Dixi, she was engaging in repairs and Faratite had become her assistant.

These weren’t the only women on the ship. There were thirteen women in total in the room. Besides those eight, there was also a blue woman with two antennae sticking out of her head. There was another woman who looked like she’d be human if her features weren’t abnormally smoothed out. It was like her face couldn’t quite emulate a human’s perfectly, and stopped part way.

There was also a woman who had ears that were pointy and covered in piercings.  She also had piercings other places too. She had no hair or eyebrows, and there was a symbolic tattoo engraved on her face and head. There appeared to be a young girl, who was so short she actually sat on some books to be able to look over the table. The last woman had a robotic arm and an eyepatch. She had ridges above her brow and along her nose.

That last woman had actually seen Guy before. She had taken on the role of weapon’s specialist, and had been part of the party that captured him and the Cathari. However, she hadn’t bothered with him since, instead focusing on locating and gathering all of the weapons on board. Of course, this was all done under Boss’s watch.

Despite Vienna’s strangled reply, it was Cerisa who moved forward and began speaking. “I have done several tests on the subject and spent the night analyzing it.

“The male human appears to be descended from a line of apes, an aggressive and dangerous creature from his home planet. There gravity is 20% higher than the galactic standard, and his strength wouldn’t be much less than Trinity’s.”

“Huh? He’s as strong as me?” Trinity blinked, “That’s impossible!”

“Actually, the most terrifying thing about his species is their adaptability. Already, his physiological body has started adjusting to better exist within our environment. It’s truly incredible. Although, I say he’s a bit weaker than Trinity, if he were to practice in strength training, he’d grow more powerful, and could even outpower Trinity.”

“Mother always said I should find a man stronger than myself,” Trinity said weakly, before muttering under her breath. “And crush any man weaker.”

“What about psychologically?” Boss didn’t indicate what she felt about any of this, her expressions hidden under her cloak as she sat back with her hands held together before her.

“His intelligence is rather low. He defaults to his base needs in this environment, to which there are three.”

“What three?” Ten asked curiously.

“Food, Shelter, and… sex.”

The women all perked up as soon as they heard that word. Vienna’s face flushed with yellow, while Dia deliberately hid her expression. Other than Cerisa and the Cathari, these were the two women who had experienced the closest encounters with this guy. However, all the girls on this ship had, for one reason or another, not seen a man for the majority of their lives, if forever. How could a strange, alien man on board not at least cause them to be a bit curious?

“Can he be controlled?” Boss cut into the tense atmosphere.

“It’s difficult to say. He has no particular attachment to the Galactic Alliance, and once he escaped his cell, he did not attempt to betray us or leave the ship. Although he lacks intelligence, his mental fortitude is frightening.”

“Really?” Boss seemed surprised by this.

“We mustn’t forget.” The woman with the eyepatch leaned forward. “That this human exists on a planet that has never had contact with extraterrestrial life. Most of you may not understand this, because you were all born under Galactic Rule. Spaceships and alien races were commonplace for you. I was a young girl when the Galactic Alliance suddenly made first contact on our planet. You can’t imagine the existential terror and feelings of smallness when you find out you’re not alone in the universe.

“When they tried to force us to annex, I picked up a gun and fought. My response was anger and violence. Of course, we lost… some of us more than others.” She touched her eyepatch with her metal arm. “However, this human has shown no fear or outrage. I’m quite interested in how he can handle such emotional shocks so easily.”

Cerisa nodded. “I do not know if this is a biological characteristic of his race or something about Guy himself, but he seemingly shows no disgust or fear toward other species. He has willingly engaged with me and my tests, and has even been… ah…”

Cerisa, the usually cold and collected scientist, suddenly looked awkward for a bit. This was an extremely strange action for her, so everyone noticed immediately. She seemed a bit lost for words. Boss leaned forward in her chair, and although her eyes couldn’t be seen clearly, they resonated with authority.

“Speak.” She simply said.

“Guy’s… presence… has been enjoyable.” Cerisa finished, closing her mouth tightly.


Words like that coming from Trinity would seem normal. However, for Cerisa to derive enjoyment from anything, no one there was even certain Simolian could experience joy in the same way other species experienced joy.

“So…” Boss sat back once again. “You’re saying that as long as we provide him with food, lodging, and sex… we can buy is loyalty?”

