Yurtdışı Yatırım

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Guy let out a gasp, his eyes snapping open. The last thing he remembered was looking upon a group of alien women while he felt like his back was being cooked like a chicken. After that, things got completely fuzzy. Did they escape? Was he captured? A brief look around the room and he immediately recognized this place. This was the med bay area that the blue bitch Cerisa liked to frequent. This was where he had given Vienna a titty fuck along with having various other fluids collected.

“We… somehow made it back to the ship in one piece.” Guy spoke out thoughtfully.

He reached down and touched his body, and didn’t see a single thing wrong with it. He didn’t even feel sore. This left him feeling confused. He should have died. He was almost certain of this fact. What he had experienced was not something that he should have survived.

“You’re awake. That’s good.” A youthful voice came over the speaker.

He recognized the voice as Cerisa’s, but it sounded different somehow. He slowly sat up, the sheet over him falling down to his waist. He was naked, but dealing with that blue bitch, this wasn’t all that surprising.

“I’m awake. Where are you?” Guy mumbled, trying to clear out a salty taste in his throat.

“How is your body? Is everything functioning properly?”

“Hmm?” Guy cocked his head. “I mean, I guess?”

Guy had no clue what she was asking. He was alive and moving. That was about the best he could say.

“Good, then, my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.”

“Sacrifice?” Guy rubbed his head. “I’m sorry, Cerisa, what happened? How am I here?”

“Trinity brought your body with her when Boss came to get you.”

“What happened after?”

“Vienna begged me to save you.” Cerisa’s disembodied voice explained.

“Save me…”

“You were dead.”

“I see… but, I’m alive now?”

“Yes, your body is quite hardy. Once I replaced the damaged parts, you were able to be restored rather easily. It’s only been one week since the accident and you’ve already regained consciousness and seemingly have healed.”

“One week? Wait, replaced parts? What parts did you replace?”

“Lungs, Heart, an arm, six ribs, spleen, liver, and one testicle.”

“Ah… you… replaced all that? W-with what?” Guy’s eyes widened.

“With me.”


“Vienna made a promise to willingly engage in all of my future experiments as a guinea pig as long as I brought you back. I decided this was acceptable. Since many of your parts were damaged, my only choice was to consume them and then replace them with myself.”

“E-eat them?”

“By consuming your flesh, I was able to better understand those organs and their intention, allowing me to replicate them smoothly. Thankfully, I also had the thorough scans of your body that I made earlier, so I was able to use this as a template.”

“W-wait a second… you’re inside me! Are you and I like one being or something now?”

Guy started to realize the implication of her words and began to panic. He hadn’t seen Cerisa, and yet he could hear her. Was the voice coming from within himself?

“Don’t be foolish. Once each organ was replicated in your body, I released a part of myself. Each organ is a distinct biomass within your body. The parts are indistinguishable from your own. Given time, the cells will be replaced, and all of my organic matter will be flushed from your system.

“Alright… so I’m not some kind of… nevermind.” Guy leaned back and took a deep breath. “So, why are you hiding in the backroom?”

“The act of saving you required a great deal of strain on myself,” Cerisa explained. “I was forced to lose a great deal of my biomass. My form has ultimately been forced to change as a result. As to not confuse and disorientate you, I’ve chosen to remain hidden.”

It seemed like Cerisa was worried that her appearance may shock him. Guy’s imagination feared that her form might look disfigured now. Maybe she couldn’t even maintain a human shape anymore, and looking like a blob. She had done this to save Guy. He owed her his life. Whatever she came out like, he would need to compliment her.

“You can come out now.”  He nodded.

A form came out from a door leading into the observation area. It was a small form, and as I saw her, my mouth fell open. Cerisa didn’t look malformed at all. Actually, quite the opposite. Her features had become completely lifelike. If she wasn’t blue and transparent, she would look completely like a girl. Even her hair perfectly showed every individual strand. Her chest had perfect nipples, and even down below she had been able to emulate a vagina perfectly.

Although her appearance was perfectly replicating a human, this still left Guy flummoxed. The reason it was so surprising was that her appearance was that of a small girl. She was a short, young lady of perhaps ten years of age. Her breasts were non-existent. Her features were youthful. She was, for lack of a better word, a little girl.

“You look… um…” Guy worked moisture back into his mouth, remembering his convention to compliment her. “So, life-like.”

“Through the intimate connection we shared while I was inside your body, consuming and replicating your organs, I was able to study your body in close detail. However, it is far more than that. I was exposed to a great deal of human DNA. It had some unexpected effects on my body.”


“I should first explain that in my culture, it is considered taboo to do what I did with you. If I wasn’t already an outcast, my actions were enough that I will be rejected by my species for all eternity.”

