Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Another planet… is it?” Guy asked, scratching his head.

“Yes,” Vienna responded with a look of distaste. “It has been decided since you’re such a brute, you’ll go with them on the surface to help carry boxes.”

“And the entire ship is landing?”

“Of course. How can we do repairs outside the ship without being on a planet? How did you think we’d get there?”

“I don’t know… transporters?”

Vienna rubbed her head. “Okay, I’ll bite, what is a transporter.”

“Well, I mean, I don’t know the science, but it like vaporizes you in individual molecules, and then transports you to somewhere a distance away.”

“What? Isn’t that just killing you!”

“No! I mean… it puts the molecules back together on the other side.”

“And how do the molecules get from here to there?”

“I don’t know! A beam?”

“A beam? So, there needs to be a line of sight?”

“Maybe it compiles the molecules from the surface in the same way that the molecules here exist.”

“Isn’t that just a copy? That’s definitely a copy! You’re murdering someone, and then making their exact clone somewhere else! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Jesus, I was just asking. We could use a transport shuttle too. As for the ship, isn’t it like heavy? Can’t you throw on a spacesuit and work on the outside of the ship in space?”

“Tcht… you just don’t understand anything. Well, it’s not my job to explain things to you.” Vienna snorted.

“It’s not?”

“Whatever! That’s not important! You’ll be coming with us and that’s that!”

“Us? Oh, you’ll be coming?”

“Of course! It will be me Trinity, Rex, and Nixle.”

“Ah, Trinity? I don’t believe I’ve met Rex or Nixle.”

“That’s not important! Just hanker down. We’ll be landing in a few hours. I don’t recommend you eat something or the landing will make you sick. Meet us in the bay. It’s the place where your ship crashed when you first got here. Okay?”

“Um… okay?”

With that, she spun around and left. Guy sighed and then lay down on the bed. It had been another day since he had deposited himself on Vienna’s tits. He thought that her behavior toward him would have changed a bit after that, but she was still just as fiery. He had mostly remained in his quarters, even taking a few days of food so he could remain there. He was a little worried that Cerisa would appear. As much as he didn’t mind playing with that sexy orange bitch, she was pretty crazy and he did value his life.

Maybe, he could go play with Harmony. They’d only gone part way, and she might be willing to do some fun stuff as long as she got another chance to escape. Maybe he could bribe her with food. He had no clue if they were feeding or starving her, so he might be saving her life by checking. As he was trying to figure out what to do next, that was when Vienna had knocked on his door and made her announcement.

He was glad they were stopping on the service. If he was being honest, traveling around on a starship wasn’t all excitement. It was a lot of sitting around and waiting. Plus, he wasn’t the only one who raided the pantry, and he was pretty sure there wasn’t any more food. The other reason he had snatched his share was that he had caught the other girls doing the same. The only reason he had enough to last him a few days was because the girls didn’t all eat the same kinds of foods, and some of them were flat out inedible to Guy. Well, if he got desperate, he could eat the mush from the cafeteria. There seemed to be an endless supply of that stuff. If Harmony was eating anything, it’d be that crap.

It wasn’t too long before the ship started shaking. He walked over to the window that looked out, and he could see a large planet with most browns. There was water, but it wasn’t nearly on the level of the Earth. As to the planet’s size, he couldn’t tell at all. Well, it wasn’t like he had been in Earth’s orbit and could make such observations. This could be some giant or some rock. It all looked the same to him.

As the ship fell from orbit, it didn’t feel too much worse than riding a plane. The ship shook a lot, but the g-force inside the ship didn’t increase at all. Wasn’t that inertial dampeners or something? They probably called it something different, knowing these guys. Guy shrugged and lay in bed as the ship rocked and shuttered. He had been in worse rides in his life, so this kind of thing didn’t bother him at all. Vienna’s warnings had been a bit exaggerated to him.

The only thing about this is that it lasted a lot longer than a flight. It was nearly an hour before he could look out the window and only see land instead of clouds or space. They were finally in the atmosphere of the planet and quickly descending. It was another ten minutes when he finally could see where. It was a large city with towering buildings, but they all appeared to be made of dirt. In fact, the skyscrapers looked like big, holey spikes out of the ground. Their size was massive, and Guy had the feeling he could see people flying out of the holes at every level. Just where were they?

The ship didn’t land like an airplane. It slowed to a stop, and then lowered down into a massive hanger. Mountain-sized hangers were common in this area. Guy began to grasp just how large that city was. If he had to guess, it was probably as big as Texas. At least, he couldn’t see where the structures ended now that we were this close. Like a harrier jet, the ship continued to lower down into a large pit. As we lowered down, Guy could see the first metal structures, which were scaffolding to reach the outside of the ship. Perhaps this was some kind of repair yard or something.

Two hours later, the ship had finally landed and Guy could hear the sound of clanking. Guy took that as his cue and carefully peaked out my door. There was no saying when that orange bitch might appear for another go. She wouldn’t attack me while Guy was around other prisoners, probably, but until he reached the hanger area, Guy wasn’t safe.

