Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Surrender now! Put down your weapons, kneel on the ground, and submit peacefully!” A loudspeaker blasted over the group of us, still inside the shop portion of the repair depot.

“We are surrounded.” Rex sighed as her robotic pupils twisted and refocused. “I don’t think we’ll be shooting our way out of them. The enemies we encountered in the repair yard were just suppressors. These should be elite units. These weapons won’t be so weak.”

“Stay in cover, got you… this is a spaceship shield, right?” Guy was busy playing with the technology he scrapped from the yard, not even focusing on the people outside.

Ever since he had shot his way through the shipyard, the girls had been listening to him more. He had asked them to grab anything defensive or offensive that they could find. Now, he was taking battery packs and plugging them into random ship components. If he picked the wrong pair, there was a chance they’d explode and kill everyone in the room, but the girls were in such a flustered state that no one told him that.

The girls were now scattered around the room, trying to figure out what to do next. Rex had been put down near the window and was glancing through to survey things. Meanwhile, the other girls were pulling out weapons, but they all looked bleak. Vienna had broken down the most. She was shaking, and tears were falling across her green cheeks. The only one who seemed easy going was Guy. He was worryingly calm.

“It’s too late anyway.” Vienna declared. “We’ve been abandoned.”

“Y-you don’t know that!” Trinity cried out defensively.

“Why do you think we’ve been abandoned?” Guy asked although he was still looking at the inventory as if deciding what he wanted.

“We’re a bunch of prisoners. Do you think Boss has any loyalty to us?” Vienna explained bitterly. “Forget them coming to save us, they won’t even have waited. They’ve probably already launched the ship and left the orbit by now. Face it. We’ve been left behind.”

“Th-that can’t be true… Boss… she wouldn’t leave me…” Trinity started to shake, allowing Vienna’s pessimism and fear to affect her.

“They’d all ditch us in a second!” Vienna snapped before suddenly moving the Guy and grabbing the gun he was holding onto. “Did you listen? There is no point! We’re done for! You too! Quit being foolish and-”

SLAP! Guy’s hand struck Vienna’s cheek with enough force that she stumbled. He then reached out and grabbed her tits, pulling her up to his face. He might have grabbed something else, but she didn’t wear enough material that he could grab her collar or shirt. With her face inches from his, her eyes were wide and there was a yellow mark on her cheek where he hit her.

“Get a hold of yourself! It’s not over until it’s over!” He said, and for the first time that any of them saw him, he looked angry.

“Th-the ship.” She tried to whimper, but he twisted her nipples causing her to cry out.

“I will get you out of here, but you have to do what I say.” He snarled, and when she was still looking at him helplessly, he continued. “First, we get to the dock. If their ship is gone, we steal another. It’s that simple.”

The girls all stared in awe as if the expression on his face was something they had never seen before. His eyes were on fire, his lips were quivering, his body was filled with rage. These were some of the most dangerous women in the galaxy, but when they saw him there, exuding such strength, passion, and confidence, strange feelings seemed to strike each of their hearts in different ways. Even Vienna was struck by this mood. She still felt afraid, but she was not afraid of the people outside. She was afraid of Guy. Her heart was beating fast, and she felt like putty in his hands, like he could end her in a second if he wanted to.

To a normal woman, perhaps these feelings would be horrifying. However, these were all twisted women. To them, fear was like a drug, and worthy of, at the least, respect. When Boss was angry, her mood was ice cold. That was something they were all familiar with. However, when Guy was angry, it was hot and passionate. It was exhilarating and energizing. It was… sexy.

“Si-simple… there are… 100,000 of them between here and the dock.” Nixle seemed to be the first to recover, although her cheeks were still red.

“Then, we focus on blowing through them.” He declared, finally releasing Vienna’s breasts and letting her fall back onto her butt. “We can only focus on one thing at a time. Get to the next step, and then worry about what comes after.”

Silence overtook everyone. They didn’t know what to say. They didn’t know where Guy’s confidence came from. Most of these girls had been in jail for most of their lives. Freedom had always been a pipedream. Boss may have once delivered it to them, but they had all been expecting that freedom to be snatched away just as quickly. Perhaps, that was why they were already willing to give up.

“And what if we fail.” Trinity finally asked the question on every girl’s mind.

“Then it won’t matter what we did before then. We try until we fail.” He picked up the large laser canon again, humming with the power of a new battery pack. “Who is a good shot?”

“I’m the best shot here.” Rex declared. “With my cybernetics, I used to be a sniper.”

Guy grabbed a gun that had a sight and handed it to her. “Cover me.”

He didn’t say another word. Walking to the door, he kicked it open with a bang and then aimed up at the hovering ship. While pulling the trigger, he dropped a device in front of him. His foot reached out and taped a power button, causing the device to activate. Realizing he was armed and attacking, hundreds of bolts started shooting at him. Just as they reached him, a hazy field appeared in front of him, blocking the fire. It was a single cell from a ship shield. However, he was using it as a ground cover as he aimed up and shot the ship.