“To date, he has shown loose morality, and also loose loyalties.” Cerisa shrugged. “Ultimately, I would trust him no more than I would trust any of you.”

Dia snorted. “Well, that’s not saying much.”

“What about you, Dia?” Boss asked, turned toward Dia.

Dia stiffened once Boss’s attention was on her. Although her eyes were always hidden, there was still a coldness to them that felt like someone was looking through her soul. She had immediately regretted opening her mouth.

“What about me?” She tried to play dumb, but despite no visible change, the pressure Dia felt from Boss grew several-fold until she was nearly shaking. “Okay! So, we fucked twice… that’s it!”

Several of the girls gasped, but the majority already knew this. Neither Vienna nor Guy had made any effort to hide this fact. However, at the time, it had only been once. At some point, that had engaged in sex a second time.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ten hissed. “Are you looking to die?”

Although she didn’t say how Dia would die, it was pretty clear that if she hurt Guy, Boss might retaliate. The fact they were even having this conversation showed how much Boss seemed to be focused on this strange newcomer. They also had already all learned about Dia’s species. Once Lizzar’s had sex, they would slowly come to hate their partner, only to murder them in a fit of rage. Although there were laws on the Lizzar homeworld protecting women who murdered their spouses, these rules didn’t apply to the rest of the Galactic Alliance. Dia liked to pursue men outside her species, and thus had a reputation as a Black Widow.

Of course, Diatome wasn’t happy to find out everyone knew her secret. Whether Boss had intentionally leaked it, or whether it was Vienna, it was too late now. The reason she had jumped Guy the second time was because she had found out her secret had leaked. Some women stress ate, as for Diatome, her means of relieving stress came in the rush of hormones from getting creamed by a guy.

“I… won’t kill Guy.” She said, her fist clenching as she said that.

Vienna burst out laughing. “How foolish. Do you think you can stop yourself? You should-”

“Vienna!” Boss turned to her, causing her words to catch in her throat.

It was Vienna’s sincere desire to see Guy dead. After all, he defiled her. His death would fill her with joy. However, if she did anything, Boss would do even worse things to her than she did last time. That’s why she was trying to goad Diatome on. If she could make the other woman break, then it would be a simple matter of seeing Guy killed. As for Diatome’s life, why would she care about some slut like her?

“Somethings is… wrong,” Vienna said, also seeming a bit strange.

“First, Cerisa is acting weird, now Vienna?” The little girl spoke up. “It seems like this man is dangerous.”

“There is something wrong with Guy?” Boss ignored her, raising an eyebrow.

“No… yes… I don’t know.” Diatome frowned, furrowing her brow before glancing at Cerisa. “It’s just… have you finished testing his semen as I asked?”

Vienna’s head sudden jerked to Diatome as she realized why last night’s tests occurred.

“You’re the one who needed it!” Vienna’s face flushed with rage. “You bitch! Because of you, I had to… we did…”

Her face turned yellow, and suddenly she grew strangely quiet. Usually, Vienna had a mouth with everyone. Only Boss could make her shut it. Now, all of a sudden, she was acting weird as well. Every person who had spent a lot of time with Guy these last two days had started to act weird. It was alarming.

“Even Vienna, this man is a plague!” The little girl declared.

“Guy is fine! He even said he’d give me my first time!” Trinity tried to defend him.

“He did say he’ll happily bang any of us.” Ten chuckled.

“He said any, not all, what makes you think he’d touch either of you two skanks!” Diatome snapped.

“Enough!” Boss cut into the conversation before it turned into a full brawl. “Cerisa, answer the question.”

“His semen is extremely nutrient-rich. It had many hormones and chemicals involved that I haven’t identified yet. I do wonder why you wanted me to analyze the sample.”

“That is… because…” Diatome bit her lip awkwardly. “In the past, I’d have sex with a man. When he… let it loose in me, I’d have a rush of chemicals that would make me feel euphoric. It’s relaxing, and I feel calm after.”

“Vulgar!” Vienna cursed under her breath.

“However, then, that’s followed by the simmering rage. Each time I had sex, the rush of relaxation, and then a growing rage. Then, when I would kill them, and the release of losing all that rage was amazing.” As she spoke, her eyes grew excited, and when she finished, she fell back into her chair, a pleased smile on her face.