As for finding the hanger, Guy at least learned to read the schematics on the walls, and could generally make his way there. Guy had gotten more familiar with reading the maps now, which was good because it looked like after the incident in the med lab where shot his load on Vienna’s tits, she was no longer willing to escort him places.

It took another fifteen minutes before Guy finally stumbled into a familiar hanger. It was the largest room on the ship, so it was hard to miss. Guy was surprised to see that his plane was still in the hanger, as well as the crashed remains of Harmony’s ship. Guy guess there was no reason these girls would be expected to clean it, but perhaps they could just evac the whole hanger into space or something. Guy didn’t see any other ships in this hanger. Perhaps that was why they landed and didn’t use a shuttle.

As Guy walked out into the hanger, Guy finally found the girls standing at the end where it was lowered. There was a wide metal platform that reached out to the ship, allowing them to step on and off. There were a lot of people standing around the base there. It wasn’t just the three who were going with Guy on this away mission. There were numerous others too, and not everyone he recognized.

The ones that caught him most off guard though were the ones standing on the opposing side. They were giant insects. They had wings are their backs, their arms and legs were insect talons. Even calling them humanoid would be stretching it. They stood on four feet and then use two pincers as their hands. Their mouths were just a mandible and some strange tentacles over it. Even the eyes were large and solid black.

The first to notice Guy arriving was Vienna, who put her hands on her hips and glared at him. “It’s about time you arrived! We were just about to leave with you!”

Vienna and two other women stood apart from the other women who were having a discussion with the bugs. One woman looked vaguely familiar. She had a robotic arm and an eyepatch on. The eye patch was metallic silver and had no strap, which gave it a distinctly futuristic feel. As for the arm, it was also mechanical, and was thin and wiry, not attempting to reflect a humanoid arm at all. She was attractive but in a dangerous kind of way. She didn’t have much of a chest, but she was shapely, and calling her anything but a woman was difficult. Despite her feminine form, she looked pretty tough.

The other woman was completely bald, with no hair or eyebrows. However, she had various tattoos on her head and face, and also numerous piercings in her pointed ears. She had a pretty nice chest too, as big as Vienna’s boobs. She looked very exotic and sexy in her own way, but she looked just as tough as the woman without the arm.

“Name is Guy.” I held out my hand.

The two girls looked down at it without offering their own, while Vienna sneered at me dismissively with her arms crossed.

“Call me Rex.” The one with the mechanical arm laughed, running her good hand through her long, silky black hair.

“So, you are the human they spoke of. You really are a hairy creature.” The other woman cocked her head and looked me up and down. “I am Nixle.”

“Hey, Guy!” A voice came from behind Guy and a girl’s big arms wrapped around him.

He found the back of his head pushing against two big soft things. He hadn’t seen her on approach, but he naturally recognized the voice, and those tits, very well.

“Trinity. At least someone here knows how to greet others.” Guy sighed.

“Is this a greeting on your planet? I apologize. I’m often told my species is the most detached from normal social quirks. Then, please, put your head in my bust.” Nixle pushed out her chest, going to hug him from the front and thus mashing Guy between two sets.

As he licked his lips in anticipation, just before she reached him, Vienna pushed in the way. “No! That’s not a proper way to greet at all! Their species clasp hands!”

Guy immediately regretted telling her that. He could have made up anything. He wondered if he told him his species said hello with handjobs if he’d be able to get a few. Well, it was too late now. He had already explained a lot of his culture to Cerisa during their examination, and Vienna had been there for a lot of that.

“Ah, I see…” Nixle gave Guy her hand instead.

It just wasn’t the same. Well, Trinity was still hugging him from behind. With her tits on his shoulders, he could stay like that for some time. Unfortunately, she was only sixteen, so it kind of felt like a crime. He had already started mentally seeing her like a little sister. Of everyone present, she was the most innocent and least deserving to be here. He wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Every girl found the open and honest Trinity endearing.

This is why Vienna was irked by her rubbing herself all over that beast. She didn’t want Boss’s protected person to be defiled by that man. It certainly had nothing to do with this bitter feeling inside her that made her want to be the one holding him like that. Why was he enjoying another girl’s breasts? He had already had hers! Weren’t they enough? Where did those thoughts come from? Vienna shook her head.

“Hmm… I’d give you my hand, but I’ve already lost it.” Rex snorted, lifting her mechanical arm.

“You’ll have to excuse Rex. She doesn’t like other species. She believes her species is superior.”

“A… space nazi?”

“The war ended a long time ago.” Rex shrugged. “If we were truly superior, we wouldn’t have lost. Don’t take offense. It’s not because of your species. I just don’t trust anyone. The only woman here I’d touch or let touch me would be Boss, and that’s because I couldn’t stop her if I wanted to.”

“That’s true!” Vienna shivered, knowing from personal experience.