“It’s that bad?”

“I once mentioned bathing in your genetic material to become pregnant. This is a bit of a misnomer. In reality, I would incorporate very little of your genetic material into the baby. Instead, I would break down your genetic material, turning your nucleic acids into my own. The baby would essentially be a Simolian, and your contribution would be like how an animal you eat contributes to your muscles.”

“I guess I understand that much.” Guy furrowed his brow, having no clue what she was getting at.

“What I did with you is much the opposite. I bathed in your fluids, and then broke down my own genetic structure and copied yours. For some time, your bodily fluids ran through me. I functioned as your body, keeping you alive while I slowly turned parts of myself into you.” As she spoke like this, her cheeks blushed, which looked incredibly sweet, despite the grownup words coming from her mouth in the deadpan way she was used to speaking.

“Now, I’m getting confused again, just tell me what this means?” Guy tried to push things along.

“Our contact had irrevocably tainted me. As I said, no other of my species would ever meld with me, because my body contains far too much of your species DNA. I’m able to replicate your species nearly perfectly, but this is not intentional. I’m now stuck like this. Although I can still shapeshift parts of my body temporarily, I will never be able to change from this bipedal form again.”

Guy was leaning so far forward he nearly fell off the gurney. “You… seriously? Why did you do all of that for me?”

“Several reasons. Curiosity, mostly.  Also, although I knew it was taboo, I was uncertain why it was not allowed. I had originally assumed that their unwillingness to contaminate the genome stemmed from xenophobic tendencies, much like in the case of Rex. A lot of my species show no interest in engaging with rigid beings anyway. The final reason is that I didn’t know how much damage you had until I was in there. If I acted any slower, your brain would have died from lack of oxygen. As it was, I wasn’t certain if your brain wasn’t already dead.

“Thankfully, you’ve woken up. Ah…” A tear ran down her cheek, she reached up and touched in surprise. “Curious, this has never happened before. I must have been more concerned than I originally thought.”

She wasn’t able to control her facial expressions any more than her tear ducts. More tears fell down her face, but a happy smile formed on her lips. It told Guy everything he needed to know. She had done it to see if she could, but then things snowballed and she ended up giving far more than she originally had intended. She had to make numerous sacrifices to save me, and if that had all been for nothing, it would have hurt her pride. Yet, since I woke up, she was experiencing joy, an emotion her body might not have even been able to have before. However, since she was much more human now, her face was a lot more expressive too.

“Thank you,” Guy responded as humbly as he could, but there were no words.

Her very identity as a Simolian, whatever that was, had been destroyed because she helped him. She was no longer a changeling, but something in between a slime and a human. It was a pitiful state. The fact that she looked like a young girl crying only tugged on Guy’s heartstrings even more. He wanted to hold her and pat her head and tell her everything was okay. What? Guy was actually great with kids. He had a niece that he used to dote on. Then, she turned eighteen and after a certain weekend, he was no longer invited to family get-togethers. 

“Most of this information I’m telling you are things I’ve only discovered since doing it.” She explained. “A week has passed since I’ve taken you in here. No one else knows the progress. I believe Vienna would like to hear this progress.”

“Vienna?” Guy had heard her mention it before, but it left him confused.

To the best of his knowledge, that green slut hated his guts. She had a stick up her butt and was always full of herself. He had done a few things with her, mostly to put her back in her place. He didn’t know when such a thing had grown into her having some kind of feelings or desires for him.

“All of the girls who went with you on the journey seemed quite distraught after you were hurt,” Cerisa explained.

“Alright, then I guess I should go see them.” Guy nodded, “Are you coming with?”

“No one has seen me in this state yet.”

“If I may give some advice… you probably should wear clothing. Your body is… um… well…” Guy blushed.

She was basically a little girl, so it wasn’t like there was a big problem, but she really did look lifelike, and she was essentially a naked girl standing there.

She nodded. “I will keep that in mind. Before you go, I need your help.”

“I owe you for what you did for me. If you need any help, then please, just ask.”

“I need you to deposit your seed inside me.”

“Huh?” Guy took a double-take, pretty sure he didn’t hear her right.

“I’ve lost a great deal of my biomass. I can regain it, but the current nutritional food on board lacks certain proteins I need to elicit growth. There is only one supplement I’m aware of that contains the necessary amino acids for me to increase my biomass. Those ingredients are in your cum.”

“My… cum?” Guy stared in wide-eyed confusion.

“I will need you to cum inside me. The fresher and more direct, the better. Since your deposit is so small, it’ll take thousands of times before I’m able to return to my adult size, so we will need to do it daily.” She explained.

“Wh-wait… I’m not sure about that.”

She walked up to me, and even sitting she was still below me at eye level. She looked up at me with her tearstained cheeks, her eyes still wet.