The ship tried to pull away as the beam shot out toward it, but it was still stuck on the side. It quickly lost altitude, slamming into the ground in another explosion. As for the ground weapons, they weren’t designed to handle a shield designed to protect a spaceship. All of the bolts bounced right off. Anyone who might be in a position to shoot through the side of the shield was taken out by Rex, who began to pick bugs off one at a time.

Guy didn’t aim at the men firing him and instead shot up into the sky. If he poked his head out from the protective shield for even a second, he’d be blasted into oblivion. His only option was to shoot up. Each time he pulled the trigger, a strong beam of destructive light would shout out for a few seconds before ceasing.

There were other hovercraft floating around, but they were now making sure to keep a distance and dodge. He fired a few more shots, but he missed all of the enemies. The girls began to wonder just what Guy was thinking since he wasn’t making their situation any better. More units were arriving in front of the building every second. They could also hear some coming in from the repair yard. They had the group surrounded now.

Click. Guy ran out of ammo. He threw the gun down and then grabbed a different type of gun. This one looked a bit like a minigun. It was a rapid-fire gun, compared to the thick large beams the other gunshot out, these bolts were small and thin. Guy walked forward and put his foot down on the shield that had been protecting his way. There was a click as his foot hit the button the power button. All of those present held their breath.

As soon as he released his, the shield would come down, and Guy would be completely exposed. They would assuredly shoot him with everything they got, taking no chances toward his survival. There were a few moments where silence fell across the city. Even the buzzing of the insectoid creatures flying around seemed to turn silent. That’s when a creaking sound could be heard. That creaking turned to groan, and that groaning grew more and more eminent.

Everyone glanced over to the source of the noise, an entire insectoid tower had been bisected. They realized that Guy wasn’t shooting in the air aimlessly, he had been cutting down the tower. Aiming it so that it fell directly where they were standing. As the tower began to fall, Guy lifted his foot. As the shield dropped, he put what he thought was a gas mask over his face. Half of the police force was instantly destroyed as the tower collapsed directly in front of the building. A giant rush of dust and debris covered the land, blocking out all sight.

“Now’s our chance!” Guy’s voice cut through the dust.

The girls realized he was right, and immediately got up. Rex had managed to repair herself enough that she could walk again, so the group charged out the doors. Guy moved to the side, shooting anything that got in his way. Most of the insects were extremely disturbed by the destruction and were no longer even looking their way.

He started as a walk, but he quickly moved to a jog. His aim was naturally the elevators that carried them back to the docks. Now at the moment, the girls happily fired upon and killed anyone who got in their way. They managed to make it two streets over before the dust clouds started clearing. At this point, they were racing to the nearly elevator platform. Some police had anticipated this because another hastily formed barricade met them.

“Get out of our way!” Guy snarled, pressing the trigger and sending a stream of plasma shooting out into the crowds.

Vehicles exploded and bugs flew and ran as he destroyed and incinerated the lot of them. He wasn’t laughing now, but he also seemed like an unstoppable god as he fought. They finally reached the elevator doors, but upon hitting the button, they didn’t open.

“I’ve got this!” Rex declared, feeling invigorated by Guy. “Just give me a minute to open the doors.

She pulled off her robotic hand, revealing a toolset underneath. She started to wire herself into the elevator system. In the past, she would have given up, but Guy’s brilliance had brought her to do things she never imagined.

The rest of them made a protective ring around her.  Guy threw out the shield so that they had something to hide behind. Any vehicles or bugs that flew out of the wreckage were instantly gunned down. Suddenly, a massive bolt, not unlike the ones that Guy had been using shot out from the dust. It shot high and struck the upper tube of the transport unit. A surge of energy exploded through. The control panel Rex was at erupted. The woman herself flew back.

“Rex!” Guy reached out and caught her before she hit the ground. “Rex! No, are you okay?”

He had her tightly in his arms in a hug. Her eyes opened, and then her cheeks turned red and she looked away from his intense eyes. “I-I’m fine. I did it… I got the elevator running.”

As she spoke, the doors of the elevator opened. Lifting Rex again, he took her into the elevator. The other girls followed. As they were doing this, a large hovering ground craft floated out from the dust. It had a large gun mounted on it, and the only way to describe it was a tank. It was followed by nearly a dozen other vehicles. More and more insectoids came out. The tank shot again. This time, it struck the shield Guy had put out. The shield couldn’t take that power and exploded.

A bit of energy still managed to reach out and strike the elevator. There was some flickering.

“Hit the button!” Guy ordered as he put Rex down.

“I did it!” Trinity yelled out. “The elevator won’t move!”

“The outer doors. They short-circuited!” Nixle explained. “The elevator won’t initiate until those doors are closed!”

“It’s over.” Vienna cried out helplessly.

It was helpless. They had them surrounded in a giant glass elevator. The door was jammed and they were sitting ducks. Guy wasn’t willing to accept it though. With a roar, he dropped everything and jumped off the elevator platform. With all of his strength, he grabbed the handles on both doors and began to pull them together, closing the elevator platform.