While they were talking, Guy glanced over at the other group who were talking with the bugs. The other group consisted of Ten, Faratite, Dixi, and Cerisa. He didn’t see any other girls he didn’t recognize, although he had heard there were a few he hadn’t met yet. They seemed to be discussing the conditions for landing and trading as well as repairs. It sounded boring. Guy was glad he was on the away mission instead.

“Let’s get a move on.” Vienna declared. “I’ll be negotiating. Ten’s already given me a list of everything we have and need. Nixle and Rex, you’re there to keep a lookout. You’re the protection. Trinity, Guy, you’ll be doing the heavy lifting. That is all.”

“Who put you in charge,” Rex grumbled under her breath.

“Boss. Do you want to dispute it with her?” Vienna gave a malevolent grin.

Rex shook for a second. “Ah… no, I’ll follow along.”

Guy was reminded again that these weren’t trained soldiers or some kind of military unit. This was just an assortment of prisoners working together to escape their Galactic Alliance that had imprisoned them. As for Guy, he was stuck in the middle of it all, and his life was in just as much jeopardy as theirs. He’d already had plenty of run-ins with the law. He was once arrested because a friend of his had been out hunting without a license. When he explained that he wasn’t even there that day, the judge excused the actions claiming that who he hung out with mattered, and if he didn’t want to be wrongfully profiled then he shouldn’t hang out with trouble-makers.

This always bugged Guy. It felt like the same profiling that led to all kinds of prejudice in the world. This was ultimately why he didn’t try too hard to alert this Galactic Alliance. Guy wasn’t a Narc, and he wasn’t going to trust in the graciousness of those people to get himself home. Plus, as much as Cerisa treated him like a lab rat sometimes, he had a feeling that the Galactic Alliance would be many times worse. He didn’t want to end up in a glass tube being prodded by cat people the rest of his life.

Trinity let go of Guy and the group headed out onto the platform. They took some kind of lift system. It was like a tram except that it could go any direction and the rails split off infinitely. It seemed like you just entered where you wanted to go and then it drove for you. They were the equivalent of cars in this world, although as it sped up and I watched the outside pass I realized that went five times the speed of cars. They also didn’t deal with traffic. It was clear they were all automated with computers and it didn’t require any stopping at all.

The tram stopped only five minutes later, and the group of us got off in a different area. This appeared to be the market place. Although it was ugly, brown, and dirty like the rest of the city, it was buzzing with life. Well, that was because the majority of the citizens were bugs, and they had wings and flew around as well.  They were indoors, or at least they were in some kind of honeycomb-like structure. The walls and ceiling with hundreds of holes in it spread across the sky. Various towers were supporting the dome.

There were a few non-bug creatures. They ranged from monster-like appearances to more humanoid ones. Guy even saw a catboy that looked a bit like Harmony. He didn’t know if he should worry they were Galactic Alliance, but no one else seemed to pay him any mind, so neither did Guy.

“Hmm… I feel light.” Guy just noticed as he was walking down the busy pathway.

“The gravity here is a bit lighter than our planets. Creatures like these really could fly if gravity was the galactic standard.” Vienna explained.

Guy had reasoned the galactic standard was about 0.9 earth’s gravity. Well, that was only a guess as to how much weight he lost by being on the ship. If the ship ran at 0.9, then this place was probably about 0.5. Guy’s step was so light he felt like he could jump a story high if he wanted.

“Well, we still don’t have wings, so whatever we find is going to be on this floor.” Rex snorted, almost reading Guy’s mind.

“We’ll be going to a supply broker. That’s how most spaceships do business. They take a fee, but that set up the purchase and sale of all the supplies you need.” Vienna explained. “Ah… this looks like a good one right here.”

Guy couldn’t read the signs, but Vienna seemed to find the place she was looking for and led them through a particular hole into what could probably be called a storefront. There was a bug creature sitting there behind the counter.

“May I help you?” He asked.

“Yes, we’re looking for supplies for our ship.” Vienna held out a computer pad.

Although the other girls were on security, they didn’t seem to care much for being thorough and seemed content leaning against the walls with their eyes closed. Guy glanced out the storefront. That’s when he saw the same catboy again. He was whispering to a group of armed bugs, and he pointed in the direction of Guy and the rest.

“Excuse me.” The bug picked up some communication devices.

Guy couldn’t see any expression on the bug’s face. Rather, he wouldn’t be able to tell even if he wanted to. However, the bug looked suddenly startled, didn’t he? The others didn’t seem to be paying attention much at all. For prisoners, they were acting pretty laid back.

“Please, come in the back with me. I will show you what we have.”

“I don’t need to see it. Just deliver it to our platform.” Vienna responded.

“No… I mean… please, in the back.” He held out his hand. “We’ll get all the paperwork signed there.”

The girls all nodded and started walking to the back. Guy was confused as to why they weren’t better at seeing this suspicious atmosphere. Then, it occurred to him that these weren’t really criminals, they were prisoners. If they were good at avoiding getting caught, then they wouldn’t have been prisoners! Guy had assumed he was traveling with the most careful people, but apparently, they knew as much about keeping low as they did about men!

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