“This is the only way I can restore even a little bit of what I lost.” She sniffled. “I’ve given you a part of myself I can never have back. Y-you won’t take responsibility?”

Guy turned his head, trying to keep his nose from burning. However, she was staring at him with cute puppy dog eyes. Although her wording was extremely suspect, it was also completely true. Guy had caused all of this to happen. It was ultimately Guy’s responsibility to fix it all. However, to fix it, he would have to do… that with a girl in the body of a ten-year-old. He reminded himself repeatedly that she was much older, and that this was only a malleable appearance. She could regain her original adult appearance with time. Furthermore, he had already slept with her before, so this was no different.

“F-fine… I’ll take responsibility.”

Guy used to think her unchanging facial expressions were a bit creepy, but he desperately wanted them back as her entire face brightened, causing his heart to beat wildly. Guy was a man of principles! He slept with many young women, but he always waited until they were the proper age! However, in this case, she was already an adult, so he had nothing to worry about.

“Okay, Guy, make me a woman.” She sat on the next table over from the one I was lying in and then brought her fingers down, spreading her small cunnie below.

“Ahhh…” Staring at this cute jailbait, Guy’s brain went empty once again.

“It’s best if you stick it in here.” She explained. “Isn’t that where your species like to stick it?”

“Th-that’s true…” Guy nodded, but he grabbed his crotch awkwardly.

“My hole is small, and I can’t make it any bigger. I know Guy’s thing is large. You’re just going to have to force it into me and stretch it open, okay.”

“Hah… Hah…” Guy was panting now, sweat running down his face.

Every fiber of his being was telling him to flee, but his libido was being activated by such a lewd and erotic scene. It seemed like the soul of even a bastard like him had further to go into the realm of corruption. He began to walk toward his doom.


Somewhere else in the space station, a depressed Vienna had waited long enough. She remembered when Guy took his last breath.

“Please! Cerisa… can you do something? Anything?” Vienna begged, tears falling down her cheeks.

Cerisa looked at her with those typical cold eyes and that expressionless face, giving away no emotion. She had spent more time with Guy than anyone, but did Cerisa care? No! Other than Trinity, Cerisa wasn’t sure anyone else cared about his life on this ship. Sure, Rex and Nixle looked a bit sad, but they’d probably get over it quickly.

Vienna had thought the one who would care the most was Boss, but Boss had been aloof and distant as always. She never could get a read of that woman. For Vienna though, the pain was unimaginable. She had never felt her heart hurt this much. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. She didn’t understand why. Guy was a repulsive man. He was a horndog and he just wanted to get her pregnant like all dog men. Yet, when she thought about him dying, she felt like she’d die as well.

She couldn’t understand these feelings, but she knew that she would give anything to stop hurting. “I’ll do anything!”

“Anything?” Cerisa cocked her imitation brow. “Will you agree to be my test subject from now on, doing anything I ask of you?”

Vienna froze for a moment, shaking, but then she nodded. “I will!”

“Then, Trinity… pick him up.” Cerisa declared.

“Y-you have a way to save him?” Trinity asked, still slumped over his dead body.

“I do, but his brain is dying as we speak, so you must be quick,” Cerisa explained.

Trinity immediately lifted his body, and they nearly ran to the infirmary. Once placing his dead body down on the gurney, Cerisa turned to both of them.


“What?” Vienna blinked

“I can help!” Trinity insisted.

“I need privacy for this.” She declared. “Also, I cannot say how long this will take. It could take a long time to fix this damage. Therefore, do not enter this room until I leave it.”

She gave such a command and then pushed the two women out, slamming the door behind her. That was a week ago. Vienna had waited, every day feeling like her heart was being stabbed. She had resisted doing anything though, afraid that she’d mess something up. However, she couldn’t get to sleep, and as day after day passed, her anxiety only grew. At this point, she was convinced that Cerisa had failed, and the only reason that blue bitch hadn’t shown her face was that she was afraid of Vienna.

Now, her patience had officially ended, and she was storming toward the infirmary, determined to get a definitive answer. That’s why she didn’t even bother to knock as she threw the door open.



To see Guy taking a little girl over a table. The girl was so little that her feet didn’t touch the ground. Vienna stared at such a scene, her eyes slowly taking in the extreme profanity of this scene. It wasn’t just sex, but it was this!

“Vienna?” Guy turned, but he still had his hands on a little blue behind he was squeezing.

The little girl had a messed up expression, her tongue out, her eyes disordered, tears down her face and saliva leaking from her mouth. “Dick… it’s too big… I’m broken.”

“You… you… PIG!” Vienna grabbed a scalpel from a nearby table and lunged at him.

This time, she would make sure to kill him for good!

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