Her description was vivid enough it was as if every girl there could feel the intense pleasure of sex themselves. A few of them even tightened their thighs, feeling a bit tingly below, and gulped as they imagined the pleasure of sex. Of course, none of them could relate to the release of anger, but just the sexual satisfaction was enough to cause several of them to grow a bit excited.

“So, how have things changed,” Boss said, her voice filled with impatience.

“Ah… when Guy and I had sex, I felt many incredible feelings. They were much more intense with him. He doesn’t have three dicks like my species, just one, so I thought he wouldn’t be able to satisfy me, but he’s so much bigger that it sort of rips me open, and then he uses his thumb and sticks it in…”

Some of the girls were licking their lips now. A few had crossed their legs. The atmosphere was growing strangely amorous. Even Vienna couldn’t stop herself from replaying the feel of his thing between her breasts, and the warm liquid splashing all over her body. Although she had scrubbed her skin many times since yesterday when that happened, she could swear she could feel the difference between where it landed and where it wasn’t. The areas it landed felt softer and more sensitive. She started tingling down below as well, even as she tried to fight the feeling and think about anything else.

“Get on with it!” Boss was the only one in the room that seemed completely unaffected.

“When he cums in me, I feel that familiar feeling of relaxation, but rather than feeling rage, I feel something else.”

“Huh? What something else?”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. It’s almost the exact opposite of rage. I… don’t want to kill him at all.”

“Wait… if you don’t want to kill him, why did you recommend I jettison him out an airlock!”

“Isn’t he terrifying?” Dia shot back. “Every time we do that, I want more. Do you know why I did it again? I couldn’t stop myself. I needed it! I needed him. Even now, I want it again. If he’s dead, then I can move on, but if it’s alive, what will happen three times? Seven times? I’ll become desperate. I’ll lose all control. I’ll end up giving all control to him.”


“Not interesting! Horrifying! He must die! Not only can he not give me the pleasure of satisfying my rage, but he makes me care for him! Already, my heart quickens just thinking about him! It’s not normal!”

To the other women, her words were a bit silly and hard to understand. Even though she had finally admitted things, it was clear that no one was taking her concerns too much. She was at a state where she wanted to kill Guy to keep herself from sleeping with him, but the more she slept with him, the less she wanted to do it. Tossing him out of the airlock after that first time would have been the best in her mind, but she knew it was only going to be a matter of time before it reached three.

Her second time, she had even tried to make it as impersonal and distant as possible, but still, she found her emotions growing more and more turbulent. Just the thought of cutting him made her extremely sad. That was wrong in so many ways!

“Then, ultimately, the final question is, what do we do with him?” Boss asked.

This was also somewhat strange. Boss could have just told them, but she asked for their opinion instead. That meant that she didn’t know what to do with him, or that she hadn’t decided. Maybe, she had decided, and just wanted to know who disagreed with her. It was a tricky situation for the girls, and it was clear many of them didn’t want to express their opinions.

Boss sighed and raised her hand. “I swear that I won’t retaliate regardless of your opinions. If I find out you lied to me, I will punish you. Therefore, a show of hands, those in favor of allowing Guy to join the crew? Anyone who isn’t raising your hand, you’re saying to toss him out an airlock.”

Many of the girls raised their hands. Trinity and the rest of the girls who he had held find food all raised their hands. Cerisa did as well. As for Diatome, her arm was shaking. It looked like she was having an internal struggle. She wanted to raise her hand, while at the same time, she was trying to keep herself from doing it. As for Vienna, she deliberately crossed her arms, not showing Guy any mercy. What she didn’t expect was a strange feeling in her heart. She didn’t raise her hand, but she also felt anxious as she looked around and saw too few raising their hands. For some strange reason, she wanted Guy to win.

At the end of it all, six people had raised their hands, and six had not. That put the deciding vote on Boss. Well, her vote was always the only one that mattered, but this way, everyone knew she was supported by a majority vote, regardless of what decision she made.

“Very well. In that case, we need to stop for repairs soon.” Boss explained. “There are only so many things that can be done in space. We’ll be landing on a planet soon, and we’ll need to get supplies. This will be a perfect time to test Guy. Let’s see how he handles an away mission on another world.”

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