“Guy!” Vienna’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing?”

Guy had his back to a literal army of bugs behind him, and if he got the doors closed, the elevator would leave without him.

“I said….” His body shook as he grit his teeth. “I’d get you out of here!”

The door started to close.

“Guy, no!” Trinity screamed.

Bam! A shot struck Guy in the back. He shook it off and continued to close the door. Another shot came. And then another. Dozens of shots struck Guy. The girls could only look through the glass in horror as he was shot over and over again. His body convulsed with each shot, but he didn’t stop until the doors closed. When it was done, smoke was rising from his back. He collapsed to his knees.

Vienna was crying, clawing at the glass-like she could claw her way out of the elevator. “No… no…”

“Press… the button…” Those were the last words Guy said before he passed out unconscious.

None of the girls moved to press the button. They were too stunned. Guy… was dead. If he wasn’t dead yet, he’d be dead soon. The tank aimed another shot at the elevator, and then it exploded. Fire rained down from above and the field of cops was quickly turned to ash. The prison ship had arrived, and the cargo door opened, lowering as close to the ground as they could and throwing out a rope. With a roar, Trinity ripped open the door and then grabbed the guy.

The group of them ran over to the ropes and climbed them. Trinity climbed with Guy’s body on her shoulders, but there was no way that she would let him go. The ship already began to rise away while they were still on the ropes, but the girls inside began to pull them up inside the ship. Other ships appeared and began to fire at the prison ship, but it was already rising into the atmosphere, trying to escape.

The party made into the cargo bay as the door closed. At this point, they were already almost all of the way up.

“We made it,” Nixle spoke.

“We survived,” Rex spoke those words in disbelief.

“You have all lived. How unlikely.” Dixi spoke up.

“Everyone…” Trinity was still in shock, but then she heaved the body of Guy up, and very carefully put him on the ground.

“Guy has been hurt,” Vienna cried out.

Ten and Dixi looked at each other and then back at her. “So?”

“So? So! We have to help him!” Vienna shrieked.

Her strange behavior seemed to catch the girls onboard off guard. Wasn’t she the one who wanted him dead the most? She had just voted to have him sent out an airlock! Most of the ones on board had not had any problem with Guy being there, but there was a difference between tolerating his presence and going out of their way. Besides, it looked like he was already dead, so in their minds, it didn’t matter.”

“I-it’s not that we don’t want to help,” Faratite said quietly. “I-it’s just, look at him. He’s already gone.”

“He’s not! H-he can’t be!” Vienna was sobbing now, grabbing his body like a grieving widow.

The other girls who had been on the planet with them kept their heads down. Trinity’s eyes were red, and even Nixle seemed to be hiding some extremely complex emotions.

“When you have time, report to me. I want to know what happened.” Boss spoke up.

Vienna jumped when she heard the woman’s voice. She then stood up and ran over to Boss. “You know a way to save him, right? You can save him? You’ve been protecting him all along, so you care, right? Please, please tell me you have a way.”

Boss shrugged. “He was a mild interest to pass the time. Dead is dead, however. If Guy was worth my time, he wouldn’t have died so easily. Only he was harmed on this mission, while all of you were safe. If you could all make it, then why couldn’t he? That tells me that he was useless weight.”

“He wasn’t!” Trinity stood up, shouting.

This startled all the women on board. Even Boss was taken aback. Trinity had never shown them any anger before. Her species was known for their temper, but Trinity had always been as meek and as sweet as could be. She didn’t even kill anybody when they took over the ship, leaving that task for her big sisters.

It wasn’t just her though. Rex and Nixle had fierce looks on their faces too. They seemed genuinely affected by Guy’s death. Other than Trinity, the three women who had least cared about Guy’s life were now seemingly the most invested. Just what had happened on that planet in the last few hours? Their fierce expressions given toward Boss were truly shocking. No one had stood up to Boss in a hundred years, and for good reason. That’s why what happened next was even more shocking.

Vienna grabbed her. “You have to! You have to save him! Please save him! I’ll give you anything! Please!”

Slap! Boss struck Vienna with a strike on the face. Interestingly, it was on the exact opposite cheek of the one Guy had given her a short time earlier. This one didn’t hold back though, and she fell to her knees, holding her face and balling.

“I don’t have to do anything, and if you want to beg anyone, beg Cerisa. She’s the only scientist we have here.” Boss said coldly. “Pull yourself together. I will forget what you did right now, but if you even think of touching me again, you’re dead!”

Boss spun around and left. Although she seemed as cold and aloof as always, she was deeply shocked by what just happened. It wasn’t Guy’s death that surprised her, but Vienna. It pulled at her, hearing the woman sob as she left the room. However, Guy’s fate wasn’t in her hands. Whether he lived or died, she would accept either outcome.

At that moment, the last shuttered breath left Guy’s lungs. He was, without a doubt, dead.

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